My Top 5 Favorite Cloth Diaper DIY & Money Saving Posts

Do you cloth diaper to save money? I started that way. (Don’t tell my husband, but I might not finish that way.) Isn’t that one of the biggest benefits of these things? Saving money?  You seriously will want to check this post out. It’s packed with tips that will put more dollars in your pockets…pants I mean, not the cloth diaper, lol.

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What Is RLR and How To Make A Cheap Substitute

You can make something at home that works almost as well! When to use RLR on your cloth diapers…

  • You have hard water.  Washing soda is a water softener.
  • Cloth diapers smell nasty and unclean.
  • Cloth diapers smell of ammonia.
  • Leaking or repelling.  There are many causes of leaking, buildup can be one.
  • You purchased used cloth diapers and want a “fresh” start.


My Three Favorite Homemade Wipes Solution Recipes!

Gather ingredients, mix, add to your favorite spray bottle and you are ready to go! Inexpensive and easy!


Buying and Selling Cloth Diapers Part 2… a few places to buy/sell/trade cloth diapers

One of the easiest ways to cloth diaper on a budget is to buy used and then to sell when you are done with them. This post covers what you should look out for and what questions to ask when buying used as well as a slew of places to buy/sell/trade cloth diapers, accessories and other baby items.

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Cloth Diapering on a Budget? Top Posts from Your Favorite Blogs

This includes my favorites from a few other great cloth diaper blogs. If you like DIY projects this post is full of them! Includes:

  • Cloth Diaper for under $5 using items in your home!
  • DIY Wool Soakers
  • Converting pocket diaper inserts into diaper cover inserts


Savings Galore! Check Out The Big Book Of Cloth Diaper Savings

First, there are $375 in discounts and coupons for over 20 top cloth diaper retailers and manufacturers.

Second, 25% of the proceeds are going to charity. Cloth for a Cause and The Rebecca Foundation Cloth Diaper Closet will receive a cash donation of 25% of the proceeds for every book sold within their country. Great organizations that could certainly use the funds to help even more families.

Third, the $375 in savings. I know, said that already…This is a great purchase for yourself or as a gift to an expectant mom. The coupons and discounts are good until the end of next October! It’s very honestly worth checking out.


What do you do to save money while using cloth diapers? Help other families out and share your money saving and DIY tips and tricks in the comments!

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  1. anita Says:

    These are great and very helpful tips!


  2. Ashley F Says:

    These are great tips! I have bought and sold and gone through many types of stashes since I started, but I believe I have still saved money (especially once I found my stash nirvana through good, old fashioned flat diapers!)


  3. Gilbert Batbatan Says:

    Lol! this was practice way before I was born …in the Philippines


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