Softbums’ Premium PerfectFit All-in-two Adjustable Leg Diapers

First, let me start off by saying that this is the year of amazing cloth diaper launches. I have not seen this many brand new designs hit the market at once since I started cloth diapering in 2005.

Among the first of the revolutionary cloth diaper designs to hit the market is Softbums’ Premium PerfectFit All-in-two Adjustable Leg Diapers. I personally own one of these and will be posting a review in the coming week. I am extremely excited about this diaper as I know it will be the perfect diaper for most cloth diapering families.

The WAHM behind Softbums cloth diapers is Sarah VanBogart. Sarah is the mother to 4 and made her first cloth diapers for her second baby. She started sewing them herself because she badly wanted to get some nice fitted newborn size diapers, but couldn’t afford anything more than prefolds and covers. So instead she went and bought a couple yards of fabric and sewed them up herself.

7 years, 2 babies and hundreds of diapers later, she introduced PerfectFit diapers in May of

2008. These diapers were the result of endless changes and experiments with different patterns, materials and ideas over the course of many years. Many of these were products she sold under the brand names Fancy Pants, Pollywog Babies and Softbums since the early days of WAHMs on the internet. The PerfectFit is the latest in the line of Softbums cloth diapers, which have been known for their quality, value and uniquely trim fit for nearly 5 years.

Softbums PerfectFit All-in-2’s are made of a contoured absorbent Snap-in Insert of 3 layers of Organic Hemp/c

otton French terry, topped with soft white microfleece. Covers are made of a Waterproof PUL outer in your choice of solid colors(prints coming soon!), a soft white microfleece inner, high quality elastic in legs and back of diaper, super strong fray-proof Aplix closures with cross over and fold back tabs. And of course our patent pending Snuggers hidden inside each cover to adjust the legs for your baby to get a perfect fit on every baby, every time!

What the heck is a Snugger?? Snuggers are tiny (they’re so cute) toggles located inside the diaper at the end of the leg elastic. These Snuggers allow you to make minute adjustments to the elastic creating the perfect fitting diaper. No more worrying about whether this diaper will fit your chunky thighed infant and your skinny legged toddler. With one simple adjustment both can wear the PerfectFit All-in-two.

Sarah developed this unique design to solve several problems. Here are a couple I found to be most important:
1) To get a diaper that fits your baby well, you have to buy the right size, and baby outgrows that size very quickly, forcing you to buy more.
2) After one-size-fits-all diapers became common, lots of limitations became apparent.

A. Because of the different way they all fit, some brands work for one baby but not another.
B. Many one-size diapers don’t last long enough to use on a baby from birth to potty training, even if they adjust well enough to work from start to finish. Elastic wears out, hook & loop (Velcro) starts to fray, sometimes the PUL can even start to peel (delaminate). Even the fabric of the diaper itself can wear thin from the stress of hundreds of washings. Many of my favorite one-size fitted diapers have holes in the knit from normal wear.
C. Most one-size diapers don’t fit newborns, or if they do, they’re way too bulky. This either defeats the purpose of a one-size diaper by forcing parents to buy different diapers for the newborn stage, or pushes people to use disposables instead of cloth for their newborns (I hear this ALL the time). That not only makes it more difficult to switch to cloth later, but newborns are even more sensitive than most other babies and are more likely to react to the chemicals in these plastic diapers.
D. Nearly all one-size diapers use snap-downs, which create a fold of fabric in the front that can catch on things, popping it open again and making the diaper bigger. This makes you constantly have to snap it down again. Also, let’s face it, all those snaps are ugly.

3) Generally, diapers that work the best are the biggest and bulkiest ones. They prevent leaks with sheer bulk and absorbency.  This is fine for nighttime maybe, but not great the rest of the time. These diapers add huge bulk and don’t look like a great alternative to trim, thin disposables to many moms.  And they often don’t even fit under baby clothes, which have almost all been designed to fit over these insubstantial disposables.  We all need a diaper that is trim and and no bulkier than absolutely necessary.

Softbums’ Perfectfit AI2s are specially designed for you to use the cover multiple times before washing.  This is possible because of the contoured snap-in insert that fits perfectly in the cover.  With 2 covers you would allow one to dry, if it’s even damp, after a diaper change and use the other.  You would alternate the 2 until they become soiled or excessively wet.

It’s hard for me to not start typing out my review right now but I don’t want to overwhelm you too much ;)  Stay tuned for my Softbums’ review on Monday and over the next few weeks I will also be bringing you more amazing cloth diaper announcements and reviews!!

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6 Responses to “Softbums’ Premium PerfectFit All-in-two Adjustable Leg Diapers”

  1. Leah Barbar Says:

    What a great review. Thanks so much for the information, and for the email updates about cloth diapering. I will definately get your book. I am glad you have a good experience with softbums. I am going to give them a try!


  2. Michelle Says:

    Wow, how cool!


  3. Angela Says:

    I am the proud mother of a 6 week old that has been in cloth since coming home from the NICU. We went with KL0s and proraps for this newborn stage which have worked great. I am considering these Perfectfits or thirsties aios, but I’m not sure about these being one size and not leaking. I like the idea for economy purposes, though. Can you help me? She is a heavy wetter already!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I would definitely recommend these diapers. I really think all children are heavy wetters. The Softbums is specifically designed to adjust perfectly around the legs preventing leaks.


  4. Amanda Miller Says:

    I was acutally looking at these just before i got the email from you. I am anxious to see what you think about it. I have a question about traveling. what is the best way to travel by car with cloth diapers. We are driving from tennessee to alaska with 2 in cloth diapers, what is the best way to contain the smell?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      WOW! That is one heck of a drive. I would definitely contact Leslie of about a large wetbag. She makes awesome wetbags that are leakproof both with liquid and smell ;) Also you can purchase pail powder from a number of different WAHMs, Leslie may carry some. This can be sprinkled in the bag.


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