Rock-A-Bums Cloth Diapers are a Keeper!

{guest post by Kim Provder}

I was giving a great opportunity to try out another new (to me) diaper – exciting!

Rock-A-Bums 5-in-1!

This diaper is a one-size diaper that is for babies from birth until potty training, which are of course my favorites.

A little about Rock-A-Bums…

This mission of Rock-A-Bums is to be “the easiest, coolest and funnest cloth diaper out there (” Did Rock-A-Bums meet their goal? I think so! This unique system comes with the diaper of your choice (colors are simple yet stylish in red, white, and black), and each diaper comes with two snap in inserts (80% polyamide and 20% polyester, with a top lining of 100% polyester). The shells are made of waterproof polyurethane laminate with a 100% polyester inner lining. Everything you need in order to diaper your kiddo is ready and accessible for a reasonable price of $16.95, directly from the website. Ordering seems pretty easy peasy.

Currently these diapers come in snaps, but according to the Rock-A-Bums website, Velcro is soon to come for all of the aplix fans! Each diaper also has 3*3 adjustable snaps which truly makes this diaper a One-Size combo. With the 2 snap-in inserts, you already have two diaper changes. Another great feature is the bombshell which is used to trap in all of those horrific blowouts (and yes, we have all had them at one point or another I am SURE!).

These diapers were designed by a mommy who of course wanted something better for her kiddos, and this company has really tried to make the cloth diapering world easier on consumers. Cloth diapering has terms that we all needed to learn at one point, and this company really strives to eliminate that extra burden and FEAR that cloth diapering can bring to some. In fact, they even suggest using their bombshell over disposable diapers for consumers who simply want to trap in the mess! Great concept! The 5-in-1 diaper features the ability to be used as an all in one, an all in two, a pocket diaper, a hybrid system, and a bombshell cover – a little something for every cloth diaper lover.

My Rock-A-Bums Experience…

I used this diaper with one insert snapped in so I could have two diaper changes. I have a decently heavy wetter during the day, and we generally go through a fair amount of diapers. So I was very curious to see IF I would even be able to use the shell twice. We tested it out and we had great success. But – we were also home a lot and I change my kiddos quite frequently as you could imagine.

I decided to take this bad boy out for a true test – we went to the ZOO! And you know how kids are at the zoo? They do NOT like to cooperate! Okay, well my boy doesn’t like to cooperate or do diaper changes at the zoo. Needless to say, I was quite nervous about the experience. But – I was quite happy with the result – no leaks! And the inserts were great! He seemed very comfortable all day, even though the liner does in fact feel damp when wet. So this insert may not be the best for those kiddos who absolutely do not like to “feel” wet, but my boy – he doesn’t care so much.

My favorite things about this diaper…

Rock-a-bums are TRIM! By far, I think this diaper is the trimmest diaper I have come across as of today. I have been cloth diapering for almost 2 years now, so I have seen a decent amount. I also love that this diaper is simple, yet stylish! Not that everyone sees my boy’s bum – BUT I like to know he looks good.

My tot seems very comfortable, as I mentioned previously. Some diapers have bothered him in the past – the middle dangles down on him, or the legs irritate his chubby legs. This diaper did not bother him in one little way and he was very content when wearing it.

Rock-a-Bums has a wide range of sizes in order to accommodate babies and tots of all sizes. The fit has a rise of approximately 13” to 17”, and the waist ranges from teeny tiny (about 11”/12”) to about 20”. And this diaper is beyond quick and easy to adjust in thanks to those simple snaps! My tot is 31 pounds, and a little chunky monkey at moments, but this diaper still had plenty of room to go for him to keep on growing! He is on the top rows of naps for the rise, and still has some side snaps left to accommodate his growing waist.

My not so favorite things about this diaper…

What can I say – I really do not have any negative thoughts on this diaper. My only concern I did have was that the legs were a bit too saggy for my newborn girl. However, I know that this is common in many One-Size diapers because, let’s face it… every baby is different! Some diapers fit better than others on certain babies. Aside from that – I think this company did a stellar job!

I am unsure on how this diaper would hold up at night time, but I do not feel it would be my number one pick with heavy wetters. Because the shell does get damp if the insert is not changed quickly enough, I would have to imagine it may get a little too saturated – but again, every baby is different and this may be fantastic for some! As far as daytime, this is one of my favorites! And the price point is right on in my opinion, as some hybrids cost about $30 for two diaper changes!

You can purchase a Rock-a-bums shell and 2 inserts from the Rock-a-Bums website for $16.95!!

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6 Responses to “Rock-A-Bums Cloth Diapers are a Keeper!”

  1. Tabitha Says:



  2. Olivia L Says:

    I’ve never tried these, but they do look really trim! In your picture, it almost looks like a trainer instead of a diaper.


  3. Sharalee T. Says:

    After reading your review of Rock-A-Bums I’m sold! I’m very intersted in buying one and trying it out on my heavy nigth-time wetter. I also like the fact that you mentioned it is trim.


  4. Penny Says:

    RockaBums work great on our skinny girl. We are able to adjust the waist to fit her perfectly and still get a good fit in the legs. I like to use it as an all in two and rotate my covers throughout the day. Then when I’m leaving her with a sitter, we just stuff the pocket and she’s good to go!


  5. Michelle Says:

    We use our Rockabums for day or night. During the day I rotate between my red and black shells. If I am using at night, I either add a pad folded flat behind the microfiber insert (I like to snap the microfiber in vs using as a pocket) OR I use it as a cover over fitteds.


  6. Ruby Says:

    We love our Rock-A-Bums too!!! We mainly use them as an All-in-two and we have found them to work best when we rotate between 2-3 covers throughout the day! We use one cover, rotate to the next one with a new insert, and then by the next change, the first cover is usually dry, so we reuse that one! Love the system

    They are also my go to diaper for nighttime because of the wide crotch and versatility! I can stuff a full bamboo pod in the pocket and use the RAB insert on top and it contains my heavy wetter! I love your review, and I’m glad I’m not the only one with a child who won’t cooperate at the zoo! Don’t the know it’s supposed to be fun?!?! :)


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