Pooters Cloth Diapers: A Nighttime Fitted Review



Recently I reviewed the new Tiny Tush hemp fitted and gave it a thumbs up for absorbency and cost.  I stand behind my recommendation but I have found a hemp fitted that works much better on my skinny guy that nurses all night lately :) .

Pooters cloth diapers is owned by a sweet and super helpful (she answers many questions on my Facebook fan page) mama named Maj.  Maj owns and operates an online and a brick & mortar cloth diaper retail store in Carrollton, TX (not quite opened yet).  I wish she would have been there when I lived in the area!

Maj’s journey into the cloth diaper world was natural, as her and her husband were “greenies” before baby arrived.  Not sure if “greenies” is a word but it’s a compliment.

When their son was born they faced the same issues we all experienced.  A completely foreign world with very incoherent language.  To a newbie what in the world is a fitted, snappi, stay-dry, AI2- all in two, dry/wet pail…and don’t even get started with the confusing abbreviations found on the Diaperswappers FSOT (for sale or trade).

All those terms and abbreviations on top of leaking diapers can lead a new parent straight to disposables.

Anyways, I digress.  Maj knew she could come up with an easy solution for everyone.  A simple solution.

Here is an excerpt from the letter that Maj sent me:

My feature product is the Pooters One Size Organic Hemp Fitted diaper (MSRP $14.00). This diaper is a real workhorse- super absorbent, naturally antibacterial, and when paired with a great fleece or wool cover, makes for a great overnight cloth diapering pairing.

I love a workhorse diaper.  That way I don’t feel a bit sad when it gets stained or excessively used.  I also love an inexpensive diaper.  Yes, Pooters cloth diapers are made in China.  I realize that there are some cloth diaper companies that take very good care of their overseas employees.

My review details

Fabric: I’m not familiar with the names and terms that go with different fabrics. If you say hemp I think that always means the same thing.  Apparently, I’m wrong.  Pooters hemp is a course hemp as opposed to the Tiny Tush Trim which was soft.  I prefer the Pooters.  Reason is, I don’t like too much stretch and I “feel” like it absorbs more.

Fit: Really, this is silly, but I sort of want to cry that FINALLY someone made a snap configuration that is PERFECT for my child.  Can you sense that I’m grinning right now? I am.  If you have a skinny child Pooters will be perfect for you.  If you have a chunky one it’ll probably fit the same ;)  My problem with the Tiny Tush was that I could almost wrap the tabs around Sterling’s waist.  This is great if you need the extra room.

Absorbency: Sterling has been nursing C.O.N.S.T.A.N.T.L.Y. lately. In case I wasn’t clear, I’m an open-all-night milk bar, sort of against my selfish will. We all know that the more you drink the more you pee.  A doubled up Flip works fine but is super bulky.  Pooters is trim (like most hemp diapers) and yet absorbs a ton.

I will be totally honest with you, right after (like literally) I posted my review on Tiny Tush Sterling started nursing all night.  After a night of this the Tiny Tush was over-saturated and consequently soaked the Thirsties cover.

I haven’t had this happen with Pooters yet…I say yet because you just never know what great feat my son will tackle tonight :D

It’s worth noting that I only washed the Pooters hemp one time before using it.

Cost: $12. Heck, I spend more than that on my family at Starbucks. Which is pathetic, I know.  At $12 it’s worth the gamble, and you know nighttime cloth diapering is just that- a gamble.

To help spread the word about Pooters cloth diapers, Maj has offered to give 1 away to you! But, that’s not all *must say in the proper commercial voice* I am giving one away to you also!

I will randomly select a name on Friday (4/16/10).  Here are the ways you can enter: **separate comments**

1) Become a fan of Pooters cloth diapers on Facebook

2) Head on over to Pootersdiapers.com and tell me your favorite brand she is currently carrying…

3) Tell me what she needs to carry!

4) Link to All About Cloth Diapers on a forum or discussion board. http://www.allaboutclothdiapers.com

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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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142 Responses to “Pooters Cloth Diapers: A Nighttime Fitted Review”

  1. Angelina M Says:

    I’m interested in options for nighttime diapering, and this seems like it would be a good fit. I’m hoping to try this diaper out soon because I’ve read so many good reviews on it.


  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi Autumn,
    Thanks for the wealth of info on your blog. I have been using a double stuffed Flip at night for my 1 y/o son. I use the stay dry inserts. It was working really well until a few weeks ago when we started to have occassional leaking. Do you think a Pooters fitted w/ a Flip cover will work? Or would you recommend something else?


  3. Leah Says:

    Hi Autumn,
    First, thanks so much for the wealth of info on your site. I’ve already found so many helpful tips (including for my ammonia woes…) I’m interested in ordering some Pooters to try out at night for my chunky, super-soaking 14 month old. During the day I use mostly flip stay drys and pockets – a combination of BG 4.0s and Elementals, Rumparooz, and a couple FBs. So the only covers I have are flip covers. I couldn’t quite figure out from your post and the comments whether flip covers are ok to use with Pooters at night, and if not, what you recommend. I spend enough time on diaper laundry that I know I definitely want something that I can wash with the rest of my diapers – so I don’t think wool is for us at this point!


  4. Sandra Says:

    Will Pooters fit a newborn?


  5. Tiffany Says:

    Hi Autumn!
    I use Pooters at night, but am having trouble with finding a good combination to go with them. I have laid flip organics, thirsties hemp prefolds, swaddlebees hemp/microfiber doubler, babykicks hemp, etc in it. His bum is large every night. Every night he is soaked through. Not a big deal since I line with fleece so he stays dry.
    But I can’t get a good cover other than PUL (Flip seems to be the only one to stretch over it well) to keep everything dry. I’ve tried Fleece Dancing Bears, Swaddlebees, Wool interlock soakers and some homemade wool soakers. The cover is dry, but his PJ’s are damp. Could it be compression? Or do I need more absorbency inside? I can’t afford a new wool cover right now. Should I just stick with PUL since that is what is working?



  6. LaTisha Says:

    I have done alot of research on softbums and have found nothing but good reviews.Would use a differnet diaper for night time. Never used cloth diapers before but want to find something that is convenient ,works well,without trying a whole bunch of different kinds.What do you think?


  7. sarah Says:

    Hi Autumn……..I emailed you a couple of weeks ago about my plans to start using cloth diapers. Anyhow, we ordered a Grasshopper diaper to start and it fit and looked great, but he woke up this morning COMPLETELY soaked. We added an additional soaker pad (not sure if that’s what it’s called………still getting used to cloth diaper lingo) to the diaper, but that still didn’t provide enough absorbancy. I’ve read all of your reviews and have seen your recommendations for night time diapers, but am wondering what one you think we should try first. I assume the two that you recommend are available to be shipped here to Canada (couldn’t find that info on either website). I really want to find cloth that works, but am concerned my guy’s too heavy a nighttime wetter to wear it (he sleeps 11-12 hours per night). Thanks for any help you can give me!!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Grasshopper diapers are not nighttime diapers. I prefer sustainablebabyish over pooters because I prefer bamboo. But, Pooters are excellent. You might also choose to go with Flip. I double up the inserts and have never had a leak.


  8. Caroline Says:

    My favorite brand that she carries is Sposo Easy!


  9. Lisa Says:

    I ordered a pooters hemp fitted for both of my children (2yrs and 8 mos & both are heavy wetters) to try at night and will be using thirsties duo covers; however, my children do not like the wetness against their skin. I was wondering if there was a particular stay dry liner/doubler that you would recommend to place between the fitted diaper and my children’s skin. Thanks!


  10. Megan Says:

    Oops, one last question. do you think SoftBums would work as a cover over these? Thanks again.


  11. Megan Says:

    Hey Autumn, thanks for the review. I’ve been a lurker on your site for like a year…sorry if that’s weird ;) …thanks for feeding my cloth diaper obsession and influencing me to start a store. Anyway, do you know how the pooters bamboo fitted compares to the hemp fitted for absorbency? Hemp scares me because I’ve heard a lot about stink issues and having it go “crunchy.” I don’t have a baby yet but we’re hoping this year is better for us! Can you tell I like to plan ahead? Thanks :)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Megan, hemp really isn’t any different than microfiber. If stink arises a good soak in vinegar or hard water detergent will help. As far as crunchiness, dryer balls and cloth diaper safe fabric softener will help with that. I have not used Pooters bamboo only hemp. I have used other bamboo fitteds though (like Sustainablebabyish) and really like them.

      It’s good to plan ahead!


  12. Liz St. Says:

    hey Autumn- what cover do you recommend with the Pooters hemp fitted? I am having difficultly finding a nighttime solution for my 17 mo DD. I was going to buy some super dos but at $13 a piece, I wanted to find something else! Also, I don’t have a lot of covers (just FLIP right now) and my question is- can wool be used multiple times in a row before washing or do I need to alternate? Like could I buy one wool cover and three Pooters fitteds for three nighttime diapers? Any help would be great!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      You can use wool every night for weeks before it needs to be washed and relanolinized. Just lay it out to dry throughout the day. I like the sustainablebabyish interlock soakers or the Sugar Snap Peas Wool Flannel cover. You can find links to those in the “My Recommendations” tab.


  13. Caroline Says:

    hey thank you soooo much!
    I emailed you and Maj both with my response.


  14. Bon Says:

    I’m also a newbie and while I haven’t tried them yet, the product I’m interested from their website is the Pooties Bamboo One Size Diaper.


  15. Jillian Says:

    Would love to try the Dancing Bears Fleece night weight cover.


  16. Jillian Says:

    Became a fan on Pooters FB


  17. Ali Says:

    I became a FB fan and immediately all of my friends are asking me about cloth diapering!!


  18. Ali Says:

    I love the Pooters Bamboo One Size Pocket. It looks adorable and the reviews are all good. I’m totally new to cloth diapers so I’m doing my research. Wish me luck! We’re expecting our second baby in June. Should I wait to get the diapers until we find out how big our baby is? Our son was 9 lbs. Thanks for your advice.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I wouldn’t wait. You’ll want to start cloth diapering from the get-go :D


      • Diane Says:

        I used CD on my baby because he was allergic to disposables, I am adopting a 2 year old and would like to use CD’s but not sure if I should skip the CD’s and move on to potty training? Some say that I should give her 6 mnths being home before I do and others say that I should start right away? She is Russian and is not in a diaper persay right now so either way she would be use to. Thank you so much for all your info it is very helpful


        • Autumn Beck Says:

          It sounds like it would be easier in the long run to just start her off on the potty. Putting her in diapers would add an extra step in the process. When she is introduced to your home, using the potty would be part of it. Of course, I’m sure there will be many accidents (since she is undergoing a HUGE change) but patience and love will overcome that.


  19. Michele Says:

    She needs to carry Rockin’ Green!


  20. Michele Says:

    My favorite brand is Booty Cubes!


  21. Michele Says:

    I am a fan of Pooters on Facebook!

    I need more nighttime diapers and I love hemp.


  22. Heather S. Says:




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