Sbish Knit Wool Is Amazing!

December 11, 2009

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I adore writing reviews for products that have become my favorites. Erin, the brain behind Sustainablebabyish (sloomb) was very thoughtful to send me some of her new knits.  The new Sbish knit wool products have soared to the top of my favorites list for many reasons.

But, my opinion can’t hold that much weight for you!  A review holds more authority when the reviewer can prove that they’ve actually used some of the competition.  As my duty to you (well that’s what I tell my husband when I need a particular wool item) I have been using a variety of different wool items for the past 3 years.  I have experience with interlock (many many different brands), BFL (blue faced leicester), BBR (blackberry ridge), Llamajama, Baby Bear, recycled, Corriedale, Cestari and others I’m forgetting. I’ve used longies, shorties, soakers and capris that weren’t meant to be capris :P

Now that you know where my praise is coming from, I’ll break down my review.

Sbish knit wool is extremely soft! No scratchiness here (which can be the case with BFL and Purewool).  However, it isn’t so soft, like Cashmere and Merino, that it gets hairy or pills like crazy.

Sterling has been wearing these almost non-stop for 2 weeks and despite the heavy wear on the knees there is only a small amount of pilling.  Most of the pilling I see is on the front area that rubs against me when I hold him. For those of you who may be lost on the term pilling, it is where the wool fibers either ball up or begin matting together.

Compare this to BBR and Cestari that are extremely durable and rarely pill.

Sbish knit wool is double layered, therefore thick. LOVE this! Thickness is great for warmth and wetness protection.  The closest in thickness that I have used is a pair of longies I had knit up with Llamajama wool.  Although they are thick, they are very loose and allow for easy movement.  I love how Sbish had these knit up in a roomy way.  They are very similar to their interlock pattern.  Even though Sterling has very skinny legs the wide leg fits great.

I also really appreciate the forgiving color of Graphite.  Maybe it’s just my kid but he’s always getting something on him…usually because a big sibling leaves a marker open, food on the ground or tracks dirt in.

Sbish knit wool longies are $64, soakers are $42.  If you are wincing from the price I implore you to look for ways to scrape the pennies together! These could easily be the only longies I use.  Of course it’d be hard for me to sell the other guys but if I *had* to I would :D

Oh and the fit, well I couldn’t have designed it better myself.  Sbish knits have all the features I must have in longies. A wide waistband with a soft elasticity, spot on measurements for Sterling ;), and a tight knit stitch.  I’ve had longies where the stitch was too loose and that led to holes and leaks.  For size reference, Sterling is 19lbs, 31 1/2″ long, with a rise of about 16″ (guessing on that one) and he just turned 9months on the 9th. The longies in the picture are a M.

I strongly recommend signing up for the Sbish newsletters! I get discount codes often!

Speaking of discount codes, Erin has very generously offered a 20% off code good through  Sunday December 13th!

  • Please use code: KNITS20 for the weekend code for 20% off (storewide, excludes snapless-multi fitteds)
  • After that, use the code: HOLIDAYCD for 10% off through the month of December (store wide)
  • Codes can not be combined with any other discounts.
  • Sbish shipping will be closed 12/17 – 1/7. Make sure to order your knits by the 16th in order to ship by the 17th!! If you place an order on or after the 17 they will NOT be shipped until JANUARY 8th!

Contest Closed! Congratulations, Sarah F.!

She’s also offered to give one of you a pair of longies! Leave a comment telling me what you want most for Christmas to be entered.  You may gain extra entries by: (separate comments!!)

  • subscribing to All About Cloth Diapers,
  • subscribing to the Sloomb newsletter,
  • grabbing my button,
  • tweeting: win @sloombs knit longies! there’s also a sweet discount code! @autumnbeck #clothdiapers

The winner will be chosen on Monday December 14th @ noon (cst).

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  1. Jodie S Says:

    I am an “All About Cloth Diapers” subscriber.


  2. Jodie S Says:

    I want some new jeans and Jonathan shampoo & conditioner for me & some woolies for my baby.

    (sorry if a double post :blush: – it didn’t show in moderation)


  3. Jodie S Says:

    I am a sloomb newsletter subscriber. :o)


  4. Sierra Says:

    I want the ergo carrier and backpack most for Christmas :) These wool longies will be great as well!


  5. Gillian Says:

    I would love to find the perfect diaper to et rid of my son’s yicky diaper rash. (I’ve had sooo many mamas tell me to switch to sposies but I just can’t even stand the thought of it.)


  6. Valerie Says:

    What I want most for Christmas is a good time with my family


  7. Valerie Says:

    I’m a subscriber to sloomb!


  8. Valerie Says:

    I’m a subscriber to All About Cloth diapers


  9. Sammie Says:

    just subscribed to the newsletter


  10. Sammie Says:

    Oh it would be wonderful to win these. I love sbish sooooo much. If I could have anything in the world happen for Christmas I would want my grandmas cancer treatment to work. She was diapgnosed for the second time a few days ago and this will be the first time shell have to go through radiation and kemo.


  11. Tanya Says:

    I grabbed your button for my website, I just don’t wanna post the link but I can email you it :)


  12. Tanya Says:

    I tweeted the giveaway!


  13. Tanya Says:

    Subscribed to the Sloomb newsletter! How did I not see that before?


  14. Tanya Says:

    I’m a subscriber! :)


  15. Tanya Says:

    Maybe lame but true, I’d LOVE some SBish longies for my baby girl for Christmas! LOL I guess some “camera stuff” for mama would be nice too. ;)


  16. Jennifer Says:

    I subscribed to the sloomb newsletter.


  17. Jennifer Says:

    I subscribed to your blog.


  18. Jennifer Says:

    For Christmas I want more Rumparooz to add to my stash.


  19. Megan Says:

    Also put your button on my blog!


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    I subcribe to Sloomb’s newsletter


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    I subscribe to All About Cloth Diapers


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    Subscribed to AACD. =)


  23. Yara Says:

    I grabbed your button… it’s here


  24. Megan Says:

    I also subscribed to the Sloomb newsletter!


  25. Yara Says:

    What I want most for Christmas? To win this giveaway : )
    Or a new coffeemaker, one where water doesnt go flying everywhere every time you fill it.
    Cuz if I can’t feed my sbish addiction, I may as well be feeding my coffee addiction, right?


  26. Megan Says:

    I would really love some snow for Christmas!


  27. Virginia Says:

    I subscribe to all about cloth diapers


  28. Virginia Says:

    I really just want my step daughter home for Christmas. It would really make my husbands day.


  29. sarena Says:

    Hey I also subscribed!!


  30. Lauren Says:

    For the holidays, I wish for those who are struggling financially to feel loved and at peace with themselves and their families.
    I wish my husband and his battalion and all the troops a safe deployment, and hope they have a great meal and clean beds to sleep in.
    For myself and my kids, I hope they have a memorable Christmas, even though daddy’s not here. I hope I can make it special enough for them <3
    Thank you for the giveaway!


  31. sarena Says:

    What I want most for Chistmas is peace for the world. I celebrate Chanuka!!


  32. Patricia Says:

    subscribed to the Sloomb newsletter



  33. Patricia Says:

    I placed your button on my blog



  34. Patricia Says:

    I am a subscriber to your site (and I secretly love the email updates and usally read them right away!)



  35. Patricia Says:

    I really want something made by my kids… I would love to get a wearable craft from them… either in the form of jewelry (I’m thinking a pasta necklace or a paper-bead bracelet) or something in the form of clothing I could wear like a shirt with there hands or there feet… I just want something from there heart and something creative.. hopefully Daddy can help them (ps they are 4 and 1)


  36. Heather Says:

    I subscribe to AACD.


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    I subscribe to the Sloom newsletter.


  38. Heather Says:

    I’d really like a Kindle for Christmas, and to just spend a nice quiet Christmas at home with my little family.


  39. Caroline Says:

    I subscribe to the sloomb newsletter, too :)


  40. Caroline Says:

    I subscribed! We just got a pair of the longies that arrived yesterday, I need a soaker now. These are AMAZING, so thick and soft. They do take a long time to dry and the wait is torture! ;)


  41. Caroline Says:

    I would love family harmony and togetherness for Christmas (and beyond, of course :)


  42. Nicole Says:

    For Christmas I would love to be able to fly my whole extended family into town to celebrate the holidays together…but that won’t happen this year. SO, what I would like that could possibly happen is a new camera. Happy Holidays!!


  43. Hannah Says:

    …and what I want most for Christmas is a bench to put outside our front door- we just moved recently and a nice bench would be a great place to sit and watch my son while he plays outside! :)


  44. Hannah Says:

    …and just subscribed to your blog too :) (It looks awesome around here!)


  45. Hannah Says:

    Just subscribed to the sloomb newsletter! :) I LOVE the look of these longies!!


  46. Lauren Says:

    I want a fleece vest and a couple of one size fuzzibunz!!


  47. Michelle in OK Says:

    All I want for Christmas is to have my well-house finished! :o)


  48. Diana Says:

    I would really love a yoga studio membership for Christmas. I’m amazed how great I feel after an hour of yoga, but my videos are getting a little boring. :)


  49. Diana Says:

    I subscribe to the sloomb newsletter.


  50. Diana Says:

    I’m a subscriber! Those pants look so cute!


  51. Geneva Says:

    What I want for christmas: peace in my home, love in my heart and contentment in my soul.


  52. heidi Says:

    I would really love a wii so I can workout with wii fit and lose my baby weight! but we cant swing that $$ right now!


  53. Katie H Says:

    I tweeted (@k8eharris)!


  54. Katie H Says:

    I subscribe to Sloomb!


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    I subscribe to AACD!


  56. Katie H Says:

    For Christmas I’d like health and happiness for my family!


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    I am subscribed.


  58. Liset Says:

    I would really like a Kindle for Christmas.


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    I subscribe to AACD! via RSS google.


  60. Angel Says:

    I want a lot of big ticket items but just can’t bring myself to get any of them (or ask my husband for them which is the same thing IMO). Kindle, iphone, and wii for wii fit are the main ones. Just not my style to spend that much money on luxury items. But……I want!


  61. Theresa A. Says:

    I subscribe to AACD!


  62. Theresa A. Says:

    For Christmas, being with my family is all I really want :-)


  63. Carisa Thomas Says:

    what I want most for christmas is a nice quiet christmas at home, just my husband, my cats and my big ‘ol pregnant belly (and maybe a large box of donuts). but, alas! we must go visiting.


  64. Sara Says:

    For Christmas: Happiness for my family, Love for my friends, Satiety for the hungry, & Freedom for the poor. (I have lots of things, but feel as though; too bequeath to others, that which cannot be bought, is the greatest gift I can receive!)


  65. Sara Says:

    I’m a subscriber!


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