My thoughts on Goodmama’s The One cloth diaper

Sometimes I have zero self control.  Zero.  I haven’t had the need to really purchase any cloth diapers over the past year.  But, there are times when a diaper looks so enticing I just have to try it.

One day I noticed that Banana Peels Diapers tweeted that they had just listed some Goodmama The One cloth diapers.  So I bought one- The Jungle One.

Is it squishy soft like Goodmama’s are famous for? Of course.

Is it worth the $28.00? No.

I can name a dozen or more cloth diapers that are just as cute, more absorbent, better fitting, trimmer and easier to put on.

I have yet to buy a Goodmama cloth diaper (fitted or AIO) that doesn’t have at least one snap that is broken or less than perfect.  That’s crazy.  Some people complain about crooked or uneven stitching but at least the diaper still functions!

I get so frustrated when I’m trying to hold Sterling down and I can’t get a snap to snap! Plus, I have to fold down the rise and it never stays even.

Once the diaper is finally on, Sterling usually gets to wear it about 45 minutes before the wicking gets me wet.  GRRRRRR.

Really?! $28 for a cloth diaper that leaves him and I wet?  Bum Genius Organics run about $24.95 and they don’t leak. I’ve left one of them on for 5 hours and only then did it leak.  Anne Marie Padorie AIOs cost $20 (CAD) and I’ve never had a leak.

Perhaps it has to do with the turned & top-stitched seams.  Most all-in-ones I’ve used that are T&T wick.

My advice, if you are on a budget don’t splurge on The One.  If you have money to throw away…donate it :)  I am fully aware that there are hundreds of cloth diapering families out there that LOVE Goodmamas.  That’s great, every child is different.  But, my goal is to prevent emotional purchases that you may regret.

As always, let me know your thoughts.

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37 Responses to “My thoughts on Goodmama’s The One cloth diaper”

  1. greenmm Says:

    I have yet to use the Ones but the fitted GMs are awesome! I have 2 heavy wetters & my son was extremely hard to get a good fit with with other diapers & GMs fit him like no other. I have a LOT of GMs & have never had a snap issue or anything else with them while I have with some other wham brands. As far as the other brands you said were so wonderful…I strongly disagree. Sbish are not great quality…and have had issues with them. BGs leak if i don’t add a bamboo doubler and this is only over a 2hr period AND Jamtots BerryPlush are the leakiest AIOs ever! I could never get them not to leak. I don’t know if it was the fit or maybe they weren’t washed enough. The BB elementals were just as leaky as the Bearryplush were. I have heard many negative reviews on some of the Ones, certain years in particular but to slam the entire brand seems a little unfair.


  2. Deniece Blasko Says:

    I have never used GM cloth diapers because I make my own brand. I am fairly new and have had my line out for about 2 years and would love for you to review them. I only make fitteds so it would be great to get a comparison of mine versus other fitteds on the market. You can see them on my Facebook page as well at
    Thank you!!


  3. teenibutterfly Says:

    it bothers me when someone trys out a diaper brand on one child and doesn’t use it properly and then bashes it. I have three children that i cloth diapered and all are heavy wetters. If you don’t have the right amount of absorbency ALL cloth diapers will wick/leak! Each child is different and no child should ever be in a cloth diaper for more than 2 hours! Unless of course its for bedtime or a nap in that case Goodmama has doublers you insert. I have tried many brands and styles of cloth diapers…prefolds, inserts in covers, pockets, fitteds and AIOs and Goodmama makes a phenomenal diaper! My daughter doesn’t have any diaper rash and she LOVES her diapers. She plays with them, she loves being in them, she’s AMAZINGLY CUTE in them and that all makes me and hubby happy! When i used prefolds and liners on wash day i had a mound of stuff to fold and sort through every 2-3 days. GM’s wash up easy and they stay together as one piece so you simply stack them in jiffy or fold them together to enjoy the little package in a cute display. Yes they are worth every penny and I am one of the most frugal mothers you would ever meet! The diapers have become a hobby for collectors and those woman sell them at higher values when they are done collecting. No different than a man collecting cars or stamps or books or whatnot. I LOVE my diaper stash! Makes diapering a baby fun! My toddler delights in choosing a GM diaper to bring me for her little sister. I kick myself for wasting time with any other cloth diaper in the past. this diaper system is LOVELY. DD has a collection of pretty wooly pants and tights and tops. Cutest baby around! (and i might add very very happy!)


    • kadence Says:

      pretty sure she was just giving her opinion on goodmama diapers. I have one and there is nothing wrong with it but there are so many wahm fitteds on the market that are equally as nice if not better. To pay the price for a goodmama is not frugal. The price is jacked up because the hype not because they are better quality than other wahm diapers. They are cute and perfectly fine diapers but nothing special.


  4. Heidi Maxwell Says:

    I just stumbled across this post!

    I have to say that if I were to have written a review of my GMOs after first using them, it would have read much the same as this. I was SO disappointed that my Ones were leaking and wicking and just not working. I was head over heels to have even been able to find not one, but FIVE in stock – and then they seemed to not work at all. Cute? Yes. Soft? Unbelievably so. Great quality in construction? You bet! (no snap issues on any of mine). Hold in poop? Yup. Keep the pee in? NO WAY! WTH! But I held faith. I just knew that they had to work some way, some how. So I kept washing them. And I kept using them. And getting wet.

    And 12 to 15 washes later? …

    BUT, now that they are fully prepped? They are one of the first dipes I grab. Especially if we are heading out of the house. I LOVE my Ones now. They are still soft. Still cute. Still hold in poop. And now I can even use them as a night diaper (with a super doubler) (on my 15 month old) in a pinch. They just took forever and a day to prep.


  5. Sommer Says:

    We haven’t had experience using GM, but I’ve seen them in person and felt them. A local lady was selling her entire stash, 3 large bins FULL of cloth diapers, all kinds, with at least half of them brand new. She had some goodmamas, new and used, and I wasn’t super-impressed with them honestly. She also had some brand-new knock-offs that were almost identical but I liked them better–they actually seemed better quality. I purchased them from her for $12 each! I figured I couldn’t go wrong with the price. We have really enjoyed them so far, they seem to fit well and are very absorbent (we use them at night under wool covers). However, though we haven’t had a problem with the snap quality or snap marks on skin, the elastic around the legs must be a little too snug because they leave red marks on his thighs–not bad but they’re noticeable and none of our other diapers do this.

    So my question is, is there some way to combat the tightness of the elastic without completely replacing it? I have tried looser settings on the waist which has helped some but there is only one row of buttons, unlike our other diapers which have two rows to better adjust for pudgy thighs (I assume). If I can’t fix the problem we may have to sell these :(

    I have to say, my favorite diaper to use during the day is the Jamtots Berryplush. It has been a very versatile diaper cover for us, it’s so easy to use and I like the snaps and soft elastic that contains messes well without being too tight. If I could find a fitted diaper that fit like these do I would be all over it!! We also bought a couple of these diapers brand-new from the lady I mentioned above for half the retail price! I only wish she’d had more :)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’m not aware of a way to loosen elastic. Some diapers are better for skinny legs vs. chunky ones. I loved Berryplush with my chunky monkey Paisley!


  6. LeighAnn Says:

    I 100% don’t understand the hype either. I am about to sell the 5 the I purchased! Every other brand that I use is more functional than my GMs. They leak and leave snap marks on my little one. Perhaps it is the fit that I am getting on my daughter…. I don’t know. I don’t see how ANYONE finds them worth the pricetag.


  7. Sarah Says:


    GMs are made in the USA. Sorry but comparing the price to a bumgenius that outsourced all their diapers to a third world country so they can get them made for less than anyone else is really not a fair comparison. Also they use lesser quality materials, like Velcro that they have known for years doesn’t wear well but still keep using, PUL that delaminates, etc.

    I wonder if you could prep your GM better if it would absorb more for you? I know bamboo sometimes takes 10 washes to get fully prepped.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Sarah, sustainablebabyish are an example of a made in the USA cloth diaper that makes a consistently solid performing bamboo fitted that costs less. I’ve never had a snap issue with sbish. An AIO comparative are Bottombumpers. No leaking, high quality. Not a one-size though so not the perfect comparison. I’ll be interested to see how the Kissaluvs Marvel one-size AIO performs.


      • Annie @ mama Dweeb Says:

        I haven’t had any issues with my GMs yet – we use the fitteds at night with an extra hemp/fleece doubler and haven’t had a leak. The ONE we have hasn’t leaked and the snaps are fine. So sorry you have had issues though :( Not every diaper will be a good fit for everyone.

        Other diapers I have used that are comparable to Goodmamas are Nifty Nappy – I did a side by side comparison on my blog not too long ago here But I will say that if snaps touching baby’s skin is an issue don’t go with Nifty nappy.

        Also, I love Sbish! I have the cotton fitted diaper and just adore it. I will admit that the fit is not as perfect on my chunky guy as my GM is.

        I am not a fan of BG cause I loath velcro. I bought my BG brand new before DS was born and he is 11months old and the laundry tabs don’t work anymore, and the velcro tabs themselves are curling. Makes me sick that I spent $18 each on 3 diapers that are already deteriorating.

        Haven’t looked around your blog yet to see if you have mentioned these – Best Bottoms Diapers. They are hands down my favorite cloth diapers so far. The fit is amazing and they come in snaps or velcro and microfiber or natural fibers. They are All in 2s but super easy to put together. If I could do it over again I would have an entire stash of Best Bottoms Diapers!


  8. cutiepoops Says:

    I totally agree with you. I bought several brands a while ago to see what was out there. I’d heard great things about Goodmama diapers, but I’m not a fitted diaper lover personally. I thought The One would be great, it wasn’t! I didn’t like that the snaps were all exposed, I don’t like snap in inserts at all. It is a good fit for my little guy but that’s about it. My little guy is a heavy wetter so it wasn’t absorbent enough and the extra little insert that came with it is a joke… I had to laugh.

    They are cute and I’m sure that they work wonderfully for some babies.. just not for me.

    Great Review Autumn!


  9. Tanya Says:

    Ahhhh…the Goodmama. The never-ending CD question -worth it or no? LOL
    I actually do really like GM fitted diapers, I have 8 and they are my fave for under wool. But I got 2 of mine 2nd hand and the rest I got during the huge sale last summer in which I paid about $15/diaper. I would NEVER have paid the crazy prices people were asking. Thankfully all the snaps on my GM’s are perfect and no elastic issues either. My one major disappointment was finding them not really a “one-size” diaper. My newborn did not fit in them at all until about 3 mths old and even then they were really big. And when the rise is folded down for a smaller baby it just doesn’t seem to stay – it keeps rolling back up which I find really annoying. I *almost* toyed with selling them about a month ago but I know I will like them again as my DD gets older – I loved my GM’s for my other daughter when she was 12+ months. My DD is now 5mths, about 16 lbs and a GM works well, but it is very bulky still. It does work great for nighttime. But my GM’s don’t hold a candle to my BG Organics – my fave by FAR!!
    Thanks for saving me the $$ in case I ever got the urge to buy The One.


  10. Sharon K. Says:

    I agree with you, Autumn. I haven’t tried The One by Goodmama, but the one (ha ha) Goodmama that I did purchase (a fitted) was not all that great. Firstly, when I opened the bag the diaper came in and then opened the diaper, one of the snaps popped right off the diaper. So off it went back to Goodmama (I have to say their customer service is good) I got the diaper back, and it functioned, but after just a few short months, the elastics in the diaper were completely SHOT. And I have a huuuuuuuge diaper stash, so we were not even wearing it more than a few times per week. I can’t believe some people splurge on a box of these diapers. I mean, I appreciate cuteness and all but no diaper is worth around $40 and the baby DOES poop in these things, after all.
    My all-time fave after diapering 3 children are the mother-ease sandys, and I love their pul covers as well. Because my children are going on the potty by 2yrs old, I can use the size small 8-20 lbs. from about 2 months old to when they no longer need dipes. And the mother-ease dipes hold up very well :)


  11. Tracy Says:

    Thanks so much for this review. I have been contempting using my precious point gift certificates on a GM One because my dh really likes the “cool” looking diapers. I love BG Organics but really didn’t know if I wanted to get more or try something new. I think I’ll stick with what works.


  12. Kelly T Says:

    I was lured by Chopsticks. Although I have yet to have snap issues or wicking problems I have been completely drenched by holding him when he leaked and I had just put it on him. Seems like I needed to fold it over to make it smaller but when I did that he got snap marks on his belly. It is my last to wear in the stash so he has only worn it a few times in the couple months I have had it. Such a bummer but I have learned my lesson.


  13. Chantelle Says:

    Wow – thats a pity! The pic looks sooo cute! Thanks for your review – I like reading them! :)


  14. Grateful for Grace Says:

    I tried a GM a friend loaned me and I was not impressed at all. It leaked and it was a hassle.

    Dawn- I’m a return to cloth diaper gal. I used Bumpkins 10 years ago and had so many leaks I was nervous about returning. I tried prefolds and Snappis and still couldn’t figure it out (I had 3 friends come show me… just not in my genes). I LOVED the Motherease I was given, but the gave my baby (almost 2) severe rashes (tried all kinds of things to clean the diapers better). I just got 12 Rumparooz (I saved because I am a SAHM with a hubby that makes less than $40,000 a year and we have six kids… just being honest to let you know I worth the purchase it was) and couldn’t be happier. I was able to try out a friend’s for a few days and couldn’t believe how great they worked. How user friendly. NEVER would I have guessed I would spend $23.50 per diaper. Never. Ever. BUT I plan to sell them down the road and I know that they will not leak. And that my husband can use them. I’ll still save over $200 on disposables in the long run. If I can “get” another baby (Had 6 c/s so no more bio babies for me), it will make the purchase ever more cost effective. Sorry this got so long.

    Autumn, I’m glad you stood up for rational cloth diaper purchases.


  15. Kristin Says:

    Humm.. I’ve always wanted to try a GM but never have because I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on a diaper especially since I try to stay frugal… This review has really helped me in my urge to buy one! :) Thanks!


  16. Dawn Marie Says:

    Thank you Autumn for your blog and ladies for your posts.
    I’m a mommy to two kiddies. I never got the prefolds down with my first
    so, I used them for burp cloths. Now, I really want to try again with my second.
    However, I’m a SAHM now and can’t afford it. So, I’m saving and hoping to get the right ones. It helps to read these and get information on what not to buy
    and learn about CD’s.



  17. Majaliwa Says:

    Wow Autumn. I think this is the first bad review I’ve ever read by you. I was looking at purchasing a Good Mama because I keep hearing about them but was hesitant because of the price. Thanks for the review!


  18. Mary Says:

    I haven’t tried the One and likely won’t unless/til I find one used at a deep discount. I figured they’d wick because I have never seen an AIO with a hidden PUL layer that didn’t-not that they don’t exist. I just personally have never had any luck.
    That said I love my GM fitteds! I always wanted to try them because they look so absorbent and cute but could never justify spending the money until someone listed some well-loved GM OBV fitteds for 10ppd each. I bought 4, and they are 4 of my favorite fitteds and a solid nighttime choice with a cover. When she had the sale last fall I bought a few more new ones and ohhh were they silky and squishy. I hadn’t been that excited about fluff in a while.
    They are used heavily in this house and so none of my GMs are like new anymore but they remain my most solid fitted (those and my Fanciful Fannies).
    I also have to give a shoutout to my Peewells for naptime (although they are probably not enough for my heavy wetter for overnight)!


  19. cleo Says:

    Knock one off the list to try. I’ve had major wicking after only on for a short time issues so I’m sure I’d have the same problem. Have you ever tried the Rocky Mountain Diapers with a hemp insert? I’m curious for another opinion on those.


  20. heidi Says:

    I agree with Racheal I hated how the snaps touched my daughters skin, why would I pay almost 30 bucks for a diaper that leaves indents on her? I caved into the hype and purhcased a regular t&t and a the one hated them both. Way to bulky!! Not worth the money, like you said there are way better diapers out there for less money.


  21. Rachael Says:

    I won a good mama obv on diaperswappers and Im glad I didnt have to pay for one. There not worth it and I hate how the buttons touch my babys skin.


  22. Esley Says:

    I use my pre-folds and bummis duo’s during the day. Never thought I would have a diaper “stash”. Before I bought the prefolds I bought some adjustable, no name, multi-colored AIO with pockets from ebay. Brand new from Hong Kong. We are talking Cheap! Like $54 for 15 or 20 of them. In broke down to like $5 a piece. They are the night diapers. I had originally bought them for pull up replacements for my 3 year old daughter. Suposed to go over 30 pounds. Not! Biggest complaint is they run small. My 5 week old that 10lbs doesn’t wear them on the smallest setting. They have fleece inside so they can hold smells if you are using the wrong detergent. I was. But they keeps my 3 year old dry with 2 liners and my new born dry too. Check them out if you are on a budget. OH yeah. It takes about 30 business days to get them so order them accordingly.


  23. Britt Says:

    Thanks for posting this review Autumn! I guess I have always thought that all the premium priced diapers I could never afford would somehow be superior to my stash of mostly Green Mtn prefolds & Bummis covers … with a few pocket diapers and couple of wool longies thrown in for night time. Yet, I now realize that I have no reason to be envious. My 18 month old often goes 12+ hours overnight and we never have leaks or wicking issues.


  24. Ali Says:

    I completely agree about the snap issues. I just got one (brand new from and it came with a defective snap. It just pops open and my daughter is only 3 months; she barely moves! Sure, they are paying my return shipping and fixing it for free, but it confuses me as to why/how it made it to the retailer in the first place! On another note, I’ve ordered a BG organic to try, so I’m excited for it to get here, especially after this post!


  25. Amanda Says:

    I bought a few during their Fluff-o-rama, when they were 40% off and then I purchased the Ruffled One from Kelly’s Closet because it’s ADORABLE. The ruffles happen to be sheer, so I was scared to wash it. I decided putting it in a laundry bag was the way to go, so no aplix diapers could attack it in the wash. It started fraying immediately. I contacted GM customer service and the best they could offer me was 10% off one diaper. Needless to say, I won’t be buying anymore GM diapers.

    It took at least 10 washes to prep my “ones” that didn’t fall apart, though I did have 2 snaps break… Definitely won’t buy more and will be sticking to the Organic BG AIOs. Love those!


    • Fawn Says:

      How nice of Goodmama to reply to you. I gave wrote them twice and they have never responded!! I will never buy another GM again.


  26. Cloth Diapers For Us Says:

    I just got desperate enough for larger diapers that I decided to try the Good Mama fitted I paid way too much for before I even had my baby. She is now 17 months old and wears a large in most brands now. The fit is good, the rise is a great length on her, but the waist doesn’t have a lot of growing room (she is only 22 pounds). On a heavier baby, I’d have to let the side snaps touch her skin. I agree it is not the most absorbent diaper we have. Back when I bought mine, they were still going for $36 and I had to stalk the cart to even get one in a color I did not want (butterscotch). I’ve had no quality issues with it, but would not buy more.


  27. Clare Says:

    I hate GM’s. I bought a fitted used and didn’t like it at all, thankfully the resale on them is good.
    When they had their sale last fall I fell hard for the cute One’s and got three, again very thankful for the resale! I didn’t even let my daughter pee in it, I put one on and hated how bulky it was. I took it off of her and sold it on the swap, for the same price I got it for!
    Some people love them though, I just don’t have the love.


  28. Kim Says:

    I really love Goodmamas, though I got into prefolds and I’m sorry I bought as many as I did before my baby arrived. I HATED the GM Ones. My regular GMs with a cover are night-worthy. The GM Ones leaked all over the place. I’ve never had the quality issue you describe with the snaps but I do agree that the One was definitely not The One for us.

    I love your blog. :)


  29. Amanda Says:

    While we do have a few GM’s, I have NEVER paid full price for them. I refuse to. There is no diaper that is worth what they want you to pay. I’m sorry, but it’s going to get pooped in, and if I wanted my son to poop on money, I’d use dollar bills as liners. ;-) So yeah, I totally agree with you on the GM. It’s not our favorite at all. I don’t get the hype.


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