Preparing the Thanksgiving Diaper, I Mean Dinner

November 17, 2012

Cloth Diapers

I am pretty sure that the days and years are going by faster than they did 5 or 10 years ago.  Yes, they have to be.

No, it can’t have anything to do with me getting older. It can’t because I’m only 34 and old is older than me.

But, I could have sworn we just had Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year.  Most of you probably share that sentiment with me.

Everyday of the year is a day to be grateful for all we have.  Each one of us has been blessed beyond all measures of what we deserve.

On Thanksgiving we can put away the stresses of daily mundane life and truly remember (aloud to others) how God has blessed us over the last year.

Not unlike many of you, the past year for my family has been filled with the complete unexpected.  Never would I have believed you if you told me last Thanksgiving that this year I would spend turkey day in California without any extended family.

Last Thanksgiving was an exciting time for our family.  We had only been living in our new home for 6 months and we had the new challenge of creating an entire meal gluten-free.  We invited dozens of people and dozens came!  We were content and “full” with life as it was.

We’re not always allowed to stay in our warm cozy comfort zone, are we?

In January of this year my husband was undeniably called into the ministry.  Really didn’t see that coming but really couldn’t deny the obvious.

In March we knew God was leading us to California…in August.  Being the queen of denial my support and excitement had no bounds. Afterall, August was months away.

Reality hit me as we drove up to a house we’d never seen before at midnight on August 16th.  Cars, lots of cars, lined the neighborhood streets and only the house number differentiated the house we were to start our new life in.  Did we really just leave our cozy dream home, travel half-way across the US, bring a mere fourth of our belongings and move to California??  Really?

It took me more than 2 months to stop crying each night.  Was I being grateful?  Was I seeing the continued blessings I was receiving each and every day?  Sadly, no.  Contentment was, and still is, something God is working in me diligently.  I can say that things are better.  I have begun lifting my head when I walk to check my mail and you know what?  The mountains are GORGEOUS!

How did I miss them for more than 2 months?!

In Texas we aren’t quite sure whether a really big hill is to be called a mountain.  Here there is no doubt.

So what’s the point of all my rambling?  To share my life with you.  To let you know that no matter how great my life looks on a glossy computer screen and no matter how many dozens of amazing cloth diapers I have, I’m still just a struggling mom like you.

Everyday there are opportunities I miss because I’m too selfish to see them.  Everyday I fail to give thanks for the obvious blessings instead focusing on the frustrations.

With Thanksgiving just 5 days away I give thanks for the family who has invited us into their home for that day.  A family who has done tremendous things for us since moving here.  Together we will prepare a gluten free Thanksgiving feast, our kids will play and we will all rejoice in the surprising, unexpected gifts from the Lord we have received over the last year.

Who will you celebrate Thanksgiving with this year?

What are you giving thanks for?

If you are looking for Thanksgiving cloth diapers check out My Cloth Diaper Stash‘s post!


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8 Responses to “Preparing the Thanksgiving Diaper, I Mean Dinner”

  1. MicheleC Says:

    The birth of our first son this past June has altered my and my husband’s life greatly, but I wouldn’t go back for anything. Change is always a difficult thing (I have gone through so many in my life, career changes, moving numerous times, relationships, friends, etc.) but I have discovered that, even if I’m not thrilled with a prospective new future on first glance, if I embrace it as best I can I usually will see the blessings that were previously hidden. My little boy has become the light of my world, and celebrating Thanksgiving this year with my extended family along with our new little family of three is such a gift! While a challenge some days, being a wife and mother have been the best changes of my entire life!


  2. Laura Says:

    Thanks for a great post! I appreciate your perspective so much and always need a little push to be more grateful and more content with my life, which is full of blessings though I often only see the challenges.


  3. Susan Says:

    Autumn & Haley,

    Thank you for being so honest about this season of your lives- what a huge challenging adventure! It is hard to uproot, and hard to always feel God’s joy in the day to day. I pray that you will feel peace & deeper joy, as what your father/husband is doing will be such a gift to so many lives!

    For me this year has been one of smaller but significant change. My second baby has some medical issues and slow motor milestones, yet that I can nurse him & snuggle him & love him is a tremendous gift. It also came with the change of leaving an intense 3/4 time job I loved to focus on my family. Again such a gift but still with transition pangs.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving- God doesn’t promise that the journey will be easy but he does promise to walk with us (from my favorite church bulletin). You all will be in my thoughts & prayers


  4. Brandy Says:

    Oh, I bet it did hurt to leave a home you love. I am glad you are lifting your eyes up to those mountains :) It is so comforting to know, though, that where ever He leads is best, no matter what it may seem like at first! I hope your family is blessed to the max at your new home!


  5. Haley Beck Says:

    I am living here in CA and on some days i almost start crying when i think about things and friends we have left behind. Being a ten year girl who loves adventures in the wild with my closest brother at a sprouting 8yrs, i really miss the 4 1/2 acres we left behind. you probably don’t know how it feels to go from a house the kids consider a “castle” to a”teeny tiny cottage”.


  6. Cristy Says:

    Thanks for sharing Autumn. The Lord has a way of popping things into our life when we are least expecting them. I might be able to share sometime via PM what He is doing in our lives.


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