My Sage Diaper Review

My title has a double meaning…okay not really. I’m not all that wise.  But, the maker of Sage Diaper is!

This is one of the neatest reviews I’ve had the opportunity to do.  Why was it so neat? Because I love a great story!

Don’t get me wrong the products are great too ;)

Who is Sage Diaper?

Sage Diaper isn’t just a new cloth diaper on the market.  Rachel Flug and her husband have been in the business for 26 years! They are the founders of Diaperaps, a diaper cover that literally revolutionized cloth diapering in the early 80’s.

Diaperaps were one of the diaper covers that I used with Paisley and Sterling and I loved them! Who knew that I’d be reviewing their brand new line of cloth diapers?! Although Rachel is a seasoned veteran (which means her skin is thick to the competition and criticism that exists in any business) she understands the importance of  peer review.

Sage Diaper and Diaperaps aren’t the only additions that this family has introduced to cloth diapering.  Here is a quick overview of their contributions:

  • They were the first to use PUL in a reusable diapering product, paving the way for a whole new generation of cloth diapering products.
  • They were also the first to add leg gussets (Thank you!!) and to have an umbilical cut out.
  • Diaperaps were the first to be sold in national stores, going into JC Penney’s in 1988 and later into Fred Meyers and Kroger (man have we gone backwards! I wish they carried a cloth diaper in my grocery stores.)
  • Mr. Flug was the founder and Chair of the Committee on Health and the Environment of the National Association of Diaper Services. He edited the Lehrberger Report, which documented the impact of disposable diapers on the waste stream and brought the issue to environmental consciousness. (That was a mouthful!)

I love this quote from the very first letter they sent to parents back in 1985:

The beauty of the diapering choice before you is that you can make a difference.  You can make a difference in how much you consume and what example you set for your children.  you can teach them, from their first day , the value of caring for the earth and dealing with waste in a responsible way.”

Rachel has spend the past 2 years “focusing [her] attention on product development to see if, out of [her] long experience, [she] could offer parents products that would combine Simplicity, Versatility and Reliability in one diapering line (and be made in the USA).”

Have Rachel’s efforts paid off?

I have been testing out the One-Step diapering System and the Sure Fit Pocket Diapers for a few weeks now.

The One-Step system is a one-size cover containing snaps in the back where the insert is attached.  The cover has a velcro closure, encased leg elastic, snap down rise in the front and is available in 4 colors.

My thoughts:

  1. The velcro, while softer than other brands, is not very strong.
  2. It is a simple design. Nothing fancy.
  3. It is a versatile design. You can snap in an insert or use over a fitted.
  4. One-size cover at $15.95 is a great investment.
  5. Encased leg elastic holds in mess. However, if your baby has chunky thighs this design “can” leave red marks.
  6. Tight back waist elastic keeps mess in.  I can see how this would be a big positive for little babies in that explosive poo stage.
  7. Only available in 4 basic colors.

The Sure Fit Pocket Diaper is a side-snapping, microfleece lined, 2 sized system design.  Size 1 fits newborn to about 10 months, while size 2 on it’s largest setting is “the largest size pocket on the market”.

My thoughts:

  1. Very trim pocket.  Side snap allows this benefit, however, the wings slightly flare out when snapped.  If the snap placement were a little closer to the edge this may be prevented.
  2. Absorbent hemp snap-in inserts.  The snaps inside the pocket ensure that the insert is easy to pull out. No digging necessary.
  3. Sterling is 18m and 23lbs and fits great in the size 1.  He is thin and long.  I would like to see a size chart on their website for better reference.
  4. Only available in 2 colors. I have them both and while they are both nice and gender specific, it’s always nice to have variety.
  5. Front elastic! This was a huge deal when Paisley was in diapers.  She had a nice round tummy that always created issues with diapers.  It wasn’t until I found a cloth diaper with front elastic that I finally found a successful system.  Front elastic is great for tummy sleepers by preventing major leaks.
  6. Versatile. I’ve used the pocket as an AI2 cover by snapping in the insert and leaving it unstuffed.  The inserts are available in hemp or microfleece topped microfiber.

Are Sage Diapers Simple, Versatile and Reliable?

Yes.  When I say simple I’m referring more to the construction.  I wasn’t wowed by the quality like some of my other diapers but I’m also not paying the higher price.  Sage Diaper is also simple to operate.  I actually have diapers that are more complicated than they’re worth…and I don’t use them because of this.

Sage Diapers are versatile in that the Sure Fit Pocket can be used as an AI2 system and the One-Step system can double as a cover over a fitted or prefold or as an AI2.

Reliable? All poops have been contained thanks to the encased elastic.  I’ve not had any wicking but I don’t know that I’ve put them to the super soaker test ;)

Thank you, Rachel, for providing me with your systems at no charge for me to review. :)


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4 Responses to “My Sage Diaper Review”

  1. Rachael Flug Says:

    I was so thrilled and moved to read your beautiful review of our company and new product line. And what a nice surprise to learn that we were connected back when you used our diaper covers. The fact that you took the time to read about our story and then share it with your readers, shows what a caring and special person you are. And I so appreciate your feedback. We will definitely be adding lots more colors as production gets underway. I will also be looking at some of the other suggestions that you gave. I love feedback, it’s help us to change and improve !


  2. Rachel Says:

    Here is my question-why do diapers with snap-in inserts always snap in back? Being the mother of boys, I am of the firm mind that all snap-ins, even those in pockets should snap at the front, especially if the insert is sewn in layers so that half of of can be folded up to the front. It also allows the insert to extend further up the front of the diaper when fully stretched. please somebody do this!!!!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      hmm, well it would be difficult (that’s too easy a word) to unsnap an insert snapped in the front when the diaper is full of poop. I am deterred from pulling out any insert when Sterling has pooped, hence the reason I don’t prefer pockets. I do agree with you though that bunching and the ability to fold the soaker in front is more important with a boy. There are a number of diapers that have a quick-dry soaker sewn in both the front and back. BG Elemental is one that comes immediately to mind. Others are GroVia, BumEssentials, … and I’m know there are more I’m forgetting. Also, Grasshopper diapers and Ragababe diapers have longer soakers that allow folding.


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