Responsible Mother Wool Cover Review & Giveaway

October 14, 2013

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I love wool.

I love dry sheets in the morning.

Many of you would also love to have dry sheets in the morning but are intimidated by wool.

Don’t be!

responsiblemotherI have the perfect recommendation for you.  A wool cover that is super easy to care for, snaps on like your other covers, trim and bulletproof.

Responsible Mother is a company out of Lithuania.  You know, that country in eastern Europe north of Belarus and Poland.  Capital is Vilnius.  Yep, that one.

I’ve been blessed to discover many great European companies over the last several months, primarily thanks to my love of woven wraps.

Let me introduce you to the sweet Justina before I tell you more about her fabulous wool covers.


We are a family growing two small children (3 year-old Dominykas and 1  year-old Matas). Over the first pregnancy we already knew and believed that we will bring up our children healthily. Ecology idea is very close to our way of living and we also think the person‘s lifestyle should not harm not only him but the environment as well.

While incubating the ideas into what we are going to diaper, how we will feed our baby, we decided to use cloth diapers, to dress in natural fibre clothes (wool, silk, cotton), to use only environmentally-friendly  household, washing, cosmetic items, also wooden toys or sewn on mother‘s own. This is how “responsible mother“ was born.

Cloth diapers for modern parents who think different! That was our slogan while in search for textile, modelling, and sewing products. In the beginning there were just small orders for acquaintance mothers, who wanted to grow their children healthily, but after receiving positive feedback and recommendations we started working at full length. We offer you cloth diapers  handmade with love and warmth in Lithuania.

Every product is made by ourselves, from cutting to sewing. We search for interesting, colorful and of course high quality fabrics in fabric shops and boutiques so we have a colorful collection of cloth diapers to offer.

Shipping time to USA is about 10 days. One shipment was done in 6 another in 12 days.

Our products prices are very competitive, it ranges from 10USD for cotton cloth diaper and 15USD for bamboo or hemp cloth diaper. We have prepared practical and inexpensive cloth diaper sets sewn from cotton cloth (5pieces cloth diapers with inserts and moisture repelling panties as a present) such set price is 60USD. Also we have very popular wool covers with snaps for 18USD, customers are happy with this product very much.

Responsible Mother was gracious to send me a wool cover with snaps to try and is going to give one away to one of you!


A snapping wool cover has a couple of benefits over a pull up wool cover.

  1. Can easily be worn under regular clothing.
  2. No poop down the leg if diaper is compromised.
  3. More adjustable/wider size range

Lanolizing does not have to be a difficult process.  I suggest buying a spray lanolin (Scarlet’s Naturals Lanolin Spray is an excellent choice) and spraying it on the inside of the cover.  Easy peasy.

I’d only make one tiny change to the cover, add an 1″ to the crotch width.  I can use the Responsible Mother cover over big hybrid fitteds but it doesn’t fully encompass the diaper and making contact with the thigh.

That said I still never had any leaks.

I also highly recommend the Merino Wool blanket.  It is so soft and works great as a mattress protector! I wish I wouldn’t have left ours in Texas because Camden has leaks all the time! (obviously I haven’t been using my Responsible Mother wool cover *sigh*)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my interaction with Justina and I know you will be pleased with any purchases made from Responsible Mother.

If you would like to win a Responsible Mother wool cover with snaps enter the Rafflecopter below.


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200 Responses to “Responsible Mother Wool Cover Review & Giveaway”

  1. Jill B. Says:

    Never used wool but would like to try.


  2. Amanda Bishop Says:

    I just bought 2 wool covers from wollybottoms. I want to use them for night time! A little nervous and didn’t realize they needed EXTRA special care, I thought I could wash them with my cloth diapers lol. Wish me luck


  3. Cristina Ingraldi Says:

    This is our fourth little baby and first attempt at wool. Eek


  4. Sarah s. Says:

    Interested in using wool…


  5. Kimberly Says:

    I would love to try wool.


  6. Carrie Says:

    I’ve always been afraid to try wool.


  7. Alexis Schrantz Says:

    I love wool! We use it at night. I like that it is breathable!


  8. Carly H. Says:

    Im hesitant to try wool because of the initial investment/cost. What if I dont like it? Id love to try wool for free!!!


  9. ginger g. Says:

    Haven’t tried it yet, because our baby is due to arrive in the next 4 weeks! I have one wool newborn cover to try


  10. Britni Bradford Says:

    love wool! hope to use it more with baby #2


  11. Brandi Powell Says:

    I only use wool covers for overnight with my daughter. I love them!!!


  12. Felicia R Says:

    We use wool and I love it!


  13. Erica Says:

    Have never even thought to use wool but now I’m thinking of giving it a try! We will see still a little hesistant :)


  14. Grace Says:

    I’d love to try wool for the first time!


  15. Ellery Biggs Says:

    Would love to use wool, but haven’t made the leap into it yet!


  16. Erica Says:

    I haven’t used it but would love to try!


  17. Emily D Says:

    I loved my wool longies during the day, and I have a couple of covers that I have used overnight- what I really like is the coverage and the soft legs/waist. But my problem was that although everything was dry in the morning, pajamas and sometimes sheet had that horrible ammonia odor (granted the problem is more with my fitteds, but the PUL covers did keep the smell in).


  18. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski Says:

    I have never used it, but it sounds amazing!


  19. Dacia Says:

    I use wool covers that I make from old wool sweaters and it is the only way she doesn’t leak. I would like to start using them more!


  20. Jess Says:

    I would love some wool for my little! We need a good night time solution!


  21. Amber Carroll Says:

    I would really like to try wool, but have not gotten the chance. Our budget is tight, so I just have prefolds and covers right now. I am hoping to get my daughter a fitted nighttime hybrid for Christmas.


  22. Melanie Says:

    My daughter is a huge wool advocate, but I’m still needing convinced!


  23. Lisa Says:

    I want to love wool too, but the one cover I have just doesn’t work even after lanolizing 3 times. I am sure I am doing it right. It was an upcycled cover bought on etsy, so maybe the sweater that was upcycled wasn’t 100% wool? I just can’t get it!!! I am having trouble avoiding wet sheets too, so this would be amazing!


  24. Candice Says:

    I just bought my first wool cover and can’t wait to try it on my baby coming in November!


  25. Anna K. Says:

    We have never used wool but I sooooo want to try it out. I really ike responsible mother-we have two diapers and just looove them.


  26. Abbi Says:

    I’m a little intimidated by wool, feeling it may be more time-consuming for me, but I’d love to try. PLanning to make some of my own covers, upcycling, but where to find the time?


  27. Amanda Says:

    I am in the process of making a few wool covers now. So far, I have only have 1 cover and I need to re-lanolize it, but I do love wool and will use it more during the coming winter.


  28. Jen Says:

    I’ve never used wool…looking for a night solution as everything i’ve tried has leaked!


  29. Geneva Says:

    I love wool!


  30. Sheri C. Says:

    I used wool with my now almost 6 year old and loved it but her wool covers are still too big for my 8 month old. I’ve been wanting to get some for my LO who leaks ALL the time but haven’t been able to decide on what to get. I think this might be my answer! Thanks so much for this review!


  31. Jessica Williams Says:

    I use wool and love it! I’ve never tried a wool cover that works like a traditional cover, only the pull-on covers. We don’t have leaks, it’s amazing.


  32. Trisha Hodge Says:

    We havent tried wool yet, but would be interested in doing so.


  33. Rebecca Peters Says:

    I have tried an ecobub before- its pretty different tho. I would love to try a real wool cover!


  34. Jenny S. Says:

    I really like using wool. I love the breathability and the natural benefits of it! I love how it cleans itself…I think that is so cool!
    I have only tried a handful of wool covers but would love to try more! I’ve been pleased with wool in the past. Would REALLY love to have some nice longies some day! :D


  35. Aylin Says:

    I love wool but only have 2 covers. Would love to try this one!


  36. Aaron P. Says:

    We haven’t used wool yet, but we keep hearing such good things about it! This would be the perfect way for us to test it out ;0


  37. Amanda Alvarado Says:

    Used wool and loved it! It kept dd dry overnight! Will definitely be using it more with out next….if I can ever manage to get pg!


  38. Jessica Says:

    I have been cloth diapering for 3 years and still haven’t found a nighttime solution for my heavy wetters. I have tried wool crocheted covers and with enough absorbency underneath these kids look like they have another person inside their pants and STILLLLL LEAK!! That being said, I would LOVE to try this cover and it seems fairly reasonably priced as well. I want to love wool sooo badly, but just have not found the right wool or I am doing something wrong.


  39. Jennifer Says:

    we have a couple pairs of longies but i’d love to try a shorter cover!


  40. Erin K Says:

    I’ve always wanted to try wool, but have been too afraid. I’ll definitely be trying it out with my 2nd.


  41. Brian Ingraldi Says:

    The wife and I are trying.wool for out son due in December.


  42. Delacey Says:

    I would love to try wool!


  43. Aimee P. Says:

    I have not used wool


  44. Carina L Says:

    Less laundry because of wool sounds good to me!


  45. Heather M Says:

    I have not used wool, but I’m excited to try it when we are blessed with our first baby.


  46. Patricia B. Says:

    I just started using wool and LOVE IT! I’m hooked! I’d like to switch my whole stash over to flats, Prefolds and fitteds with wool.


  47. Christina Dixon Says:

    I would love to use wool on my 3 1/2 month old, especially for bedtime!


  48. Alison Says:

    I just started looking into using wool at night. I would love to win a cover for the night fitted I just ordered! I am scared by it though!


  49. Beth R Says:

    I would love to try it


  50. Jennifer P Says:

    I’ve used wool with my toddler but would love to try it out with a little newborn!


  51. Lydia Says:

    I tried wool, but the cover I used didn’t fit right. I want to try again.


  52. Catherine Says:

    I have tried wool and I love it!


  53. Josie Says:

    Would love to try this.


  54. Teca Price Says:

    I love how wool is low maintenance! Perfect for nighttime diaper wearing!


  55. Katie G. Says:

    I really want to try wool but haven’t taken the plunge, I am a little intimidated.


  56. shalini Says:

    I love wool. I painstakingly make my own from sweaters. Would love to buy or receive one without spending much.


  57. Krista C Says:

    I’ve never used wool, but I’ve thought about trying it.


  58. Alicia Says:

    Would love to win this. I have only been using cloth diapers for a moth, but I am sold on them and would really like to try wool!


  59. Heather Says:

    Used it, love it!


  60. Beth Says:

    Wool is my dream diaper!


  61. Valerie S Says:

    I haven’t, I’d like to try it.


  62. jenn McClearn Says:

    I have not used wool before


  63. hayley s Says:

    I have not used wool yet, but want to try it! I’m just a little intimidated by it!


  64. Patty C Says:

    I love wool. So bullet proof!!


  65. Kristen Says:

    I have used wool, and I love it!


  66. LCT Says:

    I definitely want to try.


  67. Rachelle Says:

    I’ve heard and read great things about wool, but I haven’t had a chance to get any to try out.


  68. Marie Johnson Says:

    We haven’t tried wool yet, but would love see how great it works with my own eyes. :)


  69. edna Says:

    I have never used wool but would love to try it.


  70. claire Says:

    Never used wool but want to


  71. Honesty Says:

    I haven’t but I would love too.


  72. Evette Taybert Says:

    I have used wool covers and I love them. I have a new grand daughter Who is cloth diapered also. If I win this wool cover it will go to her.


  73. Kristine Says:

    Never tried wool, but it does intrigue me.


  74. Cara Says:

    Never tried wool & am interested in it! I changed wet sheets 5x last week alone!!! And this is for a partially potty-trained child who goes in the toilet multiple times before bed- he is such a heavy wetter!


  75. Vicki Hall Says:

    I’ve never tried wool but would like to.


  76. Kiersten Says:

    I have never used wool. Would love to try!


  77. Loucrecia Hollingsworth Says:

    I hope I win. We have gotten away from cloth recently due to a hectic schedule with my older daughter. Plus, we’ve been having leaks, probably due to the fact that my younger daughter is growing & taking in more liquids, thus wetting more at once. Fingers crossed! I’ve been wanting a wool cover, but intimidated by the cost of most of them.


  78. Destiny Says:

    I’ve never used wool for a diaper but my husband uses the merino wool for hunting it is amazing stuff! I can’t wait to try merino on baby #3!


  79. Trisha G Says:

    Have never used wool, but would love to try it!


  80. Kari Says:

    I would love to try wool on my niece who has sensitive skin and allergies and then any more of mine to come.:)


  81. Laurie P Says:

    never tried wool but I hear amazing things about wool and night time use. Would love to try it out!


  82. Jenna Says:

    Love wool! They are what has saved my nighttime sanity!


  83. Lisa Jennings Says:

    LOVE wool!


  84. abigail morris Says:

    I haven’t, But I spoke about it with you recently and I am def. going to be trying it! I too hate waking up from a wet diaper next to me. I imagian my poor little guy hates it more.


  85. Lyndee Says:

    Would love to try! Expecting my first in Dec!


  86. Anne Perry Says:

    Yes… I love wool


  87. Shanna R Says:

    I have never tired wool but am very interested!


  88. Ashley Says:

    I love wool covers. I knit my own, but it takes a really long time.


  89. Sam C Says:

    Just started cloth diapering my 8 week old boy and have yet to try wool but hear so many great things about it!


  90. Nicole N. Says:

    We have only one wool cover and we have used it for overnights.


  91. Tasha Says:

    I am so excited to try wool! Our little bundle is due in December!


  92. Jessica Says:

    I’ve bought responsible mother’s wool covers that look like panties and their hybrid fitted and I l’ve them. Never had a leak and was super easy to lanolized. I stumbled pin her website and have been thinking of ordering more. Love!


  93. Gabby Says:

    I haven’t, but I plan to! I only wear natural fibers, myself, and can’t really get behind using PUL covers, as awesome as they sound. Wool seems like the perfect option, for us.


  94. Rachael S. Says:

    I’ve never tried wool, but I would like to.


  95. Athena Says:

    I love wool and need more wool in XL sizes as my 18 months old DD is now 30 lbs and 34 inches tall. Thankfully Potty training is around the corner but not here yet. We use wool at night primarily. Wish I could have more but the price is always holding me back.


  96. Kari B. Says:

    I have never used wool for cloth diapering.I would like to use it for my ds.


  97. Karen Says:

    Yes I use wool and love it. Its surprisingly easy!


  98. Karianne Says:

    Yes we love wool!! :-)


  99. ceana Says:

    I love wool, but it’s so expensive! I’d love to win this so LilB could sleep, dryer, longer :-)


  100. Amy Lumley Says:

    I have not tried wool but would love to!



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