Nommy’s Nappies Nighttime Hybrid Success plus Giveaway


Need a new night time solution? Nommy’s Nappies may be the one!


When I was asked to review this diaper I was a little nervous. Not because of the diaper itself, but just the fact that we had our night time system down and I was terrified of trying something that I didn’t know would work or not. Before trying the diaper on my little girl, I did some research.

Nommy’s Nappies has more than nighttime diapers, but the particular diaper we were going to try was the nighttime pocket hybrid fitted. These diapers are designed with a knit fabric outer layer, and contain a hidden poly fleece layer as well as hidden bamboo fleece layer. There is even a pocket inner layer in order for customization on absorbency, made of cuddle dry micro fleece.


The Nommy’s Nappies nighttime hybrid also includes one row of snaps with two wing snaps on each side, and a single crossover snap, which is fantastic for the smaller babies (this was a great fit on my baby girl!). For babies who need a lower rise, this diaper includes a fold down snap layer.  Adjusting the fit is super easy!

Because this is a pocket hybrid fitted diaper, you will in fact need a cover while using overnight and it is highly recommended for naptime. But during the day – there really is no need! The materials which are used to make this particular diaper are so high in absorbency! (for more information on hybrid fitted cloth diapers check out What Is a Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper?)

As I mentioned, I was very nervous to change up our nighttime solution – but I LOVE this diaper for nighttime! Generally I was using a pocket diaper with two microfiber inserts and an additional hemp insert to eliminate leaks.  My daughter has had a tendency to leak from some pocket systems around her legs (because they were super tiny back then), and occasionally she would have a leak up her back. The inserts in her pockets we were currently using would be completely soaked by morning.

babygirlfit side

When we tried Nommy’s Nappies, I used this hybrid system with a Zorb 2 and a bamboo fleece trifold that is also sold at the Nommy’s Nappies Etsy shop. These do not come with the diaper, but a discount is offered if you purchase both! Baby girl simply used this system and no additional inserts/doublers. We used a cover we had lying around in her room. When she woke, every time we used this diaper, no leaks! And even better, the insert wasn’t fully saturated! I was quite impressed with this system, and so glad I got over my fear of trying something else.

babygirl fitNommy’s Nappies is a fantastic, THIRSTY, nighttime solution that I would definitely recommend to other parents! The diaper fits babies of all sizes. The rise is approximately 14”- 16” and is easily adjusted by the fold down row of snaps. Baby girl has a waist size of about 12” and this fit her great! And the waist extends to approximately 21”.


These diapers are listed at $22.00 for ready to ship prints, and the Zorb 2 inserts are an additional $5.50 if purchased together, $6.50 if purchased separately. Another great thing about Nommy’s Nappies – Custom orders are accepted on prints! These orders have a turnaround time of about 3 weeks.

Nommy’s Nappies pocket hybrid fitted diaper is not the trimmest solution; however it is equivalent to the system I was previously using. I believe that the Nommy’s Nappies nighttime hybrid fitted pocket cloth diaper is a great system and would be a great solution for many night time, heavy wetters. Some babies my need an additional booster; however I did not so that was very exciting to me! One less thing to wash!

Baby girl was very comfortable as well in this system. And the quality is beautiful!

Notes from Autumn: This is a very well made diaper all around.  The feature that sets Nommy’s Nappies apart from other cloth diapers is the fact that it is a POCKET hybrid fitted cloth diaper.

I am always amazed at the creativity of wahms.  Just when you think the market is maxed out for new ideas a new feature comes along.  Nommy’s Nappies will be added to the My Recommendations list in the nighttime category.  Sarah is the wahm behind Nommy’s Nappies, if you have a moment check out her Etsy store and say Hi!! on her Facebook page!

If you would like to win a Nommy’s Nappies diaper for your little one enter the contest through the Rafflecopter form below.  You do not have to have a Facebook account to enter.

*The diaper for review was given to me at no charge.  The findings and subsequent review are 100% my thoughts. 

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139 Responses to “Nommy’s Nappies Nighttime Hybrid Success plus Giveaway”

  1. Anne Says:

    I have an ongoing battle with night time diapers! I’ve tried ultra stuffed diapers with hemp, bamboo, you name it! Would love to try anything I can!


  2. karissah Says:

    Been looking for a good night time diaper. Looks like I may have just found it. Thanks for the info!!


  3. Meissa Felter Says:

    i use Rumparoos with a 6R soaker


  4. Kristin Says:

    I would love to have some more night time options for diapering.


  5. JS Says:

    I am desperately trying to figure out what to do with my little guy at night and would love to try out this diaper! Thanks for the info!


  6. molly @ still being molly Says:

    I don’t actually have a nighttime solution because our baby isn’t here yet… :) but I’ve talked to so many other mom’s about theirs!


  7. Victoria Says:

    Baby is due in 4 weeks so haven’t tried her dipes yet :)


  8. Jessica Says:

    I want to try this diaper!!! I have crazy heavy wetters!!!!!


  9. Rumsita Says:

    I generally use either a Bamboozle Stretch or a Grovia Kiwi Pie under wool, but occasionally I’ll use a hybrid fitted. My hybrids are so cute I like to let my little one wear them with no cover during the day. :)


  10. Brandi Powell Says:

    We use bamboo or cotton fitted Motherease Sandy’s diapers with a wool cover, and we have never had a leak! Love it! But more nighttime options are never a bad thing.


  11. Carol Says:

    I’ll be happy to add this to the stash I started. We’re adopting and I’m trying to have different systems to see what will work best for us. Having a pocket hybrid to try would be great!


  12. Laura P Says:

    We’re expecting, so I don’t have a nighttime solution yet. I’m really trying to be as prepared as I can when baby is born… Some of my friends use disposables at night, and if I can, I’d rather use cloth all the time!


  13. becca Says:

    2 flips used to work; then rumparooz; LO sleeps 14 hours and of course drinks a big glass of milk before bedtime- so haven’t found a CD solution to handle his nighttime wets! Would love to try this!


  14. Vivian Says:

    We use the flip system, and the organic “nighttime insert” has been working for us for months! Recently we’ve been having an ammonia problem though, tried stripping with bleach and dawn (according to the website) but didnt fix the problem. I’m considering purchasing some RLR, bac out, or just boiling them…


  15. Colby Says:

    We use the Nommy’s Nappies Nighttime hybrid fitted, and absolutely love it! Great diaper, cute prints, and a very good fit (even on my skinny girl).


  16. Courtney Says:

    Used to use a pre-fold with 2 hemp/cotton inserts…it was so huge and so soaking wet in the morning I’ve since used disposables only at night. Would love to find a good night time solution in cloth though!


  17. May Says:

    Still looking but this sounds great


  18. Erica Says:

    My first LO isn’t born yet, but this seems like a great nighttime option!


  19. Erin Price Says:

    This sounds awesome. We haven’t found a great nighttime diaper and currently use disposables. i’d love to try one!


  20. kristy lynne corne Says:

    I absolutely *love* my Nommy’s Nappies! They work perfectly fold my son. Ultra great fit and awesome prints :-)


  21. Erika Says:

    Mine works 50% of the time. Ugh! The best one I have is 2 origami folded flats with 2 hemp boosters. Still not enough!


  22. Heather Bailey Says:

    These look awesome!


  23. Ashley H Says:

    Yes, thus far my nighttime diapering is working out. However, I know in the near future when my son’s fluid intake increases at each feeding we might have to make a few adjustments.


  24. Amanda O. Says:

    Mine usually works. I use a BG pocket diaper with four inserts stuffed in (large microfiber, hemp, small microfiber, small cotton).


  25. Jessica O Says:

    Our night time solution works most of the time. I either use a Kawaii GNHW w/ a charcoal bamboo insert and an all bamboo insert or I use a Thirsties Duo or Fab Fitted w/ cover. I would love to try a hybrid fitted though!


  26. Jen Says:

    I use a fitted, a prefold or flat, and an insert with a wool cover. Works great!


  27. Laura E. Says:

    We currently use hybrid fitteds at night, some Little Fancy Pants, some Made With Love, and some others, with a hemp doubler, and wool over that. It’s also not the trimmest thing ever but it’s not uncomfortably big and it works. Always interested in trying new hybrids that could work at night though :).


  28. Lara Javier Says:

    Would love to try this one!


  29. Tamara Sz Says:

    We’re doing a flat diaper (old flannel blanket) with a hemp insert underneath stuffed into a pocket diaper. Works pretty well


  30. Dacia Says:

    We were using gdiaper disposable inserts at night and they worked great! We just ran out of them so now we are using a prefold trifolded with a gdiaper cloth insert with a flip cover. We’ve had two good nights and a couple of leaking nights.


  31. Stephanie Says:

    My little guy is still just a couple weeks old. I LOVE cloth diapers at night because I don’t have to change him 5 times like with disposables. We have just used Charlie Banana diapers and they have worked wonderfully so far. I only have the OS. I wish I had just a couple newborn size diapers because I can’t get these ones to come down far enough. I waited for his umbilical cord to fall off, but they still rub just high enough to irritate it since it isn’t fully healed yet. As for absorbancy, as long as I use a larger insert, he hasn’t had any leaks yet.


  32. Emily Says:



  33. teca price Says:

    We use sposies at night, but occasionally I use a Happy Heiny organic cloth diaper with the hemp inner with a pooter’s hemp insert in the pocket and a Bumgenius stay-dry insert on top of the pocket. DD wakes up dry!


  34. Jeanette Says:

    We do, but always willing to try something different :)


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