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5 Responses to “Sign up to receive email updates!”

  1. Peter Horowitz Says:


    We’ve been using cloth for 18 months now and i have to admit that after getting the basics from your website, I haven’t checked in since.
    We use a combination of a few different sypew (Omaiki, BumGenius, TotsBotsPocket) and are doing great. Lately we find that the baby’s room smells a little poopy. We use a plastic garbage pail with a foot-pedal lid-lifter, but no charcoal filter or any odour items whatsoever.
    What do you think we should tru to battle the odour?
    Montreal, Canada

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Are you rinsing the diapers off before placing them in the pail? Rockin Green makes a pail powder that helps.

  2. Cathy Marshall Says:

    Hi Autumn,

    Our second child, a boy, is due at the end of April. When our daughter, now 2 liking 7mths, was born I ordered cloth diapers – couple of approx 4-5 kinds so I could find one I liked. I recall really SposoEasy – didn’t have leak issues and was easy.

    In reviewing your blog, I saw your review of SposoEasy. In it, you wrote: ” SposoEasy cloth diapers have had their run of good feedback over the last 6 months. Rave after rave, mamas were singing the praises of SposoEasy’s simplicity and trimness.

    So I finally took the bait and bought a 5-pack (you get a 5% discount when you buy 5 or more and I am not one to pass up a sale ). I chose 3 black and 2 brown ”

    The two links in your quote no longer work, and I’m having a challenge finding where to buy SposoEasy at the best price. Do you have current links/sources as suggestion for me? Also, if there are other brands you believe I should consider, please advise and I’ll research those as well.

    Thank you for your help!


  3. Robyn Kucinic Says:

    Hi Autumn, Very quick question: I have a Planetwise wetbag I’ve used for about 6 months and it is washed 1-2x a week. It seems to have worn out and now I keep dirty diapers in it in the garage (dipes are as clean as they can be, just pee or rinsed off poopys). Is this the typical life expectancy? Is there a way to “save” it or do I need to order a new one?
    Thanks so much, please reply (if you can please) to my email here: