New Charlie Banana Designer Print Giveaway!

September 24, 2011

Just Because I Love You, Pockets


**Congratulations, Beth C.! You were chosen as the winner!**

Cloth diaper makers are stepping it up and I like it!

Our only choices for cloth diaper prints are no longer just flowers, stripes and polka dots (although I love stripes and once collected almost all the Goodmama striped fitteds!).

Today cloth diaper prints are being designed by real artists and they are unique to the brand.

Charlie Banana sent me photos of their new Fashion Collection by Matthew Langille and you may have caught a sneak peak if you are the Zulily addict that I am!

Here are all 10 new prints hitting retailers soon. (I had the worst time with these pictures!)


You want one don’t ya?? Follow the steps in Rafflecopter and I will pick one winner on September 29, 2011, to win the new Charlie Banana print of your choice.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about a major change Charlie Banana made to their adjusting system! No more fumbling with buttons and snaps.  Adjusting the elastic is as easy as adjusting your bra strap. Love it!

You can read my Charlie Banana cloth diaper review here.

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337 Responses to “New Charlie Banana Designer Print Giveaway!”

  1. Lexie Says:

    The white one with the heart is super cute!

  2. Sara Myrick Says:

    I like the Blackbeary one! :)

  3. Laura Says:

    Looking forward to start cloth diapering when the lil one arrives! Love the new prints!

  4. Martine Shoemaker Says:

    I love the panda print!

  5. Kari Meeker Says:

    i like the pink with the heart and the pink with the writing – so cute! and so original!

  6. Sarah Albertson Says:

    I LOVE the animals holding hands!!

  7. Cyndel Jones Says:

    I love the Lovey & Dovey print!

  8. Missy Says:

    I love the heart with blue stripes! These are super cute.

  9. Alison Holmes Says:

    I love the blue robots.

  10. Vashti M Says:

    i L O V E the robots!!

  11. Jenny Beth Penrod Says:

    how to choose only one?????

  12. Erin Says:

    I’m partial to the Lovey Dovey. Cuter than any disposable I’ve ever seen!

  13. Jeanine Says:

    I absolutely I love the black beary… oh so much!

  14. Liz McCarthy Says:


  15. april Says:

    Love the blue monsters~

  16. alyssa turner Says:

    love the blackbeary!

  17. Katie Barrett Says:

    I love the Black Beary! Too cute! :O)

  18. Amanda Selenke Says:

    I love the blue monster & blue heart!

  19. Lynn Wilson Says:

    so cute!

  20. Jennifer R. Says:

    Love the Lovey Dovey! I was so sad it wasn’t offered on Zulily the other day.

  21. Rebecca2 Says:

    I love the petite coeur yellow!

  22. Jessi McCartney Says:

    I like the lovey dovey print

  23. Danielle Says:

    I love the pink one with all the “love, XOXO, etc” writing. super cute.

  24. RH Says:

    Love the blue monsters!

  25. Rebecca Keunen Says:

    Love the new prints, SO exciting!!!!

  26. Alicia Says:

    That blue robot print is TOO CUTE!!!!!

  27. Denise Wiley Says:


  28. Maia G Says:

    I like lovey and dovey

  29. Alyssa Says:

    I like the “blackbeary” print.

  30. Jen H Says:

    Love the black and white bears!!!

  31. sara cox Says:

    Lovey and Dovey!

  32. Christina Sarille Says:

    I like the cutie print.

  33. Lauren Says:

    Love blackbeary and petit coeur!

  34. young cm Says:

    Love the cutie print!

  35. Laura Lajin Says:

    Love the blackbeary :)

  36. Stephenie Says:

    Love love the white one so cute!!!! BTW thanks for the Contest fingers crossed!

  37. sara Says:

    i love the girl xoxo diaper! its super cute.

  38. Kendra V. Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the pink robot diaper! If my daughter weren’t so close to be potty trained I would get it!

  39. debbie m Says:

    the blackbeary :)

  40. Susan M. Says:

    Petit Coeur!

  41. Rachel N Says:

    I like the blue heart on the white diaper

  42. Tara A. Says:

    I like the blue robots and the little monsters holding hands. So glad to see more prints!

  43. Shauna Brackeen Says:

    My favorite print is cutie :)

  44. Aileen W Says:

    I love Blackbeary!

  45. angie coleman Says:

    my favorite id petite coeur.

  46. Jamie Marsh Says:

    Love the “Lovey & Dovey” print – So adorable!! :)

  47. Jennifer Says:

    I like the white one with the blue heart, best. :)

  48. Heather Says:

    My fav is the blue with white writing–cute!

  49. Pam Thompson Says:

    As a mom of twins, I’m partial to Lovey and Dovey!

  50. Shelly Says:

    Love the blue robot and the blue monsters holding hands. So cute!!

  51. Krista Says:

    petit coeur yellow is adorable..

  52. Christina Head Says:

    I like petit coeur pink!!! but Lovey Dovey is also adorable!!!

  53. Yesenia Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. All the new prints are sooo cute!!! I think my little one would look great in the Petit Coeur Yellow.

  54. Tamara Sz Says:

    I love the petit coeur yellow

  55. Melissa J. Says:

    Love the “handsome” one!

  56. Lindsey Says:

    I like “Lovey and Dovey”!

  57. Ashley H Says:

    Robot Boy!

  58. Robyn in Chicago Says:

    Love that cutie print!

  59. Caryn Says:

    Got to love the blue robots! Although…the two blue monsters holding hands are pretty cute too…

  60. Alyson F Says:

    I love the girl robot print!

  61. Marie Says:

    I like the ones with the hearts on the butt.
    so cute!

  62. Dana Cox Says:

    I love the blue heart!

  63. Jennifer Says:

    I like the blackberry!

  64. Luisa Says:

    I like the red one with the letters =)

  65. Nicolina Ballsrud Says:

    I Love the one with the blue monsters they would look fabulous on my Twins! They are holding hand monsters too!

  66. Denise Wiley Says:

    I love the one with the blue monster too, holding hands

  67. Kristen Deptula Says:

    When does the contest start? The sight says “soon”? I think it’s a toss up between the bears and the striped heart for me :)

  68. Matthew Langille Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post and for all the sweet comments! Join my Facebook Page and keep an eye out for all sorts of fun new products by me globally!!! :)

  69. Isabel Says:

    I love them! How great to have even better Charlie Bananas!!!!!!

  70. Jamie McMillan Says:

    I love the Blackbeary print!

  71. Laura Says:

    My fave is the blue robot print!

  72. Grandma Cyndi Says:

    My favorite print is the blue- Sweetie Boy one.

  73. Grandma Cyndi Says:

    I am so proud of my daughter for choosing to use cloth diapers with her new baby boy due in January 2012. She is such a wonderful mother and is dedicated to breast feeding and being the best nurturing mom that she can be. Her dedicated boyfriend is loving and supports her in everything with this pregnancy and their 8 yo son. I am proud of them both.

  74. Elizabeth Says:

    Certainly LOVE the ones holding hands!!! How adorable!!! <3

  75. Leah Says:

    I’m not on facebook, is there anyway to enter this giveaway without being on facebook? I am on twitter.

  76. Mama G Says:

    Love the cute little blue robots. Who knew cloth diapers could get any cuter!

  77. Leah Says:

    I’m a sucker for typography, so I like the pink & blue text ones.

  78. beth Says:

    so so cute!! i love these new prints! go charlie bananas! :)

  79. Jessica Says:

    I like the blue one with letters :)

  80. tara Says:

    I really like the monsters holding hands. The blue robots one is pretty cute too.

  81. Kirsten Says:

    My favourite is the lovey dovey and second fav would be Blackbeary! They are all super cute though!

  82. Claire Says:

    I like the blue monsters holding hands!

  83. Susie B. Says:

    I love the one with the cutie monsters holding hands… and the black and white one with the bears… and the one with the blue heart on the butt… how are you supposed to choose????

  84. Gemma Hale Says:

    I really like Lovey Dovey and Robot Boy. These prints are so fun and different!

  85. Jessica Donnelly Says:

    The “Blackbeary” print is ADORABLE!!! :) Very exciting!!!

  86. Serena McPherson Says:

    I like the monsters holding hands (unexpected) and the magenta heart one. So bright!!

  87. Kelly S. Says:

    I love the blackbeary!

  88. April G Says:

    I love these prints! They’re so modern and fun! My favorite are the petite coeur.

  89. Holly Says:

    These are cute! I guess my favorite is the two monsters holding hands. So Sweet!

  90. Ellie Fitz Says:

    Love the Blackberry!

  91. Lacey Henry Says:

    My favorite print is “Handsome”

  92. Cherie Davenport Says:

    Love the blackbeary

  93. Amanda Alvarado Says:

    I love the one with the 2 blue monsters holding hands.

  94. Jeannie Zeller Says:

    I like them all :)

  95. Jessawick Yanis Says:

    love the pandas… Charlies fits my kids so well!!!!

  96. Shiree Says:

    I love the blackbeary!

  97. sharon Says:

    love these. i want the robot boy

  98. Valerie Margarit Says:

    I like Lovey and Dovey!

  99. Stephanie Klemm Says:

    My favorite is the blue one with white writing.


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