Ragababe and Diaper Rite Pockets Giveaway

December 14, 2012

My Favorite Things 2012




I like making the end of the week big!!!

Today we have an instant half-stash (albeit, a small stash) for you!

First we have 6 Diaper Rite pockets courtesy of Diaper Junction.  I’ve tried Diaper Rite pockets (for review purposes) and was surprisingly impressed.

They are simple, highly adjustable and affordable.

I like the bright colors and the fact that there are thigh, waist and crossover snaps.

At under $10/diaper (includes 2 inserts) you could easily build a whole stash for under $200.  Diaper Junction also periodically has them listed as their Deal of the Day.  That’s when I bought mine @ $8/ea.

The winner of the 6 Diaper Rite pockets will get to pick their colors!

The second sponsor of the day is Ragababe.

Ragababe AIOs make up half of my large cloth diaper stash.  I love the simplicity.  My husband loves the simplicity.  My miniature diaper changers love the simplicity.

Description from An Almost Complete Guide to AIO Cloth Diapers:

Sized diaper. Aplix closure. Suede cloth inner, bamboo soaker.  Pocket for adding absorbency. Super absorbent diaper!  This cloth diaper was made for Camden.  But, just so you know I’m not playing favorites, Ragababe AIOs did NOT work with Sterling.  Ragababe cloth diapers are hard to get at the moment, although I’m praying for a production miracle.  $27.95. 10 prints and solid choices.  Uber Trim.

Yes, they are hard to get.  That’s what makes this giveaway so awesome!!  Winner will get one Ragababe AIO (Joy will communicate with the winner on print/color).

Today’s winner will also win a Ragababe Hanging Laundry Bag in their choice of color (black, white, star candy).

I mentioned earlier in the giveaways that Monkey Foot Designs and Rumparooz made up 2/3 of my favorite wet bag brands.  Ragababe Hanging Laundry Bag is the final 1/3!

I’m a hoarder of sorts so I’ll have to admit I’d really like to win this giveaway.  Do I need more diapers?  No!  But, a rainbow of Diaper Rite pockets plus a new Ragababe sounds lovely!!


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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. Autumn enjoys writing but would choose camping with her family any day!

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434 Responses to “Ragababe and Diaper Rite Pockets Giveaway”

  1. Misha Says:

    Making decisions about what to buy for my new one coming in March. I’ve never CD’d a newborn so I don’t really know what I’m going to like.


  2. Julie Cates Says:

    A night time option for my 3.5 year old. He is completely potty trained when he’s awake, but is still a heavy wetter during the night. Finding diapers large enough for him with enough absorbency has been a huge task. We are currently using night time pull-ups, but he even leaks out of those on some nights. :-(


  3. Amber Says:

    my problem is… I need more fitteds! :D


  4. Jodi Williams Says:

    Still trying to figure out a good washing routine, Just cant find the right combo on our front loader.


  5. Krystal Says:

    I’m trying to find an EASY washing routine with my HE front loading washer. I can get them clean, but don’t like running 2-3 extra rinse cycles and adding an additional three gallons of water each time.


  6. Frances r Says:

    No issues right now other than trying to keep myself from buying more and more diapers!


  7. annie snuffer Says:

    Just now starting our twin girls in CD they are two months old and we’ve had and issue with a couple leaks.


  8. Alix Davis Says:

    My current problem is hard water. For the last year we have been in and out of cloth because of all the issues! I have literally tried every single detergent and washing method tthat has ever been recommended to me, and it still isn’t working. So currently we cloth diaper about 4 days a week and only during the day, if we do any more than that my daughter gets rashes. I would LOVE some advice on what else I need to try!


  9. Kirstin Says:

    Ugh, I have this sore on the tip of my little guy’s weenie that won’t go away (don’t ever tell him I posted this online, lol). Hopefully I get a handle on it soon because I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is for him! (I think it came from using Tide, which irritated his skin)


  10. Laura Says:

    I’m still perfecting my wash routine. I started using tide and haven’t had any issues thus far, but I’m still waiting for something to come up.


  11. Cait Says:

    No current issues. =]


  12. Traci C. Says:

    Thankfully I don’t have a current cloth diaper issue, figuring out my wash routine was the hardest part but I think I’ve got it now! :)


  13. Megan D. Says:

    No problems currently.


  14. Angie H Says:

    I dont have any cloth diaper issues yet because the little man doesnt come till March!


  15. aimee c. Says:

    no current issues here. knock on wood!


  16. Rebekah Says:

    Our biggest problem is a constant rash and sometimes nighttime leaking.


  17. cassie m Says:

    I had a problem with yeast when my daughter was young in cloth. I used grapefruit seed extract diluted as a spray. Ready to try again with my little boy due in May


  18. Michelle Says:

    No problems, just trying to stop the fluff cravings :)


  19. Rebekah Says:

    My biggest problem is that DD gets a rash periodically and we have to switch to sposies until it clears up :-(
    But she doesn’t have a rash right now, so my next biggest issue is that my stash is not nearly as big as I want it to be AND I don’t have ANY Ragababes!!!


  20. Charity Brooks Says:

    No problems yet, because the LO isn’t here until next month!


  21. Michelle Says:

    Our only problem is figuring out what to buy!! My lo is 6 months old, ive just decided to switch her from disposables to cloth and dont know where to begin!! There are so many types of cloth diapers out there and I’m having a hard time deciding what to buy!!


  22. Trisha W. Says:

    Fortunately, I’m not having any CD issues at the moment. We have battled ammonia in the past.


  23. beth Says:

    I need more diapers so i don’t have to wash so often!


  24. Stephanie V Says:

    i am really interested in using cloth diapers. i have a 5 month old an i use disposables but i would love to use cloth!! im new to all this =]


  25. Jessika Says:

    No problems! We just started!


  26. Kimberli Says:

    The only issue I am having is that Ragababe is the only diaper that works for my daughter at night and they are so hard to get and I missed the stocking yesterday!


  27. Caitlyn Says:

    Night time leaking. :( our nine month old is a super heavy wetter and we have resorted to disposables at night


  28. Annie Says:

    I haven’t started cloth diapering yet (due in April with my first) so I don’t have any cloth diapering issues, unless you count not being able to stop buying them as an issue!


  29. Heather C Says:

    No issues for us…yeah!! We were having serious issues until we switched to using Charlies Soap and now we have no stinkies and no ammonia, yay!


  30. Katie Micko Says:

    Hahaha, my problem with cloth diapering is I can’t stop buying them! Such cute fluff, I feel like I can’t control myself!


  31. Mellissa M. Says:

    Currently we are dealing with trying to clear up a yeast infection and making sure it isn’t still in the cloth diapers.


  32. Alyssa Daneri Says:

    Right now, I don’t have any cloth issues!


  33. Pollyanna Valenzuela Says:

    aww autumn for some reason RC is not popping up :(


    • Alix Davis Says:

      If you click on the blue link that says somehting about this giveaway being powered by rafflecopter at the bottom of the post, it will open up :)


  34. Ashley Says:

    Current problem is diaper funk with many of my DDs diapers. She has nasty poos due to all the fruits and veggies she eats. I have to soak them in the Funk Rock and Rock ‘n Green more frequently than I feel I should. Was planning on using the OS for my DS afterwards,but now I’m not sure. He may be getting more new ones! :)


  35. M Holly Says:

    We are having some stinky issues with some AIOs and our overnight diapers having discoloration.


  36. Carrie W. Says:

    My current problem is the ammonia smell when my 2 year old goes in the diaper but not when my baby goes. I am ordering some rlr this morning. Dawn stripping didn’t help.


  37. Courtney Says:

    My current issue is our water softener is not running this time around with cloth diapering and I’m finding that the hard water after about 5 months did cause the diapers to smell after my son wet them. I normally just use prefolds, although I have a few Grovia which I really like (and so does my hubby). Heard Calgon can be used to soften water…ever tried that?


  38. Carmen Says:

    My nighttime cloth system decided to quit working! Baby sleeps 11 hrs a night but every morning he wakes up soaked! Just trial and error now! :)


  39. Mandy Foster Says:

    Not being able to quit buying more! I like trying out different things, but I also don’t like odd-balls – means it’s too easy to justify waaaaaay too many diapers!


  40. Mary P Says:

    Ammonia on the nighttime diapers. My poor little girl gets burns. I’ve tried everything, RLR, lots of hot washes, less detergent, hemp, microfleece, bamboo, everything. :(
    Ragababes seem to be the only ones which don’t give her the burn.


  41. Amy Says:

    Overnight leaks and some rash (use mostly prefolds/covers). I may have a heavy wetter…?


  42. Anna H Says:

    I don’t have any issues right now. Using all natural fibers with an old top load washing machine has been huge in conquering CD issues for me!


  43. msliger Says:

    I’m dealing with ammonia. Her wet diapers almost smell like Windex!


  44. Athena Says:

    Ragababes are sooo hard to come by, I tried for months and the finally gave up. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


  45. Heather M Says:

    No issues really!
    I have 170ish diapers though, most of them fancy and I’m loving my prefolds/flats right now haha!


  46. Jella Says:

    I NEED MORE DIAPERS!!!! I’ve been cloth diapering with 10 diapers!!! :(


  47. Sarah Says:

    Luckily we haven’t had any CDing issues yet – then again, we only CD part time because DC does not use cds. But I absolutely only use CDs whenever I’m home. I love a cute cloth bum!


  48. Jella Says:

    I NEED MORE DIAPERS!!!! I only have 8 cloth diapers!!! :(


  49. Cristin L Says:

    I am having ammonia issues! GRRR


  50. Jen Says:

    My current cloth diaper issue is just the sheer volume of choices out there and finding ones that will work for us. I’m due in Feb. so haven’t used them yet!


  51. Laura Javier Says:

    I used cloth with my daughter 6 yrs ago. Never had a problem, even when traveling. Now I will be cloth diapering a newborn, coming soon! I had no idea these wonderful and uber cute cds existed! Cannot wait to try them out! :))


  52. Mandy Ferguson Says:

    No problems right now. When our water softner broke this summer we were battling the stinkies though. Bleach and adding more water to the wash cycle helped a lot!


  53. Kara Yates Says:

    We have hard water and it took 4 months to get a wash routine that worked. To this day I rinse each dipe and soak inserts very day. : / It can be stressful


  54. Kate Says:

    sorry, forgot to subscribe to answer in first comment.


  55. christine k Says:

    My current problem is aplix coming undone when Iput the diaper on mhy son. They just pop off before he even moves!


  56. Kate Says:

    I just started CD about a month ago. So far so good! I’m not seeing the raffelcopter thing though. Is the website messed up or is it my computer?


  57. Erica M. Says:

    I’ve been using cloth diapers only for 7 weeks, so no issues yet :)


  58. Lindsay Says:

    No issues yet as baby is due in Feb!


  59. Lindsey E. Says:

    No problems with 6 months in. Had a stink issue at first because of our hard water but we moved recently and that problem has been solved!


  60. Christy Marsh Says:

    I’ve had some problems with diaper rash, but I’ve found that switching to cloth wipes really helped my little guy. Just some water on a cloth wipe and he’s rash free for now. :)


  61. Jen L Says:

    The biggest thing I’m battling is tryng to find a solution for my son (I want to put him in cloth in hopes that it helps transition to the potty).


  62. Stephanie Says:

    No issues yet. Baby is still cooking and doesn’t need diapers!


  63. Jessica Says:

    I have an HE washer, so I am still trying to figure out the best wash cycle for us. Size, temp, soap, etc. to get the diapers clean without having to wash them 3 times.


  64. Carri Says:

    Trying to find just the right fit for my 7 week old. She has such skinny legs that many cd leak. That and ammonia issues with my 19mon. old.


  65. Jennifer Says:

    My oldest is potty learning so my problem is not getting to use fluff that much anymore :( But I’m due in March with #3 so I get to do it all over again!


  66. Alicia Says:

    We’re battling yeast right now :(


  67. anne Says:

    i have a stink in some of my microfiber that i can’t figure out


  68. Jamie Says:

    This is my first time cding….I haven’t really encountered any problems. I actually like it more than I thought I would. My husband even prefers cding. Of course my child is only 6 months old so we’ll see how I feel when the poop gets gross.
    Raga babe diapers are next to impossible to get….do I want one so bad because I can’t get one? I wash every other day & have had no odor/staining problems. I hate Aplix, love the snaps. I hate picking lint out of the Aplix & the Aplix will snag other diapers pretty covers. :(


  69. Reade Says:

    No big problems yet, we love cloth diapers at our house!!


  70. Erika Says:

    My current issue is newborn diapers! Bought some fitters and then my baby ended up being 9.5 lbs at birth so they won’t fit for long. :(


  71. Jen B Says:

    I have a toddler, so my issue is finding a night time diaper that will keep her dry until morning


  72. Jennifer Laux Says:

    My issue is trying to find the right overnight diaper. I have an extremely heavy wetter at night :( My other issue is that I am in LOVE with Ragababe AIO’s but I only have two- they are so very hard to get!


  73. Lindsey taatjes Says:

    Ammonia…can’t find anything to work for overnights that doesn’t leave LOs bottom red.


  74. Talia Says:

    My biggest issue is that I’m going back to work in 3 weeks, DS is going to childcare, and most of my diapers are snap. I want to have aplix so the teachers will USE them,…guess I’d better start buying!


  75. Felicia Says:

    With 2 in cloth, my problem is not having enough to go around…


  76. Erica Says:

    Stains and stubborn rashes


  77. Mandi McGonagle Says:

    We are in desperate need of newborn diapers.


  78. Lacey Henry Says:

    Right now, since I’m pregnant, it’s just getting my 11 month old’s poop off of the diaper and into the toilet!! lol


  79. Allison Tracy Says:

    Yeah! No Problems…yet! Fingers crossed!


  80. Danielle Says:

    My current “problem” is that the youngest is moving in to trainers… I need a new baby to try out all these other cute diapers on (we’re working on that).


  81. Aimee Says:

    Sometimes I have issues with ammonia, but some funk rock always works


  82. Lisa Says:

    My issue is trying decide what to get for my girl expected in April. I cd’d my son but not until he was 4 mo old. I’m looking into newborn rentals. So hard to decide!


  83. Christina Coyle Says:

    I don’t have any in cloth right now, as my youngest is 5, but I DO have a new little June Bug cooking! so ATM my only issue is to re-build a stash as I thought my diapering days were over!


  84. Gwen Says:

    Some rashy redness with my toddler. Nothing too horrendous but my MIL loves to point out that if she were wearing “big girl panties” her bum wouldn’t be red. Poor kid isn’t even two yet, it’s not like she’s going to be wearing diapers when she heads off to college…


  85. Shaunie Says:

    I am pregnant with my 3rd but it will be the first one that I will be using cloth with. My problem is that I own 0 cloth diapers and its impossible to decide what to buy. The more reviews I read the more confused I get!


  86. Elizabeth Says:

    Thankfully right now we are issue free. When I started CD i struggled with Ammonia stink and rashes. After switching from RNG to Tide original no more issues.


  87. Katie Burnette Says:

    Right now I am in between cloth diapers because my 2 year old is potty trained and my 2 week old is too small to get a good fit yet with cloth diapers. I find it hard to justify the $$ in purchasing small newborn diapers and I can’t get my one size dipes tight enough on the legs.


  88. Rachel B Says:

    I have an inconsistent overnight wetter. Sometimes he’s bone dry until 4 am and then the flood gates open, other times it’s a new diaper every 3 hrs. I never know which combo to use hemp or microfleece, liner in a prefold, fitted and a cover or my one and only ragababe.


  89. Tabitha Says:

    My biggest cloth issue is that I don’t live on my own, we have been living with non cloth diapering people for quite some time so I feel like I dot have the freedom to wash my diapers as often or as long as I need or to strip them hang them in the sun whatever. Sometimes feels like cloth diapering is a neusence :( but my son is doing well in them! Much better than my daughter did so Hallelujah! Cloth diapers sure do take love though and I want more freedom to do it! And my own washer dryer:)


  90. Kelly Says:

    My cloth issues are – the baby isn’t here yet, so I can’t use my cloth! He should be here in another week or 3, and the suspense is terrible!


  91. Sarah Hamel Says:

    The only issue I have is I want more!!


  92. julie Says:

    I’m having issues with night time leaking with my son. I use BumGenious Elemental’s with a hempbabies insert. Very frustrating to get my LO up in the night to find him soaked through his PJs.


  93. Jessica Lingle Says:

    Currently, I am having some issues with rashes and sensitivity to being wet. I am also struggling to find an overnight solution for my 16 month old heavy wetter.


  94. Erlin Says:

    I got no current cloth issues. :) I forgot…I do: the addiction on cloth diapers. :)


  95. Sarah V. Says:

    No baby yet, so I haven’t had a chance to have any problems. Ask me again in couple of months and this may be a different story!


  96. Nicole Harrison Says:

    I would LOVE to win some new fluff , especially one that I’ve never had the pleasure of trying before~! Sounds wonderful~!


  97. Sabrina Radke Says:

    I honestly don’t have any current cloth issues unless you count loving fluff too much and wanting more always?!


    • Kelly R Says:

      Our current issue is that my daughter has become a very heavywetter, so mmany of the diapers that used to be great for us no longer work well at this point.



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