Please stop me from buying all of this exclusive print! It’s PERFECT for Summer

I think I may be having a litter of babies instead of just one. I cannot.stop.buying all the diapers. I just snagged a Blueberry Newborn Simplex in a new exclusive print with My Sweet Pickles…Seaside! Although I was torn between that and the other new exclusive print Poolside ;)

The Blueberry Newborn Simplex was my FAV newborn diaper with Sophia. I’m excited to try it on the next AACD baby! It was so trim and had enough absorbency even though it was a newborn (That is often the issue with that size, limited absorbency because where do you put it?)

Introducing Seaside!

And Poolside!

And I was just told by a little birdy that you better hurry. This print is selling out FAST!!! Thank God I grabbed a Newborn already!

You can get the Blueberry Poolside and Seaside exclusively at My Sweet Pickles!


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3 Responses to “Please stop me from buying all of this exclusive print! It’s PERFECT for Summer”

  1. Amber Ludwig Says:

    Ah!! Omgosh I love it!! So summery and fabulous!!


  2. Dandi D Says:

    I’ve never tried this brand before, but the prints are sure adorable!


  3. rachel Says:

    lovely prints!


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