Newborn Cloth Diapers Review

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It’s been a week already since Camden was born and we have put some major miles on the washing machine! I’ve done my best to try out every diaper I have (well, at least every brand) in order to give you the best reviews.

The brands in Camden’s stash include: Lil Joey’s, Goodmama Newborns, Sustainablebabyish Bamboo fitteds xs, Little Boppers, Muttaqin Baby (Mutts), Cutiepoops, Ragababe AIO, Ragababe 2-step size 0, Kissaluvs 0 and Clothmopolitan (side-snap).

Last week, I read Kim’s newborn cloth diaper review on Dirty Diaper Laundry and thought what a great resource it would be to combine our reviews!  Kim sent over her spreadsheet and I have added my experiences to it.  You’ll find my reviews on the chart below in green.

The brand I am using the most is Goodmama.  They are soft, absorbent and fit excellent.  Camden still has his umbilical stump and even with the snap-down undone the diaper doesn’t rub it (done for testing purposes ;) ).  Goodmama Newborns aren’t absorbent enough to last more than 5 hours but these would be the closest in comparison to the nighttime worthy Sustainablebabyish bamboo fitteds.

When comparing all the diapers I found Goodmamas to be the most gentle on the legs.  Lil’ Joeys are super cute, tiny and easy to use but they can leave marks on little legs.  I did have huge doubts about the absorbency of Lil’ Joeys after reading reviews of leaking.  However, despite 1 leak the first time we used it I haven’t had any more.

I’ve started to grab Lil’ Joeys first for daytime changes.  I love using them under all of Camden’s cute wool longies…I know, strange.  I love wool as clothing not necessarily as a cover.

I knew from previous babies that I was going to want Mutts in the stash.  I love Mutts because they are cute, affordable, moderately absorbent, great at containment and fit to about 15lbs.  However, Mutts aren’t always easy to come by.  I was able to find another brand very similar to Mutts called Little Boppers.  Both brands are an excellent addition to your newborn stash.

Mutts have a slightly stretchier elastic in the legs giving it a gentler fit although the difference really isn’t that perceptible unless you are reviewing cloth diapers ;)

Both Mutts and Little Boppers will fit beyond the typical 12lb for newborn diapers giving you a little bit more use.

As I mentioned, Sustainablebabyish bamboo fitteds are my nighttime diaper.  I *hate* changing diapers in the middle of the night.  I change Camden around 11pm and then around 7:30.  The diaper is not wet on the outside and he’s usually pooped a little.

Obviously, every baby is different and your baby may require a change or 2 at night.  Thankfully, my last 3 have been great with this routine.

I have 2 Cutiepoops nb AIOs and they are adorable!  Camden wore the minky aio today and unfortunately it leaked on my husband.  But, I don’t think it is fully prepped and I will update in the future.  The minky aio has a bamboo inner and feels like it will absorb a lot…you know, I’m thinking I could just blame the leak on my husband and holder-error.

As for the Ragababe diapers, I love the ease of use of the AIO.  The rise on these is long enough to where the panel lays flat over the umbilical area without bothering it.  I could easily see having a stash of these for daytime use. The AIO isn’t super absorbent but does have a pocket where a doubler can be added.

The 2-step diaper was not one of my favorites.  The crotch is so wide that Camden’s legs didn’t lay normal.  Because of it’s rise adjustments I will be able to use this diaper for a few months.  As he grows I will evaluate how the crotch width fares.

The Clothmopolitan diapers are cute but have no absorbency.  Great for making a trim diaper but terrible for using past 1 pee.

Kissaluvs you can’t go wrong with. They’re absorbent, soft and what I call a workhorse diaper. They hold everything in and last through multiple children.

Most of these diapers are fitteds, therefore require a cover.  Proraps xs covers are my go-to diaper cover.  I love them more than my Thirsties xs and wool soakers.

Newborn Cloth Diaper Review Chart


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42 Responses to “Newborn Cloth Diapers Review”

  1. Lisa Says:

    We’re expecting another baby in the summer and I’m trying to find a newborn, night-time solution that doesn’t break the bank (i.e. $26 per diaper… although I’d LOVE to try the Sbish ones, they’re a bit pricey and impossible to find used). Do you have any other suggestions? My first son was 6 lbs 2 oz, so I’m guessing this one will have skinny legs too! :o) I’ve looked at the FuzziBunz Perfect Fit XS’s, but don’t know how they’d do at night…


  2. Ashley Says:

    Autumn if you use wool or fleece covers can you still put on onsies? I read somewhere else here that someone said if you use wool covers, you have to use t-shirts instead of onsies.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      It’s best to not put a onesie over it just in case compression leaks occur. If the diaper under the wool gets over saturated and the onesie is tight over it, it will get wet. However, you *can* use onesies over wool soakers just change frequently. I’ve used wool under gowns.


  3. Britney Says:

    Hey Autumn, I was wondering if you could tell us what
    exactly you do with your cloth diapers to prep them before use when
    they are brand new. Having trouble getting my brand new diapers to
    absorb any liquid and I have washed and dried them over a dozen
    times. Water just sits on top of them in beads of water and rolls
    around. Won’t soak into the diapers. This is just on my Lil Joeys
    and BumGenius XS. Thanks!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Do you use dryer sheets on none cloth diaper laundry? What detergent are you using?


      • Britney Says:

        I got some dryer balls that I have been using instead of dryer sheets, but do still use dryer sheets on certain clothing types and pull out the dryer balls when I do. How do you steer clear of staticky clothes without a dryer sheet? I can’t handle the static! I was just using Tide original powder on my cloth diapers and on other laundry use all free and clear. On these new CD’s I tried some crunchy clean samples I got and even tried stripping with Dawn as I thought maybe I used too much Tide on them the first wash, but they still wont absorb. Hope this is all making sense. I did order some Clean B detergent and im still waiting for it to arrive. I have hard water so im not sure if that is causing a problem. But I have been using and still use Tide on my 3 yr old’s Cds for bedtime for several months and haven’t had problems. I don’t know what im doing wrong.


  4. Belinda Says:

    Great review of newborn diapers! Could have used this 14 months ago, but we muddled through and found something that works. Will definitely keep this all in mind when we decide to have # 2 though!


  5. Dutchy Says:

    My favorite NB diapers are the Thirsties XS. I have a huge stash of these which is great since they are not made anymore… They fit so well (under the cord) and are really absorbent. I love the AIOs for the early, very sleep deprived weeks!
    Congratulations on your little blessing!! Love the name, too. My Camden is almost 8 months old. ;)


  6. Nicole Says:

    Sustainablebabyish is out of my budget- is there a less expensive nigh time diaper that you would recommend? Thanks!


  7. Courtney Says:

    Hey Autumn! Could you let me know if you still have leaking with your cutiepoops. I am loving the price, look, and ease of them. Thanks!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I am having leaking with the minky one. The half print/half white PUL works great and I like the fit of it better. :) I know she told me the minky was an aio but I’m going to ask again…it’s hard to tell by feeling.


      • Adrian Post Says:

        Autumn, it must be a fluke with the minky one or something. There is a layer of PUL in it. I’m not sure what’s going on with it on your little one but I’m glad that the other one is working out for you. I sent you a package the other day with some lay in doublers to try out for more absorbency. Maybe those will help out with the minky one.


  8. Emily D Says:

    I remember you saying you had ordered some Nana’s Bottoms- have you tried those yet? Or are they for when he is a little bigger?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      They are size small. I did try one on him the other day and it fit but not quite perfect yet. I’d say the smalls will fit at about 11 lbs. (I love the ease of them and can’t wait to use them full time)


  9. Britney Says:

    Autumn, you are amazing! Thank you, thank you for this review!! Im having my second in March and im a newbie to CD, so this is extremely helpful as I wanna CD from the beginning. One question, you mentioned you use the proraps xs covers. Would this be newborn or premie? And are these ok to use over the sbish xs fitteds at night?


  10. Geraldine Says:

    Have you tried the Pooters fitteds on Camden ? If yes can you post some pictures :-) I wanna buy some one size fitteds for my toddler for night but want to invest in something that will fit a smaller baby as well.


  11. Olivia Says:

    I don’t know why you bother with all of this since Kissaluvs are such amazing newborn diapers. My ideal nb stash would just be these! They are absorbant and contain even the biggest bf poo. And I love imse vimse covers, they are so soft.


  12. Joy Yoder Says:

    Holy smokes, Autumn! The RagaBabe Organic ‘2-Step’ is WAY too wide in the crotch because it needs the ‘doubler’ (newborn) insert rather than the ‘small’, which is quite a bit thicker. He needs to pack on a bit more weight before the small insert will fit him well. I’d love to see how the 2-Step fits him with the thinner doubler. I demand a re-shoot :)


  13. Amber Says:

    Love this post. Thanks. I’m due this week with #3 and am wondering-do you use cloth mama pads? Thanks.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Yes, I do. I don’t know the WAHM who made them however. I traded something with her to make them for me before Sterling was born. I recommend PUL backed pads with wings that snap in extra long for the postpartum stage.


  14. Beth Says:

    I’m looking for diapers that work well for preemies/small newborns. My little one is under 6 lbs. Any recommendations, or do I need to wait until he’s a little older?


  15. Andrea Says:

    Hey Autumn,
    Thanks so much for the great reviews! We are expecting for this summer & I am already building my stash. :)

    I love the SBish fitteds & plan to use them for night too. I already bought one in XS just to feel its squishy-ness! What do you use for a cover over these for nights? Pro-raps too? Would wool be really bulky on a newborn? I just haven’t had a newborn in forever, so I am forgetting what it is like.


  16. Meredith Says:

    I am really loving all the newborn diaper reviews! I am in the process of building my stash for the baby I have due in April and they have been so helpful.

    PS- If you are going to sell your Mutts when Camden outgrows them, I will be happy to take them off your hands! ;)


  17. Tegan Says:

    Thanks so much for the review! I am new to cloth diapering and your blog has been really helpful!

    I’m sure we’ll have a new little one in our future before too long, so this particular post is very helpful. I noticed on your chart though that most of the diapers you started at 9# (I’m assuming because that’s how big little Camden is). My children are usually smaller (my daughter was 6#12 oz); do you have any suggestions for smaller newborns or do you think that these brands would work on a smaller baby as well with little or no problems?

    You’re amazing to be doing so much analyzing and blogging with a week old newborn! Go you! :D


  18. Erin Says:

    I didn’t use a very big variety of CD with my first child. She pretty much wore Bum Genius 3.0 and a few Rumparooz. With this next one, I am trying to build a newborn stash and would like to know howI determine if I need to use a cover over a diaper?


  19. Jackie Says:

    Thanks so much for the review! I’m due at the end of February and am planning to start with a mix of thirsties duo size 1 and kawaii covers depending on his size with prefolds. I notice that you said the thirsties were good in just about all areas but aren’t umbilical cord friendly… were you able to fold them down or do you have any tips? Also, I’ve been reading about problems with vaseline from the circumsicion and also the merconium… I was thinking about putting little homemade fleece squares/rectangles on top of the prefold so that it wouldn’t damage them but would love any other tips you might have…

    Thanks so much again! I’ve read your blogs over and over and really appreciate all the info!



    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I have cloth diapered 3 children from birth and never had problems with meconium. The diapers just go in the washer and come out clean. No stains. We don’t circumcise so I’m not sure about that aspect. Kim is the one who reviewed the Thirsties, maybe she’ll chime in if she sees this question.


    • Karen Allen Says:

      Jackie, As far as the circumcision goes, it depends on
      which method of circ your doctor uses. As the mother of 2 boys,
      both with different methods, the PlastiBell method doesn’t require
      any vaseline, and doesn’t hurt your diapers or their absorbency,
      and doesn’t require any vaseline.


      • kristin Says:

        I never had muconium staining troubles, as for the circ i just put a disposable liner upfront and used vaseline, sometimes i forgot and the Vaseline amount was so little it didnt make a difference in the diaper or cause repelling.


  20. Sarah Flukinger Says:

    I just wanted to tell you congratulations on the birth of your newest addition!! How awesome!! It seems like yesterday you were telling us you were pregnant!!!! I’d love to hear the birth story!! I’m sure you could fit in something about cloth diapers in it!! LOL!!!


  21. Jen Says:

    Wow. This is SO helpful! :) Thanks.


  22. Sandra Says:

    Congrats again on the new little addition!

    2 questions, mainly about covers:
    1. Do you know if proraps are PVC and pthalate proof? Thirsties indicates that they are but i don’t see anything written about proraps.
    2. You said you don’t like wool covers… how come?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      1) not sure. but if you can’t find it stated then i’d assume the answer is no :(
      2) i love wool covers. i just usually don’t use them as covers. i do have my wool lanolinized so it is ready to go as a cover. my husband and daughter usually think the diaper is leaking when the wool gets that warm feeling from a wet diaper underneath. there isn’t any reason in particular that I don’t use wool as a cover full time.


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