Skeptics Be Gone! Thirsties Saves You Money (giveaway)

March 6, 2013

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Thirsties is well known as a rock in the cloth diaper industry.

True to their values and steadfast in their mission, customers can trust the Thirsties brand.

The mission of Thirsties, Inc. is to make it easy and affordable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in our local economy and sustainable business practices.

We are committed to building our business in a sustainable manner by focusing on the health of our babies and the environment. Only the best USA-sourced components are chosen for our products in order to reduce our carbon footprint, to help support domestic textile mills and our local economy, and to ensure that Thirsties diapers will last wash after wash. We are committed to creating only the highest quality products and dedicated to providing exceptional design and unparalleled performance while saving you money.

Over the last several months, Thirsties has gone beyond making products and spent time and effort revamping their website with the thirstieslogoconsumer in mind.

New additions to the website (aside from a visual makeover) include:

Cloth Diaper Savings Calculator.  Not sure how many cloth diapers you need?  There are 2 options with the Thirsties Cloth Diaper Savings Calculator

  1. Choose a package (Economical, Convenient, Absorbent).  Then see a breakdown of the quantity and costs of each component all compared to the cost of disposable diapers.
  2. Input a custom quantity into each product box.  Values automatically calculate as you customize.

Wipes are also included in your calculations!  All to often we fail to figure in how much we spend on those convenient packages of disposable wipes.

Years ago when I began cloth diapering the figures thrown out seemed so fabricated to me.  Perhaps I was just a bit skeptical.  But, now with the excessive amount of data available at our fingertips it’s hard to argue with the savings shown with even the most conservative numbers.

I am happy to see that Thirsties provides footnotes and graphs with their calculator.  All of this information combined is exactly what the biggest skeptics (often number crunching dads!) need to be convinced of the savings.

I had fun playing with the calculator and creating my own stash.  Here is the savings and graph for 24 hemp prefolds, 14 covers (4 xs, 4s, 4m), 10 Duo AIOs, 10 doublers and 20 wipes:


If Thirsties products are all you ever used you would not be scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Even at a low price you can still get cute, absorbent, convenient diapers PLUS they’re Made In the USA!

Thirsties has also added a Cloth Diaper 101 section, Product Catalog and Brand Video to their website.  The CD101 and catalog are available for PDF download if you prefer offline perusing.

If you’ve ever wanted to see some behind the scenes footage of a big cloth diaper company watch this cute video!  I enjoyed seeing the big fabric machines and real (and very happy!) employees sewing, packing boxes and answering calls.  The Merrill Family loves what they do and it shows.


To celebrate the launch of these fabulous new features Thirsties has allowed me to customize a giveaway just for you! I went the economical route and will be giving away 4 Duo Hemp Prefolds and 1 Duo Wrap.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. Autumn enjoys writing but would choose camping with her family any day!

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436 Responses to “Skeptics Be Gone! Thirsties Saves You Money (giveaway)”

  1. Sasha O. Says:

    Just began cloth diapering a few weeks ago and love it. Anytime I put a disposable on him he gets a rash, within a half day in cloth its gone! Plus what’s cuter then a baby in cloth. I haven’t tried thirsties yet but would love to!


  2. Jenny Says:

    Yes, one of the reasons I chose to CD was definatley for money savings…among other reasons. I think that the charts would help convince a few people I know!


  3. Devin Says:

    We are using cloth, both because in the long run, it is cheaper, AND because it is far healthier for our little man!


  4. Joybeth Says:

    I’ve decided to cloth diaper and showing my husband the savings is what got him on board!


  5. Rachel Says:

    I did it mostly for the money the first time around, and I did my own calculations to convince my husband, but this calculator would have been a lot easier!


  6. leslie Says:

    Little guy is due in June. We will be cloth diapering to save money. This calculator is great! Have had many people try to tell me I wouldn’t be saving due to laundry costs but it just didnt seem to add up to me! Not to mention I had a hard time thinking about making all that garbage!


  7. Sara Says:

    I love my cloth diapers! Not only do they save me money, but I am not putting all those chemicals and fragrances in disposable diapers against my Baby’s precious bottom! I also love that I never have to drive to the store in an “out-of-diapers” emergency :D


  8. Ashley Says:

    We cloth diaper to save money and for environmental reasons. The calculator could be helpful for those new to the idea of cloth.


  9. Aungeleca Says:

    I like to change diapers frequently so hopefully it is helping to reduce our carbon footprint and I also don’t have to worry about running out of diapers. I think the calculator might help when my friends start having babies.


  10. Marcelaine Says:

    I do cloth diaper to save money. I’m guessing we’ve saved $1500-$2000 by using cloth, but I haven’t calculated it recently. I think the calculator would be useful, but the problem is that they’re assuming a person will be using all Thirsties products. I was able to get prefolds for less than $2 apiece and theirs are $8. But I guess we’re smart people and we can figure out a minor difference like that.


  11. sarah Says:

    I am using cloth diapers and have a lot of friends who do too. The calculator just makes me feel even better about my decision. Yay for saving money as well as the environment!


  12. Christen L Says:

    Using prefolds and Thirsties shells have prevented many leaks and blow-outs. I love that there are only two sizes of shells that we’ll need, and we’re set for diapers until the little guy is potty trained!


  13. Elizabeth Wisniewski Says:

    I do cloth diaper to save money and I think the calculator would be great to try to convince others to try


  14. April Says:

    I’m just starting to think about cloth diapering and spent some time on the Thirsties webpage last week. Their info convinced hubby that we’re going to go for it!.


  15. Lisa Fox Says:

    I’m doing it more to reduce the amount of trash that we produce rather than for the money, although that’s a nice bonus. Except that there are too many cute diapers out there, I don’t know if I’m saving that much! (well, maybe if I have another kid, but hopefully not for awhile) The savings calculator might be useful for some people who are concerned about the upfront cost of cloth diapering…it definitely costs more to start CDing than to just buy a pack of disposables. But if they can see the savings over the long run, that might help sway people.


  16. Stephanie B. Says:

    Money was a big factor for us, and Thirsties diaper covers and Duo Wraps were some of our first purchases.


  17. Emily E. Says:

    I plan to cloth diaper because it is good for our wallet, our planet, and baby’s bottom! The calculator will be awesome to show certain people in the family who don’t see the benefits! If I can’t convince them about the planet benefits, surely the cost benefits will convince them!


  18. k Says:

    i would love to start using cloth diapers, but i feel clueless!


  19. Julia Says:

    I’m new to cloth diapering & definitely doing it for the savings (although I think the diapers are adorable!). Can’t wait to check out the savings calculator.


  20. Sara Says:

    I LOVE thirsties!!


  21. Cara Says:

    I loved the Thirsties video!! Babes in cloth are soooo sweet! I am officially going to buy more Thirsties TODAY (I have 2 of their diapers now)- great marketing on their part, they got me all excited to buy their product! I’m so happy to support USA-made awesome companies like Thirsties!


  22. Dace Says:

    I will be cloth diapering for the first time in two months, but I am doing it to save money! I do believe that the calculator to show monies saved would convert some of my friends!


  23. Maria Sandstrom Says:

    Cloth diapering mainly for he alt and environment issues. Saving money is a nice bonus!


  24. Emily Says:

    We’ve only recently started using Thirsties, but I absolutely love them! Wish I had started here a year ago!


  25. pang Says:

    We like Thirsties’ affordability.


  26. Danielle Says:

    I like cloth dipaers because they are cute, but my sister was initially drawn to cloth diapering because of the savings. The savings helped convince her husband and she used it to help others convince their spouses. A savings calculator is definitely helpful in showing people how much they can save.


  27. Kelly Says:

    I love saving money, can’t wait to show the calculator to my husband!


  28. Catherine Spruance Says:

    I love the duo hemp prefolds – they soak up everything, and are much softer than the other prefolds I have. Prefolds/covers are my husbands first choice when he grabs a diaper from the stash.


  29. Paula Eagen Says:

    My hubby would ONLY try cloth because of the cost savings… now he’s hooked!!!


  30. kelly Says:

    I am doing it to save money, but because they are cut as well. The calculator is a good tool.


  31. Karen C. Says:

    When we initially put our 2nd child in cloth at 20 months, it was to save money. I also liked the environmental “savings”, but after spending on another big box of diapers at BJs, I was done. I have had my 3rd and 4th children in cloth from birth with using very few disposables along the way.


  32. Janelle Says:

    My husband was totally a sceptic at first, but all I had to do was show him the numbers and he’s in!


  33. Kristi H Says:

    I started cloth diapering to save money. I have also helped a few friends start cloth diapering for the same reason.


  34. Anne Sweden Says:

    We save a lot of money using cloth, especially with multiple children using them at once! My husband was very impressed by the calculator.


  35. Sara Says:

    It would be more cost effective if Thirsties didn’t keep coming out with new prints that I *need*. LOL.

    Seriously though, we’ve saved at least $1000 between the 2 kids we have, according to my calculations. It’s gotta be more if you have several children.


  36. Rachel Says:

    Saving money was a huge factor for us. Love the idea of the calculator. If we had that when we started, I think more of our family and friends would have been on board with us.


  37. melissa Says:

    We are foster parents and we cloth diaper for seceral reasons but the most important one is money. It is also great that I have cloth diapers that will fit any child who comes through my door. No more middle of the night diaper runs because I don’t have the right size for the child that just entered our life.


  38. Amanda Says:

    I love this calculator. It’s customizable but also puts all the figures out there for you to see for yourself. I sat and did this same exact thing a month ago!! Thirsties are great too because you don’t have to buy size 2 until size 1 isn’t absorbent enough anymore. The savings is crazy!


  39. Julia Says:

    We cloth diaper because of our children’s sensitive skin – but it has turned into more than that. We enjoy the cost benefits as well as the lack of trash!


  40. Rachael Says:

    New to exclusive cloth diapering even though I have four children. I wish I had known how easy it really is before now. But better now than never. And the covers are so fun tro -use…yes I said a diaper was fun!


  41. Amy Says:

    We cloth to save money…the calculator is great to see the savings add up!


  42. Laura Anne Says:

    I love thirsties and I would love to try the hemp I hear it is super absorbent!


  43. Nicole Peerson Says:

    I cloth diaper for the environment. I didn’t want to be creating so much waste as you do with disposables. I also didn’t want to feel like I was throwing money away. So yeah, I guess its to save money too!


  44. Caitlin Hoover Says:

    I am just starting cloth diapering my 4 month old son. The savings were what made my husband see the light of cloth diapering, and I think it would have been even easier to convince him if I had shown him a calculator like this one. Thanks, Thirsties!


  45. Baret Says:

    I keep hearing about thirsties products and would love to try some of their hemp prefolds and the duo wrap. We are going to mostly to prefolds and covers so this would be perfect!


  46. Heather G Says:

    Just showed my husband the calculator and now he is officially convinced that we are going with cloth. We have been back and forth over the last few months on the pros and cons but this won him over, thank you!!


  47. Kim Says:

    I started cloth diapering because my son would pee through disposables, and Thirsties hemp prefolds are up there among my favorite products, no joke.


  48. Shelly Says:

    Money is definitely our main reason for deciding to try cloth diapering. I would hope the calculator might convince people I know to give it a shot too, but at the very least it might help my skeptical friends and family to better understand the choice we’ve made!


  49. Jenn Says:

    Cost was a factor when I started out but cuteness and the comfort of my baby was also high up there. When I ended up with two girls in diapers cuteness kind of took over ;)


  50. Jennifer Says:

    I have cloth diapered all 4 of my girls. I think even demonstrating how much we saved on diapers with the calculator might help convince some.


  51. Jessica V Says:

    We are cloth diapering because of toxins but also because of money, the calculator might help my husband be a little more convinced of it.


  52. melinda penrod Says:

    I love the costs it saves but the more I did it I came to appreciate the other ‘savings’ as well! The calculator is just what I need to help in my advocating to my friends as numbers are not my strong point! Thanks for posting it.


  53. Christin Says:

    We originally started cloth diapering because of our daughter’s sensitivity to disposables. However, once we got started we realized how much we were saving…our start up stash of prefolds and covers cost us as much as a month of disposables…it was great to not throw away money each month. I have told so many friends about cloth and think the calculator could be very helpful in showing them just how much they could be saving.


  54. Tanya P Says:

    I think the calculator would help convince husbands that are on the fence about CD’ing!


  55. Shannon Says:

    Saving money was a main reason we went with cloth diapers; the other reason is they are so cute!


  56. Tracie D Says:

    I love my thirsties duos. Saving money is an added bonus to using cloth for me along with the many other benefits.


  57. Sarah B. Says:

    Money was my main reason for cloth diapering… then I fell in love with the other reasons.


  58. Amy H Says:

    Just getting started and ordering Thirsties for my newborn stash. So excited!


  59. betsey Says:

    I chose cloth for less waste, but the calculator really convinced my frugal husband. Once he realized what we would be spending on disposables he became a cloth diapering wiz! Thirsties covers and inserts are his favorite combo of easy and econimical, and they are made in the USA!!


  60. Melissa Says:

    I am cloth diapering, because 1. I was cloth diapered as a baby, 2: It’s more economical, 3. It’s better for the environment, and 4. Cloth diapers are way cuter than disposables…


  61. Bethany Says:

    Cost saving was the reason why we choose clothe diapers.


  62. Aubrey Malone Says:

    Cost savings is the first reason we choose cloth diapers. I love the thirsties savings calculator and think it could definitely help convince others to switch to cloth! Who doesn’t like to save money!?


  63. Ginger Says:

    I cloth diaper to save money and because it’s better for the environment. I don’t know of anyone that would be convinced by the calculator at the moment, but I’m sure as more of my friends have children that it will help convince some of them.


  64. Jennifer W. Says:

    yes i cloth diaper to save money! and prefolds are one of the cheapest ways to get started, i love them!!! (plus they are the easiest to wash!!!)


  65. Joanna H. Says:

    We are cding to save money – which is one reason why we chose to prefold and cover as much as possible. I think the calculator is a great tool for those interested in starting up. I’d definitely recommend it to those wavering on the financial aspect of cding.


  66. Jenny Says:

    Cost savings was the number reason we chose to cloth diaper. I love calculators! They are a great tool for skeptics!


  67. Shana Says:

    Definitely started to save money, then realized how much better it was for my children and the environment. Having a calculator to really pinpoint how much I would spend and save would have been great. I will definitely be sending to my pregnant cousin who is considering CD!


  68. Lauren Says:

    I started cloth diapering to save money… and because they are so darn adorable!!! now that we have sized up and my newborns/size 1s are still in good shape I know we will be able to use them for our next child…. which I think is where we will start to see the huge money difference (that is if I can stop buying new cute ones!!!!!!). I think the calculator would definitely help convince friends… especially dads who are number crunchers like mine!!


  69. Alice Says:

    I am making a bundle of cloth diaper for my cousin who is having a baby. I think this is the greatest way for young (and less young) couple to get a fresh worry-free start with a baby.
    When you are a young parent how many diapers have you send to the trash just because you had to check if baby insane crying was coming from a dirty diaper?


  70. Stacey Jones Says:

    I love our cloth diapers!!! The calculator really helped show my family how much i am saving!!!


  71. jamie Says:

    New to cloth diapering but I love the thirsties I have purchased so far!


  72. Rachael Says:

    I love how much money we’ve saved using cloth diapers. but we did it on the cheap, big time (some hand-me-downs, some gifts, I made a bunch).


  73. Meaghan Says:

    Im impressed with the savings for my first kid and even more excited that future children will basically be free! I would love to try one of these hemp prefolds for nighttime!


  74. Ashley Says:

    I love cloth and it saves us a ton of money! I am looking forward to using thirsties again with baby #2!


  75. Candace Says:

    I started cloth diapering in hopes of saving money but have since become addicted to fluff and can’t stop buying so I’m not really sure I’m saving money or not but who cares with a cute fluffy bottom running around?! Hehe. Totally kidding. ;)


  76. Talia Says:

    Saving money was a big draw for my husband. The cost savings calculator is a fantastic tool for those curious about cloth diapering; the only problem is that it can be a little daunting for those who don’t even know what they need for diapering, at least if they go straight to the calculator before reading anything else.


  77. MommaM Says:

    There are a lot of skeptics out there, but the savings alone should get some converts!!


  78. Laurie Snow Says:

    We cloth diaper for lots of reasons, one of which would be the money savings! We also like that it doesn’t add to our trash, it’s nicer on babies bums, actually smells better than disposables, and doesn’t require trips to the store to buy more or trying to figure out if we have enough money to buy more diapers! And the calculator could very well help to pursued someone to at least more seriously consider clothe diapering!


  79. Melissa Arndt Says:

    The main reason we switched to cloth was money savings! A calculator would definitely convince some people I know to switch!


  80. tracie h Says:

    Thirsties are probably the simplest and cheapest, all while being extremely absorbent and cute!!! Coveres and thirsties inserts are my number one suggestion for newborns :)


  81. Danielle V. Says:

    I am cloth diapering to save money. The other added benefit is less chemicals against my baby’s skin. I think it’s possible some of the people I know would be convinced with a calculator that shows how much can be saved. I try to spread the word about cloth whenever it’s appropriate. :)


  82. samantha Says:

    Just ordered some more this week. Such a bargain for a US made product and diapers that keep my son dry!


  83. Jenny Deramo Says:

    I love Thirsties!


  84. SARAH Says:



  85. Barb Says:

    I debated between Thirties & Rumparooz when we decided to cloth diaper. I went with the Rumparooz because it seemed like it would be easy for others to use when I’m not changing his diaper. But I am interested in trying out some Thirsties to see how they compare!


  86. Abbi Says:

    I am definitely cloth diapering to save money, and I wish I had been able to do it sooner! I really like not having to run to the store to get diapers and throwing money away every time I change a diaper. Plus, I am not dealing with all of the weird scents they use to make the diapers smell “fresh”!


  87. Olivia L Says:

    Saving money as well as reducing waste were our main considerations when we decided to use cloth. I think the calculator could definitely help convince others to give it a shot.


  88. Ellen Says:

    I am cloth diapering baby number 2 because I have learned the benefits and how much cheaper it is. The calculator really helps to see what you would spend and save!


  89. Vivian Says:

    I want to try CDing .. Haven’t tried yet!


    • Rachel Says:

      I originally started cloth diapering to save money, now I realize all the additional benefits! I told someone yesterday how much I’m saving using prefolds and Thirsties covers!


  90. Darcy Says:

    I think it is a great idea and would definitely help convert people.


  91. Tawnya Says:

    Love the calculator!


  92. Anne Says:

    I love the calculator idea! With a two y.o. and four y.o. I know I have saved a ton of money!


  93. Bo Says:

    I love our son’s cloth diapers. It’s the best and most affordable decision I have made when it comes to diapering.


  94. Cybill Says:

    I am cloth diapering not only to save money but to give my son the best option I think is best for his health. I think the calculator is a genius idea and would benefit many of my friends to know how much they could be saving.


  95. Joana A Says:

    the calculator is very helpful!


  96. Rachel Says:

    I’m planning to cloth diaper because of disposable diaper trash, but a calculator might convince my friends!


  97. Lori Says:

    Yes, I cloth diaper to save money, and I do think the cloth diaper calculator can help convince those on the fence.


  98. Erin K Says:

    Not mainly to save money, but it doesn’t hurt. Oddly enough I kind of consider it a hobby.


  99. Anne Perry Says:

    Yes we use cloth rose save money but the main reason is to reduce waste.
    The calculator is a great tool to convert non cloth users


  100. Lacey J Says:

    We are cloth diapering to save money! I absolutely think the calculator will help persuade people, wonderful idea



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