Orange Diaper Company Review: Absorbency and Buying

Guest post by Mandy Moeller, faithful customer of Orange Diaper Co. Part One details the design and fit of the one-sized fitted diaper.  Part Two will detail absorbency, price and where to buy.

I love the absorbency of this diaper!

When fully prepped, which takes 8-10 hot washes, they’re nice and absorbent. They’re so gorgeous and cuddly that I can’t bear to wait those 8-10 washes, though, and usually put it on the bum after 1-2 prep washes and then use for 1-2 hour periods during the day, washing with other diapers until fully prepped.

After that period, they usually don’t get damp on the outside for 2 hours when coverless and can last 3-4 hours under a cover if needed. I’ve used them at night with a booster and woolly liner and been very happy with the results.

Luckily for me and our night-time super soakers, Jen just introduced a night-time ODC, called a “SQUISH”. It has an outer layer of OBV or OCV instead of a print, an additional 3-layer snap in soaker, and a 3-layer lay in booster, giving 15-layers of absorption. This does increase the bulk, but it’s far from the bulkiest night-option we’ve tried in desperation for our heavy-wetting toddler.

We can still easily pull a cover or wool pants over the diaper, which is the squishiest, softest thing outside of newborn bunnies. It’s also super absorbent.  It beats the pants off any other night option we’ve tried. Many ODC customers are in the process of converting their night-time other-brand stashes over to this new ODC option—us included!

The diapers are priced at $35 for the regular OS and $43 for the night-time OS. While this is not the least expensive option on the market, the value is fairly good. The diapers are beautifully constructed. I’ve never found a flaw or had a problem with the sewing. They hold up very well through washing. Most of my diapers that were purchased more than 6 months ago look almost new today.A few of the knits can fade a bit  and others get somewhat pilly, but it’s the nature of the fabrics and most look great again after a date with a fabric shaver.

They also have also a good resale value, with most diapers selling for 50-90% retail value on the fairly active ODC facebook b/s/t page, depending on condition and print desirability. On that note, the ODC b/s/t page is a great place to be, with a friendly community of ODC mamas, helpful administrators, frequent pop-ins by Jen, and monthly giveaways and regular seconds sales.

Currently, the SQUISH diapers are stocked once monthly and the prints 2-4 times per month.  Generally, 2-4 prints are stocked each time and are previewed the day before on the Flickr stream and the ODC facebook page. They’re sold on a semi-custom basis, where the buyer can select one of  two inner layers (usually a coordinating, colored cotton velour and a neutral OBV) and snaps or snapless (which is $5 less).

The diapers are then sewn and shipped within one week, most often within 2-4 days. There is a limited number of each print available at each stocking. The high-demand prints sell out in a matter of minutes, so it’s best to be logged into your ODC account a few minutes before and ready to refresh, refresh, refresh, and buy quickly. Other prints remain available for 20-30 minutes. Despite this, it’s much less competitive than several other WAHM companies and many customers are able to purchase most of the diapers they’re stalking.

If it wasn’t already completely obvious, my children and I love these diapers and have converted our entire stash. They’re cute, squishy, well-made, sturdy, absorbent, and I feel good about where I’m putting my money! Who could ask for more? I’m probably increasing my competition at stocking time by passing along this info, but these lovely diapers should be on lots of little bums.

Curious? Come join the facebook b/s/t page!

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  1. regina p Says:

    I love Love LOVE ODCs and I can’t wait to try a squish. Great review!


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