Read These Cloth Diaper Articles From Fellow Bloggers!

August 28, 2012

Real Mom Stories

I love that the cloth diaper industry is full of parents with an overwhelming desire to help others learn about cloth diapers.

If I need help, which believe it or not happens quite often, I know I can turn to one of a dozen sites with valuable information.

Having a wide variety of perspectives has helped me troubleshoot many problems over the years.

Here are just a few recent articles from fellow cloth diaper bloggers that I found to be helpful or just plain entertaining!

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  •  Kelly Wels‘ site features articles by a fantastic line up of regular bloggers.  Life got crazy and I had to drop from the group which is why I can shamelessly call them fantastic! Recently, Calley aka The Eco Chic, wrote about a constant problem in the world of cloth diapers– hard water and ammonia. The article titled Hard Water, Ammonia and Cloth Diapers breaks down what exactly hard water is and what you can do about it. I thought I had hard water in south Texas but I’ve just recently realized it’s harder here in southern California! Frustrating.
  • Change Diapers is owned by a super sweet blogger named Maria.  Several months ago I received Boingo diaper fasteners to try out and I have yet to really use them!  As mentioned above, life has been too out of the ordinary since the spring to use anything but a simple AIO.  Check out Maria’s review of Boingo Cloth Diaper Fasteners for a great alternative to pins and Snappis.
  • Dirty Diaper Laundry added her thoughts on diaper clones in Cloth Diapers Made In China: What Every Consumer Needs to Know.  I voiced my opinion in Are Cloth Diapers From China Bad?  I think Kim did an excellent job and I fully agree with her.  It’s a constant struggle deciding whether or not to review a clone diaper or not.  I realize that many families wouldn’t cloth diaper if it wasn’t for this cheap option.  The bottom line is you need to be fully informed before you buy and unfortunately not all companies are into full disclosure.
  • Sisters ‘n Cloth is written by two sisters, both cloth diaper users.  It’s great to get 2 sides to each review and see how a diaper or other product works for each family.  I also enjoy their posts about parenting and their Christian faith.
  • Besides being my favorite blog name, Sew Fatty is another site I discover new products from.  My favorite new product is the jChews Smart Phone Teether by Jellystone. So cute!
  • Gypsy Momma is written by Jessica who has graciously blogged here before!  I am absolutely fascinated by her travels and stories.  If you ever plan on traveling overseas read her tips first!  She is truly a seasoned traveler.

This is just a sampling of the plethora of cloth diaper blogs out there.  One of my favorite blogs to read is the unknown blogger journaling their cloth diaper experiences.  Unfortunately, I am horrible about bookmarking so I never remember where I’ve been!

Do you have an article from a blogger that is your favorite? One you always remember as helping you through a hard time?



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One Response to “Read These Cloth Diaper Articles From Fellow Bloggers!”

  1. Tara A. Says:

    Such a great post, Autumn! I love how many great resources we have. I also love how many awesome moms that I’ve “met” (online) through cloth diapering. I’ve met some pretty amazing moms that I would’ve never been able to connect with if it weren’t for the Internet. It’s nice to know there’s so many caring and supportive moms that are so willing to help and give support!


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