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I’m feeling very reporter-ish right now. Currently, I’m camping at Garner State Park in south Texas but I *have* to report something to you!

Any typos must be ignored because I am writing this on the phone.

There’s a huge launch going in today over at Softbums cloth diapers. Already I’m a huge fan of Softbums because of their amazing toggle elastic adjuster in the legs.

The mom behind the business is about as sweet and dedicated as they come.

I’ll get to the point since one of my normal posts would take me 5 years to type on this.


The most customized fit you’ll get with a one-sized diaper.

The Velcro gives you a snug waist fit but is easily undone by toddlers.


After one prep (which is not fully prepped!) I began using the system. I first used the bamboo pod. I left ut in Sterling for 3 hours. The pod was wet but the shell dry.

I then got him ready for bed by adding the fleece-topped microfiber pod with a doubler (newborn) pod.

After 14 hours we had no leaks, Sterling was dry and the shell wasn’t soaked.


Getting the correct fit with the toggle isn’t difficult but it does take some time. Once you get it where you want it though you won’t have to mess with it until baby requires it.

The toggle can be accessed through the front small slit and through the wide pocket at the back.

Changing out the pods is easy. Just unsnap and snap in a new one. If the shell gets damp you can lay it out to dry for next change.


- Stuff it! Snap it! Cover it!
– The first Muti-Purpose Pocket Ever!  It’s a Pocket Diaper AND an All-In-2
AND a Cover!
– Huge pocket opening is easy to stuff
Larger size means it fits even BIGGER toddlers up to 40 lbs, yet still
fits a tiny Newborn with Slide²Size

– Compatible with the same Pods as the Echo, as well as almost any other
diaper insert!
– Choice of DryTouch or Organic
– Use as an all-in-2 for the most economical diapering system available!
– Use as a pocket for a super absorbent and bulletproof diaper so easy your
daycare can use it!
– Use as a cover over flats, prefolds or nearly anything else you already
have for a worry-free night!

Softbums was versatile before now you have yet another option. I’ve always recommended Softbums and I continue to stand behind that!

Softbums YouTube launch.



Grand Prize: An iPad to one entry from the list of review blogs found below.

First Prize: Complete birth to potty package of the brand new OMNI diaper!

Second Prize: $75 gift certificate to

Third Prize: $50 Amazon gift card

PLUS: 1 Softbums OMNI diaper to winners #5-#20

PLUS: Babylegs to winners #21-#23

How to enter:

  1. Name
  2. Follow Softbums’ blog
  3. If you aren’t already following All About Cloth Diapers on Twitter, Facebook or through Feedburner- entry for each new follow.
  4. Tell me what you love most about Softbums either through personal use or from reviews.
  5. Enter at the other Review blogs for entries on their sites.

The contest will end October 18th at 8pm cst. At that time 23 winners will be selected from the entries on the 22 blogs chosen to review the Softbums Mystery diaper. Contest is open to US residents.

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  1. Rachel Says:

    I am new into cloth diapering and love your website to do background research. Thank you! I went to Softbums website to check out the OMNI and it looked like there was only one color available and said “was not for sale” or something like that. So are they just promoting the diaper right now and it will be in production later? Thanks for any help!

  2. Mychele Says:

    I really like the versatility of how you can use them! Awesome idea!


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  7. Kristi Peterson Says:

    Aloha Autumn!

    My name is Kristi. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your reviews. Because of you I purchased Softbums several months ago for my son and I’m so in LOVE with this diaper! This diaper is so easy to use. It’s great for baby, and great for the enviroment!! I love that I don’t have to stuff it and I can use the shell multiple times! I’m looking forward to trying the new OMNI!!

  8. KD {Mom of 3 Dolls} Says:

    I’m excited about the multi-purpose feature.

  9. KD {Mom of 3 Dolls} Says:

    Subscribe via google reader

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    Follow on twitter @momof3dolls

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  12. Michaela Says:

    Michaela S

  13. Kimberlie Tiegen Says:

    We really can enter by just putting our name???

  14. Kimberlie Tiegen Says:

    I like that you can use 3 ways: snap it, stuff it, or cover it.

  15. Kimberlie Tiegen Says:

    I follow you on twitter as JLJMommy

  16. Kimberlie Tiegen Says:

    I follow soft bums blog as JLJMommy

  17. Kandra L Says:

    I love Softbums snap in pods…. it’s much faster than stuffing.

  18. Laura W. Says:

    I love the way our Softbums’ Echo shell fits my 1 year old. Perfect customized fit without the aplix rubbing on his stomach the way BGs do.

  19. Laura W. Says:

    Like you FB-Laura Wilson

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    I follow you on Twitter! @LauraL444

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    Following Softbums Blog & your blog via email. Already left a comment about Softbums …
    but forgot to write in my name….the genius I am.

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  28. Heather H Says:

    From reading the reviews, I love the toggle feature best!

  29. Heather H Says:

    I follow through blogger.

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    I follow your blog through email subscription.

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    I like you on FB.

  32. Heather H Says:

    Heather Hough

  33. GenevaL Says:

    Following on FB.

    LOVE, love, love the Softbums fit on my wee lad!

  34. Kristen Says:

    I can’t wait to try the slide 2 size feature! :)

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  39. Bethany Says:

    I love that it can be stuffed or an AI2 OR BOTH!

  40. Bethany L. Says:

    Bethany L.

  41. Stacy Vidrine Says:

    I like that you can reuse shell if it does not get wet or soiled, and the adjustable sizes are great

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    stacy v

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  45. Jodi T Says:

    I want to try softbums because of the ease of use I hear about from reviews!

  46. Jenni F Says:

    entered on some other blogs

  47. Jenni F Says:

    I like the toggle adjustable leg openings. why doesn’t every CD have someething like that? Genius!

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    I am following the softbums blog

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    I liked you on facebook

  51. Amanda Wilson Says:

    I follow Follow Softbums’ blog & I haven’t tried them yet since I am still pregnant for another month. But it definitely sounds like a diaper system I would like to try. The toggle adjustments sound very handy.

  52. SONIA Says:

    following your blog!!

  53. Tiffany Says:

    I haven’t tried them yet but I love the toggle adjustments!!

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  56. Laura Says:

    I have used Softbums on my daughter since she was a newborn. She is now 8 months old and I love them! Only cloth diaper I’ve ever used. Would love to try an Omni!

  57. Keller Says:

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  59. Keller Says:

    I’ve actually been reading your blog for a few months now. I subscribed to your feed back in July I believe.

  60. Keller Says:

    I’m just entering the world of cloth diapering and I’m trying to find a good match for my guy. He’s super tall and thin, so I’ve been having a little trouble finding dipes that work for him. Can’t wait to try a Softbum!

  61. Sarah Says:

    1 – Sarah Chiles
    2 and 3 – Follow on Blogger and Facebook
    4 – I recently bought a SoftBums Echo and love the DryTouch Pods and that you get 3 with each shell. They are easier to carry around when we are out and about since I don’t need to change the shell after a wet diaper – just the pod. The Nuclear Pumpkin is a great color, too!

  62. Chany Jackson Says:

    I love how versatile the new Omni is.

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  70. Kristin Says:

    I love how SoftBums fits babies from the time they’re teeny until they’re toddlers and that you can reuse the cover by unsnapping the pod.

  71. Kristin Says:

    I follow the SoftBums blog.

  72. Phabienne Says:

    I just can’t wait to try cloth diapers! I am due in Jan! This new Omni looks great!

  73. fawntel romero Says:

    liked you on fb
    added you on twitter
    I’d love to try Softbums simply bc all the cloth diapers i own only fit up to 35 lbs. What am going to do when my fast growing little guy passes 35?!? I really like that Softbums goes up to 40 lbs!

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    I like that you can use it many different ways…snap it, stuff it,cover it!!

  82. Laura Says:

    Laura Bonser

  83. Laura Says:

    I currently use exclusively SB with my daughter. I love the toggles, the trim fit, and the adjustable absorbancy. At night, we use the nighttime/large insert with a NB pad, and we’ve had ZERO leaks!

  84. Laura Says:

    I now follow all about cloth diapers on FB.

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    I love the toggles, great colors, and cute prints they offer.

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  90. Janel C Says:

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