Searching for a Diaper Bag That Works with Cloth Diapers? Check out the My Chickadee Carryall! {plus giveaway!}


I am a researcher! I want to know all about something and how good it is BEFORE I buy. When I was creating my baby registry, one of the most necessary (I think!) things was just stumping me! What diaper bag to get?! Jeez, who would have thought that would be the thing I couldn’t figure out!

A while back I posted: ‘Packing a Diaper Bag When You Use Cloth Diapers…You Can Fit More Than You Think!’ It started a big discussion on our Facebook page. I wanted to know what everyone thought was the best bag to use. Some like to keep it small and some go BIG. I’m not a ‘take only the absolute necessities’ kind of girl myself, so I find I need a decent amount of space to fit all my stuff!

Ch 1

Janina Ma, Founder and CEO of My Chickadee, contacted me because she wanted to be able to share her diaper bag with All About Cloth Diapers readers. I did receive the bag for free, however this review is my honest opinion.

From the start, Janina was wonderful to work with. She has been so easy to communicate with and really just wants to make using cloth diapers and babywearing easier for all of us moms by providing great bags that really do fit everything perfectly!

I have two other high quality diaper bags that I used before getting the My Chickadee. I honestly was a little on the fence about the patterns. I wasn’t sure any of them were quite me. Let me tell you… I was in love with this bag from the moment I took it out of the box. The photos don’t do the bag or the pattern justice. I seriously think it is the perfect summer pattern! My Chickadee introduces new patterns and colors throughout the year. No joke, my husband even commented on what a nice bag it was. And he doesn’t notice or mention anything about my purses or bags usually.

Ch 2

First thing I really like about this bag is its size. It’s big without being BIG! It measures 14”x12” with a 7” gusseted bottom. I can fit 4 diaper changes, wetbag, changing pad, wipes, spray, bottle/sippy, water, change of clothes, travel food AND my wallet, cell and keys. Best part is it doesn’t look like the bag is going to explode.

CH 4

Next thing I love are the separate compartments. There is a zippered closed section in the middle of the bag that creates two sections for easy organization. I stored all my important personal stuff in there and didn’t worry about losing it because it was always zippered. The compartments allow you to use the bag with 2 kids and totally separate their stuff so you know what goes with who.

Or you can separate the wetbag and changing pad away from other items and just keep the rest on the other side. Since I only have one baby, that’s what I did and it made it VERY easy to find everything. My parents and husband didn’t have to tear the whole bag apart looking for one thing now, they could just see it when they looked in!

One other thing that totally sets this bag apart from other diaper bags available on the market…the changing pad! Seriously, this pad is the nicest one I have ever seen. It folds back up neatly and has its own closures. It is made of a soft leatherette material that is VERY easy to clean. And, of course, the other side is made of fabric that matches your bag. Also available is a matching large wet bag! Love that! I’m not going to lie, I am not amazing at coordinating things, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to be! Here, it all looks good together.

Ch 3

My Chickadee is very conscious of being green and safe for baby. It’s run by a mom of three after all! All of their products comply with CPSIA standards and are Lead, BPA & Phthalate free.

I’ve washed my wetbag a few times (hang to dry) and it still looks great! I haven’t had to clean the actual bag yet, but it’s always better to spot treat when you can (I think it helps to keep a bag newer longer). It is machine washable though, so don’t worry about stains or spills!

I am so glad the Janina contacted All About Cloth Diapers with her product. I have packed up my other diaper bags and plan to use this one all summer long! This is a boutique quality bag without the boutique price! My Chickadee Designs also offers free shipping in the US. Janina has been kind enough to offer All About Cloth Diapers readers 10% off in their My Chickadee shop. Use code allaboutclothdiapers .

Finally, Janina and My Chickadee Designs is also generously doing an amazing giveaway of one Carryall bag, winner chooses the pattern! You don’t want to miss this!

Congrats! Holly P. was the winner! 

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161 Responses to “Searching for a Diaper Bag That Works with Cloth Diapers? Check out the My Chickadee Carryall! {plus giveaway!}”

  1. Raur Says:

    Thistle blueberry is pretty. This bag has sooooo much that I love. The only thing I think I’d like in a diaper bag that it doesn’t have is backpack straps for walking around


  2. marisje Says:

    Blooms coral. For some diapers my wrap and food


  3. jessamyn Says:

    I love the Thistle Latte. Pockets! You can never have enough!


  4. Emily reed Says:

    I would love the kaleidoscope teal :) a diaper bag for me has to be big enough for my cloth diapers and washable!


  5. Lily Ivey Says:

    Kaleidoscope Teal


  6. valerie Says:

    I love the Kaleidoscope Teal for my boy, but they are all great and really neutral. Hubby wouldn’t even mind carrying this! One improvement I’d like to see in a diaper bag is the overall structure for sturdiness. All the ones I have found, just seem to flop and fall in on themselves, but that doesn’t seem to be happening with these. I really don’t see any room for improvement with this bad. It looks amazing, like a dream come to life!


  7. Katherine Says:

    The chickadee divided carryall. I have twins and can never get enough storage!!


  8. Madison Says:

    They are all so cute! I love the carryall, but I can’t decide what print is my favorite. I like a diaper bag that just has enough room in it!


  9. Stacy Mojica Says:

    I looked at all the prints and I actually prefer the Kaleidoscope teal best, the one pictured in this post. It’s classy and professional, yes interesting with a pop of color.

    I’d like a bag with lots of zippered pocket inside and pockets outside to keep sippy cups in.


  10. Barbara19 Says:

    Chickadee Divided Carryall, Blooms – Coral for my daughter-in-law.


  11. Jessica Says:

    I would get the thistle blueberry, so pretty! I pretty much love everything about it, looks like they’ve thought of everything! It’s funny, today I took my LO to her 2 month follow up and was thinking while I was there that I need a more practical diaper bag. Mine is just one big open bag with no compartments which means I have to tear it apart every time I look for something…annoying. Thanks for sharing this product.


  12. Jutta P. Says:

    I love the Thistle Latte. I love a gusseted bag that can stand on it’s own. It also needs to be washable!


  13. Sandra Ambroise Says:


    I like a lot of smaller pockets to sort stuff in, so I won’t have to dig through the bag when I look for a certain thing.


  14. Melinda Says:

    I would get the Carryall, Thistle_latte…so cute!


  15. Tracie Says:

    I think this would be an awesome diaper bag! I’ve been searching for one that I could use for both of my boys ! I like the kelidiscope teal the best but they all look adorable especially for a mom in a houseful of little boys!


  16. Shera Says:

    I like the idea of the crossbody + a wetbag or two or three. We have a messenger stlyle bag that never gets used and a “daddy” backpack that carries everthing… it’s got hidden pockets for outings, and lots of places to organize diapers, accessories, toys, sunblock, etc.


  17. Nicole C. Says:

    I like all the colors but I would probably do one of the more boyish colors. I like that I can pack until my hearts’ content with that bag! It would be perfect for when we are out longer :)


  18. Tisha Says:

    I like the divided carryall in Kaleidoscope-Teal. I love that the wet bag can fit on one side and not be thrown on top of everything else.


  19. Sarah Says:

    Love the divided carryall…all the patterns are so cute and bright! And, you could definitely carry it after babies are grown too.


  20. Jenna Says:

    I would choose the divided carry all in kaleidoscope teal. I have two boys and a surprise due next month and need lots of room to carry everyone’s belongings. The pockets are amazing. I like a place to keep my things separate from theirs.


  21. Kendra Says:

    I like Thistle Latte or klaidoscope teal in the carryall. I like bags with plenty of pockets to put other little things, so they don’t get lost but also like them spacious enough for a days worth of diapers and clothes.


  22. Barbara M Says:

    coral carryall! Love love summer colors!I’m an over packer so I definitely need a large bag!


  23. Cindy Says:

    I love the carryall in blueberry! Wonderful bag!


  24. Monica Says:

    I would get Blooms-Coral Carryall. I love the compartments and the accessories!


  25. Breanna scott Says:

    I’d get the carryall but I’d prefer a purple fabric. Only because it’s my favorite color. :) looks like a great bag. I’d also love pockets that are insulated for carrying breast milk or a bag big enough for my pump.


  26. Stacie Says:

    The carryall looks awesome. Best features are lots and lots and lots of pockets!


  27. emily Says:

    I love the blue thistle design! It could maybe use outside side pockets for easy access to bottles or cups?


  28. Michelle O. Says:

    I think, ok actually, I know I am an over packer with my cloth. Maybe it’s the lack of space with the size or no compartments, I’m not sure!! So looking at the Carryall, I can actually visualize a new game plan! I love both coral and teal kaleidoscope patterns and the matching pad and wet bag! How awesome! I’m thinking it’s time to try something new, and this may just be it!


  29. Jaime S Says:

    I like the Thistle Latte carryall. I haven’t yet needed a diaper bag (soon!) but I imagine pockets are useful :)


  30. Trish McCurdy Says:

    Pockets pockets pockets, and how easily it organizes is huge to me. I like my diaper bag similar to a military wall locker with everything having an exact place. Literally irks me of its not in its dress right dress spot or if things have been used and not teplaced.


  31. Veronica Says:

    I have such a problem with diaper bags. It is either too small to fit cloth diapers and clothes for both littles or can’t find one we like. Thx! I’m going to check these out!!


  32. Collette Says:

    I love these bags! My sister just got one and I almost stole it from her! I’m hoping I can convince my husband I need it now!


  33. Jenn Ellis Says:

    I have never actually thought about what would make an amazing diaper bag. I figured they were all pretty much the same unless you shell out big bucks. With my (disposable wearing) daughter I used any bag I could grab on the way out the door. That usually resulted in a backpack or whatever cheap thing I picked up for the outer design.

    After seeing the designs on the My Chickadee site, I can’t get over how awesome the thistle-latte changing clutch is for short trips and the kaleidoscope-teal carry-all is for everything else (or as a personal bag after the kids hit the toddler years).


  34. Kayla Says:

    I love all the designs.


  35. Amy Lumley Says:

    I like the thistle blueberry although I don’t know if my husband would like carrying it! The design seems well thought out. Love the idea of the center pocket. I would like a backpack design.


  36. Jess B. Says:

    I love the kaleidoscope teal design.


  37. alyssa v Says:

    I love the thistle latte. I love the compartments


  38. Paula G Says:

    I’d take the carry-all in thistle latte. I love pockets! Pocket for a sippy, my keys, phone, etc


  39. Maggie Says:

    I love the kalidescope coral pattern, this is a very well thought out bag and I love that it is machine washable!!


  40. Laurie A Says:

    It is a hard decision, but I think I’d go with Thistle Blue.


  41. Amber Says:

    This would be great with my two kiddos


  42. Farrah Says:

    Wow,this bag is so well thought out. Would be easy to carry whilst babywearing too :-)


  43. Lacey Eckstein Says:

    I like the carryall in thistle latte :D i love lots of pockets to keep things separate so I can carry a lot of things and still be organized!


  44. Katrina H Says:

    I would choose kaleidoscope in teal. I like pockets for dividing. Light weight, and easy access and cleaning.


  45. Katie Says:

    This would work perfectly for my sister and her two kids!!


  46. Leslie Says:

    I like the Kaleidoscope Teal and LOVE the separate compartments! The dividers makes it so much easier to find your stuff!


  47. Lauren Says:

    I would get the carryall in thistle latte! Such a great bag for cloth diapering! :)


  48. Kylie K. Says:

    Chickadee divided carryall in thistle is my favorite. I love all the compartments and I would love to buy a wetbag as well!


  49. Krisandra Says:

    I would definitely choose the Divided Carryall, but I’m having a hard time picking a color! I love the Kaleidoscope pattern, but can’t decide between the coral & tturquoise. They’re both beautiful!


  50. Ayla Marie Romero Says:

    I like the thistle latte pattern. The functionality of this diaper bag seems so convenient & simplistic! I have a regular diaper bag now that never meets the needs I have for cd’ing! I would love to use this diaper bag just for the convenience of the changing pad!! I really like the matching wet bag too!!


  51. Ashley Says:

    I would love to see a wallet attached to the inside of the diaper bag that pulls out.


  52. Christi Says:

    I would get the kaleidescope teal carryall. This would be the perfect bag to tote around with my two cloth diapering kiddos! :)


  53. Rehannon Miller Says:

    I like kaleidescope late.. I love the fact it has the seperate departments and the matching wetbag, adorable.


  54. Krys Fernandes Says:

    I like the large wet bag in kaleidoscope teal.
    I love bags with easy access outside pockets and closed, separation
    Pockets or dividers inside the bag.


  55. Katie Says:

    I would get the kaleidescope teal carryall. I love pockets inside and out!



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