Pixie Fluff Perfection (Review)

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Pixie Fluff is a super cute pocket diaper that I had the privilege of trying out on my kiddos!

I had not heard of Pixie Fluff but I was quite happy with the results. One thing that I love about Pixie Fluff – the owner hand makes all of her diapers! That is some great dedication. And this diaper is BEAUTIFUL!

The basics of this diaper: this is a one-size pocket diaper. This diaper fit perfectly on both my 15 pound baby girl and my 31 pound tot (with plenty of room to spare!). This diaper could have fit a smaller baby and a bigger baby with no doubt in my mind.

There are snaps used for three different rise settings, ranging from approximately 12” to 21”. The waist on this beauty ranges from approximately 13” to 18.5”. The snaps make this diaper quite easy to adjust in a matter of seconds. A great perk in cloth diapering two!

The pocket diaper is made of a waterproof backing with a suede cloth inside. The particular insert in which I used was a bamboo hemp prefold measuring 14″ by 14″ and made of three full layers of bamboo+hemp+cotton jersey. This creates a great amount of absorbency! And the insert is actually quite trim as well.

In addition to this insert, Pixie Fluff also offers an Indian Cotton Prefold and Bamboo-Hemp Trifolding Insert. All of which are available in the Pixie Fluff hyena cart store.

The pocket diapers cost about $20 on average, and the inserts cost anywhere from $2 to $7.50 depending on what you are looking for. Another great thing about Pixie Fluff – custom orders are accepted!

I absolutely love using the Pixie Fluff one-size pocket diaper. The pattern is super cute, and the quality is absolutely breathtaking! The work is stellar on this diaper. Both of my kiddos seemed extremely comfortable with the diaper, and I have yet to have any leaking issues!

I would absolutely recommend this diaper to anyone who wants a great quality pocket diaper! I feel that the price is pretty average for a one-sized pocket diaper, and I like that I am in control of the inserts that I use. I am able to add more absorbency if I need, but luckily I have not had to do such a thing.

Although I have not personally used this cute diaper at night (merely because it is so stinkin’ cute in this damask print!), I believe that it would easily be fantastic for night time with the correct absorbency needed for any baby. This diaper is trim and thirsty for daytime use, and that is with no doubt!

Pixie Fluff One-Size Pocket = WIN for my babies!!!

note from Autumn:  Pixie Fluff one-sized pocket diapers have an amazing size range.  It is one of the few one-sized diapers with front rise snaps that I can easily see fitting all sized children….well, maybe not that tiny preemie. Below are some photos I took of Finley in the Pixie Fluff diaper before sending it off to Kim.

I, too, would recommend this diaper.  I really appreciate a diaper that goes on a baby of any size well.  With a nice selection of crossover snaps I could get a snug fit on a little waist.

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  1. Rachel N Says:

    That print is adorable! I am a sucker for cute, unique prints.


  2. Donna Says:

    I LOVE my Pixie Fluff! They were my favorite in my stash! ( my daughter is now potty trained) I had several custom orders done! They were great night time diapers as well. I still have my stash…still thinking if I should sell them, for some reason, I just can’t let go yet!!


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