One-Size Pocket Cloth Diapers

November 1, 2008

Pocket Cloth Diapers

There are times when you crave simplicity and you just aren’t interested in buying cloth diapers every 6 months (okay, who are you? I don’t believe you exist. lol). When this is the case a good one-size pocket cloth diaper is the way to go. Why a one-size pocket?

The one-size feature on cloth diapers truly creates a financial savings for families. You can purchase 1-2 dozen before your baby is born and use those same diapers through potty training. The multiple snaps may seem intimidating but once you set them for your baby they usually stay in that position even through the wash.

Having the one-size diaper in your stash is a must if you are cloth diapering more than one child. The ability to blindly grab a diaper and know it will fit either child is convenient and again cost effective.

A pocket is better than a fitted or AIO in the fact that you control the absorbency and trimness. The choices for inserts are limitless. Bamboo, Zorb, microfiber, flannel, hemp, and cotton are all fibers found in different inserts. A pocket cloth diaper can also function as a swim diaper or trainer.

Here are 6 One Size Pocket Cloth Diapers that are used by hundreds of cloth diapering families:

Happy Heinys: Newly released snap version, available in a million colors…okay only 24.

Baby Kangas: Unique zipper pouch located on the outside of the diaper. No more reaching inside a messy diaper!

BumGenius: The original and leader in one-size pocket cloth diapers. Probably the most mainstream cloth diaper available.

Rumparooz: Cute prints, stretchy tabs and great craftsmanship make this diaper a winner.

Mommys Touch: Easy Clean Opening allows for soiled insert to come out in the wash.

Blueberry: Luscious minky, a fantastic fit, super trim…what more could you ask for??

Tiny Tush Elite: Many sizing options, snap or aplix closure and a reverse envelope pocket opening to prevent poop from getting inside the diaper.

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23 Responses to “One-Size Pocket Cloth Diapers”

  1. Jen Says:

    Ok can anyone explain how to use a pocket? Heres our #1 problem. NIGHT SOAKING. as I posted before we always use prefolds and a Thirsties cover. Both boys are heavy wetters so they wake up all the time with wet sheets and one sleeps with us :) thats nice to have my back wet :) anyways I bought pockets and microfiber insets but now they are WAY wetter than before. I was putting 2 micros inserts in and then laying another micro on the top not knowing you cant put the micro next ot childs skin. So I tryed with a prefold next to him only to have him totally soak the sheets and pillow. WHAT am I doing wrong here? I dont even try to use them durning the day as I know they will get wet. I want to get this to work really I do so any ideas on what to change?


  2. Jen Says:

    Is there a trick for pockets??? I just got all the pockets I ordered and everyone of them LEAK!! I use the inserts and stuff them like crazy making sure they great for night time. He woke just soaked. Every brand I have we useD AND THEY ALL leaked.


  3. Jen Says:

    I just ordered a bunch of pocket diapers for the first time ever!! I have been using prefolds/ thristies covers since my 3rd child now 2and a half was born. He is a HUGE wetter. My 4th child is now 17 months and we are ready to add more diapers to our life. Some one said pockets work great at night so I ordered A couple Blueberry, Some called something with an H :) I cant remember and then a couple from from swaddlebees. I hope we like them. We tried ALL IN ONES and HATED them and cried I spent so much money one them only to have to get rid of them.I also bought some mirco inserts but I was wondering if I can use prefolds as the inserts in pockets? I just bought 2 more dozen Indian unbleached prefolds as I was finding that with the two boys I was washing prefolds every other day. We have a new baby coming In Nov and was wondering what youd suggust for her? I did prefolds and covers on the boys but wondering if pockets are easier for newborns. I know I know I could go all day asking questions :)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Yes, prefolds work awesome as pocket stuffers! You may find them too bulky on a newborn however. I personally, prefer fitteds or a pocket like rumparooz for newborns. Ask all you want, that’s what I’m here for ;) Congrats on #5!


  4. Christina Says:

    I use Haute Pockets. They are one-size diapers but they are also pockets. I stuff them with their original inserts. I love these diapers! Can I use these as swim diapers? And how do you use it as a swim diaper? Do you just remove the inserts?



  5. amie Says:

    I have two coolababy diapers…seem to work well and wash well. Planned to buy more now I am a little nervous about spending that much. Have an almost 2 year old and expecting in July. Can you recommend a diaper that will not cost a fortune and still get me through two in diapers?


  6. Kate Says:

    Don’t bother with CoolaBaby Diapers. I bought two dozen two months ago. One fell apart in the first wash, two have completely delaminated, and about half of the rest have delaminated in spots. I don’t think they’ll see my two-year-old through potty training, let alone another baby. They are really *not* a bargain.


  7. cristina marshall Says:

    Would one size diapers be a wise purchase for a newborn that weighs 9 pounds?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Cristina, although they will be a bit bulky one-size diapers are a wise purchase. Once your baby reaches 12 lbs you won’t notice the bulk as much.


  8. Dae Says:

    I wanted to reply to a previous poster about haute pockets. I only have one (bought it used…it was inexpensive so I figured, “why not?”), but I really like it a lot! I don’t like that it has the same inner as the happy heinys (it looks old very fast, but still works well). Also, I wanted to mention Wahmies OS pockets. I have these and LOVE them! The hooks can be a bit difficult to get used to, but once you are used to them, they are fabulous because you never have to worry about the velcro not lasting as long as the rest of the diaper, and the hooks give you MANY sizing opions! I’m not a retailer, I just like these diapers, lol!


  9. Autumn Beck Says:

    Paula, I do have a fabulous recommendation- bumGenius Organic one-size. I have 1 and it ROCKS. It is as trim as a disposable (one really can’t argue that I’ve compared lol) and very absorbent. I know the price tag can put a lump in your throat but remember they are one-size.


  10. Paula Says:

    dear Autumn,

    thank-you so much for your site!! I am a first time mom and I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers but had no idea how many different kinds are out there!!!

    I would love a one-size pocketed diaper with snaps but that has a natural inner rather than micro-fleece.

    Do you know of any other than swaddlebees’ econappies? They are very pricey!!

    Or would you recommend another one-size diaper that is trim yet absorbent??

    Thanks again so much :)


  11. Autumn Beck Says:

    Robin, I have heard many stories of Haute Pockets having leak issues. I would buy one used and give it a try before I invested much money.


  12. Robin Says:

    I’m looking into Haute Pockets, any feedback on those OS pockets?


  13. Autumn Beck Says:

    I have not tried Coolababy diapers. The fact that they are made in China keeps me from investing. Another thing I always look for on a diaper is a cross-over snap. To me that is vital for a one-size especially.


  14. Crys Says:

    Has anyone herd of Coolababy one size cloth diapers? I see them super cheep on ebay, but wonder if they are worth it. They are 1/2 the price of bumGenius, but the smallest package has 8 in it. So, I don’t want to blow my money on 8 if they suck when I could have gotten 4 good diapers.


  15. Crys Says:

    We have a couple of bumGenius 3.0s and absolutely love them. We use them overnight, every night and have never had a leak.


  16. yanira Says:

    my favorites are rumparooz.


  17. Michelle Says:

    It took me a while to get used to the OS pockets but now that I use them I wish I bought more!


  18. Autumn Beck Says:

    Ack! How did I leave out Tiny Tush!? Thank you for adding the link Catherine.


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