My Scandalous 4th of July

I knew I was bound to be exposed sooner or later.  My summer writes like that of a well worn trashy novel.

It all started with a rash.  A rash that wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried.

When I could no longer hide the rash I gave up.

Why keep trying? Does it really matter?

My scandal?  I was using disposable diapers.  For a month.  And I enjoyed it.

Maybe it was the move to Texas for the summer that pushed me to the edge.  Finley occasionally had a rash  in California but nothing some Hiney Honey wouldn’t clear up.  The hard water + top loader was actually working quite well for us.

Then, we arrived back in Texas to the front loader and crazy soft water (hard well water softened with a salt softener).  It wasn’t long before Finley had a rash I couldn’t tame.

I threw everything at the rash! Balm!Baby, Delish Naturals, Growing Up Herbal…all excellent remedies but none the solution.  I changed detergents, stripped with RLR, rinsed in scalding hot water, stopped using my beloved Ragababes, switched to natural fibers and the rash WAS STILL THERE.

Finally, I caved.  I ordered Naty by Nature Babycare disposable diapers.  I bought the 4 pack and sighed a sigh of relief.

All my problems were solved right?

I was enjoying my departure from diaper laundry until the night of July 4th. We spend the 4th with our best friends the Bellingtons.  Claire also writes for me sometimes.

Who would’ve thought that Mr. Bellington would give me such a hard time?  Who is this man calling me a cheater??

I’m tough.  I didn’t let his taunting get to me.  As a matter of fact, I used those disposable diapers right up to this week.  This time it was my voice of reason, aka my husband, who snapped me out of my funk.

“Did the reasons we use cloth diapers change?” he asked.  “Are you going to give up that easy?”

Gahhhh! He was right, as usual.

I realized that it wasn’t just about the rash.  It was also about the overwhelming amount of cloth diapers I own.

Here’s what I did to move back into cloth diapers.  Super duper, mega washed them with Grapefruit Seed Extract.  Yes, I now realize that the rash was YEAST.  I know, I know.  You’re wondering how in the world did an experienced cloth diaper mom, one that WRITES about cloth diapers, miss the fact that it was yeast?  I have no answer.

I also emptied my huge cedar chest full (literally overflowing) of cloth diapers and sorted them into 3 boxes: donate, sell, keep.  Then I took out only the Ragababe 2-steps.  That’s all I will keep in my permanent stash.  This system is easy, trim and works great for us.  No more excessiveness.

Oh and I can’t forget the addition of my new MUST HAVE cloth diaper accessory.  Northern Essence Better Butt(er) Cream.  I have read the  hundreds of rave reviews over the last 5 years (it’s been a long time) and finally took the plunge.  There is no way to fully explain how amazing this formula is.  It is whipped yumminess and it kicked the rash in the butt!  I am happy.

Finley is now back in cloth full time and Camden wears a cloth diaper at night.  My life is feeling more simple.

I do have that huge box of cloth diapers for sale on my local Craigslist and Diaperswappers.  It is a COMPLETE stash for someone.  Here is the photo if anyone is interested. Not listed in the photo description is cloth diaper safe detergent and rash cream that I will include. (click photo to enlarge) I WILL SELL FOR $350ppd!!!


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20 Responses to “My Scandalous 4th of July”

  1. Stacie Says:

    What is that rainbow stripe one in the top right photo (on the bottom left of the picture)? Looks like a fitted but I can’t quite see the brand.


  2. Amanda Says:

    I enjoyed reading this post and I’m glad you found the reason behind the rash. reading this made me realize that I have to finish going through our stash too. We have a bit of an excess in our house, (not only with diapers but many other things). I just donated one dozen fitteds to our local pregnancy centre and soon I’ll be getting rid of another 20. No more overwhelming excessiveness for us, either!


  3. Kimberli Says:

    I am going through the same thing right now. I could have written that post. Switch to all natural fibers, tried everything and just gave in to using the sposies for weeks now, on and off trying to go back. Definitely going to try the cream you mentioned. Also going to try sunning. I have sunned to get rid of stains, but not to help with possible yeast. Thank you for your post!


  4. Nicole Says:

    Please—more details on the treatment for yeast! Details on what kind of GSE to use, how much, how often and how to….Safe on PUL? Thanks!


  5. Emi Says:

    I am going through a similar de-stash right now. Strangely enough it gets overwhelming, regardless of how much you love each diaper in its own way and want to hoard them. I think you have given me the courage to go ahead and list more. Simplify, simplify, simplify! I need to make a plaque in my doorway to remind myself. :-D


  6. Laura Says:

    I love this post! Yeast is such a scary monster lurking over my shoulder–both my kids have had it, and we have used disposables because of it. Thank you being so honest!


  7. Rhonda Says:

    Meh, not scandalous at all! We’ve battled the yeastie beasties and I’d 100x rather go to sposies for the duration than wash and dry numerous loads of diapers, still fearing there is a spore in there somewhere! At one point it was so bad I considered tossing all my diapers and buying new ones :( That was when I used sposies for almost a month straight myself….I GFSE’d and sunned those suckers numerous times until I was positive. Now if I suspect yeast it’s to sposies we go until I am sure it’s gone.


  8. Amye Says:

    What a great honest post! Thinking out a stash of anything feels good.


  9. Laurel Hodghead Says:

    I can sympathize, I keep the Naty disposables for when I’m traveling with my BFF, who is not cloth diaper friendly. They’re But, I chose to go cloth for a reason, and although it would be awesome to not have to wash load of bay diapers daily, that’s really the only excess work involved. I will have to is if I can get some RagaBabes. I love my AIO Chelory’s but Ragababe never seems to have stock in the Size 1 2-step diapers. I guess I’ll have to stalk them.

    I hope things get easier for you.


  10. Ellen Says:

    Do you have a preferred brand of Grapefruit Seed Extract?? One of my tiwns has a yeast rash, and they both are now in disposables until I figure this out. Thank goodness for your post!!!


  11. Cheerful Homemaker Says:

    Ahh! The yeastie beasties. We had to deal with that last summer for what felt like two months. I initially thought it was a detergent reaction and switched detergents. We got rid of the yeast, went back to cloth, and he started getting ANOTHER rash! It was visibly different than the yeast rash and I realized it actually was a detergent build-up issue this time. Thank goodness for RLR!


  12. Not Amused Says:

    Your “cloth diaper Nazi” caption is not at all amusing. Stop and think about the Nazi regime before calling someone a Nazi, even in jest.


  13. janelle Says:

    I love love love my Better Butt (er) cream. We lived in Texas for the first 9 months of cding and I swear yeast breeds there! The only thing that got rid of his yeast was the cream…I use it every night on my son. If he breaks out from a food I rub a bit on the area and it is gone the next morning. I also use a grapefruit seed oil mix in my spray bottle for his wipes. We haven’t had a yeast outbreak in over a year! So glad you are back to cding!


  14. Gretchen Says:

    I have advice Autumn and a question. If Finnley has a lot of gas, like screaming lot of gas, he may have an intestinal yeast infection. My dd had one but didn’t show signs of it in her diaper until we’d been treating it for a while. She’d wake up screaming from gas pain :( poor baby.

    How much grape seed extract do you use? I’ve been treating my diapers each time but I’m not sure how much to put in. We have a front loader as well. Where should I put it in at? I use powdered soap.


    • Rachael Says:

      On the GrapeFRUIT seed extract (make sure you are getting the right stuff), I started with 10 drops in the bleach slot (my front loader has 2 slots — detergent, softener, and beach). I think I’ve gone up to 20 drops at times if I feel like I need an extra punch.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Praise God there is no fussiness in Finley! I use 1-2tsp. I add it to the detergent.


      • Gretchen Says:

        Thanks Rachael, I do have grapefruit seed extract. I just typed it wrong. That’s about how much I’ve been adding and the same spot so I guess I’m doing okay.


  15. Rumsita Says:

    Wow, what a lovely excess stash! Goodness! I’d love to try some of the hybrid fitteds if you separate, but I agree it would be amazing for someone to get the whole thing. How on earth would you ship all of that at once?


  16. Jeniffer Smith Says:

    Ugh, I still have to strip mine. Yeast kicked my butt too, and I keep making the “no hot water in our washer” excuse. But I can do it. I CAN. I’m also thinking about selling some to streamline too. I mostly use AIOs anyway, and I can get rid of all but my flats and covers and still be fine. I really hate staying in disposables, but they’re so…tempting… ;)


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