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October 5, 2012

One size cloth diapers, Pockets


It is absolutely hard to believe that I have been cloth diapering babies for 7 years straight!

As I look back over the years there are those few shining stars that stand out.  One constant since the birth of All About Cloth Diapers in March 2008, is Rumparooz one-sized pocket cloth diapers.

These last few years I have been blessed to grow a friendship with Julie and have used all of her products with success and love.

If you were on the Twitter party last night revealing who the mystery Phantom Fluff brand was you learned that Rumparooz cloth diapers now has 2 new gorgeous colors and 1 new print (that is now my favorite Rumparooz print!)!!

Black, Peacock and Preppy are just one more reason to love this top performing, consistently excellent, always amazing brand.

These new releases are available in the one-sized and Lil’ Joey sizes.

Am I sounding a bit too flattering?

If you’ve used Rumparooz you know I’m being completely truthful!

I have used Rumparooz on my long skinny children and short chunky babies. I’ve converted several friends over to cloth diapers and Rumparooz was the diaper I encouraged them to use.  All have been happy with this choice.

Why do I recommend Rumparooz cloth diapers?

  • Great fit
  • Inner “Poop Scoop”
  • Cute prints and bright colors
  • Perfect for day OR night use
  • Superior inserts
  • Easy to care for and stuff

Julie has worked with me on two blog posts: The Life Expectancy of A One Sized Cloth Diaper and Are Cloth Diapers From China Bad?

Her wisdom, experience and front-line position have helped me to better understand cloth diaper struggles and industry problems.

If you haven’t then YOU NEED TO!

Kanga Care (parent company of Rumparooz and Eco Posh) is giving away a Black, Peacock and Preppy cloth diaper!!!  Three winners will be chosen and will receive one of the new releases.

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Looking for used Rumparooz?  Check out the Facebook FSOT page!

Or check out your favorite retailer for the new releases or gently used Rumparooz.  Many of the All About Cloth Diapers’ sponsors have Rumparooz in their store!

Kissed By The Moon

Sweet Bottoms Baby

Little For Now

Green Diaper Store

Angel Bunz


I love this video on the birth of Rumparooz cloth diapers!

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418 Responses to “NEW Rumparooz Colors and Print Giveaway”

  1. Breanne Says:

    I’d like Preppy


  2. Amy B Says:

    I love the black, its simple and even my husband wouldn’t turn his nose up to it!


  3. Rachel G Says:

    I would love any of them, but if I had to choose- probably black.


  4. sharon b Says:

    i love all three but preppy is my favorite.


  5. April Lamm Says:

    Preppy all the way~


  6. Laura Hardy Says:

    Any, but love Phantom!


  7. Nicole Gutermann Says:

    Honestly…the black one. I need a black diaper


  8. krystyl olson Says:

    I Would take any/either and ALL <3


  9. Sarah Says:

    I like black!


  10. Kelly s Says:

    Peacock is awesome!


  11. Natalie H Says:

    I would choose peacock!


  12. Amy M Says:

    Any would be great, but Preppy is my favorite!


  13. beth carbone Says:

    i love the preppy! :) thanks!


  14. danielle Says:

    I would definitely have to pick preppy, but they are all good!


  15. Nikole H. Says:

    I’d love the Peacock!


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