Ozark Mountain Mama Cloth Diapers and Organic Clothing

I can’t tell you how excited I am to write about a business that is run by ONE woman IN HER HOME.

It’s a breath of fresh air.

You may not be aware but the cloth diaper industry is being flooded with one made in China clone after another.  It’s becoming nauseating and saddening.

When I began cloth diapering in 2005, the majority of cloth diapers were either made by one of the major cloth diaper companies or made at a kitchen table.  You knew who you were buying from and what you were paying for.

I have not taken any “Handmade Only” pledges but it is refreshing and a bit humbling when you buy a product from someone knowing that they actually HANDmade that item.  I can barely make a meal some days!  To hold and use a cloth diaper that a WAHM carefully pieced together makes the journey a bit more purposeful.

Recently, I have been trying out a handmade diaper sent to my courtesy of Ozark Mountain Mama.

I’d like for you to get to know Heather a bit more before I tell you about the organic one sized fitted diaper I tried out.

Hi! I’m Heather, WAHM to 5 beautiful kids and wife to my best friend :) We live in the Ozark Mountains in a small cabin we’ve built (and are still building!) ourselves. We moved here 5 years ago in an attempt to live a more simple life, where our days revolve around our children and doing the things we find important/fullfilling in life :) We homeschool, and both my husband and myself work part time from home.

Heather, tell us about when you began using cloth diapers and how they turned into a business.

I started using cloth diapers 6 years ago, with my third daughter. Well, my business started with selling cloth friendly clothing. I was frustrated with the lack of affordable cloth diaper friendly clothing, however as evolution goes, I’m now launching a 100% organic clothing line that includes cloth diapers.

What makes Ozark Mountain Mama products unique?

My diapers are 100% organic. That alone may not make them unique, I know there are some other companies that sell organic diapers, however, I think mine are the most affordable organic diaper your going to find, and they’re made by hand by me. Not over seas, or in a factory by machines or underpaid workers. I started making diapers for my own kids, when I realized how expensive a lot of the “good” brands are. I’m not here to bash anyone, I just figured if the good stuff was out of my price range, there were bound to be some other mamas who could appreciate having a nice plush organic diaper that’s in a much more affordable price range.

As a designer I’m sure you are always coming up with new products to add to the store.  Any new items rolling off the sewing machine?

I hate to call myself a designer, it sounds way to hot to trot for my tastes! I did however debute my organic clothing line on April 3rd, and was sold out of everything in a matter of a few hours. It thrills me that the pieces were so widely accepted! The line includes simple summer pieces for children ranging from infant to teen, also 100% organic.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a parent new to cloth diapers?

When you introduce solid food, and the poop turns wicked, buy a diaper sprayer!! It beats the pants off dunking dirty diapers by hand in the toilet.

Where can we find you online?

Ozark Mountain Mama on Facebook

Did you see that?  She has 5 kids and she homeschools!! She must be crazy! ;)  (for those who don’t know, I have 5 kids and homeschool)

As I mentioned, I received an Organic one-sized fitted from Heather to test out.

I love the comfy fit that the Ozark Mountain Mama fitted provides for Camden.  The stretchiness of cotton just can’t be beat by the PUL I usually reach for.

When I snap on the OMM fitted I feel like all sides are covered allowing for full containment- another benefit to fitted diapers.

Have you used fitted cloth diapers before?

If you haven’t, let me explain something about wetness.

When you use a pocket diaper or an AIO the absorbent fabric is the core or insert.  Once that is filled you get wicking or leaks.

However, with a fitted cloth diaper you have the advantage of having the whole diaper as your absorbent area.  You aren’t looking to see when just the middle is wet.

For long car rides or overnight, using an Ozark Mountain Mama fitted cloth diaper is advantageous because you have 100% natural fibers on your baby, excellent containment (that you may not be able to achieve with a prefold), less stink issues because of the lack of microfiber and the price is amazing for an organic cloth diaper.

Ozark Mountain Mama Organic One Sized fitted diapers range from $14-$18 (snaps + extra lay in soaker).

You aren’t going to find the exquisite prints you will find in other fitted diapers. You’ll find simple, organic hues.

For my personal preference I like snaps to be hidden.  The OMM fitted has exposed snaps.  This is not a problem for the smooth backs of snaps but the exposed male parts can leave marks on baby.  Unless your baby is very round the front panel wings will cover all male part snaps.

For covers I used a WCW wool soaker or a Sweetpea diaper cover.  Both worked fantastic and provided full coverage of the OMM fitted.

Yes, I received this diaper at no charge to myself but I genuinely recommend this product for many reasons.

Every big company started somewhere- at the kitchen table.  Ozark Mountain Mama is supporting her family while pursuing a passion and that is something I can cheer for.

Heather would like to offer a discount code for 20% off your purchase! Use the code AUTUMN at checkout.


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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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14 Responses to “Ozark Mountain Mama Cloth Diapers and Organic Clothing”

  1. Brandy Says:

    It is hard to compete with China…but I still love sewing and selling my cloth diapers. It is work close to my heart :)

    Autumn, I am crazy right there with you (we homeschool our four children, and would love a fifth addition ;)

    Heather your diapers are beautiful!


  2. Emily D Says:

    Ooooh it looks so nice and comfy! (As my dd would say) I love fitteds, they are my #1 go to! Just been slowly adding as they are harder to find at a discount. I love my WCW covers too! As well as a woolybottoms one that is nearly identical.


  3. Jenna Says:

    I completely agree with you about the China clones :) I find it difficult to be in support of all of the diapers that tend to all look the same and seem to have zero creativity behind them, besides taking what the diaper next to them looks like. I think it’s hard to be a WAHM when you’re competing with that.

    I also have friends that have purchased these diapers, and I’m excited for them! Because I love when anyone cloth diapers their babe, so I don’t diss them or even tell them my opinion on it, since it would be unsolicited.

    I just find it hard for ME to support these brands of diapers that all look the same and try to stamp their different names on it. But, hey, I will just do my part and continue to purchase diapers from brands that I believe in and support… not just the diapers, but the company as well.

    Thanks for finally saying this Autumn, I’ve been waiting for a big time CD informational site to mention the The-Diapers-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named :)


  4. Alexis D Says:

    I just received one of her diapers in the mail this past week and absolutely LOVE it! She also has GREAT customer service! I will definitely be buying from her again!!! :)


  5. Lisa Says:

    My favorite diapers of all the kinds I’ve tried are an organic cotton one size fitted from Babee Greens. However, it’s flannel, and this diaper looks smooth. I’ve got all I need, but I must go get one of these, they look so comfy! This style is great for EC, too, as it’s almost like underpants… Glad to see you featuring a natural fabric diaper, as I am totally over all the microfiber and fake materials…


  6. Kristi Potts Says:

    So glad to see you featuring a WAHM! I too am WAHM. I am a mother to two beautiful toddlers, one of whom has special needs. My business started by making products for my own kiddos that I couldn’t afford or were not available (but needed to be!) for special needs kiddos. It takes a lot of dedication to keep a business running while taking care of your kids and working another job (plus she homeschools – so she’s got one up on me!) Thank you for posting about WAHM’s too!


  7. Staci Says:

    I love Heather! I’ve always gotten excellent customer service from her! She’s a real gem in the WAHM world! Thanks for featuring her!


  8. Jessica Says:

    I only have experience with using pockets and pre-folds (the inserts you stuff inside-I think I have correct terminology)…Do you need a cover at all times when using an all organic/cotton diaper? Or only at night? Is a cover basically the equivalent of the “plastic pants” that our parents put over our pin/cloth diapers 20 years ago? Is washing any different/easier/harder for cotton diapers?


  9. Mom2-2 Says:

    I have the utmost respect for people who can sew diapers, but your comments about “China Klones” is disappointing. I thought the cloth diaper community was an open and accepting place to be, where we can respect that some people cannot afford $20+ per diaper (of choose not to). I thought the idea is that cloth is better than disposables, now matter where they come from.
    Saying you are “All About Cloth Diapers” is clearly not true, you are all about the cloth diapers you approve of only.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’m sorry you have misunderstood me. Follow this story with me. One day a mom gets fed up with not being able to find a cloth diaper that works for her daughter. She can sew very well and tries her hand at cloth diaper design. She creates a product and launches it. The success is slow but the business does take off and she now has a diaper that everyone wants. She patents her design in the US. She seeks an oversees manufacturer to help keep up with the high demand. She finds a place in China and they begin producing her diaper. Yeah! But, apparently China does not honor a US patent. So they whip out millions of this diaper that this mom poured sweat, tears and thousands of hours designing and promoting into. They leave off the tag and sell them wholesale (super cheap) to anyone to sell and mark with their own brand. This mom pours thousands of dollars into lawsuits trying to save her design.

      I know this mom. I know there are others like her. I’m not going to shout “That’s not fair!” because there were mistakes made, namely moving manufacturing to China :) I’m 100% “All About Cloth Diapers”. If you use Alva (just an example- input any “cheap” diaper) diapers, great! I’ve almost been drawn into the low price and cute prints.

      I pray that you will reconsider your disappointment.


  10. Britt Says:

    They sound like really awesome diapers at a great price … Only problem is the links to her website and Facebook page don’t seem to be working for me.


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