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Hello my name is Vilate Thacker.

I am admitting to the world that I am a cloth diaper addict.

There, I said it.  This really isn’t news to those that know me.   I live, eat and dream cloth diapers.   Well, I guess I don’t really eat them.   I do live better though because of all the amazing friends I have made and all the interesting information I have gathered.  I try to be a little more eco-friendly and help my family live healthier.  All this because I decided it would save us a little money to cloth diaper.

When we were poor college students I thought we could save some money if I made some cloth diapers.  I bought some diaper flannel and… ok I admit it… some plastic

pants.  YUCK!   My first diapers were some flannel fitteds with velcro.  Oh the lamenting . . . I know so much better now.  A few years later I met a gal that had some pocket diapers.  They had snaps and a waterproof layer in them!  How awesome is that?  Then she told me how much they cost and I thought . . . wow… maybe I can make them too.  So I did.  I spent the money I would have spent on the diapers and I bought some of the fabrics and an industrial snap press and made my own diapers.

I really learned a lot from that first set of pocket diapers.  I sewed them all wrong and they leaked around the edges if they were left on too long.  So you can imagine our mornings were always wet with lots of extra laundry.  This was very frustrating!  I knew that this was not the way they should work, so I got on the internet and I did a LOT of research.  I spent hours and hours asking questions and reading articles.  I think my Hubs was getting worried.  In all my research though,  I stumbled upon wool covers.  This was a great solution to our leaky nights.  Oh how, I love wool!  With the discovery of wool covers I found that there were better fabrics out there too.  I found organic fabrics like hemp and bamboo.  I took the time to learn the qualities of these fabrics so I could know how best to use them.  Now I could have an amazing absorbent fitted cloth diaper and a natural breathable cover.  I was overjoyed!  My new cloth diapers I made worked great!  I couldn’t believe how good they were.

After all this work and effort I already had the supplies so I decided to make some cloth diapers and sell them. They worked great for my last four kids maybe other people would want a nice diaper too. I started selling my cloth diapers on etsy and eventually I was getting enough business I felt I could justify a website.  I played around with a name and decided on Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers, because these diapers are just so “nifty”.  It has just grown from there.  I now have some active retailers and I am adding more all the time.  My Nifty Nappy fitted and Woolie Wrap combo is touted as a great night-time solution for the heavy wetter.  I also make a pretty mean PeachyKeen Pocket diaper and the most adorable SnappySwimzEaze, which is a reusable swim diaper.

So you ask, “What do I like most about what I do?”.  I love the interaction I have with other mothers.  I love that I can help them determine what is best for their families and live a greener lifestyle.  If you think I can help you please feel free to ask any questions.  I love to talk fluff and I would love to help you get started.

Having a diaper that fits and is trim but also breathes and is cute is asking a lot, right?

I didn’t think so!  I knew it could be done if I had the right materials and knowledge.  I have spent many hours on line researching cloth diapers, along with years of testing different patterns and fabrics out on my own 6 kids.  I finally found the right fabrics and with all the knowledge I had acquired, I started on a diaper.  The pattern of the diaper isn’t too difficult right?  Well, shape does matter, how soon you curve around the leg can make or break a diaper.  Then there is making it fit from newborn to potty training. I succeeded in that too!  I made the perfect cloth diaper…at least I think it is.

Qualities of the Nifty Nappy:

  • Front snapping for a longer fit
  • Trim fit – looks natural under clothes
  • Organic Hemp and Bamboo for absorbency
  • Cute fabrics for your baby’s bum

There are a few other items that are good enough to join the Nifty Nappy in our shop:

Bitty Bums – These are adorable little newborn cloth diapers.  They are a mini version of our Nifty Nappy fitted.

Heavy Doody Diaper – This is the same pattern as our fitted diaper only more bulked up!  It is a great heavy wetter cloth diaper.

Wool Covers – Upcycled wool covers from wool sweaters handpicked from thrift stores, these are practically bullet proof.

PeachyKeen Pocket diapers – These are made with the PUL qualities in mind so there is no leaking on the edges.

Snappy SwimzEaze – a cute reusable swim diaper that keeps your babies tush comfy while keeping your mind at ease, knowing that everything will stay in the diaper and not in the pool.

You can visit our new website Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers to get to know my diapers and also to provide information about cloth diapering…all the in’s and out’s!

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5 Responses to “Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers”

  1. Sandra Says:

    I have a couple of questions about Nifty Nappys. First, are the bitty bums really worth it to buy for a newborn or can one get by with the fitteds on a newborn? Also, same basic question for the wool wraps. Does one need to get the newborn ones or do the one size wool wraps work on a newborn?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’m not sure if the author will see this comment but I’ll add what I’ve read. As far as I have seen the one-sized nifty nappys fit great on a newborn.


  2. Lavina Says:

    I LOVE these diapers! I bought them secondhand because at the time while trying to save money I couldn’t justify spending the money. However now that o have had my daughter and used them on her, I really can’t justify NOT spending the money. The combo lasts HOURS if she decides to sleep through the night – and the diaper by itself with a cover lasts even through her longest naps – or if daddy keeps her for a bit and forgets lol.

    Anyways I highly recommend these diapers to anyone who needs a bulletproof system…spend the money because it’s worth it!


  3. Sherry Says:

    I have had my eye on the peachy Keen Pockets for sometime now. They meet every need we have in a one size and they look just as beautiful.


  4. Catina Says:

    Wow! The diapers sound great :) I’ll be potty training my son next week, but I am pregnant with our second baby. So I might just have to buy some more diapers when this one show’s her face. I wish I knew about the wool covers. My son has been having major wet nights for just over a month. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us :) Many blessings to you, your family, and your business :)


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