Skeptics Be Gone! Thirsties Saves You Money (giveaway)

March 6, 2013

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Thirsties is well known as a rock in the cloth diaper industry.

True to their values and steadfast in their mission, customers can trust the Thirsties brand.

The mission of Thirsties, Inc. is to make it easy and affordable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in our local economy and sustainable business practices.

We are committed to building our business in a sustainable manner by focusing on the health of our babies and the environment. Only the best USA-sourced components are chosen for our products in order to reduce our carbon footprint, to help support domestic textile mills and our local economy, and to ensure that Thirsties diapers will last wash after wash. We are committed to creating only the highest quality products and dedicated to providing exceptional design and unparalleled performance while saving you money.

Over the last several months, Thirsties has gone beyond making products and spent time and effort revamping their website with the thirstieslogoconsumer in mind.

New additions to the website (aside from a visual makeover) include:

Cloth Diaper Savings Calculator.  Not sure how many cloth diapers you need?  There are 2 options with the Thirsties Cloth Diaper Savings Calculator

  1. Choose a package (Economical, Convenient, Absorbent).  Then see a breakdown of the quantity and costs of each component all compared to the cost of disposable diapers.
  2. Input a custom quantity into each product box.  Values automatically calculate as you customize.

Wipes are also included in your calculations!  All to often we fail to figure in how much we spend on those convenient packages of disposable wipes.

Years ago when I began cloth diapering the figures thrown out seemed so fabricated to me.  Perhaps I was just a bit skeptical.  But, now with the excessive amount of data available at our fingertips it’s hard to argue with the savings shown with even the most conservative numbers.

I am happy to see that Thirsties provides footnotes and graphs with their calculator.  All of this information combined is exactly what the biggest skeptics (often number crunching dads!) need to be convinced of the savings.

I had fun playing with the calculator and creating my own stash.  Here is the savings and graph for 24 hemp prefolds, 14 covers (4 xs, 4s, 4m), 10 Duo AIOs, 10 doublers and 20 wipes:


If Thirsties products are all you ever used you would not be scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Even at a low price you can still get cute, absorbent, convenient diapers PLUS they’re Made In the USA!

Thirsties has also added a Cloth Diaper 101 section, Product Catalog and Brand Video to their website.  The CD101 and catalog are available for PDF download if you prefer offline perusing.

If you’ve ever wanted to see some behind the scenes footage of a big cloth diaper company watch this cute video!  I enjoyed seeing the big fabric machines and real (and very happy!) employees sewing, packing boxes and answering calls.  The Merrill Family loves what they do and it shows.


To celebrate the launch of these fabulous new features Thirsties has allowed me to customize a giveaway just for you! I went the economical route and will be giving away 4 Duo Hemp Prefolds and 1 Duo Wrap.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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436 Responses to “Skeptics Be Gone! Thirsties Saves You Money (giveaway)”

  1. Liz,s Says:

    Definately cloth diapering to save money! Single mom and super broke


  2. Frances R Says:

    Yes i am cloth diapering to save money but also to help save the enviorment and because they are way cute. And yes i would definitely show some of my friends the calculator ! I’m sure they would be cloth diaper converts !


  3. Willow Says:

    Yes, saving money is definitely a reason we cloth diaper. I think the calculator could push some people over the edge, but others will never switch because they think disposable are too convenient.


  4. Kelly Says:

    I hope I win this giveaway! I’d love to try Thirsties. ;)


  5. Melissa Says:

    It’s really about health and the environment for us. Since we use coin op laundry, we break even with disposables.


  6. Amanda Says:

    Yes! I resently had a friend as me why we use cloth and when I started to tell her about the cost savings she was floored!


  7. Kora Moore Says:

    I love my thirsties cover and would love to try hemp prefold on my baby at night. Prefold are the best and most economical in my opinion!


  8. Alesia Says:

    Yes, we started cloth diapering to save money, but I keep doing it because my son’s diaper rash has improved considerably and because I think cloth is SO much cuter! I was definitely swayed in my decision through using a cloth diaper calculator, so I think that would definitely help convince someone who wasn’t sure about it.


  9. Jess Says:

    I am cloth diapering to save money!! I will definitely be sharing this calculator – a lot of my friends are skeptics!!


  10. Jillian S Says:

    I cloth to save money and the diapers are so dang cute!


  11. Kari Says:

    Been cloth diapering for the last 3 kiddos and will be doing the same with this new baby due in April. There is no question it saves money!!!


  12. Amy Says:

    Saving money was definitely a factor when we decided to cloth diaper. Not only would the calculator help convince some of our friends to cloth diaper but also our families that don’t understand why we do it, and love it!


  13. Justine Smith Says:

    Thirsties have been a constant favorite since we started using cloth with our first baby six months ago. No leaks to date!


  14. Mandi McGonagle Says:

    We cloth diaper for several reasons but cost savings is definitely one of our top reasons.


  15. Annie Johnson Says:

    I started buying cloth diapers about 2 years before I concieved our youngest one. I bought them because both my husband and wore them when we were babies and want to save money and besides they cute, fun, and have lead me to meet two really good friends. Only wish that I had started earlier and saved all the money for my older two. I would use the calculator to convince some of my pregnant coworkers.


  16. Grace F Says:

    We are definitely using cloth to save money. I do love all the other perks too though. I’m sure the calculator would have helped some people in their decision but it was unnecessary for us since a already were aware of the amount of money we would save and my husband was already convinced.


  17. Crystal Says:

    Nope, I started out cloth diapering because of the environmental factor.


  18. Kristin Says:

    Started out to help save money and I thought it looked fun/cute. Now I have bought some more expensive bands, but still rotate in my Duo hemp flats and a cover on a regular basis.


  19. Emily Says:

    Initially I started CDing my daughter because of rash. Then I was all about the “cost savings!” Now I’m on my second and I’m an addict. Sure, in the end when I sell my used cloth diapers, I will have saved a lot. But until then I have (but mostly quell) the urge to buy every cute diaper!


  20. Valerie S Says:

    Definitely saving money is at the top of the list, but cloth wouldn’t even be a consideration if it weren’t for nice modern diapers and a nice modern washing machine (that allows the water saver function to be turned Off), so I’m hoping to make Thirsties a part of my stash!


  21. Erica Killian Says:

    the calculator would definitely help people seethe savings. sometimesthe upfront cost is a turn off


  22. Joanna A Says:

    Although our budget is very thankful we cloth diaper, that was only part of the reason we switched when my first born was 18months old. Our main reason was server allergies to the yucky chemicals. I think tool like the money saving calculators play a big part on getting dads on board!;-)


  23. Erica Says:

    My initial interest in cloth diapers definitely came from a cost saving perspective, but the more research I do, the more I realize that cloth diapers are really so so much better for my baby and the environment. Thirsties seem like a great option for my family.


  24. Britney B Says:

    I love Thirsties! After trying many different brands of covers, I always end up going back to Thirsties. Such great covers and they come in such cute prints too! Cloth diapering to save money is the whole reason I began looking into it when I first did. The calculator is such a great resource! I will definitely be referring others to it.


  25. Tnt Says:

    Yes, one of the many reasons. And I think so.


  26. Melissa Says:

    We started out with this in mind, my husband loves the Thirsties calculator!


  27. Rain Says:

    We do not cloth diaper to save money because I do extreme couponing and can get disposable diapers for free. We cloth diaper because its better for our baby and the environment! I just bought 4 Thirsties Duo Diapers onsale for $12.75 a piece from Diaper Junction! Love Thirsties!


  28. Susan D Says:

    When I started out, saving money one on of my motivations for cloth diapering (although the environment was #1), but now that I’ve discovered more expensive dipes, I doubt I am saving money. I keep hoping I will be able to sell them when we are finished and come out at least even. :)


  29. Amelia Says:

    I cloth at home, and use disposables when out, but we have definitely been saving money!! I think it would help anyone to see this!


  30. Christie Dickson Says:

    I don’t cloth diaper to save money, but it does convince others to do so!


  31. Rosalyn Says:

    Great article! I will share this with the moms I work with!


  32. Victoria Wollf Says:

    saving money was a part of the decision and the deciding factor for hubby, may have been a quicker sell if i had had a calculator :)


  33. Tanna Says:

    I think it might help convert them. I sure wish someone would have told me soonet about cloth.


  34. Jessica Says:

    I’m having my. second today! and saving money on diapers will be very helpful !


  35. Wendy Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE thirsties products. I haven’t use one I don’t like yet!


  36. Trisha W. Says:

    We do use cloth to save money and keep extra waste out of the landfill. I wish this calculator wasn’t brand specific though. =)


  37. Jennifer Says:

    Saving money is one reason I CD. I have had a couple of friends switch, but more for health reasons…one still is not convinced its cheaper but she likes it better…


  38. Tamara Sz Says:

    I do use cloth to save money and I’ve used the calculator (or something like it to convince both of my sisters to use cloth, too!)


  39. Carrie Says:

    I have a couple of thirsties covers and love them! If I coul afford it I would get more. We do cloth diaper to save money and I have 2 in diapers. We have saved so much!


  40. Geri Fink Says:

    I originally started cloth diapering to save money. I’ve never convinced anyone to cloth diaper, but I do enjoy talking about it with everyone.


  41. Lindsey Says:

    I started to cloth diaper to save money as we went from two incomes to one. I do love the money I save, but I have just fallen in love with fluff!!! My baby has some wicked sensitive skin so I always feel better knowing I’m doing her behind a favor in cloth!!

    I also can’t wait to share this calculator with my other mommy friends who think I’m crazy!!


  42. Dawn Says:

    My first is arriving this summer, and I want to start her on cloth diapers! Resources like this website are so helpful in making the process seem so much less daunting. Thank you!


  43. Sabrina Radke Says:

    I use cloth because it is a healthier option. The calculator is really cool and a great reality check!


  44. Jessica Says:

    Money is the number one reason I started cloth diapering, even though I could afford disposables, who wants to throw money away on poop? My favorite thing about cloth diapering besides the cute fluffy butts, is not getting poop on myself! I didn’t start cloth until my son was 3 months old and I can’t tell you how many times I had to change his clothes and mine because of explosive EBF poo. Totally worth it to avoid getting pooped on! I will definitely show this to the next person I find who needs convincing to do cloth :)


  45. Jennifer Perritte Says:

    I think for someone new to cloth diapers who is intimidated by the start up cost – this would be perfect! Most people don’t realize how much they spend on disposables!


  46. Erika Says:

    Definitely doing it to save money! I think the calculator would help others because the friends I have almost all started doing it to save money as well.


  47. Laura B. Says:

    I love saving money with our diapers! Thirsties prefolds are the only prefolds we use! Love them!


  48. Amanda Says:

    Saving money is a big factor, but not the only one. (although if I don’t stop buying, I don’t know that I’ll actually save much! Lol) I think the calculator would definitely help someone to chose cloth!


  49. Jennifer Says:

    This is such great information!


  50. Jill Says:

    Using cloth for health of baby and concern for environment . I think the calculator is a great tool !


  51. Sophia Says:

    My 2nd is due in June…and I’m planning to use cloth this time around. And if the calculator convinced me I’m saving money…I’m sure it’ll convince others!


  52. Alix Davis Says:

    Yup, mostly to save money! And we LOVE prefolds and covers, that’s all we use~


  53. Ryan Says:

    Plan to try to cloth diaper our first child- due at the beginning of June! The calculator helped affirm our decision and I will definitely show it to some of my skeptical friends. There’s not a lot of cloth diapering in Mississippi!!


  54. Karianne Says:

    I mainly cloth diaper for the health of my baby as well as the enviromental factor. Saving money is just an added bonus, although if I don’t stop buying cute cloth diapers I am not sure I will actually save that much.. lol :-)


  55. Carmen Says:

    Yes, we started cloth diapering to save money but have fallen in love with other parts since we started 5 months ago. I think the calculator would definitely help friends grasp how much they are saving


  56. Tara Says:

    We made the switch to cloth for many reasons, but cost was definitely up there! We haven’t used the thirsties brand yet, but I’ve heard awesome things! I would love to try them!


  57. Kristen Says:

    I love my cloth diapers, but have never tried the Thirsties brand. Would love to try them out!


  58. judi Says:

    Money is seriously the main reason I cloth diaper. If using disposables was cheaper I would have to use disposables. I don’t know many people with babies but I would share the chart.


  59. Candace Says:

    Yes and For sure!! I just had this conversation the other day with a stranger. Now I know where to send them!


  60. Kat Says:

    I’d cloth diaper no matter the cost, because the idea of putting nasty chemicals next to my baby’s skin makes me shudder…as does the idea of passing along a planet of diaper-filled landfills! But saving money is a great motivator to people like my significant other and my mother, who tend to be more skeptical of cloth diapering.


  61. Kristin Says:

    Totally cloth diapering to save money. And I agree – Thirsties are awesome! Time and again I have come back to my Thirsties covers.


  62. Anne Says:

    Love the video. I have been cloth diapering my two sons since 2 months old and my oldest is 3. I love them! Best leak proof diaper and I have sampled a lot. I own 36 and and wash every 3 days.


  63. Christi k Says:

    Yes & YES! This is how I convinced my husband we should cloth diaper :) great tool!


  64. Samantha Cuhel Says:

    I know we’ve saved a lot of money, even using coin-op laundry. The calculator may help some skeptics, but some people are just too narrow minded to even consider something new, unfortunately.


  65. Christina Dixon Says:

    I started cloth diapering to be a better steward of our finances and to limit how much trash we used to throw away. That was about 4 years ago and we are still going strong! Baby number 2 was in cloth from birth and baby number 3 will be in cloth from birth too (due in July.) I think the calculator could definitely help people in making the cloth decision!


  66. tarin Says:

    Has saved me thousands


  67. Julie Cates Says:

    We started to save money, and have convinced a few others to do the same for that very reason.


  68. Roberts Says:

    I am cloth diapering to save money and for the environment and they are more healthier for babies. I do believe the cost calculator will help to convince people to switch to cloth. Every parent should use cloth, it’s better for everyone.


  69. Emily Murnen Says:

    Yes, one of the many reasons we cloth diaper is to save money, and I do think that a cloth diaper calculator would help convince some of my friends to cloth diaper too.


  70. Keri B. Says:

    Saving money was one of the reasons I started using cloth diapers. I think the calculator is fun and would be handy to show someone concerned about the upfront cost vs. long term savings.


  71. Vanessa Says:

    With 2 in diapers, cloth has saved me a TON!! Having an easy way to have people see the savings is a great way to convince them I think.


  72. Jennifer Lyden Says:

    We started cloth diapering to save money. While we definitely save money, we are so glad we aren’t putting all those chemicals on our girls! The calculator would definitely be great for a skeptic!


  73. Andrea R. Says:

    Money savings is definitely a big part of it, but I’ve not gone the cheapest route…I have mostly pockets and AIOs, and can’t stop shopping. It’s just better for baby’s bum, and we’ll diaper another baby later on. I’ll definitely get prefolds for newborns, since we started when DD was 2 months old.


  74. Anna P Says:

    Yes, we cloth diaper to save money. I think a savings calculator can help convince anyone to CD.


  75. Hayley Says:

    I definitely plan to cloth diaper to save money! With our little guy arriving next month, I am still trying to figure out which ones I want to get!


  76. Jessica Says:

    I love thirsties and that they are made in the USA!!


  77. Margaret Says:

    We started using cloth to save money after seeing the savings calculator. After arguing my case with friends, I not only re-convinced myself that I was doing the right thing, I got 2 other friends on board as well! Hurray!


  78. Jennie Says:

    Saving money is a definite benefit! I’d love to have a calculator to help show other parents how much they can save!!!


  79. Caitlyn Says:

    We cloth diaper to save money and because they are so cute! So many benefits to cloth diapering. An easy calculator to show money savings can never hurt! Even if isn’t the deciding factor.


  80. Kace Says:

    We cloth-diapered our second baby and plan to do so with our third, due in July. Although my reasons for doing so were more for health and environment, the cost-savings is what won over my husband!


  81. KD {Mom of 3 Dolls} Says:

    Definitely yes to both. I would love to add hemp to my stash. I’m thinking about getting some soon…


  82. Melissa J. Says:

    Yes, we are CDing to save money! My husband is still skeptical as to whether it has saved us any, but I know it has! :)
    I will have to show him the calculator on their site to see if he will finally be convinced! :) Thirsties has been our go-to brand for bullet-proof, long-lasting covers! <3 them!


  83. Erika Says:

    Going to be cloth diapering with our first child when she is born in a few months! I have been looking into Thirsties and am glad to see you approve!
    Hope I win!


  84. Glinda Says:

    Yes,and yes. Thirsties was the gateway to my cloth diapering experience. I wanted to try cloth diapers but not invest a ton because I wasn’t sure I’d like it. Now at 16 months we are still cloth diapering and happy to be.


  85. Caity Says:

    I love Thirsties products! They’re one of my favorites. I use the hemp prefolds for overnight.


  86. Erin Says:

    love thirsties! Makes cloth diapering easy.


  87. Elizabeth C Says:

    Yes, we definitely use cloth to save money with 3 kids under 2 and all in diapers! I love that calculator, it could be helpful to encourage someone to try cloth diapers especially if they are money motivated.


  88. Martine S. Says:

    I cloth diaper, in part, to save money. The rest is for baby and the environment. I just like to show people the math, whether it convinces them or not. It definitely gets a rise out of them! :)


  89. Sarah Says:

    My husband and I love the thirsties hemp inserts! Life savers and eco-friendly!


  90. Ruth Says:

    We’re expecting our first and trying to figure out cloth diapering — this calculator will definitely help!


  91. April Says:

    The more info the better! The hubby has been on board since day one and there are so many types and brands out there that as first time parents we were a bit lost on where to begin to build up our stash.


  92. Dacia Says:

    I cloth diaper to save money and I recently convinced a mom at church to cloth diaper also! I am excited to play around on the calculator on thirsties website!


  93. shannon Says:

    Yes, we are, among many, many other reasons! ($ is just icing on the cake.) The calculator is impressive, and I can see how it would convince someone to give CD a try.


  94. Jen B Says:

    I first started cloth diapering because my daughter was having an allergic reaction to disposables. Now, I also do it for cost savings. Coming this far (1 year now), I just couldn’t bring myself to spend as much on a box of disposable diapers that won’t last a month than I would spend on a cloth diaper(s) that could last another year.


  95. Laurie Says:

    We definitely use cloth to save money, and I believe the calculator would convert skeptics!


  96. Katrina Says:

    yes and yes


  97. Rachel Says:

    I am cloth diapering to save money and the planet. A lot of people I talk to are skeptic so I think the calculator plus a quick demonstration is enough to convince someone how easy and economical it is to cloth diaper.


  98. Karen Says:

    I am cloth diapering to save money. I don’t know if this calculator will help convince those who are deciding. There are so many more variables. One big one I see is that you can’t change the age at which you stop using disposables, and they don’t give you the cost break down of the disposable diapers for each age, so you can’t even figure it out manually.


  99. Ashley Says:

    Good to show to my husband who isn’t convinced we save money!


  100. Jill Says:

    yes and yes, and we love prefolds and flats, this is right up our alley!



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