Sometimes I Need Cloth Diaper Help!

September 30, 2013

Fitteds/ Prefolds/ Flats

I love Etsy.  I love browsing all the creative products and I especially love trying out new cloth diaper brands.

The other night I asked my Facebook followers for cloth diaper suggestions.  One of you shared Urbun Sprout.

I knew I had to try one when I saw the prints and that the diapers were a completely unique design.

I decided to shoot a video of me demonstrating how to use the Urbun Sprout diaper.  Clearly you will see that I have no idea how to use this diaper.

After this video I put it on Finley. Although there are several layers the diaper wasn’t as absorbent as I had hoped. However, it does need some more prepping.

My biggest concern is the lack of snaps around the waist of the diaper. There was definite sagging and gapping around the sides and thighs.

With the super cute Urban Sprout cover on top everything stays in place but left alone there could be tiny surprises leak out onto the floor.

I should have shown you the cover in the video. Here’s a photo for you.

I see myself using this cover often.  Chevrons are my thing and I can easily lay my Ragababe inserts inside for an AI2 system.

Here’s where I need help.  Do you know how to use the Urbun Sprout prefold/fitted hybrid diaper???  Please comment if you are willing to write a post for all of us to learn from.  Urbun Sprout deserves a much better review than I have provided here!


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