Real Nappies Are Real Nifty

How’s that for a cheese-ball title?!

The creative juices have yet to return to this overtired, slightly overwhelmed woman.

Alas, I push on.

Years ago, I bought a sampling of several diaper covers in a lot off Diaperswappers.  One of the covers was a Real Nappies cover.  I loved it but it got too small and I didn’t think about again until Shopping MOA contacted me about a review.

I quickly remembered how much I liked the texture and fit of a Real Nappies cover and said sure!

They generously sent me an Essentials Pack to try out.  In the Essential Pack you get 12 prefolds, 3 covers, a pack of disposable liners and a handy dandy user guide.

Camden fits nicely into the Crawler size at 25lbs.

Why do I like Real Nappies covers?

  • The thickness of the PUL prevents virtually any wicking or leaking.
  • PUL is soft.
  • Leg and waist bindings are gentle.
  • Easy to use velcro- not to weak, not to strong.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Excellent for using with disposable inserts or trifolded prefolds- just the right width and a front flap to secure.

Are Real Nappies prefolds worth it?

The prefolds are 100% Indian cotton and quilt up nicely.  It is hard to break down a cost/per when they come in a $60 kit.  However, if you say $6.50/cover + ~$3 for liners that leaves $37.50 for 12 prefolds.  That’s about $3.13 a prefold.

Not too bad when you consider free Amazon shipping (if you have a Prime account) but compared to other cotton prefolds on the market the price isn’t competitive.

Are they good prefolds?  I found them to be absorbent enough for 2 hours.  For me that makes it about on par with many prefolds.

After several washes they feel very similar to other cotton prefolds I have used in recent months.

I was able to easily use the Snappi or Boingos on the Real Nappies prefolds.

Real Nappies Essentials Pack would be a nice shower gift.  The versatility the covers and prefolds give you makes it a worthwhile investment.  Even if you never used them as prefolds they could easily work as a pocket insert (newborn size, maybe even infant).

Overall, I would recommend Real Nappies covers as an addition to your cloth diaper stash or the Essentials Pack as a loving baby shower gift to someone interested in cloth diapering.


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7 Responses to “Real Nappies Are Real Nifty”

  1. Regina Says:

    When I started cloth diapering for the first time I started with Real Nappies covers. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are STILL, 2+ years later my absolute favorite! my next baby I think I will order NOTHING but Real Nappies! They are amazing!


  2. Kylie Says:

    We used these for our newborn diapers because of the small size they offer. I loved them until they got too small!


  3. Jess Nye Says:

    Wow, I’m actually shocked to hear that ANYONE had a leaking issue with Real Nappies covers- I’ve been cd’ing for 4 years now, on two kids, and Real Nappies were the ONLY cover/prefold that could hold my super-soaking older son when he was in diapers. And it’s not like I tried, oh, say 5 other brands- I am a cd addict and have tried literally hundreds of brands of AIOs, covers, prefolds, fitteds, pockets, and AI2’s. My son made me laugh at posters on Diaperswappers who would advise mamas of heavy wetters to try BGE’s or Flips- my son would absolutely drench those in an hour. And sized prefolds like GMD, Imagine, Zabibaby, and Diaper Rite- just forget it, without a hemp doubler we were doomed. But the Real Nappies crawler size prefold and the Real Nappies cover held everything in. I’m wondering if maybe the covers you had for your newborn were too big, causing thigh wicking? Because although I LOVE Real Nappies (as if you couldn’t tell, lol) I HAVE noticed that the newborn covers are bigger than those of some other brands and I wondered how the fit is on average sized newborns.


  4. Ashley Says:

    I got the Birth to Potty Pack and LOVE it! We started to use the newborn size when Emersyn was 3 or 4 days old. She is now about 2.5 months old, and just moved on to the infant size last night. I have zero complaints about these diapers. We have had no pee leaks or blow outs. I don’t see myself buying any other diapers or covers.


  5. Kimberlyn Says:

    I bought a six pack of their newborn sized covers off Amazon for $36 before my daughter was born, and exclusively used them with flour sack towels until she outgrew them at about ten weeks old. We had a few leaks at first, but they were really great covers once I got them figured out. If I hadn’t already had a full stash of one size pockets, I would have been tempted to buy the next size up and keep using them. When I got finished with them, they still looked brand new and I was able to resell them locally for $30!


  6. Courtney Roybal Says:

    I was given a 6 pack of the newborn covers as a baby shower gift. I don’t have any newborn sized diapers just a ton of bumgenius 4.0’s from my daughter which I didn’t cloth diaper until she was 13 months. These covers were nothing but a pain for me! The sandwich PUL is a nice idea except it was always wet it absorbed so much moisture and they leak right through the cover. No weak spots from long term use, I washed them properly just poor quality PUL I assume. I contacted customer device and they shipped me another 6 pack because they felt I had a bad set or I want really washing them correctly. Either way customer service rocked and the newer ones seemed to not leak, but he was only in the newborn size for a couple weeks after receiving the new ones. I’m sure they would work better for older babies. I just didn’t like that a fresh diaper leaked right through the center of the diaper too my clothes I was already dealing with two other large wet spots on my shirts.


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