Re-Diaper All New, Cloth Diaper Awards and Giveaways!!

November 9, 2012

Cloth Diaper Extras


This is a fun post! Lots of prizes!

Remember many moons ago when I introduced you to  A great site before and now is under new ownership.  Jennifer Hill spent the better part of October reworking her new baby to provide a better shopping experience for you.

The new site just launched this week and we want to celebrate! is giving away 1 NEW BumGenius Freetime and 12 Cotton Babies flannel wipes!  Entry form is at the bottom of post but keep reading there are more prizes!

2011 marked the beginning of a fun tradition started by Tara of Padded Tush Stats. The Cloth Diaper Awards is a time for you to nominate and vote for your favorite products and sites.  Let your voice be heard!  I loved the award video for each of the categories last year.  I was nervous waiting for the winner to be revealed each time. Thanks, Tara, for this great event!

All About Cloth Diapers was voted as your Favorite Cloth Diaper Resource in 2011!

To say I was shocked is an understatement.  I love what I do and seeing you cloth diaper successfully is what drives me everyday.

Here are the Award Categories for 2012:

Main Awards:

* DIAPER of the Year

* RETAILER of the Year


Other Awards:

* Pocket Diaper of the Year

* All in Two Diaper Of the Year

* All in One Diaper of the Year

* Insert of the Year

* Diaper Cover of the Year

* Fitted Diaper of the Year

* Wet Bag/Pail Liner of the Year

* Detergent of the Year

* Cloth Wipe of the Year

* Diaper Rash Cream of the Year

* Cloth Diaper Accessory of the Year (fastener, diaper sprayer, etc)

To vote for Cloth Diaper Resource of the Year click here: CLOTH DIAPER RESOURCE OF THE YEAR NOMINATIONS

Product and company awards will be determined by highest number of surveys completed.  Surveys HERE

Balm! Baby, as you know, is a rash cream/all purpose ointment that I love.  I am a huge supporter of all the products made by THinc (Taylor House, Inc). 

Over the last several months my family has been using their Herbal Liquid Soap.  This stuff is the bomb!  (that’s supposed to be funny…bomb- balm…get it??)

The consistency is absolutely perfect.  Not runny, thick, herbally-fragrant, completely safe for my sensitive skin, lathers wonderfully even in hard water and a little goes a pretty good ways.

I really like the pump bottle it comes in.  The bottle is aluminum and the pump is a sturdy plastic.  I have used the same bottle, refilling it when necessary, since the beginning and it’s still pumping.  Maybe it’s just me but I always seem to pump a bottle to its death.  This one has survived a family of 7 pumping it a lot.

That seems like a tangent but it’s important! I can’t imagine going back to bar soap ever.  It’s so much cleaner to use a liquid soap–no soap scum on the tub!

THinc. Skin is giving away 1 Mama & Baby Herbal Liquid Soap Kit!

But, wait! There’s more!

My current rash cream of choice is made by Meagan Visser of Growing Up Herbal.

Lately, Camden has been pooping a lot.  Poor kid eats so much it’s bound to happen.  But, all that going is causing him to have some redness.

After each diaper change I apply plenty of Natural Tushies Cloth Diaper Cream.  The redness is gone next change every time.  The soothing properties of Comfrey and Plaintain leaf combined with healing Calendula flowers is just what Camden’s irritated skin needs.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a bit freakish when it comes to consistency of a product.  That’s my first critique of any balm/salve/ointment.

Of course, whether or not it works is pretty darn important as well.

One aspect that makes this cream different from others is a very small amount spreads a long way.  I tend to scoop out a bunch when I use creams or ointments but that’s wasteful with Natural Tushies.

The consistency is partially solid then almost melts at body temperature. When I smooth it on I feel a slight warmth emitted.  Camden calms down when I put it on him as opposed to another cream I grabbed recently that made him cry.  Not good.

Growing Up Herbal is giving away 2 Natural Tushies Cloth Diaper Cream 4oz tins and bottles of Herbal Baby Powder!

On a side note, Meagan has some other fantastic products in her store.  Two in particular that caught my eye are the Herbal Yeast Cream and Cold Care Kit for Children.  We have all passed around the cold and now Sterling has croup.

As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been suffering from a yeast infection under my arms.  Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet while traveling and depressed immune system have led to this wonderful moment. (For those wondering, I was using an OTC fungal cream- it did nothing- then switched to a GFSE wash which is clearing it up.)

I’m also joining the giveaway by including one BROWN Charlie Banana pocket diaper.  Charlie Banana is a great pocket diaper and brown is one of the newest releases.

5 different winners will be chosen on Friday November 16th! 

Check back here for winner announcements!


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