My Top 5 Cloth Diaper Covers

April 9, 2008

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NB Proraps

: My favorite cover for newborns is a Prorap. Proraps work great over prefolds or fitted diapers and they have a generous umbilical notch. This is a feature that I feel is a must with newborn covers, especially during that first week. The Prorap Classic Diaper Cover is made from a soft polyester knit with a leak-proof urethane barrier (PUL). They have elastic across the back and double gussets that allow for maximum containment of that characteristic explosive newborn poo. This is one of the few diaper covers you will find with gussets. Proraps have hook and loop (Velcro) closures, making nighttime changes much easier than fumbling with snaps in the dark. The Prorap Classic has material above the loop section to prevent scratching.

Prowraps can be purchased at reduced prices on Diaperswappers or other resale sites. Ask around at local LLL groups or parenting/birthing groups. I bought my new proraps through the ebay store Granitesmith’s Diaper Store . I have used Proraps on an older child and was satisfied with the performance then as well. On my son I used a size large Prorap with a prefold trifolded and laid inside. This was my only method of diapering from the the time he was 15 months to 19 months.


: Thirsties is another cover that utilizes the double gusset system. Thirsties are a thinner PUL than the Prorap covers but features the same velcro closure. Thirsties promises to use only the best components in their covers: aplix velcro and lastin elastic that will not wear out or stretch out. Leg gussets provide advanced leakproof protection and bindings are super soft against baby’s skin and will not wick moisture onto baby’s clothes. The x-small size features that all important umbilical notch for the comfort of your baby. Thirsties covers run larger than their size chart claims. A small fit my youngest daughter until she was 24 lbs. (and she has chunky thighs and a big belly).

SustainableBabyish Karate Pants: I really hate to put these in my top 5 because they are near impossible to get. I got lucky by being the first to respond to someone on Diaperswappers who was selling them because they didn’t fit her daughter. Erin is the WAHM behind Sustainablebabyish (SBish) wool covers and diapers. She sells her items on Hyena Cart in limited quantities and unfortunately for most of us they go very fast. The reason I like them so much is because the interlock wool (97% wool 3% lycra) she uses is thicker than others out there and the fit is perfect for my daughter.

I use SBish pants for a nighttime cover over any diaper and have never had a leak. Besides the amazing feel and performance of anything Sustainablebabyish, the color palate is unmatched. It is hard to make a choice on which is my favorite when they are all so delectable. Sustainablebabyish covers are worn anytime, anywhere. According to her blog she will stock her store within the next 1 1/2 weeks. Happy Hunting!

Babyology: Babyology are easy to come by, inexpensive, and work fantastic at all ages. I used a Babyology soaker on my daughter when she was a newborn and longies on her now when she is 15 months old. They are not something I use out of the house or during the day but Babyology is my nighttime choice (I switch out with SBish pants).

Babyology longies do not have the greatest fit but for my purpose, preventing leaks, I don’t care! Dry sheets isn’t about fashion. This is an opportunity to have some wool pieces in your stash no matter what your budget is. Most wool is pricey, preventing some from trying it out. Another thing I noticed is my youngest can wear these without getting a rash. When she wore other knitted items her legs would break out. I immediately sold all the other knitted longies we had but kept these.

Luxe Soaker:This is another hard to get item, however not as hard as Sustainablebabyish. Luxe soakers are interlock wool which is 97%wool and 3% lycra. When Luxe Baby stocks, quite a few are available, but they still go fast. I have bought a few second hand off the for sale or trade forum on diaperswappers for a good price. My greatest buy was actually a Luxe for only $12 (they normally resell for $20-$25)! Luxe soakers are trim, allowing your baby to wear normal clothes. I have found Luxe to be a daytime cover, but not satisfactory for nighttime. If you can get a Luxe, you’ll be happy.

There are other WAHMs equally popular that sell similar items, however I find Luxe to have the best fit and best performance. Luxe are available in pleasing, calming color combinations that compliment any wardrobe.

If you use cloth diaper coversr, what are your favorites? Post your comments below.

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17 Responses to “My Top 5 Cloth Diaper Covers”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Can I use a wool cover, like the kissaluvs one, on a newborn or will I have blow outs? Can I use wool covers in general with prefolds? I just always hear about using these on older babies or over fitteds so I thought I would ask you the expert :-)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I use all types of wool on newborns. But, I only use it over a good fitted :) There is still the occasional leak but it’s easy to wash off.


  2. Tam clay Says:

    Just wondering. Has anyone used the Tiny Tush cover? I just started CDs and these covers have large gussets like Thirsties but with snaps. That seem more babyproof. My 22- month old opens aplix/Velcro CDs byhimself. I want to buy a cover and am thinking about getting the Thirsties or Tiny Tush.

    And then, what is the best fleece cover? Polar Babies look and sound good.


  3. Maritza Says:

    I tried trifolding but didn’t like it. I think I’m just going to buy new prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers vs. the Tiny Tush that I’m using now. Hopefully that will make all the difference as far as the prefolds go. I’m also going to try a different cover. Maybe some proraps since you’ve mentioned that you like those before. Thank you!


  4. Autumn Beck Says:

    Every baby is built differently. Your baby may be outgrowing the small. It sounds like the prefolds are too small if you are trying to pin them. Have you tried just trifolding them and laying them in the cover?


  5. Maritza Says:

    Autumn, regarding Thirsties covers, I must say I’m confused and don’t know if I’m diapering properly. My baby is 4.5 months, about 14 lbs., and I was under the impression that she was already outgrowing the small cover but your last comment (#11) has me thinking that maybe I don’t know what I’m doing!To complicate matters, I think my prefolds are way too small. I can barely pin the sides because they barely touch eachother. All in all, I feel prefolds and covers are not as easy as they’re supposed to be, but I want to love it so bad!


  6. Lisa Says:

    Which Thirsties do you recommend: the basic diaper cover or the duo wraps? Have you ever tried sposoeasy all in ones?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Lisa, at this time I can only recommend the basic diaper cover as I have yet to try the duo wraps. Thirsties sized covers run large so make sure you keep that in mind! My son is 9m and 19lbs and just barely fits in the medium. He should be in the small but I clicked the wrong size when ordering!


  7. Randi Says:

    I know this is an old post but I just read it because I am interested in babyology longies for my son. I have never used wool, but these seem to be a good product for a good value. I read some other reviews and people said they were not all that soft :-( Hmmm, I would really like to try them though. Did you feel they were soft enough for your kids? I would hate to buy them and then come to think they were “scratchy.” I REALLY want the Sbish pants, but those aren't in the budget right now, haha. Thanks!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      They aren't soft but I used them on my babies so obviously they aren't too scratchy ;) If there is any way to raise funds for the sbish I would do it! They are so very worth the money.


  8. Tina Says:

    I was wondering if you have ever tried fleece soakers?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I have. I made one using the Katrina’s Quick-Sew pattern on diaperswappers. I actually love putting Paisley to bed in fleece pajamas. Fleece is a great recommendation for those on a budget especially.


  9. Tina Says:

    I am looking for covers that fit will over motherease. I have the onesize fit’s all terry, and I like them, but the covers leave red marks on my chubby baby. he is 19lbs and almost 4 months!
    do you have any suggestions?


  10. Autumn Beck Says:

    Rebekah, I used bummis super whisper wrap a couple of times with my third baby but did not like it. I preferred the fit of the prorap. I have a Juicytoots cover now that I like and would probably buy more of for another baby. They don’t have a plastic feel, just PUL backed print fabric (really cute prints).


  11. Rebekah Montague Says:

    Hi Autumn! I’m wondering if you’ve tried the Bummi’s covers at all .. I’m looking at the super whisper wraps and using with unbleached prefolds as a starter into cloth with our new baby due in Aug. .. Any thoughts on the Bummi brand?


  12. M Says:

    I’d love to get my hands on some SBish karate pants or shorts, but the stalking is just to much for me! My shorties from Juju Bean Boutique weren’t hard to get at all, and she generally stocks both ready-made and custom slots every week (I think on Wednesdays or Thursdays) on HC. I highly recommend her!


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