My Top 5 AIO Cloth Diapers: Revisited

One of my first few posts on All About Cloth Diapers was about my then top five favorite all in ones.  I was curious to see how much my list would change today.

Surprisingly, only 1 of my original top 5 would remain favorites.  I have had the privilege of trying out many different all-in-ones over the past 10 months (since my original top 5 post).

Over the coming months and years there are bound to be AIOs that surpass the performance and design of the following list but for now I am very happy with each of these 5 AIOs.

My Top 5 AIOs for 2009.

1) BumGenius Organics:  A super hero diaper in my opinion.  BumGenius Organics are as trim as a disposable and with the one-size adjustability you get a truly custom fit.  Many diapers fit Paisley trimly but have too high of a rise.  Not a big problem but not a perfect fit.  With the BumGenius Organics I snap the rise down and you can hardly tell she’s wearing a diaper.  The organic cotton soaker is external allowing for a thorough cleaning in the washer and a quicker dry time than an internal soaker offers.  Although the aplix is very strong, the small tabs  are a bit troublesome.  But, BumGenius now offers this diaper with a snap option!

2) Bum-Ware Extreme AIO (BWX): The BWX ties with the BumGenius Organics for top all around All In One.  The BWX is a “true AIO” in that the soaker is sewn-in.  This diaper has a suedecloth inner, snaps or aplix closure, gentle leg elastics, trim fit (excellent under jeans), many color choices and great absorbency.  You can also upgrade with a fleece topped flannel doubler for extra absorbency.

3) Thirsties Pocket AIO:  This is the only one of my original favorites making the list.  Thirsties offer many benefits like: double gussets, trimness, simplicity, wide pocket (allowing for easy turning in washing/drying), strong aplix, and bright colors.  In 2008, Thirsties released a V2 (version 2) that included some slight improvements in the design.  In the V2 the fleece has been removed from the gusset to prevent wicking when the diaper is fully saturated.  Also, the soaker is  now wider providing more absorbency coverage.  Thirsties now offers a hemp insert that is perfect for long-term use like car rides and nighttime.

4) Bum-Ware Original AIO: Super strength aplix, wide aplix tabs, trim, cotton fleece inner, gentle leg elastic and fast dry time are my favorite aspects of this diaper.  My preference is the Quick Dry/AI2 upgrade option.  This makes for a super fast drying diaper.  My extensive use of this diaper has changed  my opinion that flannel is not absorbent enough for my liking.  We have not had any leaks or wicking with the Bum-Ware Original AIO/AI2.

5) Baby Beehinds Minkee Magic-alls:  This is not a perfect diaper but makes my top 5 none-the-less.  I do not like the wide tabs- I think it is just extra, unneeded material.  However, this diaper is extremely absorbent!  Magic-alls contains a sewn-in microfiber soaker that is much thicker than the  Thirsties Pocket AIO.  This allows for more soaker power.  Combine this with the Magic-Alls Boost It and you have an easy nighttime solution.  The Boost It is made of 3 layers of lush bamboo fleece.  And of course the super soft minkee outer makes this diaper hard to pass up.  Magic-alls have a suedecloth inner.


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14 Responses to “My Top 5 AIO Cloth Diapers: Revisited”

  1. Angela Grady Says:

    5 Stars to Bum-Ware All in One BWX. These diapers are truly the trimmest I have tried. I love cloth diapering but hated how bulky in the butt and between the legs they can be. After a year I ordered one BWX to try it…how could it be so trim yet absorbent? I don’t know, but these puppies work wonders. My son can wear his pants at an appropriate size (not one size to big to fit over the diaper) and I DO NOT have leak issues. My son is a heavy wetter. He is 1 and holds his pee until his bladder is full and then lets her rip. I have not had any leaking and I don’t even add any extra absorbency. I recently sold all of my stash and re-stashed with just Bum-Ware. Love, love, love, them!


  2. Darcy Says:

    I bought one BMX to try and have used it two or three times. I already have stink issues with it! I prewash cold, then hot wash with 1/4 the recommended amount of Country Save, then rinse cold. The same routine I have used with my hemp fitteds for months with no issues. Have you had stink issues? Do you use vinegar in your final rinse? The last time I put this diaper on my baby, he got a rash. I would truly appreciate some input/advice if you think you can offer any. I really wanted to love this diaper :( Still looking for a great diaper trim enough to fit under jeans.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Darcy, your baby may be sensitive to suedecloth. I recommend BG Organic AIO for a trim cloth diaper. Sposoeasys is another ;)


  3. heidi Says:

    I just bought some Bum genius organic AIO and LOVE them, they are super easy to use and we have never had a leak. I know my hsuband loves them too….he’s not fan of the pocket diapers. I think I will end up buying more. Plus I love that they are made with organic cotton.
    Any idea where i can buy the snap version in canada?


  4. Heather H. Says:

    Have now used the Baby Beehinds Minkee Magic Alls, and they are a great diaper. Trim fitting (though I agree with you about the unnecessary extra fabric, it is cute enough), soft minkee, and very absorbent. i love that they are stuffable and the “boost” insert is great. Like any AIO, they do take longer to dry, but I have found they wash well. Throw a few wool dryer balls in, and I’m down to 1 cycle in the dryer!


  5. Michelle Says:

    Thirties Pocket AIOs are a fave of mine too!


  6. Jennifer Says:

    Britt, the BG organic AIOs need a lot of prepping to be absorbent, just like other natural fiber diapers. It took about 8 washes before mine got good and absorbent, and they just get better with use. After 6 months, mine are pretty bulletproof!


  7. Heidi Says:

    I wish I had more babies to diaper! So many diapers, so little time =) We haven’t had a lot of money to spend on diapers, but when we took the c.d. plunge I started with BumGenius. I will never regret that decision!


  8. Danielle Says:

    LOVE the Thirsties AIO with their hemp doubler for nighttime. My 14-month-old Julesy sleeps all night and wakes up happy. The fleece inner keeps her feeling dry and we have never had a leak!


  9. Sharon K. Says:

    What about the Starbunz AIO diaper? Yes, they are bulky, because of the cute material/animal designs, but good absorbency and soakers sewn on ends only so they wash very well. I have tried the Thirsties AIO, earlier version- never had wicking problem on the leg gussets (and I added extra absorbency and used for nighttime) but the aplix tab closures did not hold up on 2 of the 5 I own. The only other AIO I own is an Imse Vimse, and no complaints except after a year of use the material on the inside of the leg gussets is peeling (the waterproofing) and I’ve either hung to dry or tumble-dried low.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I have not tried the Starbunz diapers. I have heard that the absorbency is good though. I do agree with you on the Thirsties tabs coming undone in areas. They are so sticky the seams need to be double reinforced, imo.


  10. Britt Says:

    I love the idea of Organic cotton but have heard that the Bum Genius Organics aren’t nearly as absorbent as the regular Bum Genius diapers. Is this true? I have yet to find an AIO that works well for us … maybe it’s because we have mostly Kushies and are not impressed with them at all. We have been using mostly prefolds or fitteds with Bummis or Thirsties covers and are now new to Pocket diapers and LOVE the Bum Genius 3.0


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      We have never had a problem with the bumGenius Organics’ absorbency. Discussions I have read on cloth diaper forums usually have the same consensus. Having said that what works for many might still work horribly for you. I have found that the bG Organics is a diaper that is WAY loved or disliked. Not much middle ground. I would give AIOs another try, as Kushies are not all that great :(


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