My Vacation From Cloth Diapers

August 24, 2010

Cloth Diapers

Ahhhh. Picture me napping on this huge, comfy, all white bed, covered in pillows and not a sound in the room except for the occassional ding of the elevator down the hall.  I did that for 3 whole days!!

This past weekend Michael and I were blessed with the opportunity to travel to Boston (alone) for our 12th anniversary.  I would have taken a nice hotel in Anywhere, America but Michael was asked to speak at a seminar in Boston. As we left, Michael asked me what my favorite part of the trip was, he was surprised by my answer…you won’t be.

My favorite part about Boston? No cooking, no cleaning, no responsibilities at all. All the dessert I wanted, uninterrupted naps and shopping and showering.

Despite all that we still didn’t think the trip was worth it when you consider how much we missed our kids.

Changing Sterling’s diaper this morning was the first one I’ve changed since Thursday night!  Although I missed him like crazy I can’t say I’m looking forward to that next poopy diaper.

Grandma with the help of Haley, I hear, didn’t have any problems with the cloth diapers.  I guess it’s like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it.  Of course, the cloth diapers I use are much more user-friendly than the ones that she used on me 32yrs ago!  If Grandma didn’t have a million and one things on her to-do list I’d have her write about her experience.  Maybe sometime soon.

I also wanted to use this post to update you on a few things:

1) You may notice random strike-throughs throughout the blog.  This is due to broken links that need to be fixed.  Like one commenter pointed out, I am NOT unrecommending Bum Genius Organic AIOs! Just some house cleaning I need to do.

2) Always make sure to check the date of the blog post you are reading. Often times a blog post from 2 years ago has become outdated (like recommendations or what I use).

3) Always read comments.  I know there can be a ton at times but there is a wealth of information in the comments.  I answer every question personally and with much thought.

4) Thank you for faithfully supporting this blog by your readership and through your support of my advertisers.  I am very blessed by our “friendship”.


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7 Responses to “My Vacation From Cloth Diapers”

  1. Raychel Walker Says:

    Julie at little for now just released her own design of AIO. It’s called Adjustadipe, it looks really neat and I have two ordered. I was just wondering if you had a ‘sneak peak’ at them.
    Also, I am a total colth diapering rookie and am starting out on my 8 week old twins! Any reccomendations??? Thanks!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Congratulations on your twins! Take a look around the blog a bit and you’ll see my recommendations. I haven’t seen Julie’s new diaper. I’ll have to go look.


  2. AnastasiaDenton Says:

    Oh I thought they were edits for diapers no longer in production. (Like the older style Bum Genius, lol) Housekeeping is always gonna be an issue, The ‘Net changes so fast it seems almost impossible to keep up! So we forgive you!

    Had the nurse comment on my diapers AGAIN last week! Said another mom was using them too (but mine were neater) She was DETERMINED to put one on my 3 month old by herself, lol! Asked why I got the kind with snaps & I showed her (I use one size pockets when out & about) WOW I never thought I’d see a jaw drop that far! Yes I quite like that snaps stay put on a toddler or that a OS can fit both my chunky 3 month old or my potty training 3 year old or my brother’s children or my Aunt’s foster children or or or anyone’s in a pinch! But still the BEST part was I had bought them for another child & just before baby #4 arrived all heck broke loose financially! So nice to have to ONLY buy new shoes & Soap at a time like this, lol! (Which is my family’s favorite selling point) Bought them when we had the cash & now that we don’t, we don’t have to buy anything at all! Sometimes people have to find the reason that works best for them, whatever that is!


    • Erin Says:

      I have bought my diapers for a similar reason that I have the money now and who knows what will happen later. I’m working full time right now with my son in daycare but when we have a second child (no time too soon hopefully since my first is only 6 months) I will have to quit since two kids in daycare would be my entire salary. I love knowing that we’ll have all the diapers we need for our second child.


  3. Katie Says:

    Hi Autum!
    I can practically feel your vacation bliss after reading your post. No cooking and naps sounds so good right now! I am writing you because I feel like I am on the brink of taking a vacation from cd. I have an almost two year old who has been successfully been wearing HH one size pocket diapers for a long time. Recently, I’ve been finding puddles of pee on my carpet or on my driveway if we are playing outside. The diapers have been washed in Rockin’Green and recently soaked overnight. Because they’re not leaking consistently, I’m think my micro terry inserts aren’t necessarily the problem. What I have observed a few times when they’ve leaked is that the insert got bunched up and is not close enough to the elastic on the leg, therefore pee collects by the elastic and then when my daughter bends and the diaper gapes, pee runs down her leg. Do you have any experience with this or another reader perhaps? My other two kids have potty trained before 2.5 and I really don’t want to sink a lot of money into something new, hence my possible vacation from cd. We do have another baby on the way due in March so it’s not like that would be a total waste, but I just want to be smart with our budget. I know you are busy and pregnant, but I don’t have anyone else to answer this type question. With that said, I really appreciate your blog. I was inspired to cd from reading Mothering magazine and really had nothing else to go on until I found this special place. Thanks again for willingly sharing all that you’ve learned.



  4. Anonymous Says:

    Have you heard of, or tried, Lollido ecopocket overnight diapers? Looking at nighttime options for my super-soaker son. Thanks!


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