Responsible Mother Wool Cover Review & Giveaway

October 14, 2013

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I love wool.

I love dry sheets in the morning.

Many of you would also love to have dry sheets in the morning but are intimidated by wool.

Don’t be!

responsiblemotherI have the perfect recommendation for you.  A wool cover that is super easy to care for, snaps on like your other covers, trim and bulletproof.

Responsible Mother is a company out of Lithuania.  You know, that country in eastern Europe north of Belarus and Poland.  Capital is Vilnius.  Yep, that one.

I’ve been blessed to discover many great European companies over the last several months, primarily thanks to my love of woven wraps.

Let me introduce you to the sweet Justina before I tell you more about her fabulous wool covers.


We are a family growing two small children (3 year-old Dominykas and 1  year-old Matas). Over the first pregnancy we already knew and believed that we will bring up our children healthily. Ecology idea is very close to our way of living and we also think the person‘s lifestyle should not harm not only him but the environment as well.

While incubating the ideas into what we are going to diaper, how we will feed our baby, we decided to use cloth diapers, to dress in natural fibre clothes (wool, silk, cotton), to use only environmentally-friendly  household, washing, cosmetic items, also wooden toys or sewn on mother‘s own. This is how “responsible mother“ was born.

Cloth diapers for modern parents who think different! That was our slogan while in search for textile, modelling, and sewing products. In the beginning there were just small orders for acquaintance mothers, who wanted to grow their children healthily, but after receiving positive feedback and recommendations we started working at full length. We offer you cloth diapers  handmade with love and warmth in Lithuania.

Every product is made by ourselves, from cutting to sewing. We search for interesting, colorful and of course high quality fabrics in fabric shops and boutiques so we have a colorful collection of cloth diapers to offer.

Shipping time to USA is about 10 days. One shipment was done in 6 another in 12 days.

Our products prices are very competitive, it ranges from 10USD for cotton cloth diaper and 15USD for bamboo or hemp cloth diaper. We have prepared practical and inexpensive cloth diaper sets sewn from cotton cloth (5pieces cloth diapers with inserts and moisture repelling panties as a present) such set price is 60USD. Also we have very popular wool covers with snaps for 18USD, customers are happy with this product very much.

Responsible Mother was gracious to send me a wool cover with snaps to try and is going to give one away to one of you!


A snapping wool cover has a couple of benefits over a pull up wool cover.

  1. Can easily be worn under regular clothing.
  2. No poop down the leg if diaper is compromised.
  3. More adjustable/wider size range

Lanolizing does not have to be a difficult process.  I suggest buying a spray lanolin (Scarlet’s Naturals Lanolin Spray is an excellent choice) and spraying it on the inside of the cover.  Easy peasy.

I’d only make one tiny change to the cover, add an 1″ to the crotch width.  I can use the Responsible Mother cover over big hybrid fitteds but it doesn’t fully encompass the diaper and making contact with the thigh.

That said I still never had any leaks.

I also highly recommend the Merino Wool blanket.  It is so soft and works great as a mattress protector! I wish I wouldn’t have left ours in Texas because Camden has leaks all the time! (obviously I haven’t been using my Responsible Mother wool cover *sigh*)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my interaction with Justina and I know you will be pleased with any purchases made from Responsible Mother.

If you would like to win a Responsible Mother wool cover with snaps enter the Rafflecopter below.


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200 Responses to “Responsible Mother Wool Cover Review & Giveaway”

  1. Maria Says:

    I love wool.



  2. Nicole Gutermann Says:

    I love wool. It’s just sooo expensive


  3. liberty Says:

    We absolutely LOVE wool, it’s all we use. I would be interested in tryin this brand out though. we are a brand biased wool family right now :0


  4. emily r Says:

    Id love to try wool!! Havent had a chance!


  5. Sarah Jane Says:

    I LOVE wool and primarily use wool covers that I knit.


  6. Shannon Stubbs Says:

    I have a wool cover, but haven’t really used it b/c, well, I am intimidated. I tried it a few times, and my son was still soaking the sheets.


  7. Michaele Says:

    I haven’t but I really want to!


  8. Lisa k Says:

    I haven’t tried wool covers yet. But love the idea of them.


  9. Leela R. Says:

    I use wool every night and am also trying o use it more during the day when we are home on the weekends. It’s great how cool wool is in the hot summer while being warm in the winter.


  10. Breanne Says:

    I haven’t yet but would like to!


  11. Krystal Says:

    I love wool for overnight! It’s the only thing that works consistently for my gal. I don’t like pulling it up, though, so a snap version would be awesome!


  12. Sarah H Says:

    I am just starting out with cloth diapering. There is so much to learn! I haven’t tried wool yet, but I would love to!


  13. Maia G Says:

    I have never tried wool


  14. kat Says:

    we don’t have a baby yet but I’m planning to cloth diaper and would love to have a wool cover to put over prefolds on a newborn.


  15. Patricia B Says:

    I love my wool longies! Would love to have some covers too!


  16. Kristen Says:

    Not yet! I’m pregnant with my first. But I want to :)


  17. Katy Says:

    I’ve never tried it but I would love to!


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    I have never tried wool but would love to!


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    I have never used wool, but would love to try!


  20. Sheridan Says:

    I have never used wool but I have been dying to try it!


  21. Casey Says:

    i’ve never used wool but have been wanting a cover just like this to start me out!


  22. Rebecca J Says:

    As a new mom-to-be, this post was very informative and wool is definitely something I would like to try!


  23. Tina Lorc Says:

    I’ve never used wool, but would love to try them out!!


  24. rachel Says:

    i’ve never tried wool but I’d love to.


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    I’ve never used wool but am really interested in using it!


  29. Khristin Zakem Says:

    I have recently tried wool and I really want to like it, but I still have leaks overnight. I think I may need to lanolize a couple more times.


  30. Sybil Says:

    Wool covers are my favorite, though I only have a few. I definitely prefer wool covers with snaps or aplix to the soakers. My girl is so squirmy, it’s hard to get them on her. I’d love to win this one!


  31. Jordan Says:

    I haven’t had the chance to use wool yet but I read fantastic things about it and would love to try! And this cover looks way softer than some others That I’ve seen. Anyway responsible mother sounds like great company and I would love to try their cover!


  32. Charlotte R Says:

    I have never tried wool before but would LOVE to.


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    I haven’t tried wool yet. I’m kind of afraid to.


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    I would love to try wool. Our first one is coming next year.


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    I have never used wool but would absolutely love to. It seems so much more comfortable and breathable than other types of covers.


  38. Rachel Valentine Says:

    I have never used wool. I just started cloth diapering, and have not yet invested in wool.


  39. Jamie Johnson Says:

    I have never used wool. Would love to try though!


  40. Monique Eckert Says:

    We use wool over WAHM fitteds now as our overnight solution!


  41. Daisy Says:

    i haven’t used wool but would love to try introducing it! we’re still using disposables for overnights and i really want to try getting away from them altogether.


  42. Sara Sherrell Says:

    I have not used wool yet because it has never made it into the budget. Hopefully soon. Had hoped for birthday money, but I got nothing….


  43. KD {Mom of 3 Dolls} Says:

    I just got a couple of wool but haven’t used it yet. I’m reading up on getting them lanolized.


  44. Jessica Hughes Says:

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    I’ve used one wool cover w/ mixed success. I’d like to give it another shot in a different brand!


  59. Peppin Says:

    No, I’ve never tried wool covers before. I like that this one has snaps.


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    I haven’t-I’d like to try it at night.


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    I haven’t ever used wool but I’m definitely interested!


  64. Julie L. Says:

    Yes, we use wool at nights. We couldn’t live without it! :-)


  65. Jeannette Says:

    I haven’t ever used wool because it is a bit pricey…but I REALLY want to!!


  66. Jennifer C Says:

    I have a wool cover I purchased from Etsy that I love. Wool is amazing for overnights.


  67. April M Says:

    I’ve never tried it but I’d like to.


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    I plan to use wool with my fitteds once my LO arrives. I like the idea they are so absorbent.


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    never tried wool but very curious!


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    I love wool and looking to stash MORE!! :)


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    We don’t have any wool in our stash yet for our first due in December but we have some fabulous fitteds that are begging for a wool cover. Just need to save up for one :)


  77. Rachel Bobalik Figueroa Says:

    Never used wool. I have recently started looking into it and while I always thought it was intimidating it doesn’t sound hard at all. Would love to try wool at some point. Thanks for the chance to win!


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    I have tried wool, wanted to love it but didnt. Hoping to try it again


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    Love wool shorties, longies, & covers


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    I actually JUST started using wool yesterday. My little girl still has a bit of a problem with pee getting out because she sleeps on her stomach a lot, but I’m trying to find a solution!


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    I have used wool and I love it!


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    I would like to try wool but the price has kept me away


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    I would love win this for my son who was born last night! Thanks for a great giveaway!!


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    Never tried it but I would really like to!


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    Never used wool before, but would love to try.


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    I’m an avid cloth diaper-er, but have never tried wool. I’d really like to, though!


  96. April Says:

    I love wool covers! We use organic cotton prefolds and fitteds with wool. I would love to use this one because the wool covers my son uses have velcro and it wears out.



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