Scarlet’s Naturals Products Review Plus Giveaway

I have really enjoyed my search for cloth diaper safe products that are also gluten free.  In November 2011, I finally got a diagnosis for the skin rash I had been suffering with for years.

It turns out that my rash had a name: Dermatitis Herpetaformis.  DH is, in super layman’s terms, is Celiac’s Disease with on the skin instead of the gut.  I still get all the small intestine damage when eating gluten but I also have the added benefit (sarcasm) of breaking out in itchy blisters.

Many Celiac’s do not have to guard against gluten in body products but with DH it’s a must.  One day as I was about to use my favorite wipes solution I decided to check the ingredients…about the same time I decided to check the ingredients of my go-to rash cream…BOTH had gluten!

I couldn’t believe it.  I only moped for a minute then set out to find awesome WAHM products safe for cloth diapers and my health.

It was a recommendation by one of you that led me to contacting Desiree of Scarlet’s Naturals.  I was shocked to discover that she was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s in January (this has come up 2 other times while talking to WAHM makers of baby products)!

All Scarlet’s Naturals products are GLUTEN FREE!

So, why would you want to check out Scarlet’s Naturals if you don’t have a need to steer clear of gluten?

Because it is highly effective, cloth diaper safe, made by a WAHM and the fragrances are amazing!

Desiree generously provided me with Hiney Honey Bites, Hiney Honey Creme, Scarlet’s Lip Honey and Scarlet’s Suds to try out.

I mentioned smell….ahhhhh…the Hiney Honey Bites are concentrated wipes’ solution cubes with a strong yet non-overpowering fragrance.  I have pearberry and I could seriously eat them. But, that would be gross.

They were simple to dissolve and add to my little amber glass spray bottle.  Hiney Honey Bites makes changing poopy diapers a little more pleasant :)

Then there is Scarlet’s Suds.  This one I got in coconut and I was a bit disappointed that my clothes didn’t smell edible.  Not really, but wouldn’t that be awesome if the scent would work like that?!  I can’t give a thorough review of the detergent because I recently had to strip my cloth diaper stash.  I’m just now getting close to doing the first post-strip laundry cycle.

Scarlet’s Lip Honey was immediately (absolutely true) taken by my 10 year old daughter.  Her review, “I love the smell, I love the smoothness and how it leaves my lips feeling soft.  Some chapsticks are hard but this is a soft kind.  I like the fruity strawberry smell, too!”


The creme de la creme of Scarlet’s Naturals’ product line is the Hiney Honey Creme.  I am a huge texture junkie and I love the texture of this! It is creamy and grainy and goes on super smooth.  It’s easy to get out of the tin with one hand (while the other is holding up legs) and smear all over.

Hiney Honey Creme is unscented and made with bees wax from their own hives. Very cool.

Scarlet’s Naturals is giving away a product OF YOUR CHOICE!  And because I love the Hiney Honey Creme a lot I am going to contribute 1 tin to a winner also!

The contest will end on Friday April 6, 2012 at midnight.  I will be in the wilderness camping but rest assured the winner will be chosen and posted on the Rafflecopter form.  Please make sure you are an email subscriber to All About Cloth Diapers, you live in the US, you are 18 years or older and you love cloth diapers.

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13 Responses to “Scarlet’s Naturals Products Review Plus Giveaway”

  1. Julia Says:

    I am seriously addicted to all the Scarlet’s Naturals products. My baby has eczema, so not only are the bath and lotion products great for her skin, they smell WONDERFUL too! We cloth diaper, so we use the Hiney Honey, Honey Bites and the laundry detergent too! Like I said—addict ;0). We loooooove Scarlet’s Naturals!!!!


  2. Ashley L Says:

    I absolutely love all of her products! I don’t cloth diaper, but I still love, love, love them! I love the Hiney Honey, the Lip Honey, all of it. And the pearberry is fabulous! The shipping was extra quick, too. Oh, and I love the bug spray, too, and looking forward to the new sunscreen coming soon! =D


  3. Tabatha Says:

    We love the Hiney Honey Cream. Time to reorder is coming soon and I plan on trying a few of the other things as well. Its a great product and wonderful customer service.


  4. Krystal Says:

    My son and recently had horrible colds, not only doesn’t the honey honey work on baby booty’s it also works on chapped noses and cheeks!!! We also purchased the suds and 3 washes later I am in love!! They leave a light scent and no build up!! I cannot wait for the sunscreen to come out since my little guy has crazy sensitive skin and broke out with every sunscreen we tried last year! Desiree makes a great product!!


  5. Lindsay Palmer Says:

    We LOVE Scarlet’s products and pearberry is our favorite scent! I totally know what you mean about wanting to eat it (lol). Desiree is an AMAZING person/mom/wahm. Anyone who buys her products should feel happy to support such a great person and an amazing product.


  6. Tawnya Says:

    Hello! I found your site doing a search for yeast rashes, and found your post from 2008. PLEASE give me some advice! It seems you went through a ton, and have a lot of answers for me maybe.. :) If you’re able to help with some yeast questions, please shoot me an email.. I believe it’s given to you. :) If not… spellcheckergirl at gmail dot com ;)


  7. angela e Says:

    I just ordered the but cream and the honey bites the other day


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