Squishy, Stretchy Muttaqin Baby Cloth Diapers

Do you know that I could buy everything I need to cloth diaper my baby all in this great state of Texas? That’s right, us Texans are mighty talented…well, it is a big state so there’s bound to be a few, right?

One of my favorite Texas cloth diaper products is Muttaqin Baby cloth diapers, aka Mutts.  Mutts are almost a perfect 10.  If you’ve tried one I’m sure you’ll agree.

Let’s start with th

e prints.  Michelle always carries the most sought after name brand knit prints.  If you’ve seen it on another diaper she probably has it.  All of the knits that I have used have held their color very well which is important because fading is one of those things that drives me crazy.

Besides adorable prints, Michelle’s prices are affordable.  They range anywhere from $15-25.  $22 for the Muttaqin 3sr (one-sized) is a super price for high quality materials on a cloth diaper your baby can wear birth to potty training!

When shopping for newborn diapers I ended up going with all Mutt’s for three reasons: 1) soft knits, 2) affordable price ($15), 3)widest fit range.

The fit range was important to me because I didn’t want to have to change my stash at 2 or 3 months.  I wanted a sized diaper that would last the longest.  Mutts were the only newborn sized cloth diaper I found to range up to 15lbs.  I always recommend new moms go with Muttaqin baby because I truly want you to get the most for your money.

The only negative to Mutts is they are not my most absorbent diaper.  But I don’t want that to completely deter you.  No it won’t be a nighttime diaper but it is an EXCELLENT day time cloth diaper.

Other qualities that make this an almost perfect 10:

  • Mutts are so trim it’s hard to tell there’s a diaper on.
  • Inner material is luscious. The elastic on the babyshapes is hands down fabuloso!
  • It’s the stretchiest thing you’ve ever seen.  When you receive a Babyshapes Mutt in the mail you’ll think you were sent a newborn size.  But before you try and send it back put it on your 2 year old and you’ll be amazed.  I don’t know what she uses but I like it.
  • They are all made 100% by the WAHM and her husband (I may be getting Michelle confused with another WAHM but I’m pretty sure her husband does the sewing!).

In our house I’m not the only one who uses Mutts.  “Johanna”, sometimes called “Rachel”, wears the same Mutt everyday.  My children use cloth diapers for their “babies” and are highly educated on the subject ;) Today Haley and Haven disappeared with my camera for a bit.  When they were done they showed me their cloth diaper video that they worked so hard on.  I will post it for y’all to enjoy but there is a huge warning MAY CAUSE MOTION SICKNESS! The cameraman is only 5 and I do think this was his first gig.


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12 Responses to “Squishy, Stretchy Muttaqin Baby Cloth Diapers”

  1. Krankin Says:

    Hi, Autumn.
    Thanks for the great site. I’m expecting my first, and your site is my primary CD education! What covers do you recommend using with the Muttaquins? And do you have a favorite overnight diaper for newborns? Other than the SustainableBabyish with the wool covers—everyone in my family is super-allergic to wool (think: hives and shortness of breath), and I don’t want to tempt fate.


  2. Maribel Says:

    Do you know where I can purchase these other than the website. They have all newborns diapers out of stock.


  3. Mikaela Says:

    That video is great!!!! I wish my washing machine washed and dried my diapers :-)


  4. naj Says:

    hi, would like to knowif the mutt diapers need a diaper cover? is it waterproof cover?


  5. Heather Says:

    loved the video! she sure does know what she is talking about! she must help mom a lot! the cameraman did pretty good too!


  6. kiwimarie507 Says:

    That was awesome! I couldn't have said it any better!! Thanks for sharing.


  7. sonjalange Says:

    I love this, the kids are so cute, I love the way they imitate us, it is a great reminder to be good examples and practice what we preach…it reminds me of a post from another one of my fav. bloggers:


    I was sitting on the couch with Grae and Ellie and we were discussing the divine and human nature of Jesus. Sounds academic doesn’t it.

    Grae: “Did Jesus have a nose?”

    Me: “Yes, he was a man.”

    Grae: “Does God have a nose?”

    Me: “No, God is a spirit and doesn’t have a body like we do. Jesus has a body.”

    Grae: “Did Jesus have hair?”

    Me: “Yes, he had hair and wore clothes and he even went poop and potty.”

    Grae: “Jesus didn’t go poop!”

    Me: “Yes he did, he was a man. He probably even threw up when his tummy hurt.”

    Ellie: “Did baby Jesus wear a diaper?”

    Me: “Yes, probably.”

    Grae: “Did he wear a Bum Genius?”

    Me: “Um, no. They weren’t invented back then.”

    Grae: “Did he wear a pocket diaper?”

    Ellie: “Grae, he probably wore cloth diapers like Mommy makes.”

    Me: “Well Ellie, they didn’t have bamboo velour then. Maybe he had some of linen?”

    Grae: “Did Jesus have eyebrows..”

    Here we go again…


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