Should You Shop at Franklin Goose?

March 20, 2011

Cloth Diapers

Franklin Goose is a newer company (launched in 2010, I believe). In the beginning they seemed to do all the right things to get their name out and bring in customers.  In the end (or what very well seems like their end) they’ve done all the wrong things.

Cheating customers, “stealing” money and playing the bait ‘n switch game will never put a business where they want to be.  Sure they may get publicity, but it won’t be the kind they want.

For the full scoop I direct you to The Saved Quarter.  She was duped by Franklin Goose and provides an excellent review of their shady behavior.

Franklin Goose, You Suck

by Penny Saver on March 19, 2011

Welcome, new readers from Facebook, Twitter, forums, and blogs discussing the Franklin Goose fiasco. I know a lot of you guys were screwed with this scam and would love to hear your story in the comments. Also, please consider subscribing for free money-saving tips through RSS or e-mail and following me on Facebook or Twitter.


A year ago, I posted about a Franklin Goose promotion wherein they would pay $5 per review on their website. Excited to use the credit toward my $100 Holiday, I spent hours writing honest, quality reviews of products I’ve used, and accrued several hundred dollars in credits. They requested that people “bank” their credits, saying on their blog on 3/26/10:

In an effort to swallow the astounding number of reviews and orders, we are offering you as much as 20% if you postpone and bank your store credit between 6 months and 1 year.

Simply login to Franklin Goose and click on the links to bank your credit on the account page!

The more you bank, the more you help us. Besides perhaps you can get new products as they become available in the future.

Those that didn’t bank their credits received products; those that tried to help the company out by waiting didn’t. I banked my credits for 6 months, and in October, when they should have been available, I was told that it would be March before I could use them. I’ve been e-mailing since the beginning of March with no response. Yesterday, I got this e-mail:

To all of our loyal customers,
We are writing to update you on the status of the promotion.  As you may know, we were overwhelmed by an enormous number of reviews submitted in connection with the promotion, and we thank all of you who followed the rules and wrote honest, heartfelt reviews.
Unfortunately, many of those who submitted reviews merely sought the promotion’s benefits without providing a commensurate genuine, honest review.  While we initially filled a large amount of orders, we simply do not have the resources to continue vetting the reviews to distinguish those that followed the rules from those that did not.
In order to continue as a business, we must amend the promotion. This is not a step we take lightly, but one which is necessary for the health of our business.  Accordingly, we have decided to take down and remove from the site all reviews which were written as part of the promotion. All open orders using store credit and partial store credit will be cancelled, as well as all remaining store credit.  In their place, we are providing a one-time use coupon for 40% off of any purchase.  The purchase can be as large or small as you wish, but only you can use the coupon code-it is not transferrable, refundable, or redeemable for cash and it can only be used on full price merchandise.  The coupon will be good until September 15, 2011.  In order to get your coupon code you must email us at  This email is only equipped to send you a personal coupon code.
We understand that this step may frustrate some.  If you have constructive feedback, we look forward to hearing from you.  Otherwise we look forward to focusing our customer service efforts on customers placing orders.
We thank you for your time and effort in writing reviews and value you as a customer.
Thank you,
Franklin Goose
So I am not going to receive any credit, and I’m angry. They clearly saw that their offer was going viral (how could it not?!) and didn’t place any limits on the amount of credit a person could earn. They didn’t make an effort to stop the promotion early when they could see that it was growing out of control. And they cheered, “We’re giving away over $1 million in store credit!” only to cancel many orders or delete the credits altogether.

I am using my Google ranking (one in which I earned legitimately ;) ) to help get the word out to those who may not yet realize that they’ve lost their credit and to prevent others from shopping there.

Why prevent you from shopping there? If a business will stoop this low once, they’ll do it again.

Feel free to voice your thoughts here.  I love a healthy discussion :)


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44 Responses to “Should You Shop at Franklin Goose?”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    I am local business owner with clients in need of maternity and baby services and products. I came across this blog and, even though it was started some time ago, would like to give my thoughts about Franklin Goose and it’s owners. I dealt with H and S when I first started my business, as I was referred to them by one of the brands I partner with regarding baby gear. I realized early that there was a good cop/bad cop approach to dealing with businesses. Not only with me, but had that impression from what some of my other partners told me about their experiences. They also lacked professionalism and contradicted themselves continuously, which is why I am not surprised to see that they had an intentional viral campaign that they would not, could not, and did not show follow-through or morals. Because they do not have much in the way of competition in this town, they feel like they run the show and are “the only game in town” (yes, that is an exact quote). So, why can’t they do what they want, including deceiving new and expecting moms? There is no one to regulate this type of behavior. Nor do they care what anyone thinks, because they aren’t in business to help new and expecting moms despite what they may claim. They are in business to make money, pure and simple. As a business owner, I think it should be a crime to not follow through on an offer made to existing and potential customers. As a native Richmonder, FG is an embarrassment to other local businesses, who are honest and hardworking. As someone that is interested in helping new and expecting parents, I don’t refer my clients to FG, and have found that the majority of those that discover it on their own, either don’t want to travel to Carytown or don’t like the service, price, or selection once they have visited the store. While this is the only time I have ever spoken publicly about FG, I would like to offer this advice. If you really want to make an impact, email the companies/brands that this store carries and let them know of your grievances. Tell them that you were going to acquire their product via these credits and couldn’t because of what THEIR chosen local retailer (FG) did. Some may not care, but some may just pull their products out of the store. Let them know by being a “squeaky wheel”. With enough “squeaky wheels”, you never know what may happen. :)


  2. Natalie Says:

    I made a reasonable amount of honest reviews for products I had lots of experience with. I ordered five items and paid with $55 in credits and $20 on my card. I received one of the items, but not the others. I’m so upset that I didn’t even get to pick which of the four items I actually received and I actually paid for it!


  3. Kim Says:

    Wow, this does suck. When I read about the $5 per review promotion with no limit, my first thought was that it was too good to be true and something shady was going on. I guess it’s just my suspicious nature, but in this case it looks like it served me well. Sorry for everyone who was wronged by this company. I hope you get some justice.


  4. Robyn Says:

    I would encourage everyone who has not yet done so, to read Penny Sarver’s blog with the link above (“The Saved Quarter”). She has documented everything throughout this scam and it just shows that this was an intentional campaign. There are emails, screen shots, etc. showing all the company’s actions. All of you who are feeling sorry for this poor little sweet all-natural company who just got in over its head- that is so incredibly wrong that it makes me cringe. This is a big company running FG. They paid $25,000 just for an idea of how to go viral, and they NEVER intended to follow through once people started taking advantage of the credits. Yes, some people got to use their credits before FG started denying people. But that just makes it that much more wrong- that some people got their credit and others, in an effort to help the company deal with the onslaught of orders, never used a penny. If you actually do your research before just giving them the benefit of the doubt, and saying that people just got greedy, you will see that they are indeed a piece of “poop” company with no morals. Yes they sell organic diapers and natural toys and lots of pretty things. But a good store that actually cares about the natural/organic market would NEVER do their customers like this. And people possibly need to reexamine their definition of greed- when there is no limit placed on the amount of credit you can earn at a store, why would it be wrong to try to get as much credit as you can, using your time (after your kids are asleep, like most parents did) with no other expendables? In a recession when a lot of people are out of a job or can’t afford things they need or would like???? What is worse- people being “greedy” (and I don’t agree that the honest reviewers were) or a company lying, stealing, ignoring customer complaints, and feigning “innocence” by lying about a change of management that never happened?? Yes, my kids are happily sleeping in bed, and I am venting to keep the word alive- no one should be supporting this store with purchases. Let them go down in flames. Other, better companies will rise up in its place.


  5. ericka blythe Says:

    Wow, I am so saddened by all of this. I hate to hear that so many were excited to be making some extra money to be used mostly likely towards their children. However, even more saddened by the lost of time with your children while you spewing such anger.


    • krystal_heidi Says:

      i dont know about anyone else but the reviews i wrote were done after my kids went to bed during what i call my “wind down time”, any time i spend online during the day is while my older kids are at school and the younger ones are down for nap.
      i dont see hardly anyone spewing anger, just alot of mamas who are upset that franklin goose has given them the shaft while they get lots of free avertising for the last year.
      all of the places that i have worked at before i had kids, the place my husband works at, even the hospital my father works at, relys on word of mouth as the most effective form of advertising above all the other forms that they produce. the hospital even relys on the word of mouth advertising since they would rather patients come to them rather than their competitor accross town.
      therefore the fact that fg recieved tons of word of mouth advertising over the last year about how they are very green, the store they opened up was created as eco friendly as possible, the products they offer are eco friendly and very safe for babies and children, this upsets all the women who spent time giving that word of mouth advertising because they wrote reviews and want the company to succeed so they can recieve their payment for those reviews.
      i had barely any credits left over, and didnt have much to start out with so i’m not hugely upset about MY credits getting taken, i am some but not alot. i am much more upset by the way fg used all of us women (and i’m betting alot of dads too) as their stepping stone and therefore are basically attempting to walk all over us. we all just want them to know that we arent stepping stones or doormats, we are human beings who deserve to be treated as they would like to be treated. i would bet they would be very upset if the situation were reversed, i dont understand why the people who were wronged by fg are being treated as though we should just shut up and take the treatment that fg has dished out to us. we just want them to follow through on the promise that they gave us.


  6. Gibrana Says:

    If you can, please support Heather and Jennifer in their gripe against Franklin Goose. Lots of people already joined to support them. Let’s spread the word…


  7. Lisa Says:

    Many of the moms who did reviews for the site are actually paid writers – I’m one of them. Time = Money, and FG knows this. Not only that, but their viral campaign gave them some of the BEST SEO that money can buy, except, yep they didn’t actually pay for it (or at least, for all of it). If I delivered a product to a client, who decided not to pay me after promising to for a year, why on EARTH would I support them? I would, instead, do my best to warn people away. So I appreciate the time that all of you bloggers have taken to spread the news. I suppose it’s easy for people to write off “angry moms” if this is something they’d do for free anyway, but please understand that’s not the case for everyone.


  8. Raychel Says:

    I think they bit off more than they can chew, and should own up to that. Maybe letting people use only a certain amount of credit per order. Like $20 in credit for $40 bought.
    That said, you guys are really getting ugly with this. Most of you talk about being Christian, but this is COMPLETELY un-Christ like of you all. I don’t think this was malicious at all, they just underestimated the greed of Americans and our desire to “get something for nothing” all the time.
    If I wanted to see this type of venom spewed, I would subscribe to the blog of an Atheist.
    That said, I won’t be reading this one anymore.
    Yes you guys were messed over. Life isn’t fair sometimes. Get over it guys.
    (For those who lost money they actually spent, the company should rectify that.)


    • Iris Says:

      I think comments like this fuel ambers! Your Christian holier than thou attitude sucks! And so does your impression that Athiest are not nice people!

      This company refuses time and time again to adress customers who seek information. They go as far as to call these customers noise, cheaters, liars, etc. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to be called a liar or any other negative word when I did the right thing and even cared about the company and their struggles! I was very much a concerned follower and now I feel suckered. You see it differently and that’s your prerogative but dont start calling people names when you don’t agree!


    • Leighann Says:

      So how much were you paid to write that, “Raychel”? Hope your commission is high :-)


    • Chrys Says:

      In regard to the credits, I agree with you completely. It sucks but there is no reason to get so ugly. It’s detrimental to your soul to feel and voice such ugliness. Some things you just have to get past. As for the people who haven’t received their orders but have lost money, that is not cool. Try taking it up with your credit card company. If enough people take this root, something will be done to rectify the matter.
      BTW, I’m not being paid for any of this and I’m not a Christian but Christ like values are at the top of my list of priorities. I also feel it is important to remain sane for the sake of our children.


  9. Sheila Says:

    I think there’s a whole lot of blame to be shouldered on this one and it can certainly be passed around.


  10. Rebecca--bending birches Says:

    ladies….how long does it take to write a review of a product?
    not too long.
    how awesome is it to receive FREE and quality natural toys for doing so?
    very awesome.
    People who are so incredibly mad; so very angry need to take a step back and think for a second.
    every second you waste being ticked off at something you have no control over is a second wasted…
    the company will probably fold.
    are you happy?
    Half of my credits were honored. The rest were, and will be frozen.


  11. The Saved Quarter Says:

    Franklin Goose sent a letter to its merchants saying: “Less than 0.5% of the 8,000 people who participated in the promotion are involved in this campaign against us and our records indicate many of them were the worst abusers of the terms of the promotion.”

    That would be less than 40 people. I’m proving them wrong. I’ve got a page where people whose credits were deleted are posting their name, and we’re already at more than 50 honest moms, not “worst abusers.” If you submitted honest reviews and had your credits deleted, I hope you’ll also put your name in the comments and be counted. Their merchants should know that it’s not a small vocal minority but many, many moms who were screwed by Franklin Goose.


  12. Kayt Says:

    I placed an order with credits and also my bank card for some Bumgenius diapers. I ended up making two orders, both with about 10 dollars each on my card. I received 1 order and when I called about it they insisted that there was only 1 order that existed blah blah and that I got everything that I ordered. So I never got the diapers that were ordered with those credits or the money from my card back.

    Completely not impressed. Whoever runs that company is not remotely smart, or never cared about good publicity in the first place. They needed to have a lot more guidelines set up for the credits offered and they should have set an amount for themselves that would be able to be fulfilled, and cut it off there. It stinks that some people just wrote little blurbs to get the 5 dollars, but there were still a ton of great reviews that mamas spent quite a bit of time doing (we all have kids, everything takes more time) and now they aren’t getting what was promised. I used all of my credits, because I did feel like they were going to pull something like this. Sorry to the mamas who got scammed :(


    • mrs spock Says:

      If you placed an order with a credit card and never received the goods, while your card was charged, you can dispute that claim with the credit card company.


  13. Alexis Says:

    The point about them getting rid of credits from reviews has been argued back and forth… So lets throw that part out for a second..

    What they also did was that people who SPENT money and only used credits on PART of their order never received their order. Their orders were cancelled, the credits were not refunded, but worse yet… NEITHER HAS THEIR OWN MONEY!

    Some have called to ask “where is the money I SPENT!” and they deleted their accounts without a refund and claim “said person” never had an account or an order.

    Others BOUGHT items from FG and returned them back to the store and instead of getting a refund (OF MONEY) opted for store credit. THAT store credit THAT THEY PAID FOR was deleted too. They still haven’t had their money returned.

    It was shady enough that they didn’t fullfill their agreement about the reviews. But setting that aside the not refunding the ACTUAL money people spent is downright stealing, and ILLEGAL.


  14. Ann Marie Says:

    I may be in the minority here, but I really cannot complain about Franklin Goose. I did some reviews and got store credit. I placed my order without a problem and received all but 1 item within a week or so. The one item that didn’t some right away arrived about 2 months later and they did email me to let me know it was backordered. I did have about $25 in credits that didn’t get used right away and they ened up freezing those. Obviously I never got to use them because they took away all remaining credits. That was frustrating, but I did get 6 prefolds and a mei tai for free.
    I can understand how a lot of people are mad about losing their banked credits. Especially when they said that if you bank them you will get an extra 20% in credits. I know a lot of people did so in good faith that they would eventually be able to use them. I would be mad, too.


  15. Jill Says:

    I too, am pregnant and was waiting with banked credits to use for newborn diapers. We were COUNTING on that credit. We thought we were ‘helping them out’…. they said that they thought it was because people scammed them, but the funny thing is, if you were SCAMMING them, you would get what you could up front. The people that BANKED the money were the ones trying to help them. Knowing it was a viral thing and a huge loss leader. Not sure if we will even use the coupon, may just shop elsewhere.


    • Cyndel J Says:

      I totally agree, all the scammers used their credits immediately! So FG really screwed their honest customers…not a good business plan.


  16. Adrian Post Says:

    That is horrible for anyone who wasn’t able to collect on the FG promotions. I did submit a few reviews and was able to use my credits about $50 worth to get a few diapers with out any problems. I did however have a friend who had lots of issues with them and getting the right items sent to her and on time. I think when starting a company you need to start out slow and let it grow at its own pace. If you try to get bigger than you are too fast it will end up hurting you in the end. Hopefully this will be a lesson learned by them to not promise what you can’t give and by others that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is even if it did work out for some.


  17. Ashley Says:

    I am getting angry by reading all of these posts by people who were “wronged”. When a company does a promotion like this it is only right to do a few reviews, not try to “rack up” as much money as you can. Was it wrong of FG to keep accepting reviews when they saw how crazy it had gotten? Yes, however they did fulfill orders that were placed for those that did not bank their points. Even if shipping took forever you received free items. As for writing heartfelt reviews, if you really like the product it shouldn’t be so bad that you are not being compensated for your review. It’s a review of a product you like or do not like and want to share your opinion. FG did take down reviews as not to gain anything and are still nice enough to give 40% off an order when they could have done NOTHING! I have personally shopped in the store and they were kind, helpful, and very accomodating. I would hate for something like this allow others from all over the country, harm or close a local store that is needed in the community. They do many great things locally and were attempting something else nice and I feel they were taken advantage of. Do I agree with how it’s being handled? No, but out of the available options I believe they are doing the best they can. If you have other constructive options I am sure they would be happy to hear them, but please, don’t be so harsh.


    • Christie Says:

      The problem is they are not “hearing” anyone or anything. They are ignoring emails, deleting facebook posts, and banning unhappy customers from their fb page. Hardly customer service. Classic bait and switch. They advertised the promotion so they should uphold their end of the bargain.


  18. Julie Says:

    I didn’t bank my credits, I attempted to use them right away for my son’s birthday. My items were “back ordered”. Which was a lie because I could go to their site, order those same items and it said “in stock”.

    Sucky conmpany!


  19. Ali Says:

    When I heard about the promotion I was was like ok I will give it a try if I get credits great if not well thats ok too. Well I got credits and I got the things I purchased. It took forever but to me it was free stuff anyway so I did not get worked up. I banked the remaining credits and I have obviously lost them.

    My opinion on the whole situation–I feel bad for everyone involved. I think 5 years ago this promotion would have been a great idea but today it is crazy. I think everyone is learning that once something is put on the interent, facebook, twitter, whatever technology you want to add then within minutes it is everwhere.

    Franklin Goose had a good idea but then they did not take into account all the forums and blogs and other groups out there that would find out about credits within minutes.

    You see this all the time with athletes, actors, or other famous people just saying or doing the wrong thing and placing it on the interent.

    Now I am not comparig the two or giving FG a free pass, I just think we are all in a time were we really need to think about whatever we are doing before we place it on the interent. Maybe if FG had a day were you can fill out comments or even a couple hours. But if I remember correctly it was a couple of weeks maybe even a month. No business can survive that.

    Sorry for everyone who got cheated out.


    • The Saved Quarter Says:

      Ali, the difference may be that Franklin Goose posted an ad looking for a viral marketing campaign a month before the promotion started. They WANTED to go viral. It wasn’t a surprise to them that their promotion was picked up by blogs and forums, it was their intention.


      • Ali Says:

        I know but I do not think they really knew what going viral REALLY meant kwim?

        Again I just feel bad for everyone. The company for not making the right decisions and for the consumers who felt they got cheated.

        I hate to see any business struggle especially in todays poor economic times. I especially hate to see cloth diaper or eco-friendly stores go out of business bc these businesses are greatly needed imo.


        • Jenn Says:

          This was an SEO gaming campaign. They knew what going viral really meant. This isn’t Grandma sewing diapers and being surprised by the mean ole internet, this is a big company and they knew exactly what they were doing.


  20. Lynn Wilson Says:

    I am one of those that wrote only honest reviews and only on the things I had actually used (which wasn’t much as I was very new to all of this) I earned only @50 in credit and used some to get prefolds right away as I needed them and ordered a few fun toys to hold back for birthdays. I received the prefolds, but the toys never came and after 3 months they deleted my order and I had to fight them to get the credit back. Just after I got the credit back they started the banking so I decided to do it. I figured I would be waiting almost a year anyway for the package to arrive with how they were handling orders so I opted for the 1 year. There was only 20 left and I was really hoping to use it for trainers as my boy would be about ready.
    The nerve of them to do this has caused me to delete them from my facebook and from the possible stores I would buy from.


  21. CJ Says:

    Well, I ‘m glad I read this. I haven’t even gotten the email. I am pissed. I gave good and honest reviews of things I had actually used. I made just enough to get things for my kids for Easter last year and was going to get the iMagiPlay Noah’s Ark for Christmas. Well, when they froze the accounts I couldn’t do it for Christmas and was looking forward to getting it for Easter. Now I can’t do that. I am so angry. 40% off doesn’t help me, I don’t have any extra money to spend. That’s why the review credit was so important. PLUS, I never even received some soy crayons I ordered for my kids. They are a horrible company and I plan to let everyone I can know about it. I am also emailing them…For sure.


  22. Klayre Says:

    I’m angry, but given all the problems they’ve had, I’m not surprised. There were a lot of discussions on the cloth diapering boards I visited about FG and lost/canceled orders, credit cards that weren’t charged properly (e.g. they didn’t subtract the store credit before charing the card), orders that were incomplete or just plain wrong and terrible customer service. I only did $60 worth of reviews that were real reviews of products and I banked $30 of that. I felt like doing more than that would be taking advantage of a company that was dangerously naive. I honestly don’t feel bad for them. It was apparent, as a customer, that this promotion was getting out of hand early on, and FG should have done something about it much much earlier. If they knew that they wouldn’t be able to handle all of the orders they should have ended the promotion early, monitored the reviews as they came in and denied credit to reviews that weren’t real reviews (I saw way to many reviews that just said something like “these diapers look so cute!”) or limited the number of reviews one person could get credit for. Even when people pointed out on their facebook page or sent them e-mails expressing concern that they wouldn’t be able to handle all of the orders/credits, FG was very insistent that they would be able to honor all the credits.
    The only defense I’ve heard, and I’ve heard this over and over, is that the credits were free, so those of us who didn’t get our orders or lost credits shouldn’t be angry. But I agree with the link you posted, we did take time, most of us let others know about the promotion and the website and we were promised something in return. Of course I’m angry that I don’t have an extra $30 to spend, but I’m angrier that I now look like a jerk to my friends who participated in this promotion after I told them that it was for real.
    I also disagree with one of the previous commenters. I think you can vilify the company, without vilifying the people who run it. I think its fine to say that they probably are very nice people who had a dream and were just overwhelmed by ambition and naivete that lead to very poor decisions and angry customers. I think its fine to be angry about those poor decisions and be angry about broken promises and to warn others about these problems.


  23. Heather Says:

    I was highly irritated when I recieved the email stating that I was loosing my credits as well. I was being very patient and was understanding about them holding off…I couldn’t make up my mind on what to spend it on anyway. But now i get a measly 40% off coupon after I was honest about my reviews and ONLY did reviews on stuff I had actually used. I think they could have at least offered one free item up to a certain price, it would have lessened the blow just a bit!


  24. D. White Says:

    I had a friend introduce me to FG but to me it screamed “too good to be true” from the beginning. So glad I didn’t waste my time. That said, I think people are wasting a lot of time and energy being pissed off about not being monetarily compensated for writing reviews. True they made a promise they couldn’t keep, but by the vitriol being spewed about you’d think these people had done something really huge and vital for the company. You wrote a review. $5/review isn’t much, so you’d had to have written a lot of reviews to get hundreds of dollars, which smacks of greed and misspent hours, and really, I think we all have better things to do with our time. It wasn’t a job. You weren’t hired. There wasn’t a hiring contract and you don’t get severence pay. Does Franklin Goose suck? You bet. No question.

    My ISP promised me a $50 Visa gift card if I contracted with them for 3 months. Three months came and went, I was given the run around multiple times, finally I was told the company they got the gift cards through went out of business. So now I get to wait until May or June for them to make good on their word. I’m guessing it will never happen. Am I irritated? Yes, but life goes on. A brief look at the worlds’ current events should help you put it all back in perspective. Call it a lesson learned and move on. ::sigh::


    • Leighann Says:

      It wasn’t that they made a promise they couldn’t keep, it was that they made a promise they had no INTENTION of keeping. And FG DID get something huge out of this – because of the long times spent on the website, because of the high number of reviews, FG got some major free Google advertising credits.

      I totally agree that people who racked up hundreds of dollars were doing a disservice to the company….but the company paid $25,000 in order to get an idea for viral marketing that would get them lots of customers and high levels of publicity, so they knew what they were getting into. There’s a little bit of blame to be shared around by everyone involved – by the people who just couldn’t contain themselves and by the company who was setting out fraudulently to begin with.


  25. Danielle Says:

    I wrote several honest, quality reviews and earned 45 dollars in store credit. Before they sent out the first email about the mandatory “freeze” on credits 6 months ago, I placed not one, not two, but three orders! The first one they canceled after I waited on it for 2-3 months…these were diapers I was counting on for a new baby. The second order I canceled myself after waiting six weeks. The third order was canceled when they sent out the email in October. So I waited, willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and let them spend the six months getting out of their jam…only to get burned yet again. Why didn’t they just put a limit on the reviews in the first place? Say, everyone gets to write three or four reviews, or only the first couple hundred customers get the store credit, or any number of other solutions besides letting it go unchecked and then pulling the rug? I am not happy.
    I will not be shopping there in the future. I love the customer service at cotton babies and Diaper Junction, and Diaper Junction has had several honest-to-goodness giveaways in addition to sales, promotions and rewards points…I will continue to shop at those two stores from now on!


  26. Rebecca Orr Says:

    I participated in the promotion back in March of 2010 when it first began. I received about $250?? {I can’t remember the exact total anymore} in credit almost immediately {within a few hours to a day after posting my reviews}. Since it was so early into the promo…not many people had even heard about it at that point…they were pushing reviews through quickly at that point. I didn’t even know that banking my credit was an option and now I am really glad that I didn’t. I actually broke up my credit into 4 or so orders and placed them almost immediately after receiving my credit. I think I had like $2 left by the time I had heard about the banking option which I decided to bank. I figured, “What the heck, why not!!”. I got everything I ordered within the listed times on the site and only one thing was back ordered but I received it about 2 weeks later. I recently got an email from FG stating that they were cancelling orders and the credit etc…I keep thinking that they had run another promo and I hadn’t heard about it so I didn’t think anything of it…until now…I saw this post in my reader and about died. I am heartbroken for the people that took their time to post honest reviews and decided to push off ordering until they needed to {or wanted to}. I am pissed at the people who took advantage of the companies generosity. And I am pissed at all the people from complained from the get-go on Facebook: “Where’s my credit? It’s already been 24 hours. I really need to place an order soon. Why haven’t I got my credits yet?” which has in turn made me pissed at the company who felt like they needed to give everyone credit asap so they didn’t bother to read all the reviews throughly and weed out the ones that were crap. And are now “punishing” those of us who did what we though was a great way to put our thoughts out there for others to benefit from.


  27. krystal_heidi Says:

    i am curious if they had discussed the decision with a lawyer before revoking the credits? i dont see how it is legal for them to revoke them. they made the offer to give these people credits, they should have to follow through on that offer.


  28. Betsy Says:

    My first thought upon reading this post was “shame on them for this scam!” But upon further reflection, I think that they tried to handle the volume of credit and simply weren’t able to. Ordinarily I would vilify any business that would dare pull such a “bait and switch” but unfortunately one thing I’ve learned in my cloth diapering adventures is that this particular business if RIPE with people crying “poor me” as they attempt to run a “business”. I’ve had such unbelievably crappy service from people using the excuse of being a “W”AHM (please! those quotation marks are there for a reason! These women clearly don’t want to “work”, they want a diversion from parenting that they think might earn them some money but they have no business plan, no overhead management, and no skills beyond the sewing machine!) But I digress. The conclusion I am sadly coming to is that I either need to stop ordering from “start ups” which I usually try to support, or I need to make my peace with horrible customer service and a refusal to stand behind their products or their business practices. So in conclusion, I don’t think anyone should be surprised that something like this happened. Certainly, you would be well within your rights if you vilify this company on the internet and attempt to destroy them but is it worth it? They probably aren’t truly bad people, they probably just got over their heads and are doing their best to get out of a jam.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I understand your thoughts but I wonder if I am reading more into your comment than you intended. My purpose with All About Cloth Diapers is to educate not just on what cloth diapers to buy or not but also to inform on where to shop. There is no perfect store, product or person. But, something this big should not be ignored. It’s not like they failed to ship out a couple of products on time, like happens sometimes with WAHMs. I don’t think Franklin Goose is doing the best they can. To delete all the credit is foolish. A better solution would be to take all the credits and fit them into some sort of redemption calendar. That way they aren’t overwhelmed and reviewers get paid for the time they put in. But, that’s just my 2cents :)


  29. Kat Says:

    How FRUSTRATING! I was planning on using my credit for cloth diapers…I too have been waiting for them to release the credits as my baby is due in about 8 weeks. SO angry with them!


  30. Iris Says:

    I’m also angry and incredibly disappointment in Franklin Goose, they can eat their 40% off offer for all I care! Like you I patiently waited to order with my credit, it wasn’t much (only $60) as I took time to honestly reviewed the products used and took time away from my kids in order to do so.
    They should have prepared for the volume of reviews and kept their word. Their mistakes should not be our loss. I will never shop with them and have removed them from my facebook friends. I will negatively review them everywhere I see their name.


  31. JulieK Says:

    That is terrible! I had bemoaned the fact that I had not heard about the promotion to get in on it … but now I am glad that I heard about it too late. I feel so sorry for people who spent time writing genunie reviews (which the company should have been checking all along!!!). I am so sad to hear of this news and glad you are spreading the word so other people can take action.


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