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I’m feeling very reporter-ish right now. Currently, I’m camping at Garner State Park in south Texas but I *have* to report something to you!

Any typos must be ignored because I am writing this on the phone.

There’s a huge launch going in today over at Softbums cloth diapers. Already I’m a huge fan of Softbums because of their amazing toggle elastic adjuster in the legs.

The mom behind the business is about as sweet and dedicated as they come.

I’ll get to the point since one of my normal posts would take me 5 years to type on this.


The most customized fit you’ll get with a one-sized diaper.

The Velcro gives you a snug waist fit but is easily undone by toddlers.


After one prep (which is not fully prepped!) I began using the system. I first used the bamboo pod. I left ut in Sterling for 3 hours. The pod was wet but the shell dry.

I then got him ready for bed by adding the fleece-topped microfiber pod with a doubler (newborn) pod.

After 14 hours we had no leaks, Sterling was dry and the shell wasn’t soaked.


Getting the correct fit with the toggle isn’t difficult but it does take some time. Once you get it where you want it though you won’t have to mess with it until baby requires it.

The toggle can be accessed through the front small slit and through the wide pocket at the back.

Changing out the pods is easy. Just unsnap and snap in a new one. If the shell gets damp you can lay it out to dry for next change.


- Stuff it! Snap it! Cover it!
– The first Muti-Purpose Pocket Ever!  It’s a Pocket Diaper AND an All-In-2
AND a Cover!
– Huge pocket opening is easy to stuff
Larger size means it fits even BIGGER toddlers up to 40 lbs, yet still
fits a tiny Newborn with Slide²Size

– Compatible with the same Pods as the Echo, as well as almost any other
diaper insert!
– Choice of DryTouch or Organic
– Use as an all-in-2 for the most economical diapering system available!
– Use as a pocket for a super absorbent and bulletproof diaper so easy your
daycare can use it!
– Use as a cover over flats, prefolds or nearly anything else you already
have for a worry-free night!

Softbums was versatile before now you have yet another option. I’ve always recommended Softbums and I continue to stand behind that!

Softbums YouTube launch.



Grand Prize: An iPad to one entry from the list of review blogs found below.

First Prize: Complete birth to potty package of the brand new OMNI diaper!

Second Prize: $75 gift certificate to

Third Prize: $50 Amazon gift card

PLUS: 1 Softbums OMNI diaper to winners #5-#20

PLUS: Babylegs to winners #21-#23

How to enter:

  1. Name
  2. Follow Softbums’ blog
  3. If you aren’t already following All About Cloth Diapers on Twitter, Facebook or through Feedburner- entry for each new follow.
  4. Tell me what you love most about Softbums either through personal use or from reviews.
  5. Enter at the other Review blogs for entries on their sites.

The contest will end October 18th at 8pm cst. At that time 23 winners will be selected from the entries on the 22 blogs chosen to review the Softbums Mystery diaper. Contest is open to US residents.

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  3. Deborah Martens Says:

    I love softbums the most from my whole collection of dipes. They have the best fit and are so super trim while being absorbent!! I’ve recommended them to many mommas. I send my friends straight to the BEST diaper!!

  4. Deborah Martens Says:

    I am a new follower on facebook! would love to win the new omni softbums diapers.

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  6. Sheryl Says:

    I have 3 kids in diapers right now and I like that the OMNI have pods that you can snap in and don’t have to stuff. I’m trying to go for ease with diapers right now.

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  13. Michelle Reeves Says:

    I have an Ooga print snap SoftBums diaper. (I don’t see snaps on their site anymore…hmmm) I’ll be honest and admit I bought it for the print. I love the Ooga print. But once I got it I fell in love with how soft and trim it is!!

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    2. I like Soft Bums they are by far the fav dipe around my house. Hubby and grandma friendly. And Cute to Boot

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    Tiffany Smith here. I love the quick n easy customization of Softbums with the leg toggles—they’re better than leg gussets once you get that perfect fit!

  24. Tricia Says:

    I don’t have any Softbums currently, but would love to try them. I think my main draw is the fact that you can snap or stuff them. I also like the ability to use from bitty baby to 40 pounder!

  25. Tricia Says:

    I’m an FB follower!

  26. Nikki Crespo Says:

    With the new Omni, I love that it can be used as an AIO or hybrid diaper. I’m due in Feb and still trying to figure out what I want to do.

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    I have tried SO many different types of cloth diapers and am really looking forward to trying out the Omni! I say HOORAY for the toggle feature – what an awesome idea!

  32. Nikki Crespo Says:

    Here’s my name :o) Really, I prefer the package of diapers over the iPad.

  33. Nicole Says:

    I love the colors and the ability to choose the use!

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    Also following you on Twitter and added on FB!

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    Ashley S. – your site has helped a ton as I decide what cloth diapers to go with for Baby Judah, due November 4th!

  37. Susan Says:

    4. I am awaiting my first child, so I don’t have firsthand experience with any types yet, but it seems like the toggle that allows adjusting the fit around the legs is a great idea.

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    I love the toggle feature on Softbums. Also, they are so cute! I don’t have kids yet, but am hoping it will be really soon, and am planning to have a Softbums stash!

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    I love the fact that they are versatile enough to be customized to individual needs.

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    1. I would love to try the adjustable elastic. We have had good luck with the one-size Fuzzi Bunz, but the Omni looks even more versatile!

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    And…I just “liked” your facebook page and am following there.

  53. Stephanie Hungerford Says:

    I have made all my cloth diapers and am looking for something to expand my collection so I love the flexibility of a pocket or a diaper cover .

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    would love to try softbums. The rise adjusting sounds great

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    I love that these can be used as an all in 2 or a pocket…so versatile!

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    I love the toggle style! This is soo cool! Been getting all kinds of great comments on my cloth diapers. Everyone is amazed at what modern cloth diapering is like.

  62. Emily Says:

    I follow all about cloth blog already and I love the WAY the Omni is a one-size. It is pure genius. I can’t wait to try it!
    Emily Hicks

  63. Samantha Moore-Schwermann Says:

    I am a new facebook follower. And really excited about being in the contest. I am new to cloth and haven’t used these diapers before but would love to give them a try!

  64. Anne Art Says:

    Haven’t tried these, but would love to win them! The adjustable leg sound awesome and I love the pocket + snap-in liner idea!

  65. Vered Says:

    What I love most about softbums is that it will fit till 40 lbs. My son has been around 35 lbs since he was a bit over a year old, and many OS diapers don’t fit him.

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    I love the trimness of softbums – one of the trimmest diapers I own! Can’t wait to try out these new ones

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    I like them because of what I have heard of their ease of use, they are very earth friendly, and economically a good investment.

  72. Nicole Says:

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    2 & 3. Follow.

    4. I think it’s great that the diaper has so many uses and depending on mood, or who will be using the diaper we can tailor fit the diaper to their needs.

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    Cant wait to try the new softbums Omni!! currently I use Thirsties, G Pants and Flip and the new Omni sounds like the best of all worlds!!!!

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  76. Natalie G Says:

    What I love about Softbums: I love how you can use the shell up to 3-4 times before it needs to be washed. That makes it more cost-effective than AIOs. I also love how slim they are, my daughter doesn’t have to wear clothes that are a size bigger.

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    I can’t wait to try the new SoftBums. I’ve never used them before and am excited to try.

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  85. Heather Estey Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I just followed all your links and found some great blogs, as well as entered the contest for the new OMNIs as often as I could (I even watched the video the day it came out–I was so interested! LOL) I just wanted to thank you for opening this up to so many of us moms who need to hear more about items like this. You posted the other day about using cloth wipes and we are now on day 2 of them and LOVING it! My twins actually smile, and my trash can has been empty for two days of smelly wipes! Love it!

  86. Leila Yumang Says:

    I like the versatility of the OMNI. Snap in, stuff, or use as a cover.

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    versatile and a custom fit? sounds great! I want to try it!

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    I have twins (adorable girls) and we have been following your blog since their birth. We have also chosen to cloth diaper, and I love it! Most other moms think I am crazy but I think my little ones are happier in cloth than they ever were in disposables! I have followed many of your recommendations, and just want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart…you made this whole process a LOT easier–especially since my last baby is now 10 and cloth has changed a LOT since then! Blessings to you!

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    I follow All About Cloth Diapers and Softbums on Facebook and Twitter. Also posted links for both of the above on my blog.

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    I can’t wait to order the new Softbums Omni. This is my first time cloth diapering, baby #3 is actually due TODAY!! I’ve been ordering a few diapers here and there when I can and the Softbums Eco is one of the diapers in my stash just because of all the wonderful review it has recieved. I simply can’t wait to try the Omni on the new little one, I’m sure it will become one of my favorites!

  95. Rebecca G Says:

    Softbums sound better than my current system. DS wakes up every morning wet through =(. I definitely need to find a better overnight diaper.

  96. Noel Says:

    Im having my second baby in November and I think cloth diapers would be great! I dint use them with my first but would loveeeee to do it this time they would be put to GREAT use! What I love the most about the cloth diapers is the cheap ,economical impact they make on our wallets and environment!!

  97. Kristi Says:

    I am new to cloth, and this sounds great.

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    4. I like the versatility of the new diaper and although I haven’t tried a AI2, I think the snap in feature would be nice.

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