Only Hippies With Hairy Armpits Use Cloth Diapers

April 5, 2011

Why Choose Cloth Diapers

How I Was Introduced To Fluff

by Anna Wixom

When I became pregnant with my son a year ago I started researching everything…….except cloth diapers.

If someone would have told me last year I would be using cloth diapers I would have told them to go take their hairy armpits on a hike.  Other than hippies I never even knew that people still used cloth.

But my mom, being the crazy lady she is, bought me some prefolds (because that’s what she used on us kids).

I thought they would make nice burp cloths and acted gracious because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, or make her feel like she was outdated on things.

I moved on with my pregnancy without another thought until my baby shower, when I realized my mother had the invitations made saying “no disposable diapers please.  Anna will be using cloth”…..

I was 7 months pregnant and in no mood for nonsense.

To say I was upset is putting it mildly.

There was no way I was using cloth diapers!  I was a total jerk about it and to this day feel bad.

Long story short, I got some AWESOME fluff  (look at me using cloth diaper terminology and everything now).  My cloth diapering journey began that day.

I had NO clue cloth diapering could be easy or that they had come so far!  Velcro, snaps, snappis instead of pins…..I was excited!  I started looking up youTube videos and learned about the effects on the environment, the cost savings, and then how absolutely adorable they looked on those precious little baby bums.

Then I realized I wouldn’t even have to really touch poop, and that was icing on the cake for me. I was sold (now that I am a mom poop is no big thing.   At the time though poop touching was an issue with me…ha who was I before mommyhood?? )

Anyways I became addicted and the rest is history.

I seriously spent hours looking at online stores for more cloth after my shower that day.

My baby boy was born December 3 2010, and other than using Pampers in the hospital because of the meconium, I dove in and never looked back.  I have been cloth diapering 24/7.  I love it and I am proud to say I have converted my sister in law, and two of my best friends into cloth diapering “hippy chicks” too–I say that lovingly.

Attached is a picture taken just this evening of my little man in his bum genius elemental–artist series. PRECIOUS!!

Anna chose a Sustainablebabyish bamboo fitted in squash from  Excellent choice!!

I have to share “the rest of the story” with y’all.  After choosing the winners for this contest I emailed them asking for their address.  When I received them back I thought one was joking with me.  The address was just down the street from me.  Seriously.

I was blessed to be able to meet Anna at my garage sale this past weekend.  What a jewel she is!  I am discovering that is my smallish town there are quite a few cloth diaperers!!



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20 Responses to “Only Hippies With Hairy Armpits Use Cloth Diapers”

  1. destiney Says:

    i don’t get whats with all the hubbys lol mine wont do cloth either! for being men they sure are scared of a lil poo lol. thats on my hunnby wouldn’t change sposies without a presidential order either lol. even though ivve told him a hundered times all he has to do is dump the pail in the washer n wash on hot lol.


  2. Cyndel Says:

    I love this story. I knew a couple of people who wanted to try cloth diapering when I had my son. I didn’t think they were crazy, just didn’t think it was for me. Sad to say they didn’t research it and ended up giving up a few weeks in for one mom and a few months in for the other.
    I started looking into it a little bit 2 years ago but couldn’t find anything. Then I started researching it when I became pregnant with our second and am in the process of sewing and knitting a stash of cloth diapers and wool soakers. Though sad to say I will have to use sposies for the first few days after baby is born next month as our laundry mat is 2 flights of stairs above our apartment and hubby refuses to wash cloth diapers. But that is ok, we should have a place with our own washer and drier by the time we have our third child (yes we are already planning for our third child, and fourth, oh and fifth as well lol!) and I should be able to cloth diaper from the get go. I hate the idea of putting baby in sposies as a new born but my hands are tied.


  3. tiff Says:

    Love this story…really made me giggle. I hope you gave your mom a big hug and kiss for steering you in the right direction.


  4. Kiki Wilson-Harshman Says:

    LOL! I wish someone had jumped me in like that! It took me four months of sposies to figure out cloth is where it’s at! great story!


  5. Beth @ Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique Says:

    LOVE this story! :) The title made me laugh out loud, literally! ;)


  6. Just Add Cloth Says:

    Cute story! I only registered for cloth and was surprised no one brought disposables! Can I say I adore your mom? Lol.


  7. Stephanie Says:

    Oh my gosh. The title made me die laughing. My husband strongly dislikes cloth diapering and I don’t think he’ll ever convert. He makes fun of me and my “crunchy friends” all the time.


  8. tara Says:

    Wait-I thought hairy armpits were a requirement? I’m gonna go shave mine now!!! haha Great story and the picture is adorable!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I think hairy legs are definitely a requirement…at least that’s the justification I give for being very lazy in that department!


  9. destiney Says:

    funny thing is my mother in law did the opposite after i decided to go cloth. lol offering a free favor with a pack of diposibles. on the birght side i got to take them all back to walmart and had enough to get a sweet crib lol. but now that i tried to sell cloth diapers here in my town and did a cloth diaper awarness class i kept hearing people saying they were shocked i wasnt a hippie.infact i showed up in tripp pants with purple hair lol. just wish i had found out about cloth before my fourth kid!.


  10. Staci Says:

    LOL, this is funny, but HEY WHAT’S WRONG WITH LONG ARMPIT HAIR HIPPIES!? haha.

    Glad you made the switch, and your mama was so forceful. I can’t say as though I would have received it well either, but it was for a good cause!


  11. Jenifer Says:

    Wait! So, you both use cloth diapers and live right down the street from each other… AND you both have the same name? (Great name, btw, it’s my daughter’s too!) That IS a small world! :-)


  12. Donna Says:

    I love this post too! It made me laugh! The picture is adorable! We love our fluff over here!


  13. Grateful for Grace Says:

    Oh, I loved hearing your story Anna! And meeting you. And your mom too. Now seeing you last Saturday makes me smile even more.

    Should I have checked your pits? ;-)


    • Anna Wixom Says:

      Aw thank you! It was fun meeting you sweet ladies. I called my husband who has been out of town and was like “I think I met some cloth diaper friends” I am just so excited to meet other people who I have cloth in common with! He probably thinks I am crazy. I honestly hope I get to see more of you and Autumn.
      oh and bytheway –there is no telling what my pits look like at any given time now that I am so sleep deprived with my munchkin….so its a good thing you didnt check ;) jk


  14. ashley Says:

    This is too funny : ) I can’t help but laugh about your mom prohibitting disposables from your shower without your input. I guess part of that is because many in my family (I had my second child in October, who I cloth-diaper) were SO completely opposite…my dramatic sister wouldn’t even look at my cute cloth diapers! She would ask me to get that “crap” away from her (and it’s not like she doesn’t have kids, she has two, one born right after mine). Yeah…love her, though : )

    I share your sentiments, though…I have come to love cloth diapering, even though I was timid about it at first. The picture of your little guy is so cute, I may have to check out the Elementals when I get some new diapers…

    Enjoyed your story!


  15. Jennifer P Says:

    I LOVE this post. This is me exactly. I’ve shared in on Facebook – and thank you for making my day.


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