Nighttime Diaper Absorbency Test

Everyone always wants to know what the most absorbent diaper is. We currently have a nighttime routine that works perfect for us but I am always interested in diapers that perform well. As my afternoon entertainment, I performed an absorbency test (with 1 child pooping on the floor, another falling face first on the pavement and another busting up 3 teeth! I was feeling a little bored :D)

I took four of my diapers and a doubler. My four test diapers were a Baby Beehind, Goodmama, Clover, and Loveybums. The doubler is 4 layers: microfleece, microfiber x 2, and flannel. At night, or for extended amounts of time, I add a doubler to the diapers but for this experiment no doublers were used. I laid them all out and used a turkey baster to squirt 4 ounces of water in the middle of each diaper. I applied 2 ounces at a time. I purposefully laid the diapers on a piece of fabric that had an obvious color change when it was wet. Once all the water was applied I folded the diapers up and moved them to see the wet spot they created. I squirted 2 ounces of water on the doubler and maxed out its limits.

As expected the Clover was the least absorbent. Even during day time use I always add a doubler to my Clovers. I love Clovers and would not let this deter me from buying more. The fit is great on Paisley and with a doubler the performance is adequate for daytime when frequent changes are preferred (how else would I use all the diapers in her stash?). Mediums Clovers are ~$16.

Next was the Goodmama. I used one that was embroidered so that may have caused the leaking, as the area of greatest wetness was at the seam of the embroidery. I haven’t found Goodmamas to be that absorbent. My Paisley can pee through one in a minute. But who can not love the fit and feel of a Goodmama? Goodmamas are a one-sized diaper and range anywhere from $30-$50+ on various sites.

The Baby Beehind was the driest on the outside but the Loveybums was close. I noticed the Baby Beehind was the slowest to absorb the fast stream because of the tight, dense fabric. If your baby is constantly peeing out the side of diapers you might consider using a fleece liner. Fleece will absorb the fast stream and allow the diaper to absorb slower. Baby Beehinds are by no stretch of the imagination plush diapers. They are stiff bamboo/cotton blend and not that stretchy. But the trade-off for no leaks at night is worth it. Baby Beehind diapers are one-sized and cost $25 new.

The Loveybums was a surprise. They are extremely soft diapers (Organic Velour!) and are a thicker/denser feeling diaper than the Clover which is made from the same material. I don’t put a cover on Paisley when we are at home, we just change her when she’s damp. I noticed that when she is in a Loveybums it takes a lot longer to feel that she is wet. Loveybums are also very trim diapers even with a doubler. They are $25 each though and are a sized diaper.

For all-around performance my winner is the Loveybums. I am very adamant about always putting a Baby Beehind on Paisley for nighttime so it may take a few days before I get up the courage to give Loveybums a try…even after this experiment. Why change what’s working?

In the picture from L to R: Baby Beehind, Clover, Goodmama, OV Loveybums.



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7 Responses to “Nighttime Diaper Absorbency Test”

  1. doreen stodolski Says:

    Need Wool, for covers,,,or Longies! Thank Goodness for Cloth & Wool,,,,,Now even Dead Beat Daddys have 1ess thing to be conserned with,,,,,Now How about some New Shoes? =-) !


  2. Jen Says:

    Hi Autumn!

    Unfortunately, and I really feel bad about it, my boys are in disposables at night. You can relate to this next comment…they were getting, I think they are called, ammonia burns on their little tips. Ouch! My two year old would wake up while he was going crying, “Mommy! Ouchie!” The result was an expensive Dr. visit, special creams to fix the problem, and disposables at night so I can put rash cream one them. I tried a silk liner so I could use rash cream and cloth diapers…didn’t work. I had tried Green Acre Designs with 2 different hemp liners, but that didn’t work. Stuffing their BumGs with 2 microfibers inserts is what originally gave them the burns. I am looking for the ultimate nighttime diaper. I wish I had the money to buy just one diaper from several different companies, but alas, the cost of one diaper is a lot for this family. I know I can use them during the day, but sheesh, I don’t want to pay 30 bucks, or around that amount, for a diaper that was supposed to be used especially for night time, only to have to use it during the day. I’ve got day time cloth diapers! I’m willing to pay that amount if I have a really good idea if it is going to work. I will only have to buy 4 (2 sons, wash every other day).

    Do you still use Baby Beehind as your nighttime diaper for…it would be Sterling now, or have you changed to what is listed as your recommendations for nighttime?

    Many Thanks! Jen


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Jen, the My Recommendations page is the most current recommendations. I keep it updated. Tonight I realized that I needed to add Goodmama good. night fitteds. Ammonia is such a frustrating problem. I think the nighttime diaper that has suffered the least from ammonia are the Flip inserts. But, really it comes down to fixing the problem. Have you stripped the diapers? Have you changed detergents? Have you tried boiling the inserts? All of these things can help rid the ammonia. If you are going to use disposables you might want to check out Flip disposable inserts. I like them and they have the lowest levels of SAP (the harmful gel substance).


  3. Jamie Says:

    Here’s a question…I am a Fuzzi Bunz user. I am not able to breastfeed so my baby boy is formula fed. He still drinks a bottle before bed. I can’t make it through the night in cloth, even doubled up. Any suggestions?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Jaime, have you tried using fitteds? I use the sbish bamboo fitted for nighttime. Yes it is soaked in the morning but I don’t have leaks. I use an sbish wool soaker or occasionally a Thirsties cover over it. What type of insert are you using? I used to use Blueberry pockets with Paisley and had great success with the blueberry combo insert. You could even put 2 together.


  4. Talya Says:

    Don’t forget to squeeze out before measuring! Microfiber often absorbs alot, but leaks the minute you pick up the child. I found prefolds to be the most absorbant, and use them both as intended and as inserts for pocket diapers (and use the included microfiber inserts for dusting). I started with a 2-cup measuring cup and a bowl, allowed the diaper to absorb what it could, squeezed out what I could, poured the water back into the measuring cup and checked what was left. Infant-sized indian prefolds absorbed 8-oz (I use 2 for night), while the microfiber inserts absorbed about 3 ounces once squeezed out.


  5. twirl Says:

    LMAO, this is soooo an experiment I would do!

    (and now I feel a bit better having traded my clovers for loveybums!)


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