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205 Responses to “New to Cloth Diapers?”

  1. Lanette Says:

    Hi there!

    I am in desparate need of some advice! I have a 5.5 month old son and we have been cloth diapering since he was 6 weeks. At first I LOVED them and it was smooth sailing. But over the past few months it’s been one problem after another and I’m on the verge of giving up cloth and going to disposables, as much as I hate the idea! We use a combo of bumGenius and fuzzibunz. He started wetting through his diapers (nearly every one) and the liners aren’t completely wet (sometimes they aren’t wet at all). So I tried doubling up on liners…didn’t work, then I started using rockin green (did two overnight soaks with it as well) and that didn’t work either! I’ve tried putting my liners in the dryer and letting them hang dry and nothing makes a difference. On top of that, he has been getting some extreme diaper rash when we use cloth diapers. He gets it EVERYWHERE, but it’s really bad on the area where the diaper meets his thighs. When we put him in disposables for a week, the diaper rash goes away completely. Our doctor said it’s most likely caused by too much moisture sitting there for too long , but I change his diaper ever few hours! He’s also a heavier baby (already weighing in at 20 pounds), and has a fairly thick tummy. I’ve noticed that he’s a lot more fussy when he’s in cloth and I’m wondering if it’s because the diapers are pinching at his tummy when he tries to roll and sit up (and I don’t even have the top that tight!). So I don’t know what to do…I’ve researched for countless hours and am feeling so defeated! CDs seemed like such a great idea, but they just haven’t been working for us. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I’m due May 20th

  3. Rachel Says:

    Hello, I’m going to be a brand new mom, (having a boy), and I really want to use cloth diapers, but I have no idea where to start! I’m on an extreme budget and I was wondering how many diapers I should get and what brand’s the best?

  4. Rachel Says:

    I am due in 10 weeks (sex not known) and I’ve been reading up on cloth diapers (your site and others). I understand that a great deal of choosing diapers depends on how they fit and work for the individual child…which makes buying before the baby comes more confusing.
    I think I want to work with sized diapers (the bulkiness of one-size diapers on the little ones is a turn off) and am pretty sure I would prefer AIO’s over most. With that said, it seems that AIO’s are not necessarily the best choice in all situations. So, now I’m trying to put together a newborn “starter kit” I’m definately including some prefolds b/c of their all around versitility, but don’t know what else to add to my “kit.” I’m not particulatly concerned about price. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Lisa Says:

    Hi Autumn,
    Have you ever heard of Monkeez? I found them on etsy:

    Also how many covers do you recommend for a newborn if I’m buying newborn fitteds? And do the covers somehow fold down under the umbilical cord too??

    I am preparing for our first, due in 2 months. I sometimes spend hours reading your site each day. I need to stop reading and buy!

    Thank you!

  6. satya Says:

    HI Autumn,
    I took your suggestion and tried the Kawaii diapers which are just great. The only issue is that my son gets red marks on his thighs after wearing them. Can you think of anything I can do to prevent that? He has excema, so i don’t want to irritate his skin any more than necessary. If I put a cream on his thighs, do you think it would make the diapers more comfortable for him?

  7. Susie Says:

    Autumn- If you were starting from scratch and didn’t have to go through the trial and error period (and if cost wasn’t an issue) what would you buy for your stash?

  8. Britney Says:

    Hi Heather. I too only cloth diaper a 3 yr old just at night. I have 4 pocket diapers we rotate. So each morning I rinse them out really well and then just drape them over the shower curtain rod in my son’s bathroom while they dry out. Then I wash all 4 at once since even 4 is such a small load. That way they don’t get stinky by laundry day. Hope that helps!

  9. Susan Says:


    The more i read about cloth diapers the more confused I get. As soon as I see a diaper i like and am about to purchase it i see 5 others that seem better!!! Or i realize that I need a seperate cover for them. I never knew that the kissaluv or the sustainablebabyish needed covers to go on top!

    I thought I was all set with Grovia and I know that Costco sells a 6 pck for a fairly good price, but now that i read the newborn reviews, I see that Mutts/littleboppers/kissaluvs are great for newborns but they are only good for 3 months and like I said require the purchase of an extra cover.

    What do I do?? what I really want is something that doesn’t soak through and can be used long term instead of just a few months! I dont mind getting the sustainablebabyish for nighttime but what to do during the day?

    I got so frusturated that i removed all cloth diapering references and accessories from my registry but I really dont want to give up, I am mainly cloth diapering because of possible links to cancer that I have read from certain disposable bleaching processes.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Don’t give up before you’ve even started!! It is overwhelming but once you start using them you’ll find what you like. I just reviewed Tots Bots Easy Fit and highly recommend them. Grovia are great. A friend of mine uses them and loves them.

      Fitted=needs a cover.

  10. MamaBali Says:

    I have a 18mo old little girl. My mom tried to get me to use cloth diapers (the old style, pins, plastic pants) and I said no way!! Now, I see all kinds of AIO and hybrid systems out there and I desperately want to try them out. I ordered a couple of the bumgenious 3.0 all in ones (they were on sale!) and a flip system. What is your opinion on these? I have even contemplated making my own, pretty good with a sewing machine, but havent the slightest clue as to where to begin…
    My little girl is chunky legged, in a size 5 disposable diaper. size 6 is still too big and we get major leaks with them. trying to assist in the rash that she KEEPS getting no matter how often I change her, change her diet, nothing works. I’m convinced in the disposable diapers. Have tried 3 different brands and notice no change in her bum. :(

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Currently, I am in love with BG aios! I bought a ton on sale as well. Search the blog for making your own cloth diapers. There are links to simple patterns. Sounds like your baby is reacting to disposable diaper contents! Poor baby. She’ll love fluffy cloth!

  11. Mama Hedges Says:

    Thanks so much for your website. Your information was our primary source for deciding that cloth was the best option for our family! We are expecting a little girl in 5 weeks and have an 8 year old little boy. I stumbled across a website for SunBaby diapers a few weeks ago and placed an order. They come from China, but for less than $300 we have around 50 pocket diapers with liners. They are adorable, soft, and OS. They snap down very small which probably won’t be a problem for us… brother was 8.5lbs and sister is estimated to be 9lbs by birth. Do you have any experience with these diapers? Also, do you recommend disposable liners to use while in the hospital? I’m scheduled c-section so will have an extended stay! :-(

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      No experience but have read a TON of raves for SunBaby. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I don’t recommend disposable liners, especially in the nb stage. Just toss them straight in the bag/pail.

  12. Heather Says:

    Becky, just so you know, Costco has a GroVia starter kit on their website for $139.99…way cheaper than Amazon!

    Ok, and now for my question…I have a 3 yr old who is daytime potty trained, but still wears a diaper at night. I have just purchased some BumGenius for our soon to be addition, but I was thinking of trying them out on my son at night. My only question is, since he only uses one (maybe two, if he naps) diapers/day, is it ok to wait a week to do one big diaper wash? Or can I wash one diaper by hand each day?? Anyone else cloth diaper a toddler once/day? How does that work out? Thanks!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’d make sure to rinse it really well and have an open bag if you are going to store it for a week. Washing it by hand would probably be much less hassle..just make sure you rinse well.

  13. becky Says:

    I love all the info on here but there is so much I am confused. I am due in July and everyone knows I want to use cloth diapers but they want to know what brand to get me so everything matches together. I think i want a shell that you just change the liner. and I have RA so velcro is way easier for me.

    What brand should I tell my family to get me? I want a one size that I can adjust as needed that is so easy all the aunties in the house can help change diapers too.

  14. sats Says:

    I just used my new gro via one size diapers and have already had two leaks. Is there a special trick to preventing leaks? Has this happenned to others as well?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      they need to be prepped (washed and dried) about 5 times before they are fully absorbent. the more you use them the more absorbent they’ll get.

  15. Britney Says:

    Hi Autumn,

    Im getting ready to cloth diaper for the first time in about 6weeks. I have been building my newborn stash and trying to prep diapers before baby arrives. I purchased a couple of lil joeys and they have never been used, but I am having a terrible time getting them to absorb anything. I’ve washed them repeatedly and even did about 10+ hot washes and cold rinses without any detergent and there have been tons of she’s! I don’t get it. I have been using Tide original powder as I have read that that is the easiest and most used detergent, but I don’t know if this is causing the problem? I was able to get 12 kissaluvs washed and absorbing great, but I don’t know what the deal is with these lil joeys. Am I using the wrong detergent? I have very hard water. Is liquid supposed to be better vs powder? What about using all small and mighty free and clear? That is what we use on all our other laundry. I dunno what to do to get them to absorb. Water just beads up and rolls off. I don’t want to spend a ton on trying several detergents. This was supposed to be easy and economical and I think my husband is starting to roll his eyes at all this cloth diapering business. Help! I just want it to work.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’m confused. How do you know they aren’t absorbing? If it helps, we are still using our Lil Joeys (Camden is 13lbs) and they absorb great. No leaks. But, we’ve used them a lot. I grab them first usually.

  16. Lisa Says:

    I’m due in a few weeks and am planning on cloth diapering from the beginning. Thank you for your site which has reinforced that it is possible and giving so many options! I have had numbers of family and friends who just give me the “eww, ugh, really?!” expression when I say we are going to do cloth. It gets a bit old and has made me start saying “we’ll see how it goes” when I wish it would just fuel my fire and make me even more determined to go cloth. Guess I’m venting here, but just wanted to say THANKS for keeping everything updated on your site so I can have a good resource to go back to if I get frustrated and need a reminder of all the options there are with cloth diapering! :)

  17. Audra Kruse Says:

    I don’t even know where to start. I am pregnant with our 5th child and have decided to go cotton this time around. I saw a article in our local paper about the benefits of going green and thought financially and such it would be the way for us. So my youngest is just over a year, a boy and still in disposable. I want to have him switched and us all comfortable by the time the new baby comes in March. However I have no desire to go through this “trial and error” that everyone seems to go through when first starting out. Can you tell me the difference, the bet brands, and then also we have people here locally that make them, and does that matter if your using the ones you stuff, does it just matter the material your stuffing them with? I like the idea of supporting a local family, and of course the cost difference can be huge. What is the very best rout to go when just starting out. Oh and I was talking to one of my clients yesterday and thought of something else, my son, is he going to have a problem adjusting to going to cloth? I was thinking of the absorbency, how some people say that the moisture doesn’t always pull away from the baby right away.
    Thank you so much for this helpful sight. It was truly a blessing

  18. AshleyKay Says:

    Totally new to cloth diapers. Actually haven’t even got them in yet. I ha e a friend that we traded tutu and bows for her cloth diapers. They are AIO’s don’t know which brand they are. I am still so overwhelmed at all of this. I don’t even know where to start. Like should I get different types of diapers or brand per say. Can I use regular non colored free detergent. Can they travel and sleep in them. I only have my phone as a source of Internet so its a little difficult to research what I need to do and how to do it. My son is almost 9 months and he’s just now starting out. So I need all the help I can get. I am already discouraged and confused and I haven’t even started yet.

  19. Tricia Says:

    I’m expecting in April and plan to use prefolds with covers – is there any type of product I could use that would help keep the wetness away from the babies skin? I thought maybe they made some sort of insert that would help with this.

    • Jenni Says:

      You can get fleece by the yard and cut to width and length you like and use as a stay dry liner. I actually covered some microfiber with fleece to make a stay dry absorbant doubler that I lay in my prefolds. Works great for us. Have a 2yr old in dipes at night still and a lil one who is 1 today. been using for both girls now for about a year. Wish i had thought to do so before then. I bought some of the clearanced fleece at walmart and some at a local amish store.

  20. Dawn Says:

    I have read that you can make your own wool diaper covers from upcycled felted wool sweaters. Have you done this or read anything about making these? I made some, but I’m still pregnant and not sure if they’d work well or if I need to do anything to them. Thanks.

  21. Melanie Says:

    I am loving Ragababes. Easy, simple, clean great, and no leaks. Both the 2 steps and AIOs. They also have great wipes!

  22. Ashley Says:

    I’m currently looking into buying Pooters, one-size fitted diapers that would need a diaper cover. They seem to have great reviews in terms of dryness, which is a concern of mine. However, I keep wondering how many diaper covers I would need to buy to meet my needs with this diaper? Would I need a diaper cover for each diaper? Which types of diaper covers do you recommend?

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I recommend 4-6 covers. Thirsties are great covers.

      • Ashley Says:

        Thanks Autumn.

        Would you recommed the Pooters, one-size fitted diapers that would indeed need diaper covers? I am curious as to what you think about the dryness they provide, and if you have tried them?

        I’ve really done a lot of research with the Pooter diapers, and I think my husband and I like them the most. They have a lot of good reviews, and I noticed that you recommend them as well. What Pooter diapers specifically do you recommend? I’d like to get the most I can for my money, as I’m sure anyone would. I don’t care if they are all in ones, two’s, or diapers that require a cover. I would however like them to be adjustable so they will last long term. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated!!

        • Autumn Beck Says:

          The hemp Pooters are the ones I have the most experience with. I think they are an excellent investment. I have a bamboo fitted I haven’t used yet. The pockets are nice but I’m not a big fan of the inner bamboo. Poop clings to it when I try to spray it.

  23. Danielle Says:

    Hi, Autumn!
    I am feeling so discouraged…my (6 month old, 13 lb.) daughter is having rashy problems with the Flips diaper system (stay-dry & organic). I thought maybe it was the soap (Charlie’s), so I washed them hot without detergent four times before trying again, but she’s still super-irritated. I am thinking it may be the fabric?

    What would you recommend for a baby who can’t handle microfiber and/or PUL? I don’t want to give up on my cloth diapering journey (especially so early on!), but I don’t have wads of cash to try lots of different brands of diapers. PLEASE HELP!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      If the rash is on her parts then it wouldn’t be b/c of the PUL or microfiber. I would pick up some different detergent and see if that helps (Country Save is a good one).

  24. Ana Says:

    We are back to cloth diapering for the third time. Thanks so much for your information, it is a great refresher course for a mama that hasn’t been cloth diapering for a while. I have never heard anything about ammonia burn until I read your blog. What does it look like? And how do I know if I have ammonia in our diapers? I use proraps during the day with prefolds, and prefolds with wool at night. And do snappi’s have to be stretched out before using them? Mine seem way too tight. Thanks so much for any information.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      You will know for sure if you have ammonia from the stink! Sterling gets blisters on his p**is (starred to prevent perverts from finding) if he goes to bed in a diaper that has ammonia buildup :( It’s terrible. However, your child could just have a simple red bottom.

      Snappis come in 2 sizes. Maybe your child needs the bigger size. They do stretch out over time.

  25. Heather Says:

    I think the Grovia package is only available online from Costco, for $139.99 (boy or girl starter kit)…the same one is $169.99 on Amazon, so it’s a good deal! I haven’t read much on grovia’s…seems like they’re similar to gdiapers, except they are also one size, 8-35 lbs. Would you recommend them for a first time cloth diaperer? How would you adjust the absorbency for nighttime…can you add a doubler? There are SO MANY different brands/types of cloth diapers out there & I find myself going back & forth between them, based on whatever review I’ve just read. I would like to purchase all one brand of diapers for newborn thru toddler (one size), but not sure where to start!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      It will be hard for you to purchase one brand for newborn – toddler until you’ve used it. Your child may not fit well in the Grovia…or they may be the perfect diaper. I haven’t used the new Grovia but the previously named GroBaby. I don’t know if they’ve changed the inserts much. For nighttime I would assume you’d double up on the inserts. It will probably be very bulky. I’m sorry if I’m making it all the more confusing to you! I know that Rumparooz are a bit more expensive than other brands but they seem to be the best at fitting newborn to toddler. Sometimes babies outgrow the rise of Rumparooz but they fit on newborns and most toddlers.

    • Roxanna Says:

      Hi Heather,

      I bought the gro baby/via diapers as my first CDs. These are WAY better at holding in leaks than GDiapers. My son was just over a year by then. They fit him great for a while, then before he really started walking they got too small. We kept using them, they just looked a little tight. As he started to stretch out they fit again great. I use them for night and day. They sell a doubler to add to the diaper for nighttime. I haven’t used them on a newborn yet, but I think they would be too bulky at 8 lbs. They would probably start to fit more around 10lbs. I am planning on using them for my next one due in August, but with one other in cloth and another in cloth at night, I am going to use disposables for the first few weeks. Oh and we also have the Gro Via disposable liners that we use all the time and they work great too!

  26. Brooke Says:

    Okay –
    I read New to Cloth Diapers and My Recommendations – and I’m still not sure what to do.

    I have an itty bitty 8 week old…she’s actually about 8.5 lbs now. I have BumGenius prefolds and some hand me down covers which aren’t working…so I ordered BumGenius covers, before I found your site.

    I’ve found the prefolds to be very bulky. She also has a bad diaper rash which needs constant pampering. And I’m not having any luck keeping in the mess :-( So it is obviously not going very well.

    What do you suggest I order to add to my cloth diapering collection to make it more efficient? I have enough laundry with her reflux! Adding to that leaky cloth diapers and all I do is laundry!

    Can I use diaper creams with cloth diapers?

    Thanks and great site!!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      It sounds like she needs a diaper that will keep the moisture away from her. Have you looked into any pocket diapers? I was just reading about Sunbaby pockets and how they fit small babies (they are a one-sized diaper). They are made in China. You can use some creams with cloth diapers. Do a search on the blog for cloth diaper safe creams.

      • Brooke Says:

        I just saw that you have a newborn!!! He’s adorable – congrats!

        I got the small bsww Monday. We are managing, but they aren’t working so great. The infant prefolds don’t fit around her waist with a snappi but they are too long in the bgsww, so I have to fold over the top to fit in the cover and that makes them all the more bulky. The covers are a little big in the legs anyway…but really not big enough to warrant buying a lot of dipes a size smaller.
        The docs think she might have something called Noonans syndrome. People with Noonans have short stature, so I wonder if that is a part of the fit issue. Her tummy is big, but she is really short ;-)
        I was thinking the same thing (about the moisture). I have been researching the Sunbaby’s since you mentioned it. I wonder if a one sized diaper would not still be too bulky? I read a few reviews that made me believe they probably won’t fit her until she gains a bit more weight. Any other ideas on a trim fitting pocket diaper that might work until she gains a little more? It would be great if it doubled for a good night time diaper. But the issues now are the rash and fit.
        Is it difficult to wash the pockets? Can you wash the inserts with them – all in hot wash and hot dryer?

      • Brooke Says:

        Donyou think the rumparooz you recommend would be too bulky? And as far as inserts go- microtones or bamboo, or what is your fav for keeping babylies bum dry?

        • Autumn Beck Says:

          I’ve only used the 6r microfiber inserts. They are in 2 parts, the smaller one is what you’d use for a newborn. The microchamois inner keeps baby dry.

  27. Debbie U Says:

    Hi. I am an older mom (39) and having a boy in April and my husband deploys to Afghanistan the end of May and I have a 12 year old at home. This baby was a complete surprise. I have been researching cloth diapers for a while now and love your website. We have decided to use disposable newborns at first and want to switch to cloth diapering once those are gone. Financially, cloth diapers seems the way to go for us. I have decided to purchase the GroVia package from Costco as it seems like an excellent deal. Other than that, I am not completely sure what other diapers to add to our stash. I am thinking about Kawaii diapers. I have been using Nellie’s laundry soap for over a year now and know it is excellent. I am a little overwhelmed with everything at this point in time and would really love some suggestions. I am also trying to find some stores locally that carry cloth diapers to check them out (I live in KilleenTexas and don’t mind travelling down to Austin.) Thanks for all your help.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Debbie, you’re not too far from me! I’ll have to check out our Costco next week to see if they are carrying the GroVia package. I love buying cloth diapers from a store! Kawaii Diapers are good and would be great for the budget. Pockets are a pretty safe route to go. They’re easier to strip (usually just the inserts) and the absorbency can be adjusted for nighttime easily.

      • Debbie U Says:

        I stopped at a local store, Baby Earth, and purchased 2 FuzziBunz OS, 1 Happy Heiny OS and 1 BumGenium 4.0 OS. I am going to order the Grovia from Costco, Flip starter pack and some Kawaiis. I am also looking at SoftBums. Are there any others I should try? I am seriously thinking about doing the Pooters newborn rental package. Is it easier to have diapers like FuzziBunz that have adjustable legs? So far this is as far as I have gotten. I will probably look at getting some extra liners down the road. Thanks for all your help.

        • Autumn Beck Says:

          I don’t think the adjustable legs are easier. I prefer the snap down rise on the front. Keep in mind that most OS diapers won’t fit until about 12lbs.

  28. sats Says:

    Hi Autumn,
    I figured out from rereading your posts that I need double the number of disposables.
    I am new to cloth diapering, so how do you suggest I go about ordering. You had suggested BumGenius, Pooters, Kawaii. Would you suggest I order some of each? Do you suggest velcro or snap?Are any of them easier to wash than others?
    Many thanks for all your help.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Pockets are an easy route to go. They can be used for day and night. I recommend at least 12 diapers/ day for an infant. They poop a lot :) as you probably already know. I like snaps. Sometimes velcro can rub their tummy. Depending on how big your 2 month old is, you might be able to start using one-sized diapers.

  29. sats Says:

    What a wonderful informative blog!!
    I have a 2 month old who is 14 lbs and wanted to start cloth diapering. I wanted an all in one diaper that washes well, absorbent, preferably cotton (as my son has exema) and lasts well. I was thinking of bum genius, fuzzi bunz What would you recommend?
    Thanks for having such a great useful blog that furthers the cause of people using cloth diapers.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Bum Genius Elementals are an organic cotton AIO. Love them :)

      You might also check out Pooters diapers and Kawaii Baby diapers with bamboo inner. They are pockets but give you more versatility with the absorbency. The BG elementals wouldn’t work for overnight.

      • SATS Says:

        Thanks Autumn!
        How many cloth diapers do you think I would need for a 2 month old. I’m using about 5 disposable diapers during the day.
        Aren’t pocket diapers tricky to fold?
        Thanks again for your help.

  30. Tricia Says:

    Hi – This website is great! Thanks for all the information. But, I am still a bit overwhelmed with all this information. I’m looking to cloth diaper my baby (due in April) primarily for saving money. So, can I buy some covers (any covers) and use prefolds inside? Is that a way to use cloth diapers? I am wanting to go with the covers but not sure what I’m supposed to use on the inside. Also, I found a site that has a good deal on OsoCozy diapers – do you have any experience using this brand?

    Thanks for everything!!!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Yes, you can use prefolds inside of a cover. Or you can put a cover over a fitted diaper. Prefolds are tricky. There are good brands and not-so good. Green Mountain Diaper prefolds are at the top of the list. OsoCozy will probably work fine especially since you want to save money. From the reviews on Amazon they look absorbent.

  31. Kirsten Says:

    I am DETERMINED to make cloth diapering work and I am a “single” mom until the dad comes home from Afghanistan (he deploys in April)…and every one else in my home has stated that they will not change cloth diapers. So, no big! I will prove to them how easy it is…I despise disposable diapers…and there are three kids in my parents home who still use them. I ordered four BumGenious 4.0 snap closure diapers just the other day…I do not want to buy too many and end up not liking them! My baby is on the way…due date of February 8th! It is my first child…and I just want to know what is the best diaper to use from birth? What is your advice? (Oh, and I don’t know if I’m having a boy or girl =D )

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      The best one-size diaper (not from personal experience as I don’t use one-size from birth) that fits from birth seems to be Rumparooz. It’s really hard to find any negatives on Rumparooz, they’re an excellent diaper.

      • Kirsten Says:

        Ok, I’ll be sure to check them out as well! I also remember seeing you mention the muttaqin newborn diapers but I can’t seem to find anywhere that has any in stock right now… I emailed the one website and asked of they knew when they would come in… Do they usually have a pattern to when they are available? Should I watch for them or is there something very similar to them that I could try out in the meantime? Also, I absolutely adore the bumGenius diapers that I got… They are too cute! Should I wash them several times before I use them when the baby does arrive? I heard that makes them more absorbent.

        • Autumn Beck Says:

          Little Boppers are very similar and I like them. No need to wash the shell multiple times. Microfiber inserts are ready to go after a wash. It’s the natural fiber diapers that need a lot of prep to be fully absorbent.

          • Kirsten Says:

            Ok, I purchased the Lil Joey for Newborn two pack and the new Rumparooz Generation 2 diaper. I checked out Little Boppers and have to keep an eye on the stocking schedule because as of right now they are out of stock =[
            I also ordered a Hemp doubler…how well do these work?
            And, I ordered Apple Cheeks flushable liners. Will I be able to insert these on the very inside of the diaper when I use them and dispose of them but reuse the diaper? I don’t plan on using them that often…but there may be days that I just can’t carry around stinky diapers! ^_^

          • Kirsten Says:

            Ok. So now that I think I am done ordering until I actually have my baby shower, after the baby is born, this is what I have:
            1 BumGenius Organic AIO
            4 BumGenius AIO Snap
            2 BumGenius AIO Velcro
            2 Rumparooz Lil Joey
            1 Rumparooz G2
            1 Kissaluvs Marvels OS
            1 FuzziBunz OS

            and I bought a package of Apple Cheeks Diaper liners for certain cases.

            Is there anything else I should consider or request from friends and family to purchase so that I may try them? Any advice for me to have the best experience in being a cloth diapering mommy? I hope to be successful and really enjoy it! ^_^

            • Autumn Beck Says:

              Are you wanting to avoid fitteds? If not then I’d add some xs fitteds. Kissaluvs size 0 (KL0s) are easy for family members to purchase off Amazon.

              • Kirsten Says:

                I am not against fitted diapers…But I do need the diapers and a cover too, correct? I also ordered a Lil Boppers AI2 diapper today…she wasn’t stocking the newborn ones =[

                • Kirsten Says:

                  I ordered three of the kissaluv fitteds. Some of the other diapers I ordered came in the mail today…is it ok to wash them all together or will colors run off onto other diapers?

                  • Autumn Beck Says:

                    you can wash all diapers together unless you have some like Ragababe that recommends washing separate the first time (this is due to excessive lint the first time washing organic cotton).

                • Autumn Beck Says:

                  Correct, you will need covers with fitteds. Proraps are my choice.

                  • Kirsten Says:

                    The instructions on the Kissaluvs say to wash the diapers three times before washing. Is this necessary and are there any other diapers that need to be prepped more than once?

  32. Rachel Says:

    Hi Autumn,
    First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for your site. I’ve learned so much, and I’m so excited about cloth diapers. I’m seven months pregnant with our first baby, so needless to say, I’m a newbie.
    AIO–will I be washing the whole diaper every time? I guess my confusion comes with the inserts and shells.
    Fitteds–I’ve recently bought some Mutts from (great site and service) and I plan on getting Prorap diaper covers. Will I be washing the covers every use?
    I’m sure more of this will make sense once the baby is here (can’t wait!).

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Yes, the AIO is all washed every time. If it’s a hybrid (like Ragababe 2 step) then you’d just wash the snap in and reuse the shell until it’s dirty.
      No, I wash my covers only if they get poopy but mutts never leak for me so the proraps are just laid aside to dry if they are moist.

  33. Amanda Says:

    Hi, new to cloth diapering

    what you are your thoughts on the diaper kits that are about $100-180 that supposedly contain everything I need for each size? Example is one I found on the Walmart website: Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit for Infant


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      If prefolds are the route you want to go then it may be a system that works for you. Bummis covers are average as are the prefolds.

  34. Staci Says:

    Hi Autumn!

    I have a question I’d love to throw out to you and the moms here. I received a bottle of California Baby Diaper Area Wash. It’s for “diaper rash, cuts & scrapes” and contains Aloe Vera, Calendula, and Witch Hazel. (other ingredients are tea tree oil, french lavendar, clary sage) I’m thinking it might be great to use as a wipe solution and it even recommends it on the California Baby site. Can you think of a reason it wouldn’t be great to use or would potentially damage my CDs?

    Thank you!

  35. Tarah Says:

    Hi Autumn!

    THANK YOU for your blog, this is my go to site for information! I’m new to cloth diapering and so far I LOVE it. I just have a quick question…

    My little guy is 3 months old and I’m noticing that he gets red marks on his thighs and his waist. I am currently using FuzziBunz one size and Soft Bums (LOVE THEM). I’ve adjusted several times, so maybe I just need to keep trying? My son doesn’t seem bothered and when I check his legs he has good circulation. He weighs 14 pounds and is your average size baby, and so I was just wondering if this is normal? I’m waiting on some Bum Genius 4.0 Elementals and I really want to try Ragababe. Any advice? Thank you so much!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I notice red marks on Sterling’s skinny legs when we use Softbums as well. I’d loosen it up and see if that helps. You won’t see any red marks using the Elementals :)

  36. Melanie Says:

    I love Ragababes! Nice and soft, not too bullky. I use the 2-step system which does have inserts, but one snap and they are in, no folding or adjusting to fit. I have used their AIOs too, a little bulkier than the 2-step, but not bad, and fairly trim. Very absorbant, too! My daughter also loves wearing them!

  37. Emily Q Says:

    I am new to cloth diapering and have a 7 week old son (more the size of a 4 month old, though). I originally ordered a 3-pack of the BumGenius 4.0 but I’ve been disappointed. I don’t think stuffing is for me and I find them to be quite stiff and bulky. So I ordered one each of Softbums Echo and Omni. I like the trimmer fit, but with those you’re still dealing with liners and inserts.
    Anyone have any recommendations that would meet my criteria a little better? I am looking for soft and flexible, AIO preferably. I am about to order a single BumGenius Elemental to try it, but I am concerned about the stiffness factor again, judging from my 4.0s, but they could be completely different…
    Thanks in advance for any input!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      My Elementals are butter soft :) Love em.

      • Emily Says:

        Hi again,

        So after reading your response and hearing all kinds of positive remarks on the Elementals, I went ahead and got about 15 to add to the 5 mixed brand cloth diapers I already owned. I like them the most because of their all-in-one-ness, for sure. One problem we seem to be having with them, though, is that they don’t absorb quickly. I think that is the cause of the leaks we’ve had so far (some days it seems to me like every other diaper leaks). Any thoughts on how to adjust or supplement to make them absorb more quickly?

        A separate problem we seem to have is the bulk (of any of the 3 types of diapers we have) around the waist seems to be irritating my son’s reflux. He cannot travel in his carseat with a cloth diaper on – when I place him in his seat or even just try to sit him up on my lap, he will inevitably spit up. It’s like the Heimlich manuever. There is just no “give” in the waist, I guess, and I really don’t feel like I have them on too tight. Does anyone else have this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

  38. Amber Says:

    I was wondering if you can offer some insight… I have a newborn and wanted to use cloth diapers. I bought 12 AIOs by Monkey Doodlez. I have been having problems with the outer liner, which I thought was supposed to be water proof, absorbing the urine. I prewashed and dried the diapers 3 or 4 times with All Free and Clear detergent. The company recommended I change to Rockin Green. I did an overnight soak and wash with that and also did a separate scrub with dish soap. The inner liners seem to absorb fine but as soon as he pees, the outside of the diaper absorbs it and gets wet. Do you have any experience with Monkey Doodlez or with my specific problem? Thanks!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      It sounds like a defect :( I have had diaper brands that always wicked through the PUL (the “waterproof” layer). I am so sorry that you are having problems beginning your cloth diaper journey. I’d recommend looking into a newborn cloth diaper rental program. Pooters Diapers has one as does Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique.

    • Roxanna Says:

      Hey Amber, I have never used that brand. But some of my new diapers leaked until they went through a couple of dryer cycles. Are you putting them in the dryer? If not maybe give that a try and then return them if they don’t work :(

      • Autumn Beck Says:

        Good point, Roxanna. Sometimes the PUL needs to be fully sealed and the heat will help with that…which is kind of funny that over time the heat will break down PUL (supposedly. I’ve yet to have that happen.)

  39. Lauren Says:

    I am potty training my 2 yr old daughter and would like to stop buying pull-ups for her to wear at night so she won’t wet the bed. Someone recommended cloth trainers, but I didn’t like the way they looked so I bought two pairs of gdiapers online. Someone also recommended Kawaii diapers and I read someone’s review on them on your blog. I’m still not clear as to the weigh limit on them though. Do they go up to 35 pounds or 44 pounds? On, it says 44 pounds for the Minkee ones. Lastly, would cloth trainers or gdiapers in my case, be appropriate for my daughter to wear at night only until she doesn’t wet the bed anymore?

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I would use Kawaii diapers. I’ve heard from other users that they fit large children. Sterling is about 25lbs and he wears them on the middle rise setting with lots of room to grow.

  40. Annji Says:

    Do you have to buy muliple brand/types of CD? I am loving the reviews on the Flip CD, and am also considering possibly another for nighttime. Is is not smart to purchase one kind. I want this to be afforable and not scare my poor husband with a different systems to learn.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Yes, I have a wide variety of brands and types. But, I tend to use the same brands over and over. Flip is a good choice for day and night. Purchasing a day-pack of Flip will give you a good idea if you will like it. You can slowly add to your stash by using or…or if you time it right craigslist.

  41. Melanie Says:

    Hi Autumn, I have decided to start CD with our last (4th) child due in Feb, but will start now on my 2yr old to break us in! After reading and reading, I have decided to use an all-in-2 system. This sounds fairly easy and economical, unless you tell me otherwise. I am trying to decide between Flips, Softbums, or RagaBabe. The RagaBabe seems like it would be the most expensive since they are not a OS diaper, but they look great. Which would you choose if you were to start CD now? Is there a better way to go than the all-in-2s as a newbie to this?

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’d go with Softbums Omni. You’ll need a few extra covers for the newborn b/c the poop will get on them more but the versatility for 2 children is great. Love Softbums inserts too.

  42. Bobbie Says:

    Hello, I have a 6 week old and have just started to cloth diaper. I purchased a few used kissaluvs from ebay. Two of them seem fine, but the elastic in waste in back is not elastic at all. Is there anything I can do for this? I love your site and it has been very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to offer your help.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      That’s terrible! Leave appropriate feedback if this wasn’t disclosed and I’d even consider a Paypal dispute. Since the elastic isn’t really accessible in a Kissaluvs you could sew a 1/4″ strip on the outside. It’ll look ugly and have no resale value (doesn’t anyways) but it could allow you to use it. Check out for used diapers in excellent condition.

  43. Jamie Says:

    I am about to have my little girl in 3 months and I am really looking into doing cloth diapering at home (and more organic disposable diapers on the go), but I am totally lost. There’s so many different options and I always thought cloth diapering was cloth and two pins (which me and my husband both put tons on the baby registry). I need a step by step list. I heard your suppose to spray the diapers after they’ve been soiled with this one stuff then throw them in a dry waterproof bag and when that gets full throw the bag and all in the washer. But again as you can see I am totally lost.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      In the beginning, if you are breastfeeding there is no need to spray diapers. Just toss them in the pail/bag. As poop gets more solid you’ll need to spray (w/ water) or dunk in the toilet.

  44. Kathy Wilson Says:

    Love this site! Never thought I would use cloth diapers (even though I plan on having a natural birth and breastfeeding) but last night my husband brought it up and said that he wants to use cloth diapers. I decided that I needed to do some research and after spending just 10 minutes on your site I can not wait to learn more. I’m at work so I need to get back to work but love this blog and wish I could spend the rest of the day reading it. Thanks for all your hard work and research on here!

  45. Natalie Says:

    Dear Autumn,

    This is a great site!  I had no idea how many options (and abbeviations!) there are for cloth diapering and this website is very enlightening!  To be honest, I am looking into CD for one reason only: I’m sick of washing poop out of my 5 mo old breastfed daughter’s clothes, and read somewhere that CD may contain poop better than disposables.  I do not, however, just want to trade in washing poopy clothes for poopy diapers.  My question is thus: will systems with disposable inserts allow me to avoid, for the most part, washing poop out of the diapers themselves?  If so, which systems would they be?  Is Flip the only (or the best) option?  And can these inserts be used with almost any cover?
    Also, I assume that disposable liners for solids like the Cuteybaby viscose liners will still let some poop soak through, correct?
    Thanks in advance!!!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      If I was going to go with a cloth diaper cover/ disposable insert system I’d choose Flip. The covers are easy to wash and the inserts are the “healthiest”. GroVia is also a good system.

  46. Tonya Says:

    Hi! I’m new to cloth diapers. I’ve started using Kissaluvs 0 on my newborn with Thirsties Duo Wraps for covers. I haven’t had any problems with leaks which has been great! M issue is that the diapers do not keep my little guy’s bum dry. The diapers get soaked resulting in a wet baby,even with frequent changes. Should I be using doublers or soakers? Are there other diapers that would keep his skin dry?
    Thanks so much!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Kissaluvs are a great newborn diaper but they are not lined with stay-dry fabric. You can buy some microfleece and cut it into strips and lay it in the diaper. When you size up look for diapers with a fleece or suede cloth inner.

  47. Roxanna Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a 3 year old and 21 mos old. We use grovia hybrid diapers for the 21 mos old and disposable for the 3 year old at night. I am trying to find a good night time toddler diaper and a bigger diaper system for my 21 mos old. Any suggestions? Everything I have googled has just come up with cloth “trainers” but not larger diapers. Does anyone know how the bum genius 4.0 AIO fits? Is it bigger then the Gro Via AIO? Are the Gro Via AIO’s bigger then their hybrids?

  48. Heather Says:

    Katie~An excellent question, and thank you for the link, Autumn! I would like to cloth diaper with my second child, but when I questioned my son’s daycare (which I LOVE and don’t want to switch), they said no, they would not. Perhaps I can convince them!!

  49. Katie Says:

    Hi all! I am sorry if this question is posted somewhere else, but I didn’t see it.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on approaching a daycare about the use of cloth diapers? Both me and my child have severe skin allergies, so using disposables really aren’t a fesable option: besides, I love cloth! All the daycares I have contacted won’t consider using cloth diapers, stating they aren’t “sanitary” or take up “too much time”. I was a little shocked by this.

    Any ideas?

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      That would make me so frustrated! I would contact the Real Diaper Association. They’ve done a lot in this area

      • Katie Says:

        Thanks for your answer Autumn! I got a lot of information and have a new list of “cloth-friendly” providers to try. Thank you very much !!!!!!!! xoxoxox

    • Anonymous Says:

      There are two things that need to be addressed when trying to CD at a daycare facility — laws/regulations, and negative perceptions. If there are any state or county regulations limiting what a daycare center is allowed to do in your area regarding diapering, educate yourself on these limitations first before you approach a daycare center. Prepare a factsheet which clearly states what the law does or does not allow. Also include your child’s specific condition and a signed note from a qualified professional regarding your child’s condition.
      Then, offer to do a demonstration of CDing to the operator of the daycare facility. Using All-in-one/All-in-two or pocket diapers at a daycare will probably be your best bet since they are the most sanitary and require no more work or time than a disposable diaper. Doing this will help to clear up any misperceptions of what a childcare worker would be expected to do. Also provide written instructions and a wetbag in a small lidded diaper pail marked “cloth diapers only!”.
      You may need to go with a smaller facility where the director has more decision-making capacity. You may need to go to a private individual within your community. Hopefully, doing these thing will present cloth diapering in the best light possible and help you to find a childcare provider that will work for your needs. Good luck!

  50. Ashley Says:

    Ok, so I have read your website up and down, used the recommendation on budget diapers, ordered, and now I have a serious issue! I have a leaker!!! Bought Flips, not sure what I am doing wrong. My son pees more than any boy on the planet! I need to go cloth to save some money!! I have no problem with washing and wet bags, or any of that, just leaking! I still have to use regular diapers for naps, bedtime and outings. Please HELP! Thanks, Ashley

  51. Heather Says:

    Not sure if this is addressed elsewhere, but I have a question about diaper creams. I’ve noticed that a lot of creams won’t work with cloth diapers. Why is that? Also, I haven’t read anything about Burt’s Bee’s diaper cream, which I love & currently use w/my chlorine free disposables. Do you know if that is one of the creams that is compatible with cloth diapers? TIA!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      many diaper rash creams contain cod liver oil which is a definite no-no with cloth diapers. I have used Burt’s Bees successfully yet many get stains and some repelling. By searching the blog for “diaper rash creams” you’ll find a list.

  52. Melissa Says:

    Ok, this may be a dumb question… I have read a good bit of your website, but not all of it! I am new to the cloth diaper scene. I am interested to know more about wipes and diaper creams that are compatible with cd’s! Is there a certain type of cream that should be used and what wipes do you recommed??


  53. sulis Says:

    I’am new in cloth diapering and my country too. And sorry, cause my english was not really good.
    I just want’s to say thank you for this usefull site for me.
    I also really hope that all mother in my country will use cloth diaper, so we don’t ruin our environment and waste money for disposable diapers.
    May I translate your artikel, n share it on my site? I will share your site too, on that translate. May I?
    By the way, do you not recomended Fuzzi Buns? Why?
    thanks so much for your attentions….

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Sulis, as long as you link back to this site and credit me with the post you may share it. Fuzzi Bunz are great diapers just not the best in my opinion. You won’t really go wrong choosing them.

  54. Michaela Says:

    I could use some help and good information on my side… We are expecting our 3rd child any day now, and I want to switch to cloth diapers for a whole list of good reasons. My husband is not on board at all, his biggest concerns being “cloth diapers are stupid” and “you want to wash THAT in our washing machine!?!?!” I know you aren’t here to solve marital issues, but is there anything I can do to help reassure him that we won’t end up with poop on our clothes, the room won’t smell any worse than it would with disposables, and that we truly will save money long-term? Thanks for your time!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      What happens when there’s a throw up accident or poop (human or animal) accident on the floor? I wash off most of the poop in the toilet but if some debris gets in the washer and makes it through to the end: 1) it’s cleaned and 2) you can wipe it out.

  55. Nicole Says:

    I have been doing ALOT of research on cloth diapers and i have pretty much figured out what my stash is going to be and have registered for it. My main concern right now is the newborn stage. I really want to cloth diaper from day 1 and im just wondering if i really need the notch or snap down for the umbilical? I was planning on using softbums and rumparooz G2’s for the newborn stage so since they have stay dry liners would it matter if they covered the cord stump? I was thinking if you can cover it with onesies why can you with diapers? If this is not okay i guess I will get some lil joeys until her cord falls off. Also could you give a review on the lil joeys? I know you said you were going to do one but i never saw it.
    Thank You!!!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Can’t give a Lil’ Joeys review because they weren’t out when Sterling was born. I have one in the works though from a guest writer. I have cloth diapered 2 children so far from birth and I have never felt comfortable using a diaper that didn’t avoid the cord. It looked way to uncomfortable for me to even do it. For this baby I have bought Lil’ Boppers, Goodmama Newborns, sbish and clothmopolitan. The bulk being Goodmamas.

  56. DeLiseB Says:

    On a different note, what is your opinion on options such as Jillian’s Drawers, for those of us who are new to CDing that offer trial programs where they send you a variety of CD systems and sizes to try for 21 days and keep/return?

  57. DeLiseB Says:

    WOW. I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my second and we are excited about trying cloth diapers this go ’round. I am new to the idea and your site has been helpful in catching me up! My goal is to buy one system that I can use from newborn – toddler like the envibum or fuzzibumz though I’m not wedded to those brands. I prefer to not continue to purchase cloth diapers as my daughter grows and just buy one set that will grow with her. I like the idea of an AIO with a pocket that I can add an insert for extra absorbency but I wanna make sure to find a brand that fits a newborn that is not too bulky. I apologize if you have answered this question before but what is your recommendation for a one-size cloth diaper that works for newborn through toddler (i.e. 30-40lbs)? Thanks so much for your amazing advice!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’m not sure about pocket AIOs. With Paisley I used some but haven’t seen much about them lately. Doesn’t mean they’re not there though! Check out Softbums, Bum Genius 4.0 and Flip.

  58. Donna Says:

    There’s a lot of info about how to wash cloth diapers, and I think I’ve got the basics figured out. However, what’s confusing me is what size load to wash in. Usually my top loader is approx. 1/3 full of diapers. I would assume choose a medium load, but I’ve also read the more water, the better. So large? Also I use Rockin’ Green detergent, which suggests 2-3 tbls per load. I’m assuming that means a large load. So what size load should I use?

    Also when it come to drying diapers, I dry only the inserts. I use GroVia. Is it best to dry on high heat or low heat? Also do you recommend using wool dryer balls? Thanks!

  59. Jessica V Says:

    I just started trying various cloth diapers and used your recommendations for many helpful tips, here are a few questions I hope you can help me with.
    The bumgenius organic aio with the wonderful cotton, my baby feels the wetness and seems to not like it (he spent the first 3 months in yucky disposies), do you recommend a liner or something? The same goes for our first trial of Flips last night, he woke up 2 hours into it with the inner soaked (I had put in two) but the microfiber was really wet and made him uncomfortable. Can you flip them over to the fleecier side? Also, the Flip liner seems to bunch up between the legs since it doesn’t really attach to anything, does this potentially create leakage?

    Thanks your site has been a wonderful resource to start trying things. We loved the Rumparooz for our first overnight, a lot bulky on my little skinny guy but no leaks!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      The microfiber side should never touch baby’s skin! If you have the stay dry inserts the smooth side goes against the skin and he won’t feel wetness. I’ve never had a problem with bunching but I adjust the rise and waist snaps to keep it secure (that means it changes if he’s doubled up, singled or wearing a disposable insert). You can make your own fleece or suedecloth liners for a stay dry feel in the Elementals.

  60. Jessica Says:

    I am expecting my first baby in two months and would like to use cloth for health reasons. I have been doing some research (mainly from your site) and really would like to use an AIO like BG Organic AIO, Grasshoppers, or Envibum b/c of the natural/organic fibers. However, do all AIOs use a petroleum based waterproof layer (like PolyUrethane Laminate) as part of the design. I am just confused on what the internal or external waterproof layers are made from. I would like to try to stay away from petroleum products b/c of the potential health risks associated with them. I have also thought about using a fitted with a cover made from natural fibers but I myself am sensitive to wool, so not sure that is going to be a good option. I have similar concerns about health issues with the polyester fleece covers with fitted diapers. I might just be asking for too much and have to go with a “good enough” option. Thanks!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Certainly excellent concerns. We began cloth diapering for health reasons and I must say I have gone with “good enough”. PUL isn’t the best option. Wool is best, however sensitivities are common. Here is an article (not balanced but you get the bad info) you might find interesting It was written in 2000. I don’t have any clue if the process has changed when making cloth diapers with PUL today.

  61. Kellie Says:

    Hi. I have been following your blog for several years now. I am a SAHM mom with four daughters. I have used cloth diapers before (with my third child). I chose the Fuzzy Bunz at that time but had a lot of trouble with leaking, constantly. Thus, I went back to disposables which I have continued to use with my fourth child and my pocketbook and the garbage can are screaming at me. I would like to go back to cloth diapers for my fifth child (due in December). I was wondering which brand you prefer that you can use on a newborn that does not leak as much as the Fuzzy Bunz did. I have read your reviews on the Flip diaper and that looks like a good economical choice, but I was wondering about the leaking factor. I admit part of the leaking was my fault, with all of my kids ages 5 and under, I would forget to change the baby every hour and then end up with a mess. Hopefully now with my oldest in school and my second in preschool, I can focus a little bit more on getting the diapers changed. Also, my third daughter is turning 2 today! She is ready to start potty training. Do you recommend any cloth trainers? In the past I have used the Gerber brand that you buy at Babies’ R Us, but they are so bulky. Thanks so much for your help and I enjoy reading your blog.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Check out the My Recommendations tab for newborn cloth diapers. I don’t use trainers so at this time I don’t have a brand to recommend.

  62. amanda Says:

    This site rocks. I switched 100% 3 weeks ago, and am so happy. i LOVE the flip system. we have one day back of the stay dry and one of the organic, 4 grow baby shells and liners, 2 bum genious, and a couple random but oh so cute all in ones. We have learned so much, and the women a the diaper store a few towns away laugh that i have a 33 inch one year old that never stops moving, and have told me good luck on finding a diaper that doesnt leak. Flip system has only leaked ONCE, overnight, in 3 weeks… and she sleeps for close to 12 hrs. Never tried the disposables liners, dont want to, but the day back is a fantastic deal! Thanks Autumn for all of your help and suport!

  63. Jen Says:

    WOW! That was a quick response!

    How many inserts would you estimate I would need to last 2-3 days? I have also been looking at the SoftBum system and I like how adjustable the legs are and that the liners snap in but they are more expensive….

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I would estimate about 21-24. You’d need 2 for night then change on your schedule (some change every 2hrs some every 3-4 depending on baby’s frequency). Softbums are great with the elastic but the cover doesn’t last as many changes as the Flip cover does. The inner fleece picks up the urine smell.

  64. Jen Says:

    Hi Autumn

    Thank you so much for your site! I am looking at cloth diapers for my 20 month old son and wondering if it would even be worth it at this point. But he has had a diaper rash since trying the new pampers in mid April. We have gone through 4 different creams and a perscription, I leave the diaper off and he scratches until he bleeds. I’m wondering if simply switching to cloth could clear up this rash.

    I have looked at the Flip system and I’m wondering if that would be a good option. Also would it be more cost effective to purchase prefolds instead of more inserts? I would like to have enough to last two days.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      1) Yes it’d be completely worth it for all the reasons one would choose cloth diapers: health, financial and environment.
      2) Simply switching may not be the cure-all (or it may). Since it started when you began using the new Pampers then it most likely isn’t yeast. That’s fortunate! In that case, cloth may clear it right up.
      3) I would definitely recommend Flip. I would also recommend more inserts over prefolds. Inserts are easier to just lay in and wash (they also dry really quick).

  65. Angi Says:

    We are transitioning to cloth diapers and have purchased three different brands: tiny tush, bum genius, and soft bunz. We have a 21 month old who has only used disposables and I am 35 weeks pregnant with our second. We purchased one of each of the brands mentioned above in the one size fits all. We are going to try the diapers on our son to see which brand we like best, however when I transition the diapers to the smallest size they all look so huge. I am hoping to get feed back from seasoned users on the specific brands we purchased or those who have used the one-size diapers on newborns. Thank you for your input, it is sincerely appreciated.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Do you mean Softbums or Soft Cloth Bums? Softbums would be an excellent choice for a newborn and 21m old. I used Softbums on Sterling after a couple of weeks (I used other diapers with an umbilical notch until it fell off). Bum Genius organic I was able to use after a couple of months. In the newborn stage I prefer to use newborn sized fitteds. Kissaluvs size 0, Muttaqin Baby and Little Boppers are some examples.

  66. Tiffany Taulbee Says:

    I was a little confused. I thought pooters made the sposoeasy. I am concerned about the absorbency of the sposoeasy. Ok, so which of the following is the trimmest diaper, in your opinion: pooters bamboo one size pocket, grasshopper AIO, or bum genius organic one size AIO?

  67. Tiffany Taulbee Says:

    Thank you so much for your recommendations! I am looking for an AIO, so I decided to try the sposoeasy. I like the price better than the bum genius organic AIO. I see that you recommend pooters at night. Would the sposoeasy make a good nighttime diaper, or is it another style that you are recommending?

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Sposoeasy cloth diapers are NOT a nighttime (possible not even a naptime) diaper. They are great for daytime use but for longer lengths of time you need a more absorbent diaper. Pooters are great.

  68. Tiffany Taulbee Says:

    I am new to cloth diapering, and I am overwhelmed and confused of course! I would like to make the switch for my 2 month old son who is 12 pounds and exclusively breast fed. I ordered the flip day pack with organic cotton inserts, but the diaper is way too bulky for my taste. The bg 3.0 is a great fit, especially with the newborn insert, but I noticed that it is made completely of polyester and nylon. I feel this defeats the purpose, somewhat, since polyester is not a natural material. Is polyester a health concern? How do you feel about polyester in cding and what do you recommend for me?

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      If you prefer natural fibers there are many options. Organic cotton, bamboo and hemp are nice diaper choices. Bum Genius Organic AIO has organic cotton inner. Pooters is a hemp fitted. Sustainablebabyish is a bamboo fitted. There are many, many others. Do you want to use pockets? There are pockets with a natural inner: pooters, green acre designs (gad), preston pants…

  69. Sherron Says:

    This website is definitely super helpful. I am a working mom and 5.5 months pregnant and I really want to select diapers that have as little impact to the environment while being easy to use. I am trying to decide which diapers to use and register for and since this is our first baby, I have no previous diapering experience to draw from. So far I am considering gDiapers, Kushies, Bum Genius, and whatever else I happen to find. :) Can you please provide me with some guidance and recommendations for a super busy soon to be mom that can fit into our busy lifestyle while providing environmental benefits and poop protection? :) Anything you can provide would be helpful!!

  70. Jenn Mangano Says:

    Hi Autumn! Thanks so much for such an AMAZING website-you’ve truly been a huge help to this mama. I just decided to start cloth diapering, so after much research, I bought 3 bumGenius AIO, 3 bumGenius Organic OS, some hemp doublers and bumGenius stay dry doublers (to see which we like better for little man) as well as one size inserts… my question is, am I missing something? As dumb as I feel asking this, do I need to buy prefolds, or am I good with just the inserts? And do I need any type of cover for overnight? I know there are different types of diapers that require covers, so I’m just not sure. Thanks so much :)

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Jenn, what is your nighttime cloth diapering plan? Do you want to add the doublers to your bum genius for nighttime? You don’t need a cover for overnight unless you are using a fitted diaper. No, you don’t have to buy prefolds. We don’t use them, but many do.

  71. Erica Says:

    First of all, thank you for your very helpful site! I will be expecting my first child around Christmas and definitely am planning on using cloth diapers however, I had no idea there were so many options! I am a professional seamstress attending grad school for a MFA in Costume design/technology and thought that I would make my own diapers. The skill isn’t an issue but time and budget is; I was wondering if you had any advice on which one (or combination of) diaper(s) would best accommodate me and my baby (intuition is saying it’s a boy). I was thinking of maybe making several prefolds and a few AIOs, and buying a few covers, but I’m just not sure that is the best option. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and have a great day!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Erica, there are several cloth diaper patterns available. Do a google search for cloth diaper patterns. Feel free to ask me if I’ve used the diapers of certain patterns. Also, may be to simple for you but it would give you some ideas.

  72. Tilix Lysleth Says:

    I’ve been really wanting to make cloth diapers work for our family. However, the first time I tried them on my daughter (about 1 week old at the time) she got a horrible diaper rash which the pediatrician identified as a yeast infection. We switched to disposables until we could clear it up, and she’s had it on and off over the past six weeks. I am at a loss as to how we can do cloth. My husband wants to give up and just use disposables. How do I strip my diapers, or do I need special diapers with more absorbency (we are using prefolds/covers)? Do I need to switch detergents (we used Sun Free & Clear)?And how do I clear up the rash??

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      The answer is twofold: first, treat the rash. Second, treat the diapers. Yeast will live in the cloth diapers. The easiest solution in my opinion is to bleach. Many are opposed to bleach, however, so alternatives would be tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract. Treating a yeast rash is done in many different ways. Many who use the medical field opt for prescription cream. Natural remedies range from apple cider vinegar, grapefruit seed extract, thieves oil to the cloth diaper safe creams. The important thing to remember is that yeast on the bottom is directly related to baby’s (or your) diet. Limit sugars and dairy and supplement with probiotics.

      • Tilix Lysleth Says:

        Thank you, Autumn, for your wonderful advice. I never really considered that the yeast could be related to diet. All I did was replace breakfast cereal with oatmeal and I drink calcium-fortified juice instead of milk. We haven’t had even a hint of a problem in over three weeks! We’re starting over with one-size diapers, rather than stripping the prefolds — my baby is a whopping 12 pounds, and no longer fits her newborn sized diapers. I’m even planning on putting cloth on my toddler until he finished potty training. I’m so excited.

  73. amanda Says:

    I am verrrrry new to cloth diapering. Your reccomendations were fantastic, have you ever tried gdiapers? They seem very similar to flip and On the affordable side :)
    I figured if these work, i’d invest in some more! My daughter just turned one, and she has always run larger in her disposables, she was just in a size 5 at 24lbs, 31″. I’m worried about the cloth ones not fitting properly and leaking. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I never liked gDiapers. There is quite a bit of difference between them and Flip. gDiapers have a cloth cover that snaps in the back. You would then snap in a waterproof liner and then lay in your absorbency (whether cloth or disposable). Many families love gDiapers. They just always leaked on my babies, probably user error :) I’m not sure of the cost of gDiapers but Flip are very affordable. 2 covers and 6 inserts for $50 breaks down to a little over $8/diaper. Of course at night you would need to double up your inserts. I purchased my Flip from Banana Peels Diapers but just about any store sells them (check Diaper Wagon and Great Lakes Diaper Company in the upper right of the blog).

  74. Lacey Says:

    Hi Autumn,
    I was wondering if you have a video showing all the different kinds of diapers and how to use them. Just something that educates people who have no clue to even look into cloth diapering, on all the options and why its so great. I try to take my stash to friends and explain, but i was really hoping to find a video link that they could check out and refer back to when they say, “whats and aio again?, how do i explain this to my husband?”. Cloth is extremely overwhelming when your new to it. I was hoping you had something so that they can see it and hear it at the same time. I haven’t had any luck finding any videos on youtube that fit. I have lots of prego friends and most of them I stay in touch with on FB so I really want to find something easy for them to check out. Trying to spread the word and help along the Cloth Revolution!;) If you have something or know of a good one or happen to make one PLEASE let me know. You are an awesome wealth of cloth knowledge! Thanks so much!

  75. Myra Says:


    Even though I know cloth diapering cuts down on the possibility of diaper rash significantly, there is still a chance of getting it. I understand that using ointments and lotions are not recommended due to interference with the absorbency in the cloth. So what do you recommend in order to treat rashes and moisturize the skin in general?

  76. Annie Ramirez Says:

    Hi Autumn!

    I have a question that I can’t get a clear answer on. Please help…I’m make it short. I am very new to CDing my 15 month old. I did a ton of research (thank you SO much for your website) and decided to buy a few different diapers to see which system worked better for us. I bought one BG AOI organic, flip 2-day organic pack, one extra stay-dry flip liner, one grasshopper diaper, and a rumparooz G2. Someone just told me that I shouldn’t be washing my natural fibers with my synthetic fibers. My question is after my initial wash to clear my natural diapers/liners of their fibers can I wash them all together?? I know you have a ton of different diapers and thought who better to ask :-) Thanks sooo very much!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I always wash all diapers together. Always have. I also haven’t ever heard not to.

  77. Stephen A Ritchey, Administrator Says:

    I am the Administrator at a Nursing Home and several of our residents have very fragile skin. As an alternative to terry cloth towelling, I am seeking a source of square or rectangular 100% cloth, preferably cotton, diapers to use as towelling after a resident is bathed. Any help in securing soft cloth diapers would be appreciated.
    Steve Ritchey
    Memorial health Care Center
    Seminole, TX

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Steve, I would look into bamboo. It is a lot more expensive than cotton but tremendously more gentle. Another option is the Gerber prefolds you can buy at Target. They are still cotton but they are quilted.

  78. Angela Says:

    i need help!
    i use gro baby diapers and amp diapers. lately, my poor little guy has developed such a bad rash that just won’t go away. he has super sensitive skin. i use rockin green to wash the diapers, but there has been a few times my husband hasn’t used it, and used something else, as well as he has used some “non-cloth diaper” ointment while changing our son.(sudocrem)
    now im wondering if the diapers have been ruined. im hoping stripping them might work…could you help me? how do i strip them effectivly and safely? ive had to buy a package of disposable diapers until i can get this cleared up

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I would first scrub the inner of the diapers with Dawn. This will break down any oils from the ointment. Then I would do an overnight soak in RnG. See how that goes and lmk.

  79. Joy Wildman Says:

    I’m preparing for my first baby come August (little boy)… I have a nice little stash going of about 15 CDs right now- some AIO, some pocket and all different brands.
    I guess my biggest question is… since they’re all different brands and styles what should I be doing now to prepare them to be worn.. I hear you have to wash them several times before using them… should I just throw them all together in the wash and wash a few times before the baby comes- or do they need to be sorted and each brand’s washing instructions followed?!
    Also, have you had any experience using tree nuts to wash CDs? I just bought some and have been loving them on my clothes… just wondering

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Throw them all together and wash/dry them several times. I suggest using a detergent like Rockin Green, Crunchy Clean or something natural along those lines. I did not like Soap Nuts :)

  80. cj Says:

    My apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere, but a major concern/sticking point we have regarding cloth diapers is of all things: TIME. It may seem like a silly thing to worry about, but with two working parents, the value of time does play a part in many things. I’ve searched around for budgets, and most people do a very excellent job of factoring in the monetary costs of cloth vs. disposable, but I’ve yet to find a solid justification/breakdown of how much time it takes to appropriately execute a cloth diaper system. At this point, I think we’re trying to convince ourselves to go cloth, because the convenience of disposable at the surface appears to be worth the added cost. Any suggestions would be welcomed! We’d rather go cloth, but right now disposable just seems to make more sense considering it’s change and toss, change and toss. Can anyone tell me, over the long run, the time it takes (changing, rinsing, storing, cleaning, folding, storing, changing…)? Thanks!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      CJ, this is a perfectly valid question. I’d make you a video of my process but honestly it’d be as boring as any other part of routine life. With cloth diapers you are still changing and tossing. Just not in a trash can…well mine is a trash can ;) My diaper pail is a small trash can from Walmart and after I change Sterling I toss it in there. As far as storing, cleaning, folding…it’s no different than towels. Really. Washing involves a prerinse, wash and possibly a second rinse. Then they go in the dryer. I have read from other parents who both work that they buy enough of a stash that they do wash every Saturday. Then they get them all ready for the week. For a system like this I recommend Flip.

    • Bethany Says:

      No rinsing is required, or folding for that matter. I don’t know any new parents who have the time to fold diapers (puh-lease!)! We just stuffed the clean ones in a drawer and that was it. As far as the changing process, it basically is still “change and toss.” The only extra time involved is when you have to ditch the “solids” into a toilet, and that is necessary only after baby is on solid foods. By that time you’ll be such a pro at changing diapers, the extra few seconds won’t matter (and do a few extra seconds really matter anyway? Consider it time well spent with your baby).
      My husband and I run two businesses and when our child was born we had terrible feeding issues, the baby had colic, and I had mild postpartum depression. If we can do it, anyone can.

  81. Alli C Says:

    My husband and I have researched so many cloth diapers- I feel overwhelmed! Today I saw the FLIP diapers.

    I think I want to do prefolds (for the financial aspect) and one size covers. I see that FLIP has covers only now, although they aren’t as cute as kissaluvs one size or blueberry, they are a bit cheaper. I’m wondering, can I use prefolds under a FLIP cover, but actually wrap the diaper, instead of only using it as an insert?

    We plan to breastfeed for a long time, and I do not want to have runny breastfed poop everywhere. I do like pockets, but feel they may be too pricey, we’ll see! Can you let me know about the FLIP?

    Thanks! :)

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      In the newborn stage I highly recommend covers with gussets: Imse Vimse, Thirsties, Bummis and Blueberrys for example. XS covers are best because they provide a dip for the umbilical cord. I would check diaperswappers for used covers in these brands. I’ve bought some for $7 in excellent condition.

      I love Flip but I don’t know how they will perform at holding in newborn poo.

      Have you checked out Flips counterpart, Econobums?

      Which prefolds were you looking at purchasing?

  82. Jennifer Iturburo Says:

    Hi!! I’ve noticed that you have done a lot of research and wanted to know what you thought about gro baby diapers?? I’ve been using them for a few months now and just wanted to know what you thought or heard about them???

  83. Kimberly Says:

    I have been thinking of using cloth diapers for a long time. Now that my oldest is nearly potty trained and we only have one in diapers, my husband is finally willing to try them. Unfortunately I will overwhelmed. There are so many brands and types. The more I read the more confused I get. Any suggestions?

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Kimberly, from what you have read do you have an idea of the cloth diaper system you’d like to try? pockets, aio, fitteds, prefolds. Pockets are a pretty neutral starting point. I love Katydid pockets. Click on my recommended category for some other suggestions. If you have the budget my favorite is the Bum Genius Organic AIO and a close second is Flip (great for the budget).

  84. monique Says:

    Hi autumn, im expecting my first child which is a boy next month, im wanting to go all the way with cloth diapers. I was wondering which ones will be best for him?

  85. Trenna Wilson Says:

    First: THANK YOU for this awesome website. I’m expecting my first and we really want to CD. I sew, so I’ll be doing a little of that, a little ready-to-wear, and a little inventing my own I’m sure …

    I’m narrowing down on a place to start (what to stock before the May due date), but then found some comparisons that keep emphasizing how anything but a prefold or fitted will leak on a side-sleeper, especially a boy.

    We’re having a boy, and I’ll be breastfeeding, which puts him on his side a lot, asleep or not. So I’m suddenly panicked … but then I see you and plenty of others use the “sure to leak” AIO, AI2, pocket, and lay-prefold-in-cover systems …

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Trenna, many systems can work at night with a side sleeper. I’d look at the Rumparooz Lil’ Joeys for sure, the gussets are awesome at keeping in poop. The Rumparooz G2 pockets have an super absorbent 6r soaker that lasts through the night. Also, when you co-sleep and breastfeed it doesn’t mean he’ll always be on his side. Sterling is on his back mostly. We have had a couple of leaks but it’s always because of a diaper with loose legs. In the beginning you might want to look at mutts and sbish fitteds. Both good choices, although mutts aren’t great night diapers. For covers check out Thirsties and the So Simple I just reviewed. I also like Imse Vimse covers in the newborn stage.

      The one feature that helps a lot is gussets. Whether on the diaper or the cover it’s a little insurance for you.

  86. Autumn Beck Says:

    Hi, Alli :)
    You may have already found some answers on my site to your questions. I began cloth diapering purely for health reasons, the environment is a side-benefit (my paper plates and napkin use don’t help though ;) ) .

    As far as poopie diapers go: When I’m out, I use a wet bag. Newborn poop isn’t really flushable as it is runny/grainy. It rinses out easily during a prerinse in the washer. When we are home I put all diapers (pee and poop) in either a wet bag or a diaper pail. Again, with a newborn I don’t do anything but toss the diaper in the pail. As the baby begins solids you may be able to rinse something off in the toilet. However, Sterling is 10 months and still his poop is not a substantial solid.

    I do cloth diaper laundry every other day at this point. In the beginning I did laundry sometimes every day depending on the number of diapers I had available and if the ones I preferred to use were clean or not.

    There is no (I take that back there is 1 lonely brand out of ?? I could dig up the name for you) “chemical-free disposable” diaper brand. All of them contain the super polymer gel: sodium polyacrylate. Depending on the source you’ll find differing views on whether or not this causes health problems…I prefer to err on the side of “if it’s a chemical it’s bound to cause something even if you’ve done a study that says otherwise” :D

    Now for the lowest amount of SAP (super absorbing polymer) you may like the FLIP disposable inserts. I wouldn’t recommend them for longterm use but for the occassional need. The FLIP system is one of my favorites and I highly recommend.

    Check out my posts in the newborn category for newborn cloth diaper recommendations. One that isn’t in there are the Lil’ Joeys by Rumparooz. They released this past summer. I will definitely use them with our future babies.

    In the upper right corner of this page are my advertisers. Banana Peels carries Flip and Lil’ Joeys and Cute Caboose has a great cloth diaper trial package.

    • Amy Says:

      More brands are coming out with the “environment friendly” disposable, Huggies Natural is one of the major brands, but the biggest is 7th Generation which does all sorts of products and not just diapers. They are chlorine free diapers. Whole foods I believe is coming out with one as well, but they are all still plastic, still has SAP and still has print on some of the diaper.

  87. Liz Says:

    I’m expecting my first and would love to go cloth all the way. I ran across some one size BumGenius 2.0 diapers online. How do the differ from the 3.0?

  88. Alli Says:

    Hi there, I am about to be a new mommy and I just started researching the cloth diaper route. To be completely honest, the ONLY reason I want to use cloth is for the safety of my baby by avoiding chemicals in disposables. (Saving the environment is just a plus) Here are my concerns with the cloth: I dont like the idea of having to carry around a bag to store the stinkies in, it doesnt seem very sanitary. Babies make a lot of dirty diapers and I cant imagine just running my washing machine all day for such small loads. Where do you store the stinkies in the mean time? Does it make your house smell? Right now, I am leaning more toward the chemical free disposable diapers, but I dont know if those are completely safe either. I am willing to make the commitment to cloth, but I guess I need a little reassurance. Why shouldnt I just go the chemical-free disposable route? Any advice would be great, thank you so much!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      theres actually “dry pail liners” which are water proof bags for transporting diapers to the washer, and you can actually put an essential oil on the side pocket of the liner to prevent it from smelling. theres also “wet bags” in case u are out around town, you can put the dirty diaper in the wet bag and not have to have a dirty diaper in a diaper bag. hope this helps.


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