Reasons Why I Love the Boba 3G

May 8, 2013


For years I have been a devoted Beco fan.  It started in 2006, when I bought a Beco 4th Generation in the fabulous pony print for Paisley.

Through the years I have owned several, not once trying another SSC (soft structured carrier) brand.

That was before Boba asked me if I would try one of their carriers.

I had been curious about Boba for a while but I was content, remember?

I selected the Camouflage Boba 3g because my husband is the one who wears the SSCs the most often.

When it arrived I hardly had time to notice it before my daughter dove right in.  She opened up the box, laid out the accessories, read the instruction manual and cinched it right up to her size.

Before I even turned around to check it out she had Finley on her front.  (Below is her second carry with him with some assistance from me.)

She didn’t stop there…

On the left is 4yo Sterling and the right 2yo Camden.  Sterling weighs about 34lbs and Camden I would guess is closer to 40lbs.  Obviously Sterling was loving the experience, while Camden was having a tantrum.

In case there are those who might think that I made her do this, I did not.  She is in love with babywearing and I often tell her to no to her frequent requests.  The girl feels she can do anything an adult can…except changing poopy diapers!

But, what does this have to do with why I love the Boba??

Yes, it is a huge plus that the Boba fits my 5′, 85lbs, 11yo daughter but there is much more to love.

Chest clip: I always had problems moving my Beco chest clips up and down.  The reason is because the chest clip is attached to webbing that surrounds the shoulder strap.  It is a snug fit and the friction between the two fabrics makes it harder to adjust.

On the Boba the chest clip is attached to a tracking that goes down the inner side of the shoulder straps.  Adjustments are very simple and the chest clip stays in place from the tension. I seriously think this feature is ingenious.  Love it.

My favorite aspect of the Boba when comparing to the Beco is the absence of the panel that goes between the wearer and the baby.  The 4th Generation Beco did not have this and I could easily do back carry setups.  Once Beco added the panel it became more difficult to put baby in.

The Boba reminded me how much I love the convenience of a SSC, especially for back carries.  Once the carrier is snapped at the waist, baby or child can easily be scooted from the hip to the back, panel pulled up over baby and buckled at chest.  Quick and painless.

In the above photo, you can see where I have indicated snaps on the Boba.  No more worrying about keeping up with an infant insert!  Simply snap down the height of the carrier and you have are ready to carry your little newborn.  Finley is 26″ and doesn’t require it to be snapped down at this point.

One more feature that you can see in the above photos is on the waist buckle.  I have always hated the safety button on the Beco (not present on earlier Becos).  I was overjoyed to see it absent on the Boba.  Granted, the Boba is one tough buckle so I still have to use some strength to undo it.  I don’t mind the tight lock but throw in the coordination of simultaneously pressing a safety button and you’ve almost lost me.

I’ve been comparing the Boba 3g to my Beco Butterfly II simply for comparison.  Beco has now come out with a newer model that I have not tried.

I will move on with my review of the Boba on its own.

I have long heard of the foot straps (patent pending) made famous by Boba.  I never really saw the need for them until I saw how much Camden and Sterling liked them.  It makes sense that supported feet would be much more comfortable than letting your legs hang for hours at a time.

Another fabulous feature of the Boba 3g is the inclusion of 2 pockets!  One on the outside of the belt and another where the hood attaches.  I can easily fit my big Samsung Galaxy in the top pocket (not that I would because my baby’s brain doesn’t need 4g waves pounding it) or my debit card in the belt.  *I just realized the instruction manual says there are 3 pockets…feel free to clue me in on where that 3rd one is if you know!

So what does my husband think?

He’s not sold yet.  He said the support is good around the waist but the shoulders need some adjusting.

The Boba needs some breaking in.  The shoulder straps are stiff as is normal for a new carrier of any kind.

His main complaint is that the shoulder padding ends too soon causing the webbing to dig into his side/arm pit area. Perhaps some more fiddling with the settings will get that worked out.

For reference Michael is 6’3″, 230lbs.  I’ll update the next time we go hiking or to a festival.  That’s when Camden gets worn the most.

I’ll leave you with a glimpse of my family’s humor.

They’re pretending to be on a sightseeing adventure.

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11 Responses to “Reasons Why I Love the Boba 3G”

  1. April Says:

    Have you ever tried the Ergo? How does it compare?


  2. helen Says:

    Don’t forget the snap/strap on the shoulder to keep your purse/diaper bag in place!


  3. Nicolette KP Says:

    I love my Boba 3g. I am only 5’4″, and when I first got my Boba, I hated where the straps landed on the under arms! I’m used to backpacking, and so adjusted the Boba to center the weight directly on the hips. It helped. In the end, I’ve broken it in, and where the straps land don’t bother me anymore.

    Now, of course, I want to try the Boba Air! It folds down into a small pouch, and would be so much more convenient to leave in the car or diaper bag.


  4. tarin Says:

    One way to fix the fit is to actually tie the waist strap across the belly button. This puts less strain on the hips and shoulders and the child sits higher and can see over the shoulder. So low and the weight is pulling on the shoulder straps


  5. Tanna Says:

    I am new to ssc and a Boba 3G is my first. So far no complaints. I recently found the 3rd pocket, its on the waist directly under the seat. Kinda on top of, behind the zipper pocket. It doesn’t zip just a place to slide something small into like money, debit card ect. Hope that makes sense.


  6. Jenn Desiderio's Says:

    3rd pocket is a slide pocket place in to of the waist zipper pocket. :0)


  7. Erin G Says:

    There are 2 pockets on the waist band. One opens from the top and one zips on the side… they are rather stacked on top of each other. :-)


  8. Jennifer Says:

    I love my Boba too, I wish i had bought it before I got the mobi (that i only used a few times).


  9. Hope H Says:

    I totally agree with your hubby! I have the same trouble (5’2)but haven’t been able to articulate what it was, and you did! Or he did. I actually have the G2. I recently bought the Boba Air and love it. More than the super padded G2. My only complaint is the waist strap could use a little more structure.


  10. Allie M Says:

    Too cute, your family is just adorable. My hubby loves the boba and wears our daughter more than I do, partly because I’m pregnant and I find it uncomfortable right now. We have the same problem with the shoulder area digging into you, I’m 5’2 and hubs is 5’11. I really like it and think we baby wear more now because of the boba.


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