New Charlie Banana Designer Print Giveaway!

September 24, 2011

Just Because I Love You, Pockets


**Congratulations, Beth C.! You were chosen as the winner!**

Cloth diaper makers are stepping it up and I like it!

Our only choices for cloth diaper prints are no longer just flowers, stripes and polka dots (although I love stripes and once collected almost all the Goodmama striped fitteds!).

Today cloth diaper prints are being designed by real artists and they are unique to the brand.

Charlie Banana sent me photos of their new Fashion Collection by Matthew Langille and you may have caught a sneak peak if you are the Zulily addict that I am!

Here are all 10 new prints hitting retailers soon. (I had the worst time with these pictures!)


You want one don’t ya?? Follow the steps in Rafflecopter and I will pick one winner on September 29, 2011, to win the new Charlie Banana print of your choice.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about a major change Charlie Banana made to their adjusting system! No more fumbling with buttons and snaps.  Adjusting the elastic is as easy as adjusting your bra strap. Love it!

You can read my Charlie Banana cloth diaper review here.

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337 Responses to “New Charlie Banana Designer Print Giveaway!”

  1. SERENE Says:

    Robot boy is too cute!

  2. Lori Says:

    I like the white with blue heart! :)

  3. Nikki Says:

    I like the pink dipe with the heart.

  4. saph @ frugal wife blog Says:

    I really like the petite coeur with the blue heart

  5. JLJMommy Says:


  6. Rachel Says:

    Blackbeary is too cute!

  7. Lesley Says:

    Love Robot Girl

  8. kristine Says:

    My fave is blackbeary!

  9. Tiffany Says:

    Lovey Dovey is too cute!

  10. M'lissa Says:

    Blackbeary, definitely!

  11. Jennifer Says:


  12. Cecelia Says:


  13. Rosalie Danek Says:

    Definately Blackbeary!

  14. m phaiah Says:

    i like lovey and dovey and handsome the best. its hard to pick one!

  15. Kaye Champine Says:

    Oh and I like the heart prints!

  16. Kaye Champine Says:

    So cute! I’ve never tried CB actually!

  17. Carissa roddin Says:

    AHHH they’re all so dang cute! I love the lovey dovey one (so precious) and petit coeur yellow!!

  18. Gina Knight Says:

    Robot Boy is my favorite!!!

  19. Alissa Says:

    These are fun prints…I especially like the Cutie! :)

  20. Nancy Ludka Says:

    I love the Blackbeary!!!!

  21. Laura M Says:

    All the prints are pretty cool, but I especially like the ones with text on them….

  22. Janie Says:

    I love handsome! With two handsome little boys in cloth, this would be perfect!

  23. Emily D Says:

    Yeah I saw these on zulily too, love the blackbeary, esp cuz it’s gender neutral and really cute!

  24. Justine Says:

    So cute! Hope to win one!

  25. Laura Says:

    I love the petit Coeur print!

  26. Julia Says:

    Cool ! Great giveaway!

  27. Jen Says:

    All are cute, but my favorite is blackbeary.

  28. ShaeLynn Watt Says:

    I love the ones with the hearts! So cute!

  29. Jen Says:

    The robot boy is cute!

  30. Tanya Sorem Says:

    They are all adorable but I love the “cutie” print!

  31. Samantha Says:

    Of the few pictures I could actually get to load, my favorites are Petite Coeur and Robot Girl

  32. Megan Meredith Says:

    These look great, thanks so much for having the giveaway!

  33. Heather Morrissey Says:

    Love the Petit Couer with the red/pink heart!

  34. Sherry W Says:

    Lovey and Dovey are my absolute favourite! How cute is this diaper…

  35. Chrissie Says:

    Love the hearts!

  36. Cyndi Treichler Says:

    I like petit coeur!!

  37. Shelly Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE…Lovey and Dovey! They are just too cute!!!!

  38. Marcy Simpson Says:

    I love Robot Girl

  39. Allison Says:

    I like the hearts the best. I wonder if the petit coeur is too girlie for a little boy?!?

  40. Isabel Says:

    The cuties is to die for, I love them all!

  41. Mahua Mandal Says:

    Ummm…the two blue things holding hands…is that what folks are calling Lovey Dovey? Anyway, that one is cute!

  42. Stephanie G Says:

    I love the Cutie print!

  43. Jennie Says:

    I love these! We use CD’s, but only solid colors… no cute prints like these! My faves have to be Cutie & Handsome! Thank you!

  44. Shawna Steenback Says:

    My favorite diaper is the blue one with the words

  45. Cara Roberts Says:

    Cutie is my favorite print!

  46. Natasha Anderson Says:

    I love lovey and dovey! Thank you!

  47. Jaime Says:

    I would love to win a print diaper! My favorite is the Cutie (pink with words)!!

  48. Michelle Ferguson Says:

    My favorite is the black beary print!

  49. Laurie Says:

    The Lovey & Dovey print is so fun!

  50. Hannah Says:

    I love the boy robot print

  51. Jamie Dafoe Says:

    Love the two little blue men holding hands! (their name isnt showing up!)

  52. Stephanie Gorman Says:

    My favorite is the pink with a heart on the back

  53. Stephanie Gorman Says:

    I would love to try a new Charlie Banana diappers.

  54. Katie Santiago Says:

    I really like the robot one (at least that is what I think they are)

  55. Elaine Bollhorst Says:

    I would love to try Charlie Banana…I’ve heard so many good things. =)

  56. Ashleigh Says:

    Would love to try one!

  57. Katy Says:

    They’re all too cute!

  58. Danielle Ring Says:

    I’d LOVE to get my hands on any of these cuties but my favorite is a toss up between the pink with words or the white with a striped heart!!

  59. Alishia Says:

    I love the yellow with the heart..

  60. Tabitha Says:

    OMG I am so totally happy about the new patterns and changes I love some CB!!

  61. Kate Foster Says:

    I love the Lovey Dovey print!

  62. Christine Borgerding Says:

    LOVE the little blue dudes :)

  63. Denise Says:

    I would love to try a Charlie Banana diaper…I love the fun prints!

  64. Tamara Says:

    The blue robot is cute. Love gettin ur blog!

  65. Sarah Says:

    Robot Boy is my favorite print!

  66. Greta Says:

    I love the heart ones, especially the yellow!

  67. Eileen Says:

    My favorite print is the pink one with the words!

  68. cam Says:

    love love the pink one with the pink heart on it!

  69. Tracy Says:

    I like cutie and robot girl! Trying to build a girly stash!

  70. Melissa Ettle Says:

    Lovey and Dovey are so sweet!

  71. Natalie Says:

    I <3 Charlie Banana diapers… would love to get a new one for baby #2 due in a month!

  72. Julie B. Says:

    I don’t know the name, but the Love Monsters are my favorite!!

  73. Ashleigh Says:

    I love love love the Blackberry one!!! and if I would be having a little girl the ones with the hearts on the butt is so super cute!!!

  74. Kathleen Says:

    The butterfly print is so cute!

  75. Kirstin M Says:

    I love them all, but I must say I especially adore the robots. I can just imagine my little guy wearing one. With such cute cloth diapers out there, who on Earth would want to put their kid in an ugly plastic disposable?

  76. Katy Emanuel Says:

    They are so cute, I love the Lovey and Dovey one best I think.

  77. Lindsey Says:

    Those are so cute! I would love love love to put my little boy in one of those.

  78. Kim P. Says:

    I love the Lovey Dovey a lot.

  79. Laura Knoops Says:

    petit coeur!

  80. Christi Dixon Says:

    I LOVE the white with the striped heart!!

  81. Robyn Says:

    I think robot boy is very fun!

  82. abby c. Says:

    the new prints are so cute! Love the Blackbear one!

  83. Liz H. Says:

    The robot boy one is so cute!!!

  84. Sarah B Says:

    Love the Blackbeary!

  85. Annaliza Says:

    I like the blackbeary pattern.

  86. Tiffany Says:

    I like petit coeur.

  87. Felicia R Says:

    I really like the robot girl diaper!

  88. Tiffany Says:

    Too cute!! I haven’t tried this diaper yet.

  89. Erica Giles Says:

    I can’t decide between Robot Boy and Lovey and Dovey. So cute!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Rani Charny Says:

    I really love the robot one in blue, it is so cute.

  91. Shannon Barlow Says:

    I love them all. I cant’ pick just one. I would be more than happy with any of these prints for my grandaughter. I also have a grandson on the way due in January, 2012. A boy one would be really cute as well.

  92. Amanda Robertson Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the panda print~ SO CUTE! It could work with so many outfits :)

  93. julia Says:

    i’d try any of these! we don’t have any charlie banana diapers yet, so this would be a treat.

  94. Alyse Says:

    lovey and dovey are my favorite, then blue heart bum and blue robot.

  95. Kilee Driggers Says:

    i like the blackberry print~

  96. Heather Stout-Reilly Says:

    I’d love Blackbeay print ;)

  97. Material Girl Green Says:

    I love the lovey dovey print!

  98. kim mcintosh Says:

    I like the petite coeur!

  99. Laura Says:

    Ooh! The Lovey and Dovey one and the Handsome one are both too cute to decide!

    Not sure I’m crazy about the bra-strap styled adjustability, since it seems my bra straps are always adjusting themselves :-/ We’ll see…

  100. Cristie Bloom Says:

    They are all awesome, but I LOVE the “blackbeary” print!!