Pocket Cloth Diapers, Love Story?

August 30, 2009

Pocket Cloth Diapers

I’m feeling very cinematic today.  I have a great TV that we acquired in an amazing way yet, we don’t watch TV.  I love movies but, with 4 children and no great movies coming out these days we never watch them.  So, why would I feel cinematic?

Last night as I laid in bed after getting up with Sterling I began brainstorming blog post ideas.  Slowly I drifted off to sleep dreaming about pocket cloth diapers.  Which was slightly strange since I don’t use pockets.

As the dream unfolded I was writing the most beautiful blog post comparing my experiences with pocket cloth diapers to different movie genres.

The idea wasn’t too far fetched.

In 2005, when I began cloth diapering I loved pockets. Happy Heinys were the most awesome cloth diaper … after all it was the first cloth diaper besides prefolds and covers I’d ever heard of.

Pocket cloth diapers were the perfect solution for my 15month old son’s nighttime flood.  I could pack in the inserts and there would be dry sheets in the morning.  My pocket cloth diaper love story continued for many years.

When Paisley was born I had by then discovered a vast array of cloth diapers.  With her, my favorite pockets were Blueberry, Preston Pants, Thirsties pocket aio and GADs.  All of them fit fantastic and never leaked.  As long as I stayed away from suedecloth Paisley never saw a pocket cloth diaper she didn’t like.

But, of course as many cinematic love stories go, there was a plot twist.  My plot twist had a name, Sterling.  No, he didn’t stop at the homebirth turned hospital birth.  He came out longer than the “average” baby.

Being long isn’t normally an issue but when you start finding out that many diapers aren’t suited for babies with a long rise it gets annoying.

My love story is currently “B” movie.  Is that a genre?  You know, the movie that drives you crazy because it could be so good but the writers miss the boat on every point.  With Sterling I’ve tried Rumparooz, Apple Cheeks, Anne Marie Padorie, GADs and Thirsties pocket aios.

Rumparooz are too short, Apple Cheeks leave huge marks on his thighs, AMP have a funky snap down, GADs leak and side snap tabs get poo on them and as I mentioned in the last post I ordered too big in the Thirsties pocket aios.

I so very much want the Rumparooz to be my love story.  I have 2 I need to sell yet I keep them just in case Sterling shrinks.

I could add a few more characters to my movie to manipulate the ending but I’m thinking this movie needs to end for now.  There’s always a sequel to “B” movies and sometimes they end up a winner ;)



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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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16 Responses to “Pocket Cloth Diapers, Love Story?”

  1. Trenna Says:

    What a small cloth diapering world. I was just suggesting to a former high school classmate from my teensy tiny CA hometown, that she promote her cloth diapers by having Autumn review one. But I see Autumn already found GADs!

    Autumn you mentioned you’d been mistaken about who created GAD diapers, her direct website is here: http://www.greenacredesigns.com/store/WsAboutus.asp.


  2. Malimum Says:

    Your feedback is great! I also have a little man with a long torso/rise and I LOVE the fit of my Baby Kangas!!! The waist stays taut against his belly with no gaping, the leg elastics are excellent at containing messes and with the zippered front opening the stuffer never slips up the back as I am stretching it onto him. It’s also a nice trim fit. I recently tried the new style Fuzzi Bunz OS with the adjustable leg elastics….Big disappointment! I thought the concept was brilliant since you’d never have to worry about your elastics wearing out, (they are easily replaceable) and i know many moms who LOVE them, but they do not fit a babe with slim legs and a long rise well. By the time I had adjusted the elastics to fit his legs it had pulled the rise far to short for him and they were simply awkward. As much as I love my Kangas I would like to add to my stash some pocket dipes with some cute prints….I have a long, slim 28 lb boy who tends to be a heavy wetter and I always hang dry my dipes to make them last so the materials have to work with my laundering habits. (no velour, it dries crusty! Curious about minky and if it will dry crusty too?) Anyone have any suggestions???


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I used Minky Blueberry pockets with Paisley and they never got crunchy. But I wouldn’t suggest BB for your son as their better for a shorter rise. Many wahms offer a minky option. I remember Berry Plush having a longer rise but that’s been years (since Haven was in diapers). I did a quick search and looks like Mommy’s Touch One-Size
      comes in minky


  3. Beth Says:

    I am a mother to one beautiful daughter Sadie 18 mths. I have been using Fuzzibunzs since she was 2 mths old. A friend of mine turned me on to cloth and after researching and trying a few brands I decided on Fuzzibunz because they were super absorbent and didn’t take forever to dry like the AIO’s. Plus I just felt like they got cleaner. I purchased my FB’s from http://www.snappydiapers.com/ a local cloth diaper retailer. The owner even let me come pick them up. She showed me how to adjust the one size fit. I absolutely love the onesize FB’s. We bought a dozen at first then upgraded that to two dozen. Sadie has been wearing them ever since and we only had one prob with one of the waterproof linings wearing out, most likely my fault from drying too much. We will continue using cloth and with our future children as well!


  4. Jen Says:

    I do like pockets when babies are a bit bigger but right now with my little guy, I like fitteds or prefolds and covers (bummis SWW and thirsties 2 size covers). He is 9 lbs at the moment and almost 6 weeks old.

    Take care!


  5. sonja Says:

    why no suedecloth?


  6. skyprincess67 Says:

    I, too, really wanted the Rumparooz G2 to be a “go to” diaper. I bought the one that looks like gumballs….so adorable. I was so disappointed that the rise wasn't long enough for my little girl, but it was just too cute to sell (that was about 4 mths ago). Fastforward to last week, I was going to be out for the day and wanted to leave my MIL with some easy diapers to use, i.e. pockets, and I was getting them out and came across the Rumparooz G2. I thought, let me just see how it fits her now (she turned 1 last week). I put it on her and it fits her like a charm. Her body shape is changing a bit, not so chunky, and it looks adorable on her now. Don't know if Sterling's shape will change much, but, I learned that just because something doesn't fit at 8 mths, doesn't mean it won't fit at 1 yr, etc. I won't be so quick to sell stuff now, especially if it is super cute.


  7. Tina Says:

    Oh ya…I forgot. We get a pretty good fit with the softbums perfect-fit…..I really want to try the new Fuzzi Bunz one-size with the adjustable elastic, too.


  8. Tina Says:

    Hmmm…I think you should let go of those Rumparooz [to me ;o) I want to check them out for baby #2–who's not even on the way yet…hahaha] I can totally relate, though. My daughter has a pretty long rise…..I've been using fitteds and bum-ware extreme aios…I do have a fuzzi bunz that used to fit her well, but now that she is getting taller it doesn't fit as well


  9. kristinapetrella Says:

    I too am CDing my first child and am in love with pocket diapers. I use Happy Heinys and BumGenius 3.0. Even so, I am going to try and make some recycled wool longies this year. We'll see how that goes.


  10. anastasiadenton Says:

    Oh don't even GO there, I don't want my stash to be USELESS when the next one comes along, waaaahhhhhh!

    Free time, what's that, free time in my house is spent “dating” my hubby on world of warcraft, lol, at least til the kids are able to be left at home. (one is not sitterable)

    I REALLY hope you find a GREAT diaper soon. More & more sewers are getting it that not ALL babies are the same, so there SHOULD be something outthere. There has to be? So much has changed since my first baby was in gerbers……………


  11. jeniver Says:

    My son, the first I have cloth diapered, is long in the rise. I have found just by altering the pattern and adding rise that makes my pocket diapers perfect. (I only use pockets that I have made.) Most he have been wearing since he was 7 months old and still wears the same ones. He is almost 2 1/2 yrs old. I have had to throw out a few that just wore completely out, but fit has not been the problem.

    I hope you find the diaper that fits best and maybe you will love a pocket again.


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