Selling Cloth Diapers to Help Orphans in Ethiopia

January 21, 2011


****UPDATE! Thank you for buying all that I had for sale!!

I donated, on all of our behalf, $300! Christie was FLOORED!  What a blessing.

Yesterday, I received this message:

“Hannah’s Hope needs cloth diapers!!! They are literally rinsing out disposable diapers and hanging them out to dry! Today Addison had one such diaper on. It only had one tab remaining. They had placed a cloth diaper ( the decorative kind like we use as burp cloths) inside of the reused diaper. Of course we had brought them all of those donations, but guess they know that they have to ration them out with over 30 babies in diapers”

I googled ‘Hannah’s Hope orphanage cloth diapers’ and found this blog: We Love Our Lucy. I was immediately moved to action.  At first, my thought was to donate all the diapers I was going to sell.  But, after reading the blog Knowing No Bounds I realized there are better ways to help the orphanage than to send newborn Mutts and other small fitteds.

For $20, Christie (Knowing No Bounds) can get 2 Kawaii diaper covers, 5 prefolds, 1 snappi and 1 doubler.

Remember prefolds, microfiber inserts, and covers are our greatest need!!!!!!

So, you get first dibs on all my newborn diapers that I’m not using (the rest I’ll either sell when Camden outgrows them or save them)!!


For simplicity, I’ll post outer pics of the diapers and *if* a diaper has stains I will note that and price accordingly.  Post a comment with what you want and I will get back to you with my Paypal address.  I won’t publish the comments so if you don’t hear back from me the diaper went to a quicker commenter.

Prices (ppd means shipping included): Mutts- $10ppd, Little Boppers $10ppd, Muggabug $20ppd, Covered Caboose $7ppd, Clothmopolitan $5ppd ea., Goodmama $17ppd, KL0 $6ppd, BG Organics/Elementals $17ppd ea White Yellow, Flip Stay-dry Inserts $17ppd for all.  The blue/green dot Mutt has a shadow stain that is almost unnoticeable.


Link goes directly to the paypal account of Christie/Knowing No Bounds.












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21 Responses to “Selling Cloth Diapers to Help Orphans in Ethiopia”

  1. ellen Says:

    do you also send diapers to Liberia?


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      This post was a charity post and is quite old. We do charity fundraisers, but mostly for organizations in the US now. Thank you for contacting me!


  2. Kelly Says:

    Have you considered doing these? (It’s a short video about how to make an easy prefold out of a size L t-shirt) I thought about this style of diaper for my project, but decided that the people around here will actually use AIO’s whereas prefolds mostly get used as burp cloths.


  3. Marie Coribin Says:

    Hey I am glad I found this blog. What a great blessing Hannah’s hope is. I have to wait until my husband gets home and see how much we can give. Thanks for posting this and God bless.


  4. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you for doing this. We brought home, at the time 13mos., boy/girl twins in August ’10 from Ethiopia. Our children were in a different orphanage but I know that Hannah’s Hope will be very grateful for your donation. You are doing a wonderful thing.


  5. Jen H. Says:

    Wow! I made all my own cloth diapers out of old flannel sheets, t-shirts, and towels! That may be a better solution for them than washing out disposables! I would rather use a plain old towel than do that. Maybe this info will help them.


  6. Emily Phillips Says:


    I am new to cloth diapering. Before I had my baby, I bought two small g diaper covers and 24 cloth inserts. The g diapers did not contain the poop or pees very well so I used disposables for the first 6 months. Now I am trying again, because disposables are so yucky. I bought 4 used drybees pocket diapers and am using my g diaper inserts with those. But they seem so “big” on my little girl. She can’t seem to move around well when wearing them. I am so happy to find your website. I’m sure what I want to know is already on here but I’m having trouble finding it. What kind of cloth diaper do I want??


  7. Megan Says:

    This is awesome. I really want to purchase some of these. Baby due in July, but I’m committed to not buying anything else until after our gender identifying u/s on Feb. 9th. Not sure how many you will have left by then, but I’m eager to try something other than KLo based on your reviews :)


  8. Jocelyn Groff Says:

    ps. Is there any particular reason why you aren’t using these on Camden?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I have a plethora of diapers ;) My husband asked me, “Is this hard for you? I know how much you love your cloth diapers.” He’s so sweet to understand :P


  9. Adrianne Says:

    Do you know if this is 501c3 org? I would also like to directly donate


  10. Rema Says:

    I’d like the mugabug and the covered caboose soakers as well as the flip inserts. My Husband just left for Liberia today. I wish i had thought about bringng prefolds to a orphanage there. I will definitely be packing some prefolds for his trip to Uganda his summer… What a great idea.


  11. Heather Evans Says:

    It is awesome that you found out about Hannah’s hope and I will lookit up. Just this week I sent some diapers to a Rotary International Group in California that is going on a mission trip to Guatemala. Until I became a cloth diapering mama it never occured to me there was such a need for these diapers in poverty stricken countries. Are the yellow BG’s still available, if so I will take them.


  12. Jennie Sherman Says:

    I just read a bit on each of those blogs and they are amazing! I want to “donate” by buying some of the diapers. I’d like the three Mutts on the left of the first pic, the grey owl Mutt in the second pic and all 4 Bottom Bumpers. Let me know how to get in touch to pay you! Thanks for doing this!


  13. Julie Kanter Says:

    I’ll take your newborn little boppers, kluvs, and 4-5 mutts in gender neutral colors if you still have them left. I bought mutts for my upcoming newborn mainly because you recommended them so highly, so I hope this means you haven’t given up on them!



  14. Grateful for Grace Says:

    Oh, friend! I’m in tears. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for taking action in a way that will truly bless these babies! YEA!


  15. Carmen D Says:

    I have to tell you that I am SO EXCITED you are doing this! My husband and I are adopting two brothers from Ethiopia and our agency Yahoo Group has been sending cloth diapers over because so many orphanages need them. Thank you so much for doing this!


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