Ragababe and Diaper Rite Pockets Giveaway

December 14, 2012

My Favorite Things 2012




I like making the end of the week big!!!

Today we have an instant half-stash (albeit, a small stash) for you!

First we have 6 Diaper Rite pockets courtesy of Diaper Junction.  I’ve tried Diaper Rite pockets (for review purposes) and was surprisingly impressed.

They are simple, highly adjustable and affordable.

I like the bright colors and the fact that there are thigh, waist and crossover snaps.

At under $10/diaper (includes 2 inserts) you could easily build a whole stash for under $200.  Diaper Junction also periodically has them listed as their Deal of the Day.  That’s when I bought mine @ $8/ea.

The winner of the 6 Diaper Rite pockets will get to pick their colors!

The second sponsor of the day is Ragababe.

Ragababe AIOs make up half of my large cloth diaper stash.  I love the simplicity.  My husband loves the simplicity.  My miniature diaper changers love the simplicity.

Description from An Almost Complete Guide to AIO Cloth Diapers:

Sized diaper. Aplix closure. Suede cloth inner, bamboo soaker.  Pocket for adding absorbency. Super absorbent diaper!  This cloth diaper was made for Camden.  But, just so you know I’m not playing favorites, Ragababe AIOs did NOT work with Sterling.  Ragababe cloth diapers are hard to get at the moment, although I’m praying for a production miracle.  $27.95. 10 prints and solid choices.  Uber Trim.

Yes, they are hard to get.  That’s what makes this giveaway so awesome!!  Winner will get one Ragababe AIO (Joy will communicate with the winner on print/color).

Today’s winner will also win a Ragababe Hanging Laundry Bag in their choice of color (black, white, star candy).

I mentioned earlier in the giveaways that Monkey Foot Designs and Rumparooz made up 2/3 of my favorite wet bag brands.  Ragababe Hanging Laundry Bag is the final 1/3!

I’m a hoarder of sorts so I’ll have to admit I’d really like to win this giveaway.  Do I need more diapers?  No!  But, a rainbow of Diaper Rite pockets plus a new Ragababe sounds lovely!!


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434 Responses to “Ragababe and Diaper Rite Pockets Giveaway”

  1. Krista Says:

    My current problem, is that my 8 month old boy is MUCH bigger than his older sister, so I am worried the diapers I have won’t fit him until potty training and I will need to get a whole new stash of diapers that fit larger kids!


  2. Tiffany Cardenas Says:

    The fitteds we have for nighttime don’t fit well


  3. Haily Says:

    None! I love my pocket diapers!


  4. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    Our current problem is not having a second wool soaker for at night, lol.


  5. Amelia Says:

    I have a couple currently – diaper stink because and my big toddler outgrowing all of our stash!


  6. Carrie C Says:

    I am working on stink issues – but I think I just about have it figured out!


  7. Sara Rodriguez Says:

    Stinkies sometimes :(


  8. Chelsea O. Says:

    I had ammonia issues but all better now


  9. Lydia Says:

    My issue is getting the diapers dry after washing. We don’t have a dryer, so I hang them, but with the colder weather it sometimes takes two or three days to get them dry which stretches my supply of diapers.


  10. Desirea Says:

    My issue is that I need a baby to put them on!


  11. Melissa Wagner Says:

    I haven’t found a good solution for night time.


  12. Natalie Zohner Says:

    Stinkies! Aways there seems to be stink. Ugh!


  13. Kari Says:

    Great giveaway!


  14. Hannah VW Says:

    My only problem is wanting to buy cute cloth diapers for all my pregnant friends.


  15. Melissa Eitniear Says:

    Honestly, the only cloth diaper problem we’ve ever had is the stupid aplix on the bumgenius pocket diapers curling!


  16. Vasudha Prabhala Says:

    No issues yet, as I am still waiting for baby to arrive- few more weeks.


  17. Laura Says:

    I am still trying to perfect overnight and nap time routine so she doesn’t leak


  18. Rebecca Says:

    My current cloth diapering problem is Leaks during the day and having a solid night time solution! My daughter leaks out of almost everything during the day! And she’s been sleeping through the night for a while now, but suddenly, she’s been wetting a lot more during the night, so we are having to change her 1-2 times per night. =(


  19. kelly Says:

    No issues right now.


  20. Lily Ivey Says:

    I’m still trying to find a detergent that works with with our hard water an HE FL combination.


  21. Anne W. Says:

    No problems :)


  22. Ashley LIndberg Says:

    I only have a few! I am planning on using cloth with my babe due in April and I need to build a stash so I can be successful!


  23. Angela Norman Says:

    My issue is that I need more diapers :D haha
    Also that some of my diapers leak. Just like 2 or 3 though


  24. Guinevere Sande Says:

    We don’t have any issues at the moment! Yay!


  25. Pollyanna Valenzuela Says:

    not right now i was a couple days ago but none no more..


  26. Eleanora Says:

    I have none



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