Project Pomona- FINALLY! Jeans made for cloth diapers. (Size 2 & 3 side-by-side comparison)

You want to know what is great about Project Pomona Jeans? Yes, they are made to work with cloth diapers and they are made in the USA. But my favorite part, because my pocketbook likes this one, is they will also fit your kid forever! Ok, maybe not that long. But these are designed to fit three times as long as the usual jeans and pants, maybe even longer. You can get a lot of wear out of something in 9 months!


I was lucky enough to get two of these fabulous jeans to review. A size 2 and size 3 Eco Fit. Project Pomona’s website says Eco Fits are: “A Comfortable and Classic, Straight Leg Jean for All Diaper Types.  Made with Cloth Diapers in Mind.  Adjustable Snap system allows pants to wrap around the bulk of any diapers.  Adjustable Accent Cuffs allow for customization of the inseam as your child grows”.

My first impression of the jeans is that they are well made of high quality material (100% cotton).There is an awesome selection of prints and solids that are available for the cuffs. The cuffs are wonderful because they stay exactly where you put them.

Sophia is 18 months. She is around 32 inches and 24 pounds. I tried to get a more accurate reading, but like most women, when I placed her on the scale she freaked out and wanted off!!

The Size 2’s still fit with room to grow. They need to stay un-cuffed at this point. But we still have snaps left on the waist and the rise is good. I would say that I could still get another month, maybe two out of this size.

The size 3’s are also a great fit now. They are cuffed up and she is on the second snap in. I think they may have started to fit her around maybe 16-17 months.


I LOVE the adjustable snap system at the waist. Obviously great for getting a custom fit. The snaps are super strong, which is a big plus. The best part though, is that it makes these so easy to put on. No more having to stand my daughter up and bounce her into a pair of jeans. (Another thing no woman likes to do, lol.)


I think we would have been able to get more than 9 months of wear out of a single pair of jeans. They are a little more money to buy than regular jeans you might find at Walmart or Old navy. But remember these are HANDMADE in the USA and last way longer than the usual 3 months. I also think that since they are so well made that you wouldn’t have any problems with multiple children being able to wear them as well.

The label recommends that you wash cold, inside out with the cuffs extended. Hang dry is recommended, but that always extends the life of anything being washed. I have washed these a few times now with no problems.  I do recommend that you wash these pants before the first wear, just like you would with your own dark denim jeans.

If you are looking for jeans to fit over your baby’s fluffy booty, Project Pomona is where it’s at. Nice quality, well made, and you will get tons of use.  Project Pomona also offers a Eco Slim Fit, Traditional fit for those that use disposable diapers, Little Skinny Ones aka ‘Little Bum’ Stretch Waist Jeans for kids learning to potty train, and also cargo/summer shorts. Available for purchase at

Anyone else ever try Project Pomona Jeans?  What did you think? Would you recommend them to a friend?

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15 Responses to “Project Pomona- FINALLY! Jeans made for cloth diapers. (Size 2 & 3 side-by-side comparison)”

  1. megan Says:

    I haven’t tried the pants from this shop, but I have made the same kind (seems like the same pattern) and they are amazing! I love everything about them!


  2. Lissette Says:

    I have a pair is size 2’s that I bought right when the baby was moving from 9 months to 12 months clothes and they still fit great even though that was about 6 months ago. I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of these. Considering we probably would’ve gone through 3 pairs of jeans by now, the $35 I spent on one pair of jeans far outweighs the $20 per jeans I’d spend sizing him up every time he grew out of a pair. The rise is perfect, we no longer need to fold the cuff, and there’s still plenty of buttons we can go through. It has also gone through the crawling stage and the knees on them have withstood crawling and falling while learning to walk. They have faded some in the knees but that just gives them even more character! Everyone who sees me put him in these jeans love them. And these are the only jeans that will accommodate his big booty in a cloth diaper. Even pad folded prefolds and covers! I would recommend these jeans to everyone!


  3. KD Says:

    I have a pair of size 3 and love them! The quality is great and the cuff patterns cute. The snaps work really well. These are softer than regular jeans too (and thus, I imagine, more comfortable).

    I wish the rise were higher, though, as I have a tall 20-month-old daughter and bulky hybrid fitteds.


  4. Sara Rohrbach Says:

    We have 3 pairs and absolutely love them!! We bought our first pair when my daughter was 9 months old and at 21 months they are still working for us!! I had a preemie and I bought her a pair of size 1’s, thinking they wouldn’t last long – that was at 4 months and she is 10 months now. They even have a page to buy used!!! Love pomonas!!!


  5. Anastasia Says:

    Pinned it so I wouldn’t lose it! You’re gonna bankrupt me, but the baby will be fabulous!


  6. Terri Says:

    I despise that I can never fun jeans to fit my daughter, WHERE DO YOU BUY THESE?!? Amazing! And I laughed out loud at the comment about bouncing we into a pair of jeans, I’ve totally done that lol. Awesome review!


  7. Rachel D Says:

    Love Pomonas! I have a bunch! :)


  8. Rae C Says:

    I’ve been seeing these all over the place and I wish I could budget in a pair. I think the concept is wonderful as I have to size up to get a good length and then the wait wont fit my super tall skinny giant baby.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Rae, they are totally worth the cost. They really can fit for such a long time, in the same amount of time you would need to buy 3 pairs of other pants! I hope you are able to get them!


  9. Jamie Says:

    I never had a problem with my daughter’s cloth diapers and jeans.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Hi Jamie, Sure, there are lots of jeans that fit over cloth. A lot of the time, quite a few people have to size up. Normal jeans will only fit for around 3 months. These are 9 months per size!


    • Emily D Says:

      Me too Jamie. I think it’s because my girls all have skinny (as in NO) bums- once they’re out of diapers is when I have trouble finding pants to fit ;)


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