Show Me Your Precious Faces! Family Photo Link Up

July 5, 2012

Cloth Diapers

A rare event occurred July 4th, 2012.

A family picture containing 2 adults and 5 children was snapped and everyone was looking at the camera.

This happens maybe once a year for us.

I cherish every family photo we have, as I’m sure you do as well. Families are constantly changing and photos are a great way to look back and remember.

This July 4th, was spent with friends that are very special to us. We sat in their front yard and had a perfect view of the most amazing fireworks show I’ve been blessed to attend. Add to that a wonderful breeze and I was practically tearing up from how perfect it all felt.

But, then I’m pregnant and I tear up at pretty much everything these days…and gag at everything. Ah, pregnancy.

I would be honored if you would share your family photo with us. It doesn’t have to be from the 4th of July, just a photo capturing a moment in your family’s history.

I love seeing your faces! I’ll leave the linky open through the month of July.

In our family photo you can see that Camden is wearing just a cloth diaper. He covered his clothes in the massive amounts of food he shoveled in. Of course, I’m not complaining that his hero Ragababe got full exposure!

One way to tell you’ve really grown as a mom is to look at a picture and not care one bit how you look.  I look terrible yet all my kids are adorable so who cares right?!


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15 Responses to “Show Me Your Precious Faces! Family Photo Link Up”

  1. Renae Says:

    Ugh how annoying I attempted to post family picture and it was too big and cut out my little boy. sorry not sure how to redo? how embarassing.


  2. Tara A. Says:

    My little one was sporting the exact same cloth diaper on the 4th! Love me Ragababes! Glad you had a happy holiday! :)


  3. Linda Says:

    Thank you Autumn for sharing your family with us.


  4. Klara Says:

    You shine through your beautiful kids, Autumn! Is there a way to post a picture without a link?


  5. georgia Says:

    you’ve had five kids… and you STILL look great! you should give yourself more credit. i happen to think it’s a nice photo of you. but i know what you mean. it took me a year after having our only child before i really started to care about that again… and even now, it’s not like it used to be. but i think it’s sort of freeing in a way.


  6. georgia Says:

    what a sweet photo! and how cute is that patriotic cloth diaper??

    great idea. thanks for letting us participate!


  7. Yara Says:

    You look just as beautiful as the rest of your family!


  8. Brandi Elam Says:

    What a great picture! It is very hard to get a picture with everyone looking at the camera! Your oldest daughter looks just like you!


  9. Bianca Says:

    I’ll have to submit my photo later..but I wanted to comment that your oldest daughter is a spitting image of her mother :)


  10. Mindy at Grateful for Grace Says:

    I’m glad you had a perfect 4th! Sweet photo! I can’t figure out whose house that is!?


  11. Lindsey Says:

    You guys look great!! :)


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