My Top 5 All-In-One Cloth Diapers (2009)

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When I started this blog in March 2008, one of my first posts was “My Top 5 All-In-Ones“.  As I read over that post I am amazed at the changes cloth diapers have undergone in the past year!

Cloth diaper makers have seen the demand for an easy, affordable, and absorbant All In One cloth diaper and answered back.

After thousands of hours of cloth diaper use I have compiled a list of my favorite All In Ones (or All In Twos).  I will list them in order, starting with my top favorite.

#1: BumGenius Organic.  Are you tired of me saying over and over that I love this diaper? If I could make my stash one diaper it would be BumGenius Organic AIO.  And to be even more specific they  would be snaps and only in the “new” colors.  Sterling even has a Zinnia (pink) that he proudly wears.

What makes BumGenius Organic AIO my favorite?  They are trim, absorbent, onesize, organic, and good color choices. What else could a cloth diaper user ask for?  Here is a past review I’ve written: bG Organic w/ snaps.  I have one with aplix that I have had for a long time and although it still works the tabs are curling and very pilly.

#2: Sposoeasy.  Who can argue with simplicity? The simplicity of Sposoeasys are what make them my #2 cloth diaper.  They aren’t perfect (laundry tab area still bugs me) but they’ve always performed at 100% for us.  No leaks, super trim, dry fast and affordable.

I have 3 brown and 2 black and when diaper laundry is done they end up being the first used.  There is nothing to be added or done to a Sposoeasy (unless you lay in one of the doublers).  No rise adjustments, no stuffing, no folding or situating the soaker.  Just lay under baby and fasten.  I have only used the aplix version of the Sposoeasy AIO cloth diapers.

From the Sposoeasy website (

The SposoEasyTM is simply the best all-in-one diaper with natural fabric on the market today: the trimmest, softest natural cloth diaper out there!

It was developed over more than six months and provides leak proof leg openings with no bindings to leave red marks; an adjustable fit at the waist with either aplix or snaps; a quick-dry attached doubler that easily accommodates a second or third doubler for night diapering; and a soft knit PUL exterior shell that is available in seven colors or white. There is no other diaper out there that provides all this and natural, 100% cotton next to baby’s delicate skin.

Designed to be trim, leak-proof and comfortable for baby, the SposoEasyTM comes in three different natural fabrics: cotton, unbleached cotton, organically grown cotton and an antimicrobial hemp. Extremely functional, the SposoEasyTM doesn’t lack for style! Available in either aplix or snap versions, there are also seven colors (sage green, chocolate brown, aqua, black, lilac, raspberry pink and buttercup yellow) or white from which to choose. Please note that there are slight variations in the hue of the white soft knit PUL exterior shell. This is completely normal and is not an indication of any problems with the diaper.

#3: Gro Baby.  The new kid on the block that quickly became a leader in the cloth diaper industry.  I have 6 Gro Baby shells w/ numerous snap-ins and I use them all in a couple of days.

I love being able to tear out the wet insert and snap in a new one.  I will reuse the same shell if it isn’t really wet.  If I went too long between changes I’ll toss the wet shell to the side and use a dry one.  It’s not unusual to see a Gro Baby shell laying on my bedroom floor or the living room.  Our changing station is either the bed or floor ;)

I use the Gro Baby cloth diapering system at night with confidence.  When I do, I use a Gro Baby booster.  As I stated in my Gro Baby review, the velcro material, inner mesh and snap ins are all amazing!

I have preordered the soon-to-be released vanilla snaps Gro Baby from my friend Leslie, owner of Cloth Diaper Superstore.  They have a release date in June.  I can’t wait!

#4: Bum Ware Quickdry All In Two. Bum Ware is the only diaper in my list that I am not currently using.  I used this diaper with Paisley and sold it when she potty trained.  The Bum Ware Quickdry All In Two is very similar to the Sposoeasy as far as simplicity.  Bum Ware has a super strong aplix closure and I really like the unexposed aplix tabs.

Sewn in soaker AIOs are designed to be as easy to use as disposables.
No soaker stuffing, no covers, no problems!
These are made to be EASY!
Hook and loop fasteners for a perfect fit.
Serged for superior durability.
Hidden elastic around the legs to keep everything in.
2 inner body layers of cotton flannel.
Four layer flannel soaker pad or contour snap in soaker, your choice.
Polyurathane laminate (PUL) outer.
Fold back laundry tabs to prevent diaper chains.
Fully washer and dryer safe.
Each diaper comes with a 4 layer flannel contour doubler

#5: Softbums PerfectFit All In Two.  Softbums cloth diapers have an awesome toggle leg adjustment.  This feature in itself makes it one of my favorites.  I love that it adjusted perfectly to my newborn and could be easily readjusted to fit my 2yr old.

*For detailed information on Softbums perfectFit AI2 read the intro and review I wrote a couple of months ago.*

Cloth diapers continue to get better and better every year.  I can’t even begin to imagine what the industry will have for us a year from now!

I’d love to hear what your favorite All In Ones or All In Twos are.  I’m always getting cloth diapers sent to me for review (I have a couple en route!) and I never know when I’ll get the next big thing!

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14 Responses to “My Top 5 All-In-One Cloth Diapers (2009)”

  1. sammie87 Says:

    I am just starting to cd my 15 month old son. Right now I am using prefolds and thirsties duo wraps. I am getting ready to invest in some AIOs but…I was wanting to now why the thirsties brand dropped off your list? And also what do you think about the regular BumGenius 3.0s?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I've never used the regular bg 3.0s so no personal experience but everyone seems to love them. Thirsties were on my most recent post as a favorite but at the time of this post I wasn't using them yet with Sterling. They've always been a favorite b/c of their simplicity.


  2. Stacy Says:

    I love the softbums PF AI2s. The leg toggles are amazing and will fit any baby without being bulky like other one sizers. Other than the unique adjustable size system, I imagine this diaper to be similar to the GroBaby system. I think it may be cheaper, though. Anybody out there use both GroBaby and SoftBums? Which do you prefer? Sarah of SoftBums is doing a diaper giveaway on her blog to promote the new colors July1-9.


  3. Megan and Cameron Says:

    Do you use the BG organics at night as well??


  4. Melissa Says:

    I am wondering if you could help me choose the right size of sposoeasy. My daughter has 11 1/2 ” thigh, 19″ waist…and about 29lbs. I’m not sure if we should stick with the m or go up the large.

    Thank you!


  5. Shannon Ropp Says:

    I am looking at buying some of the BG organics. I have read reviews that they leave wetness next to babys skin. have you had any experiance with this? Also are they as absordant as the BG pockets? My 19 month old DD has been pronounced a heavy wetter by Sarah of Softbums!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Shannon, I have never used BG pockets. I don’t prefer pockets and if I do use them I like a microfleece inner not suedecloth. So I am not sure if the BG organic is as absorbent. As far as wetness on the skin, cotton doesn’t wick away the moisture which just means the baby will feel the wetness. Sterling has never had visible pee on his parts though ;) BG organics would probably work for your dd as long as you changed very frequently. HTH!


  6. Tina Says:

    I love the Bum-ware Extreme AIOs….so super trim!!!! And easy enough for my husband to use too!! I’ve been looking at what to try next and the BumGenius Organic AIO, the GroBaby and the Softbums PerfectFit are at the top of my list!!


  7. Tiana Says:

    Thanks for the reviews!

    I love the fact that there are one size AIOs now. It makes them affordable–which is at least half the point of using cloth diapers!

    I have used the Sposoeasy with the snaps, and I like them. I wish Blue Penguin would do a one-size Sposoeasy. That would be fabulous. I’ve ordered some GroBaby and BumGenius Organic to try this week. I’m expecting to like them.


  8. Kim Says:

    Dude… ATD. Their all in ones are trim, absorbant, and not fancy, but CHEAP. I think mine costed five dollars a pop used. The only down side is the funny snap tape on mine, but the new version has preplaced it with aplix. Plus they now come in colors!


  9. Wendy Says:

    I have used all five of these and I think they are good choices. I just received my GroBaby yesterday, so technically I haven’t used it yet. I was wondering if you could give me some advice though. I have washed and dried them 3 times so far and I am becoming a little frustrated as it has taken about 2 hrs to dry the snap-ins each time. If its going to take this long all the time, I think I will be pretty quick to sell them. They are the only things that were in the dryer so its not like I had a bunch of other things to dry. Any advice???


  10. jennifer h Says:

    This post could not have come at a better time!! I am in the researching phase of cloth diapering for my 10 mo old who has been using disposables but due to his eczema we have decided to start Cloth diapering. Thanks for the wonderful resources you provide!!


  11. Allegra Says:

    This post is so perfectly timed! After doing the cloth diaper thing for many months now, I know what I like and what I don’t like. the one thing I haven’t tried is the all-in-one, and I think it’s time. I appreciate your insight! I’m really interested in Apple Cheeks, actually — any experience with ’em??


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