Pudge Pants by Little Hob Review and Giveaway

September 29, 2012

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Little Hob is a family run business that has one super comfy flagship product available for your child.  Seriously comfy.

Pudge Pants were created out of necessity like many amazing products that you find yourself grabbing for on a daily basis.

David and Lauren were blessed with a precious son, Ursul.  Ursul had a fluffy cloth diapered bum and a not so pleasant acid reflux problem.

Two problems: pants weren’t fitting over his bottom and those that did squeezed his poor tummy.

Leave it to an Apparel Design school grad to whip out the sewing machine and design the perfect pants for his son.

Out of necessity was born Pudge Pants: The pants that don’t pinch!

Honestly, I love them and want a pair for myself.  This pregnant belly ain’t getting any smaller and my pants aren’t stretching like they need to.

There are a couple of different styles of Pudge Pants that you can choose from: gussets or no gussets.

You may be asking yourself why gussets matter?  The gussets allow for extra room for an extra fluffy cloth diaper.

For times when your child is wearing a trim diaper the no gussets style allows for a more tailored fit.

The stretchiness of the material allows either style to be easily pulled up over a cloth diaper and gives your child plenty of movement ease.

We’ve now solved the problem of finding pants to fit over a cloth diaper.

Next, is the gentleness on the tummy.  Even at 20 months Camden gets uncomfortable when I put blue jeans on him.  They just don’t give you a feeling of freedom.

Pudge Pants are designed with a wide, super soft cotton waistband.  Like buttah.

No pinching, no red marks, no grunting when bending down to play with toys. (see I need a pair just to cure my grunts).

The leg cuffs are also made from the same cotton/lycra material.

One of the pairs I was sent for a review is a wild Jamaican woven print (my description. They call it Deco-Tiki.) that I lovingly call “Hammer Pants”.  If you don’t know what Hammer Pants are then don’t tell me because I will start to feel reeeeally old.

Camden looks so cute in them!

Another aspect of Pudge Pants that I love is the loose leg length.  You may have been wondering why there are leg cuffs but the design is great for us moms that like to make a dollar stretch.

By creating a longer length in the legs and adding a cuff they are essentially extending the time your child can wear them by 6m-1y.  As your child grows the pants “grow with them”.  The leg cuffs prevent a fabric from dragging on the ground while your baby is in the smaller size range end.

This makes me feel more comfortable about buying pants for my little guys.  They grow so fast it seems within months like their pants are high-waters.

Right now is the time to grab your child a pair of cotton fleece Pudge Pants.  The fleece is great for Fall and Winter weather!

Of course if you live someplace like I do that has decided not to have Fall weather you’d be good to buy up the adorable tie dyed cotton damask from Africa.

Would you like to win a pair?!

Little Hob is giving away one pair of Pudge Pants to FIVE WINNERS!

Use the simple Rafflecopter form to enter.  Winner will be contacted within 48 hours of contest end.  Contest open to all US residents 18 years and older. I was provided with free product for review.  Evaluation and praise given is genuine.

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145 Responses to “Pudge Pants by Little Hob Review and Giveaway”

  1. Regan Says:

    I like that they’re roomy in the bum and look very comfortable


  2. Jessica Sapalio Says:

    I like that they don’t cause red marks on the baby.


  3. Jessica Sapalio Says:

    I like that they don’t cause red marks.


  4. Whitney blessed Says:

    my favorite feature- they are stinkin’ cute!!!


  5. Brittany Land Says:

    I love that they actually fit over cloth diapers! That has been a real struggle to find for my 19 month old.


  6. Andrea K. Says:

    I like that they are so soft to play in.


  7. Jessica Says:

    I like the wide waist band


  8. Jeniffer Smith Says:

    I love that the cuffs help them fit for longer than regular pants!


  9. Lisa Kuhl Says:

    Love the stretchy waist


  10. amy Says:

    the waistband, they seem really comfy.


  11. Rachel H. Says:

    The comfortable waist band!!!


  12. Stephanie Hansen Says:

    I love the extra length.


  13. Amy M Says:

    I love that they are made to go over fluffy behinds! …and I remember Hammer pants :)


  14. Heather M Says:

    That they fit over cloth diapers and cover up the whole back side!


  15. Bree Terrill Says:

    That there are two options for fit, gussets and no gussets.


  16. Ada Says:

    I like the wide, soft waistband and cuffs.


  17. Beth Rees Says:

    I love that there is more room in the bottom for cloth and the stretch waist


  18. Geri Fink Says:

    I love that you call these Hammer Pants! It’s what I was thinking, but I couldn’t remember the name! I love that these have cuffs at the bottom. My poor little guy is so short, but average around. The cuffs allow for so much size freedom.


  19. Chele H Says:

    Cuffs on the ankles seem perfect for my skinny boy!


  20. Beth Ann Says:

    I really love the prints! They’re adorable :)


  21. Jenna Burris Says:

    I like the leg cuffs. looks like it’ll be nice when putting him in a carrier. perhaps less pant leg pull/exposure


  22. Stacey T Says:

    The soft cuffs – at the waist and ankles


  23. Lauren Says:

    Love the cuffs and longer length to grow with baby!


  24. Kelsea Y Says:

    I love that they last so long because of the cuff!


  25. Katie L Says:

    I like how they will last longer than normal pants by design


  26. Elizabeth Says:

    I love the wide waistband to help with reflux issues, I really could have used these with my first LO!


  27. Rachel Wright Says:

    I like that they are made with cuffs so that they can fit for a longer size range.


  28. Guatejen Says:

    I think they look comfy and cute!


  29. Dan L Says:

    I love the extra space for the fluff! So frustrating to find sometimes with other pants, even when you size up!


  30. Melanie Says:

    I love that they have room in the seat for cloth!


  31. Julie L. Says:

    The stretchy waistband looks so comfy~


  32. Linda Says:

    I love he stretchy waist!


  33. Courtney Says:

    I love the prints they are too freaking cute!!


  34. Diane Says:

    I NEED these pants!!! We can’t find any pants that are roomy for her fitteds and covers that are not too long. Thanks for the chances to win!! :)


  35. Jessica Says:

    So cute!


  36. Rebecca Orr Says:

    I love the big roomy bum area…perfect for a cloth diapered baby!!


  37. Joana A Says:

    i love the stretchy waist


  38. Heather Says:

    I’m always stuffing my little ladies bottom into her pants, this is a great idea!


  39. Vivian Says:

    Cute designs!


  40. Tara M Says:

    The roll up leg cuffs… so smart!


  41. Jamie Says:

    I like that they would enable my daughter to wear comfy sleep pants but they don’t come in girly colors. :(


  42. Kristy Says:

    The pants look like they would be easy to pull on and off at a moments notice and would fit well over cloth diapers.


  43. Emily Says:

    I love the roominess in the seat and waistband.


  44. katrina Says:

    definitely the stretch waist to stay above the cloth diapers!


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